Sunday, October 02, 2005

God is a Verb

In the english language we have a subject and a verb. We have an
actor and an action. But in many Native American languages the
verb and the subject are one. I recently read Joseph Rael's book,
House of Shattering Light. I had read similar ideas 20 years ago
when I studied linguistics.

The second Indian language Rael learned was Tiwa
which is spoken by the Picuris Pueblo of New Mexico.
I am convinced that the Tiiwa language gave him an
advantage over us when it comes to mystical ex-
perience. (Pueblo is Spanish for people.)

Listen to how he translates the english sentence, person
walking into Tiwa - taa chi who. Taa is stepping forward.
Chi is the sound legs make when chapping. And who is
the second foot stepping forward. In english we have a
noun and a verb. Notice that in Tiwa they have 3 verbs
and no nouns. Rael says the Tiwa really don't use nouns
just verbs. When we open our minds to this concept, we
will all make major spiritual brealthroughs and transform
the world.

If God is a verb, then you only have as much of God as
you allow to be expressed through you. How much Love
and Joy and Healing and Forgiveness is being expressed
by you and by the people you meet from day to day? What
would happen to our religions, our theologians, our churches,
our politics and our world if we all understood God is a Verb?