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To fully comprehend the folly of attacking Iran

To fully comprehend the folly of attacking Iran I would suggest you take a look at the map of Central Command or Centcom facilities on Muslim soil. As soon as I saw these maps (the URL is in references below), I fully understood the madness of our war planners. Centcom says it depends on the good will of host nations. What would any rational adult expect to happen if we used dozens of nuclear weapons one-third to one-half the size of the Hiroshima bomb against Muslim civilians in Iran? We currently have over 550 airplanes stationed in Centcom nations with dozens of facilities and support units. The reactions in those nations could range from cutting off the water to sabotage and terrorism and full scale assaults by armored divisions against poorly equipped base security staff. We would be lucky if our troops got out alive.

Now comes the scary part. What if the people who hatched this mad idea of attacking Iran did not care? What if, to paraphrase IT workers, "it is not a bug but a feature." What if the plan was to place our troops in such peril that the nation would accept full scale nuclear war against people who are currently our allies in order to commit genocide. Would you even want to live under a government where the leaders were that insane?

If you had read my article Insanity Then and Now, you would now that we have had such an insane government since World War I when we allowed "Belgian War Relief" to be knowingly given to Germany so they could feed their soldiers who were killing our own men at the front lines. We also allowed vital imports from Allied nations to be forwarded through neutral ports to Germany. The United States entered World War I precisely so the war could be prolonged beyond 1915. It seems our government has been addicted to killing American soldiers for a very long time. This is beyond Treason. And now that these mad men have nuclear weapons it is beyond insane. In my profile I said I have decided to share the vision of World War III I had when I was 8 years-old . That vision had two final conclusions. One was that world leaders were totally mad and self-destructive. The other conclusion was that they would kill 99.5% of the world's population if the people did nothing to stop them. When I was a teenager I dedicated myself to stopping this coming war.

Years ago I said I would warn my friends before the dollar was about to collapse. I have already issued that warning on this blog. I guarantee you that the dollar, our pensions, our savings and our paychecks will be absolutely worthless by December of 2009. I also said I would tell my friends if World War III has been cancelled so they could make decisions about their families and their investments. I will write an article entitled Game Over if the war has been called for a lack of participants. I have written an article entitled How You and I Can Stop WW III. I have additional ideas I would like to discuss.

My original plan was that someone reading this would contact a friend in Hollywood who can reach anti-war actors. We would ask them to make make a video of them reading the eyewitness testimony of men and women who saw and heard controlled demolitions take down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9-11-2001. We would need two narrators, one male and one female to put the testimony in the context of the laws of physics and the 11 characteristics of a controlled demolition. In the concluding scene, the actors would ask the FBI to disprove what we have said by simply publishing information of the airline tickets and boarding passes of the 19 alleged "Arab hijackers." Surveillance videos would be appreciated as well. If they refuse to publish the information, then everyone will know that both political parties, the press, the FBI and the Departments of Justice and of Homeland Security are accomplices to the murder of over 3,000 American on 9-11. So, if you know someone who knows Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn or Ed Asner, it is within your power to stop World War III.

My additional idea is that we make a series of videos on the billions of dollars each week that are being stolen by Wall Street from unaudited federal government contracts. I would base the information on the work of Catherine Austin Fitts who used to be the managing partner at Dillon Read, the New York Investment bank. This money is being used to fund secret Black Ops, to pay bribes and to buy America for pennies on the dollar after the coming Inflationary Depression. Indira Singh says they are even stealing from Social Security.

In the first term of the Reagan administration the Grace Commission said we would save one hundred billion dollars a year if we simply implemented auditing of federal government spending. Currently, we could save at least 200 billion dollars a year or more, but despite all the horrendous budget cuts and deficits of the past 25 years neither the Senate nor the Congress has passed meaningful auditing. This is because they fear Wall Street more than the voters.

What we need to do is to make a series of short videos of normal American citizens being given this information some of which is amusing. Ms. Fitts once found one block in San Diego with 10 HUD guaranteed loans totaling $20,000,000 for buildings that never existed. You would be surprised what you could do with the administrative passwords to all of the computers at the IRS, HUD, Secret Service, FBI, DOD, NORAD, Social Security, the Congress and the Senate and hundreds of other spending programs.

The final series of videos would show our normal everyday Americans contacting their Congressional representatives and their Senators multiple times very nicely asking them to sponsor a bill requiring auditing of federal government spending. We could then hold citizen press conferences explaining how we can easily find all the money needed to stop budget cuts for local schools, hospitals, libraries and other public works. Once these videos get traction on the Internet we can make another series of videos of our citizens circulating petitions to recall every politician who opposes auditing practices be applied to the trillions of dollars they appropriate each year.

That is my plan to stop World War III and the destruction of the earth. What is yours? If your plan is to do nothing, then I will never be able to publish my article Game Over World War III Has Been Cancelled.


The first URL is to a series of five maps showing the sheer stupidity of attacking Iran. If you look at the maps, you will soon realize that we could send out 500 war planes to nuke the Muslims but they would have no bases to return to. To save our troops and our pilots we would have to use nuclear weapons against people who are our allies.


The second URL is to the series of articles on the money being stolen each week from unaudited government contracts. In the Clinton years Susan Gaffney from HUD admitted to the Senate that 78 billion dollars had to be written off from HUD for the past two years. When asked if she did anything to attempt to make recovery she said "No." The Senate did nothing to demand recovery or to set up procedures to ensure that this never happened again. As I said before, the politicians fear Wall Street more than the voters.


The next URL is to my original article on How We Would Stop WW III. I have since decided that this video would be best made by well known American actors who can get traction in the press. David Ray Griffin says we don't need any more evidence to prove that 9-11 was an Inside Job. What we need is for one famous American to come forward and explain the truth to the people.


These next two URLs are to the article I wrote on the money being stolen from taxpayers:

and a conversation I had with Catherine Austin Fitts on the decision by the Federal Reserve to no longer tell Americans what the M3 money supply is:


This last URL is to my article Insanity Then and Now.



Anonymous Mitch said...

I would say this is very possible and it makes me sad to think about, I hope it never becomes reality.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The scariest thing about it is that if Bush is impeached today there are still two that will follow behind him and continue his work.

5:30 PM  

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