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Musings On The End Of The World We Knew

I have not written anything for a long time. That is because I am not an event driven writer. I am just chronicling the destruction of the America we knew. It is not for me to say what will replace the world we loved. That is for those who survive. I am on too many enemies lists from too many sources in this conflict to expect to survive the coming conflagration. But I knew that when I was 8 years-old and had my vision of World War III. In that vision 99.5% of the world's population dies. It was that vision that eventually led me to decide to never have children. I should tell you that a prophet only tells you the future you will have if you do not change your ways. This essay is to bring you the good news that the launching of World War III might have been postponed or even canceled.

Vladimir Putin just recently formed an alliance with the nations that border the Caspian Sea which means that he is now formally committed to defending Iran if President Stupid decides to drop a few thousand bombs on the Iranians. Putin did nothing when President Stupid invaded Iraq. This is probably because he did not want to intervene while his enemy was destroying himself and his country. I have written an article detailing why attacking Iran would be an absolute disaster for the United States. Of course the people in Washington and Tel Aviv planning this war do not care that the U.S. will be destroyed. They know the dollar is collapsing and that our days are numbered anyway. They know the plan to attack Iran is doomed to failure. They just don't care. They want us to nuke the Mideast and leave the oil for Israel and the Bilderbergers.

There are a couple of reasons why there is also domestic pressure against the coming war. The U.S. Military knows that they will be decimated if we wage war against Iran. And there are signs that our Military would revolt rather than launch a preemptive strike which does violate the Nuremberg laws forbidding wars of aggression. Ron Paul, the anti-war Presidential candidate, has more military contributions than any of the others. And the 911 Truth Movement has reached a majority of people capable of thinking. Of course the majority of thinking people still refuse to risk their careers to resist treason, mass murder and national suicide. But I do not believe that any foreign power can get the American people to go along with another World Trade Center controlled demolition.

Everyone has been talking about a dirty bomb that would radiate tens of thousands. I do not believe that Washington and Tel Aviv can organize such an event. Ask yourself these questions: What percent of the people who had been deliberately radiated by their government do you think would take up arms in violent opposition to the treason that personally sentenced them to die? Would you want to be walking around where they could find you if you had allowed it to happen as our supposed leaders in Washington did in Oklahoma City on 4-19-1995 and at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001?

The 911 Truth Movement has penetrated the consciousness of America to such an extent that the only option open is for Israel to initially take on Iran alone knowing that the latter would respond by attacking America and thus giving President Stupid the chance to nuke the Mideast. This is a more likely option, because the Israeli lobby is as powerful inside Russia as it is in the U.S. so no Russian or American politician can even contemplate attacking Israel.

I have always said that there are two basic factions in the Bilderberg Society and that both are corrupt. The Bilderbergers represent the big banks that launder 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. They also launder over a trillion dollars in drug money and almost 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. And the Bilderbergers have the power to steal more than four billion dollars a week from unaudited federal government contracts. If you still think America is a functioning democracy, ask yourself why the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars each year is of no concern to senate and congressional Democrats and Republicans who have refused to implement auditing in the 25 years after it was first proposed by the Grace Commission?

If you do not know what a Bilderberger is, please look them up under Bilderberg at Wikipedia. They list Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, David Rockefeller and Paul Wolfowitz among their members. The European Bilderbergers and some of the Americans opposed the Iraq war. They want to let the dollar collapse in 2009 so that their newly elected Bilderberg or CFR President can merge the United States with Canada and Mexico into the North American Union (NAU). The crazies within the Bilderberg Society also support the NAU and ending American sovereignty in 2010 which will repeal the Bill of Rights. They just want the U.S. To nuke the Mideast before it goes under.

I should also point out that Fred Thompson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which also supports ending American sovereignty in 2010. Most of the major candidates that is to say those with money from Wall Street and AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) would go for the NAU if told to do so. Wall Street needs to get moving on the NAU precisely because they know the collapse of the dollar means a permanent 50% pay cut and a temporary 25% unemployment rate in addition to the aforementioned destruction of all pensions and savings. That these things as well as The Great Depression of 1929-1939 would occur were known to the creators of the Federal Reserve Act when it was passed in 1913. The bankers are looking forward to that Glorious Day when all real estate and all corporate stock will belong to them. They just need another Patriot Act, a war, a few “terrorist events” and a North American Union to protect themselves from the wrath of the soon to be impoverished citizens.

If Israel does draw America into the war against Iran, then you can expect the end of democracy. I once read that someone in the Trilateral Commission said that America suffers from excessive democracy. That will no longer be a problem. As I have said before, on 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld said he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending. That is trillions and not billions. That is enough money to give 230 million dollars each to 10,000 people. Suppose you had taken 230 million dollars and let it run in either illegal drugs or in legal oil futures from $20 oil to $96 oil. You and 9,999 of your friends would have a billion dollars each that you could use to buy America for pennies on the dollar and dispossess the middle class when the dollar does go. The Bill of Rights would have to be abolished to protect Wall Street from the angry mobs. America will cease to exist in any recognizable form if the people who make large donations to the Senatorial, Congressional and Presidential campaigns win. Why do you think there is no movement to audit the books? Why do you think that someone like Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, who would love to share her research of the past 25 years is not allowed on TV?

If the people who launder the drug money and also allowed to steal billions of dollars each week have their way, people like me will be in concentration camps never to be seen again. So this might be farewell unless you care to join me as an unnamed and unnumbered prisoner in a nameless CIA prison overseas. Look on the bright side. We terminated our relationship with Uzbekistan in 2004 when they began charging our government too much money. The Uzbekis used to boil our prisoners in oil for us and the British so that is one less torture to worry about. For those of you who do not join us in one of those many prisons you might remember us when you are living under martial law. If Israel attacks Iran, the Blowback will be enormous and give the Bilderbergers the opportunity to impose martial law in America. The 2008 elections could continue as all the mainstream candidates will do whatever their donors in Wall Street and at AIPAC tell them to do.

Until martial law or the North American Union repeals the Bill of Rights I will be walking around freely in a decidedly unfree and extremely dangerous world. I promise to post an article if I think either the dollar will collapse really soon or if World War III will start before the end of the week. I see no immediate threats on either front but that is not to say that I am endorsing dollar denominated investments at this point in our history!! This is not an economic advisory service. As I said, I am just chronicling the destruction of the world we loved.

My profile does hint at an occupation I can practice overseas, but that is on hold for now. I guess I will just have to stick around and see what happens. But then again if there is an opening overseas I would be foolish to not leave a country whose government has decided to die and take its people with it to hell never to return to the Daylight.

The maniacal desire for darkness on the part of our leaders was also part of that vision I had when I was 8 years-old. Be of Good Cheer. The world they create will not stand as it would be too unbearable for the human spirit. Humanity will ultimately reject our present world leaders but not all of us will be there to see the return of the Sunshine. It is our duty to help make it possible for future generations to know of Love, Joy, Happiness, Freedom and simple Human Dignity for these are the very things that the people who think they own the world neither understand nor value.

Goodbye for now, Daniel


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are as eloquent, sir, as your message is frightening.

- Ken

11:39 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well written and cogent, thank you. I share your lifelong understanding of our upcoming national implosion.
IMHO though, the military has been purged of conscience and will commit whatever crimes the fascists have planned. There may be dissent but only scattered and on a personal level.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Daniel F said...

I have another blog which you can reach by clicking on my profile. My profile will also take you to my email address. It was not my intention to invoke fear when I began this blog. I am chronicling the End of an Age.I feel obligated to write something that will reduce the fear level. I will publish it on my other blog as it was intended for that purpose originally. It might be awhile before I publish that article as I am more interested in results than in filling space.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People would be more willing and less fearful of adopting the views of 911 Truth activists if they felt they were calling for forgiveness rather than retribution and punishment.

The peace movement should call for granting amnesty from prosecution and guarantee of an ample, lifetime pension to anyone who agrees to testify on their roles in the events of 9/11, extending this offer to any members of the US government, foreign governments and/or terrorist groups involved in the planning or execution of the attacks of that day.

Additionally, individuals should step forward and volunteer to spend time working with those who give testimony on crimes they have committed so that they might be reintegrated into society.

Instead of executing Nazi war criminals we should have devoted all the human resources available to us to rehabilitating them, awakening in them awareness of the nature of their actions so that they could have come to understand that they must make amends. If they had remained alive they would have been a living testament to the transformative powers of forgiveness.

Historians and psychologists especially should come out in favor of preserving invaluable study material in the form of the opportunity to converse with the authors of unfortunate historical deeds.

A declaration of willingness to forgive would force the government's hand. If it were to arrest or make attempts to discredit someone calling for 911 truth plus forgiveness, that would be a tacit acknowledgement by the government of its complicity in the 9/11 attacks. Imagine the impact of footage on YouTube of police arresting demonstrators carrying signs reading: "I forgive you George Bush for 9/11 . Perhaps even the passively complicit mainstream media could be convinced to show someone carrying a sign calling for amnesty for the perpetrators of 9/11.

If we consider ourselves morally superior to the government, we should propose actions and attitudes that are more humanitarian with respect to them than their actions have been with respect to us.

I strongly suspect that the white apartheid government in South Africa did not agree to fair elections until assured that they would not be executed or imprisoned by the black majority government when it came to power.

In "The Art of War", Sun Tzu said never to surround an enemy. If you do not leave him an out, he will fight to the last man

Finally, these ideas do not depend on the media for their dissemination. If you can convince six friends of the merit of these ideas and get them to tell six of their own friends tomorrow, each of whom tells six of their friends the next day, and so on, then the ideas will reach every person in the world in two weeks by word of mouth alone (do the math).

(to see an interesting discussion of these ideas, please see

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

continuation of previous comment:

please see an interesting discussion of the Truth Commission idea in the comments here:

11:10 PM  
Blogger Vierotchka said...

Anonymous, you are not all that wrong - see how the Norwegians do:

Click here

2:46 PM  

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