Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Defining Moment of 2008

Tuesday, January 3rd was a defining moment in American history. That was the day of the New Hampshire primary. Barack Obama was leading in the exit polls by more than 8% yet lost by 2 points after the ballots were counted by Diebold machines. A defining moment changes history and defines an era. November 22nd, 1963 was another defining moment. The assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy changed world history forever. JFK died 90 days after the Israelis refused him permission to inspect their nuclear works at Dimona. His death also made it possible to escalate the war in Vietnam.

Other defining moments in recent history were the controlled demolitions of the Alfred P Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City on 4-19-1995 and World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9-11-2001 in New York.

A defining moment can be divided into two phases, a challenge and a response. The assassinations of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy all happened before the Internet so the public response was limited by the controlled media. But the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center Towers can be easily proven by browsing for 5 minutes.

A recount of the ballots in New Hampshire is underway, but I do not expect Mr Obama to be declared the winner. Nor do I expect Ron Paul to move up the the rankings on the Republican side. Black Box Voting has a woman on the ground who discovered on the first day that there was no chain of custody for either the ballots or for the memory cards. This means that the actual ballots that were cast by the voters could very well have disappeared along with the memory cards that selected Hillary Clinton, a Bilderberger, as the winner of the primary. She has denied being a Bilderberg but she is listed as one in the Bilderberg entry at Wikipedia.

Do I believe Hillary Clinton has a political machine on the ground in New Hampshire that can steal votes by substituting memory cards in Diebold machines? I do not. But she is only a candidate for President and is not on the Board of Directors of the Powers That Be. If I want to convince someone of the real nature of our government, I ask them to go to and to type missing money in the search box. I have studied this issue for years. I am convinced that Wall Street is allowed to steal at least four billion dollars a week from unaudited federal government contracts. This has happened under both Democrat and Republican presidents and Democrat and Republican congresses.

What I do believe happened is that someone rigged the vote knowing that only politicians who have proven track records meaning they have allowed the theft of billions of dollars every week under their watch could be allowed to win. In 1993 Hillary Clinton needed 160 billion dollars to give America her health care program. More than a decade earlier the Grace Commission which had been appointed by President Reagan said we could save 100 billion dollars a year if we bothered to properly audit federal spending. As a Yale trained lawyer and someone who had followed national politics since the 1970s, she knew where to find the money for health care but she also knew better than to ask Wall Street to make a sacrifice.

Asia Times tells us the top 300 banks in the world launder 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. The banks also launder more than a trillion dollars a year in drugs and about 400 billion dollars in illegal weapons. Our politicians are perfectly content to allow drugs to destroy America one child and one family at a time block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood. Long ago I suggested that we pull the licenses of all banks whose subsidiaries launder drug money overseas and that we also make it illegal to do business with a foreign bank that does launder hot money.

Your politicians from both parties would rather destroy America than do anything to upset Wall Street by demanding we take the profit out of illegal drugs and weapons. And I have never heard any American politician even dare to talk about the 500 billion dollars a year in bribes that are laundered by the international banking system.

Now let us return to the recount in New Hampshire. 2008 might be your last opportunity to vote for the President of the United States. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) both support merging America with Canada and Mexico into the North American Union (NAU). This would end American sovereignty and cancel the Bill of Rights which is just fine with the bankers as they do not want you to have either the right or the ability to effectively protest the collapse of the dollar which means that all of your pensions and savings will be transferred from you to Wall Street and their cronies. Those of you who have read my previous essays know that I have predicted American wages will be cut 50% in real after tax dollars before the end of 2009.

As I already said, we can divide a defining moment into the challenge and the response. So how are we to respond to the challenge of massive vote theft in what might be the last American elections ever held?

I would suggest that we link the growing momentum for voting reform to the 9-11 Truth Movement. Both political parties covered up the controlled demolition of the Oklahoma City federal building and the World Trade Center. The combined movements can turn all honest men and women capable of thinking into permanent resistors to the New World Order.

The 9-11 Truth Movement has reached sufficient numbers of people that we escaped a threatened attack on America in 2007. There was another in a series of fraudulent Al Qaeda tapes released last year warning of an imminent attack on Washington D.C. Let us put to rest all of these phony Osama tapes forever. Benazir Bhutto in an interview with David Frost said Osama had been murdered by Sheikh Omar. The latter had been recruited by MI6 while at Oxford. In any event the threatened attack against Washington D.C which I believe was to be centered in the Washington Metro rail system never happened. That is how strong the 9-11 Truth Movement is. They know they cannot get away with another 9-11.

I would also like to increase the strength of the movement for auditing federal spending. Go to the missing money page at and familiarize yourself with the issues. Then get involved and tell everyone you can what is really happening. There are lots of people who could find uses for $4 billion a week other than giving the money to the billionaires of the world. This movement should be added to the two ones previously mentioned.

As I said in a previous essay, I am expecting martial law. The 2008 elections will not be canceled if Wall Street can select the nominees for the two major parties. Waiting in the wings, they also have Michael Bloomberg to run as an independent. I personally believe he knows he is unelectable. His candidacy is just a threat to the two major parties. If they do not tow the line for Israel, he will spend $500 million in attack ads to destroy those who oppose his interpretation of the Zionist entity's needs. He is also there to drown out all legitimate independent candidates.

So why am I expecting martial law? If you would like to avoid World War III and martial law, ask a Presidential candidate why we have 17,500 sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf within range of Iran's Russian made anti-ship missiles. They could be stationed out of harms way in the Indian Ocean. I believe they are posted in the Gulf so they can die and inflame American opinion sufficiently to launch World War III after the Israelis bomb Iran. Someone stole a billion shekels (250 million dollars) from the Israeli Civil Defense fund so the Israelis cannot go to war until they have enough money to complete their defense preparations. That gives us a few months to oppose the coming war against Iran.

I believe that our 17,500 sailors and marines are stationed well within range of Iran's missiles precisely so they can be killed. Let me repeat. They are there so they can die and their deaths will inflame the American voters to accept the counter attack against Iran which will be the beginning of World War III. A U.S. war game called Millennium Challenge 2002 proved that any unrestricted confrontation in the Mideast would be a disaster for our servicemen and women. If you go to the Pentagon's website and search for “Central Command”, you will find that America has troops stationed in 25 Muslim nations. One rogue Muslim artillery officer could order his soldiers to open fire on an American Air Force Base and render it unusable by our aircraft within 60 seconds.

I know people who actually like George Bush and cheer every time our military drops a bomb on Arabs. But when I recently convinced these same people that Bush wanted to sacrifice 17,500 sailors and marines, they changed their minds and said they should be pulled out of the Gulf and relocated to the Indian Ocean. That should be the first step in disengaging from the Mideast.

I think I am better than most anti-war people at making arguments against war because I tailor my talking points to my audience. Most Americans do not care about the huge numbers of Iraqis killed by the occupation so I only talk to them about the betrayal of our troops. Please add the above to your anti-war arguments.

We need to meld the anti-war movement in with the voting reform and the resistance to the proposed North American Union and to further add these to the movement to audit federal spending and to the anti-war movement and to the 9-11 Truth movements in order to make a proper and fitting response to the theft of the elections in New Hampshire.

Henceforth we can no longer tell people only about our cause. We must also tell them all that:

The Bilderberg Society and the CFR launder $500 billion a year in bribes and more than a trillion dollars in drugs and illegal weapons.

That the CFR, the Bilderberg Society and their nearest and dearest friends are allowed to steal $4 billion a week from federal spending and you are not allowed to dare ask to audit the books as the government belongs to them and not to you.

That 2008 could very well be the last election in American history and that we ought to demand an auditable paper trail of our votes. The CFR and the Bilderbergers have said they want to end American sovereignty in 2010. That this also means the end of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution should make no difference to you unless you are addicted to free speech and oppose your own arbitrary arrest and do not want to spend the rest of your life in a secret military prison.

That we have 17,500 sailors and marines stationed in the Persian Gulf well within range of Iran's Russian made anti-ship missiles and that they are to be sacrificed so we can launch World War III should be of no concern to you unless you are opposed to World War III and do not want martial law on American soil.

The people who think they own the government have no regard for your life, your family and your dreams. They will not leave you alone. The dollar is about to crash and they will need both a foreign war and martial law at home to protect themselves against legitimate dissent from those who oppose 90% pension cuts and permanent 50% pay cuts.

2008 could be your very last chance to ever just say no to anything at all.

If we do not meet the challenge of voter fraud, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and American sovereignty will be taken from us as soon as the dollar collapses if not sooner.


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