Thursday, December 18, 2008

China Gets California

I have been telling people for the past decade that I have talked to a dozen educated Chinese who people have told me the same thing: California belongs to them. As soon as the dollar collapses and the American Empire crumbles, they will be given California. I have also been saying since 2005 that the dollar will collapse and that after tax American wages in real dollars will be permanently cut in half before the end of 2009 so the Chinese might be given the Golden State sooner rather than later.

I believe, as does Igor Panarin, who is a Professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that the Chinese government will want Oregon and Washington as well as California. They are interested in controlling all west coast American ports as well as our industries, timber and farm land. I have been told that they have a couple million men trained to take over our companies.

They could easily find 500,000 men to volunteer as UN peace keepers. My Chinese friends tell me that the real population of China is two billion. When Harrison Salisbury, the famous New York Times reporter, went to China with Nixon in 1972 he took along a Chinese Almanac. He would ask local officials how many people were in their area. Invariably, if the local census was 125,000 the Beijing supplied figures would be 50,000. He always found local politicians would quote figures that were 2 ½ times those he found in the national government's census figures. As I said, all of my Chinese friends tell me that the real population of China is two billion.

Whenever I have seen reports in the press of Americans who have visited classrooms in either Chinese villages or in Beijing, I have never read of anyone saying that half of the children were girls. Due to China's one child policy rhe lowest male to female ratio I have ever seen was two to one and that was in Beijing. Rural areas do not have as many girls as the Chinese capitol does. We can conclude that at least 200,000,000 Chinese men will never have wives and many of those men will not even have girl friends. I talked to a Chinese executive on business in Silicon Valley. He has a good income but has never married and no prospects. As I said previously, China will have no end of volunteers to come to America either as soldiers or as administrators for our new government or as engineers and scientists for our industries. I should add that American women might not like the attentions of the conquering Chinese army.

Tens of millions of white, Hispanic, Asian and black Americans would have to relocate elsewhere. I would like to point point out that California's neighboring states do not have sufficient water even for their present population so the proposed Mexican nation carved out of the present southwest of the United States would not be economically viable but Wall Street does not care about that.

The six to eight new little regions will not be sovereign nations. They will be integrated into the North American Union which will be created from the merger of Canada, Mexico and what is left of the United States. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) have been sating this merger should take place in 2010. Both of these organizations represent Wall Street. Any merger would abrogate the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights which is the whole point. The bankers need to eliminate democracy before we can stop them from taking our savings and our pensions and destroying our jobs and small businesses.

If you have been reading the news, you might be convinced that the dollar will collapse in 2009 if not 2110. But you might want to know how that will lead to a civil war. Greece and Iceland have had insurrections. Food riots have been predicted for America. John Williams at Shadow Stats says the federal government has deliberately under reported price increases. Farmers and other small businessmen have been squeezed by the bankers who have been unwilling to loan them money. Many observers have said our food production will be cut and prices will rise.

The big banks were given Bailout cash which they have used in part to buy other banks. Bank of America bought a snare in the second largest bank in China. The remainder of the cash is being hoarded by the banks to cover expected losses in 2009.

I have said in previous essays that instead of the Bailout we should have bought the Federal Reserve Bank from the member commercial banks and issuing a non-interest bearing debt free Treasury Notes to replace our current Federal Reserve Notes. My regular readers are well aware that I believe Wall Street has been preparing a National Security State for us instead of reforming the system which they knew would generate inflations and depressions when they created it. If the Treasury had issued our currency instead of the Federal Reserve, then we would not be 11.3 trillion dollars in “debt.” That is why I have continued to call government debts fictions. We are paying an extremely high price for having given the privately owned Federal Reserve the license to print money. Please do not forget that they created this cycle of depression and inflation.

Wall Street's likely response to the hyperinflation and the rapidly increasing unemployment and foreclosures after the dollar goes into a major meltdown in 2009 is a civil war. To understand how we can stop their plans we need to go over what they did to America in 2001.

The Powers That Be wanted the United States to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan so they wired three buildings in New York with thermate, a cutting agent that melts steel girders in seconds, while the buildings were ostensibly being wired for the Internet on the weekend prior to 9-11-2001. Additional military grade explosives were placed to make the three buildings fall at near free fall speed. If you understand simple mathematics, calculate the odds of all of the girders melting at exactly the same time and then multiplying that number times itself 47 times to determine the odds of the 47 story World Trade Center Tower 7 collapsing in 6.5 seconds even though it was never hit by a plane and had fires only on a few of its floors. Look at the video of WTC 7 collapsing and try to tell yourself that buildings can spontaneously fall down.

Wall Street used 9-11 to get the United States to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. These were but preludes to World War III which will begin with an attack on Iran. As I have said many times in the past, America is supposed to lose World War III. The bankers want to end all that pesky sovereignty and democracy nonsense forever.

I believe the Powers That Be are seriously considering igniting a civil war in America by setting off car bombs in Mexican and other Hispanic neighborhoods in America so they can destroy the United States from within. The perpetrators will be either from the CIA or the Mossad. It does not matter which as they both work for Wall Street. They will blame some white men who will die soon after the attacks. At least one of the bombs will be designed to kill dozens of Mexican-American school children. This could happen in either 2009 or 2010 if we do not act now to forewarn the public.

We must tell people the truth of 9-11 so Wall Street's employees would never dare to create an atrocity designed to ignite a civil war. I have said in several of my essays that the passenger and flight crew lists for the 4 allegedly hijacked planes prove beyond any doubt that not one of the nineteen accused Arabs nor any other Arabs for that matter were on even one of the four planes. They had no tickets and no boarding passes. They did not appear on any surveillance videos. To date the mainstream media has refused to ask the FBI, the 9-11 Commission or any other responsible agency how those four planes were hijacked.

It is much more likely that were were controlled by the Command Transmitter System which can control planes, missiles and boats. It is available from SPC International. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the CEO of SPC, was the Comptroller of the Department of Defense (DOD) on 9-11. On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in missing Pentagon spending. Robert Andrews, the Assistant Deputy Director of the DOD in charge of Special Operations, saw and heard a bomb detonate killing the military auditors who had been looking for the missing trillions of dollars that Rumsfeld and Zakheim could not find. The bomb detonated 3 ½ minutes prior to Flight 77 was alleged to have hit the Pentagon. Robert Andrews is a former Green Beret and knows what a bomb sounds and looks like.

If a sufficient number of leaders in the Mexican-American community knew the truth about 9-11, they would never accept car bombs in their neighborhoods as any thing other than Wall Street ploys to create a civil war, split America into six to eight parts and give California, Oregon and Washington to China.

America is not dead yet. The vultures are gathering because they can read the economic tea leaves, but past performances do not indicate future results. If our past determined our future, we would still be cave men. We are free men and women and will remain so until The Powers That Be can eradicate human freedom.

Let's make 2009 the year we say “No” to Wall Street.


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Yes. You will have to go to the Internet's wayback machine. I guess too many people had been looking in vain for all those 19 Arabs. Curiously, other memorials at CNN for select individuals have not been scrubbed.

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