Saturday, November 15, 2008

End The FED Rallies in 39 Cities Nov 22nd

Rallies will be held in 39 cities to demand the end to the Federal Reserve banking system which has given us a 10.6 trillion dollar debt. My regular readers know from my last article that the Congress, the Senate and the President all agreed to add a total of 1.485 trillion dollars to the debt ceiling in just the 64 days from August 28th to Nov 4th of this year. And they are going back into session to spend more money by adding to what I have called our “fictional” national debt.

The organizers and sponsors are a mixture of people from Right to Left and back again. As one commentator said, it is past time for us not to determine who is right or wrong and to find out what is right or wrong. Ron Paul has agreed to speak at one of the 39 rallies. Some of the sponsors are from the Green party.

The incredible part of these rallies is that the sponsors deliberately selected Nov 22nd as the date knowing that it is the 45th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK signed Executive Order 11110 which would have ended the Federal Reserve's monopoly on the creation of currency by creating United States Notes which were redeemable in silver. That Executive Order was never rescinded. But President Johnson did withdraw all of Kennedy's debt free money from circulation after the President was murdered.

Other significant changes were made in the political landscape after Nov 22nd 1963. Johnson took us into the Vietnam war. Also Israel and China jointly exploded their first nuclear weapon in 1964. President Kennedy opposed the Israeli nuclear program as he thought it would lead to a nuclear arms race in the Mideast and launch World War III. John Fitzgerald Kennedy could very well have been right about Vietnam, the Federal Reserve and WW III. It is too late to do anything about the Vietnam war and the Mideast nuclear arms race might start a war sooner rather than later, but we can still abolish the Federal Reserve as a fitting tribute to our martyred President.

Many of the sponsors of the rallies to abolish the FED would favor a return to gold and silver backed money. Many do not. I for one do not see how we could have a gold standard when almost all the gold in Fort Knox was stolen long ago. As my regular readers are well aware Wall Street is allowed to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government spending. Neither political party has demanded adequate auditing of the money they spend in our behalf. So what makes you think that the gold at Fort Knox, which in violation of federal law has never been counted, is still there?

The sponsors of the 39 rallies have promised that this is the beginning of the End for the Federal Reserve. Only our future history will tell us how and when debt slavery is abolished.

As I said in a previous essay, instead of borrowing money from the FED to handout in a Second Stimulus package they could buy the FED from its member banks and issue a debt free and non-interest bearing currency. They could also end fractional reserve banking which has created many bubbles in the past. We could also begin seriously considering canceling (in a responsible fashion) both the debt of the United States and of the Third World nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

But this is neither the time nor the place for me to impose my ideas on those who would participate in one of the 39 rallies. Now is the time for us to go the the website below, to sign up and to take action.


To read about one proposed alternative to debt money please go here:

To read about the theft of billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal spending please go here:


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