Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Their Last Supper

On September 6th I attended the Last Supper which was a going away party for 574 men and women in Silicon Valley whose last day of work will be Thursday. Their jobs are going to Asia. American wages are too high to justify their continued employment. Their starting wage was $8.50 an hour for production workers. A friend of mine who is an illegal alien from Mexico was making $10.00 after only 17 years on the job. Imagine the greed of a people who demand such high wages that they force their employers to relocate to Asia. Silicon Valley is a cheap place to live. You can rent a studio apartment for as little as $950 a month so there is no reason for workers to be so demanding.

The party was a joyous occasion. There was music and dancing. The music was not in English. This is California so I was the only white person in the room. The food was out of this world. These people have severance packages and unemployment insurance to take care of them for six months. After that they will be living in an expensive city with no income and few job prospects as the mortgage debacle breaks.

In the days of old wages in the U.S. were immune to wages overseas. Now Americans are heading downwards on the pay scale. Why? When we had only 150,000,000 people we did not have to import oil. Today we import 60% of our oil or 4.4 billion barrels a year at $100 plus a barrel. To earn foreign currency to buy oil Japan sells cars, computers, electronics and other things. To buy 4.4 billion barrels of oil we have been printing dollars. Because we have an interest bearing currency we also have to create Treasury bills in order to create new money.

China currently has 1.8 trillion dollars in cash in their banks they cannot spend. Just think what would happen if they dropped 100 billion buying rice, another 100 billion buying oil, another 100 billion buying gold and silver, another 100 billion buying wheat and soy, and another 100 billion buying whatever. They would destroy the dollar, our pensions, our savings and our paychecks as commodity prices soared into the stratosphere. And they would still have 1.3 trillion dollars left over.

I believe it is by design that Wall Street decided to double our population while simultaneously stopping offshore oil drilling and nuclear power development. Their goal was to cut our wages in half and thus to make us easier to control and to manipulate. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has set 2010 as the date for America to merge into the North American Union (NAU). The NAU would end American sovereignty and repeal both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It has been leaked that Canada has a secret agreement to use their soldiers to occupy American cities in case of a national emergency, such as, riots attending an economic collapse. If Canada has signed such an agreement, then it is likely that the Mexican Army can also be expected to occupy American cities when we have food riots.

This is an election year. Both political parties have nominated candidates who are in step with Wall Street's plan to cut our wages and social security benefits in half. Both McCain and Obama want to pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens which would more than offset any energy gained by offshore oil drilling. Politicians do not seem to care that 100% of the energy consumed by legal and illegal aliens must be imported.

The Census Bureau has projected America's population will soon reach 450,000,000 mostly through immigration. Since 100% of the oil consumed by new immigrants must be imported, our demand for imported oil will easily double from 4.4 billion to 8 billion or even 8.8 billion barrels a year. Let's imagine a future President of the United States trying to bid 8 billion barrels of oil from China which itself has a growing demand for imported oil. China could easily pay cash for more oil with the 1.8 trillion dollars in accumulated dollars they cannot otherwise spend. On the other hand our future President will have to pay a lot more than $100 a barrel for oil. As America's population grew and we increased our demand for imported oil. The price of oil has risen from less than $3.00 a barrel to $10 then to $20 and now to $100 a barrel. If we double our demand for oil and the price only doubled we would be very fortunate indeed. But even a doubling of the price of oil to $200 would give us an annual imported oil bill of 1.6 trillion dollars. Now imagine an American President asking for a 1.6 trillion dollar loan from the Chinese so we could bid away oil from them and make them pay even more for their oil. There is a limit to how much money the world will loan us. That limit might be 10 trillion or 20 or even 30 trillion dollars. But we are rapidly approaching the day when the world will no longer allow us to live upon the charity of strangers.

The dollar will crash. I know it. You knpw it. And Wall Street knows it. I believe the CFR chose 2010 as the date for merging of the US into the NAU to end American sovereignty because they knew several years ago the mortgage crisis would be the final blow to the U.S. economy and the dollar would crash in 2009. The NAU will eliminate trights of the citizenry to organize a dissenting view on the economy and the end of sovereignty.

Wars have not worked out well for Americans in the past. A war for oil was supposed to bring down the price of gasoline but oil is five times what it was before the invasion of Iraq. The global “War on Terror” against 1.3 billion Muslims which has been accepted by both major parties in their 2008 convention platforms could very well be the disaster that destroys America. And that is the goal of Wall Street.

Americans will be facing their Last Supper as they gather at election parties to hear returns this November 4th just as my friends gathered a few days ago to say farewell to their jobs. On the first Tuesday in November we will learn which of the two parties that want to pass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and cut our wages and social security benefits in half is elected. We will learn which of the two parties that have committed us to a suicidal war against Iran and Syria will be allowed to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and set up a National Security State. And just as my friends had enough unemployment insurance and severance pay to carry them for six months so will Americans be able to borrow enough money to buy gas and diesel oil to run their country until the mortgage crisis destroys America's ability to borrow trillions of dollars they cannot repay.

I am confident that my fellow Americans can meet the challenges posed by the traitors on Wall Street. Be of Good Cheer.There are millions of us and only a few have dedicated themselves to the destruction of America.

We can survive the coming hard times which could even be worse than the Great Depression if we refuse to allow Wall Street to either push us into war or to pass an Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting, but let me inform you that Canada's army could not hold a tree fort. We have no army that can stand up against an American police department. What little army we currently posses is totally occupied in Afghanistan. We can not move our army without external assistance.

10:37 AM  
Blogger A. Magnus Publius said...

We Americans can't even get Wall Street to stop poisoning us with their genetically modified crops, tropospheric aerosol operations, depleted Uranium munitions and ongoing biological war experiments on the population at large. What makes you think the American people have any kind of a backbone left? They've had 2 elections stolen from them and nary an uprising in sight. Even Haiti has more of a spirit of resistance than we Americans do. We're the perfect scientifically crafted slave society.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger that with the army of Mexico, good buddy. No mobility to compare with American global mobility and all of their weapons are our old used weapons which means we know how they work already and what their defects are. So don't worry about the Mexicans or the Canadians little feller!

You also might want to read stuff that real economists write about future economic forecasts instead of channeling this paranoid conspiracy stuff. For instance, the industrialized world is experiencing a negative or zero birth rate so illegal immigration is actually HELPING the U.S. and NOT hurting it by supplying us with a labor source and tax revenue source.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Bloody Rox said...

I have been working in San Jose for over 3 years now, and even in this short span of time I see more and more desperate derelicts hanging around the tiny downtown area, which is totally vacant otherwise. The scene I see everyday is testimony to the downfall of the once booming economy in this area. America is falling apart in a rapid pace. I'm only 22 and I see this happening; things that would normally take years or decades to actualize are happening in mere months.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Daniel F said...

I am not worried about the Canadian army. But the Mexican army has produced the Zetas which is a huge band of assassins. You can see their videos on YouTube.
The American army will cease to exist by design after Israel attacks Iran and demands we fight 1.3 billion Muslims to the death.
After our army is gone the Mexican army will have no difficulty in occupying any city with large Mexican populations.If you live in the Southwest, you will find it impossible to fight a standing army and the tens of thousands of assassins employed by the Mexican drug cartels.
We already have too many people in America. If we add more people, we will import more oil. As I said China has 1.8 trillion dollars in cash they cannot spend. We cannot continue to borrow money to buy oil. Period. End of Argument. The economists you would like to quote are all bought off.
Perhaps you have not read my other entries in this blog where I predicted that the dollar will crash in 2009 and that prices will be ten times higher on 12-31-2009 than on 1-1-2005.
And in the preceding article X-Prize I do propose a radical solution to the energy crisis which if you read between the lines says we ought to go to Area 51 and get the scientific advances we paid for to solve the energy crisis and a lot of other problems.
I have other solutuions, such as, auditing federal spending which would save us 200 billion dollars a year and cut off Wall Street from its Black Ops money. I also have said we should have a non-interest bearing currency as proposed by Lincoln and Kennedy. That would save us 759 billion dollars. But those ideas cannot be worthy of discussion either if the CFR will not let me read it in their media or to discuss it in their controlled academia.

2:42 PM  

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