Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update on World War III

I wrote this originally as an email to some friends soon after the USS Cole was stationed off the coast of Lebanon. I have decided to post it as a brief essay outlining my understanding of how the Bush-Cheney administration and Israel will launch World War III and put America under martial law this summer around the time of the Beijing Olympics. The movement towards war will be occur in phases.

Phase I will be war a against Lebanon and the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. This will deplete the Palestinians of their rockets and allow Israel to push back the resistance from the borders of Israel.

Phase II will be a propaganda period during the occupation which is designed to convince Israeli and American public opinion that Iran and Syria are responsible for the horrors of the occupation.

Phase III is the Israeli air attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities using American supplied bunker buster bombs. The Iranians have said they will respond by firing 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first 60 seconds. The Iranians have Russian made Sunburn and Yakhonts anti-ship missiles. They also have Chinese designed rocket artillery with a range up to 150 kilometers. This phase will be very brief lasting only a matter of hours as Israel will allow America to do most of the fighting and dying.

Phase 4 is the justification of World War III to the American public. We have 17,500 sailors and marines on aircraft carrier task forces in the Persian Gulf. Their ships are well within the 120 and 180 mile range of the Sunburn and Yakhonts. The Iranians also have 1,000 fast rubber boats to capture our sailors and marines. If Bush and Cheney wanted to protect the lives of those sailors and marines, they would put them in the Indian Ocean out of harms way when Israel attacks Iran. Our aircraft carrier task forces are in the Gulf precisely so they can be sacrificed for the greater good of Israel and the Bilderberg Society.. The goal of WW III is to exterminate the Muslims so Israel and the Bilderbergers can have all of the Mideast oil.

Good Plan? The U.S. Central Command has American troops stationed in 27 nations of which 25 are Muslim. One rogue Muslim artillery officer can fire on an American base and in one minute render the base and its jets unusable. That artillery officer can then direct his fire at our fuel and ammunition depots. Our soldiers would be cut off from all supplies and air cover. They would be lucky if they were not killed or captured.

The final phase or aftermath of WW III is the destruction of the United States so what remains can be folded into the North American Union. The Iranian response to the Israeli air strike will include the cut off of all oil from the Persian Gulf which should raise the price of oil to $300 or $400 a barrel. That would bankrupt more than 50% of all American families as they would have no means of buying gas to get to work. The destruction of the dollar will make food unaffordable too."

The people who think they own the American government have no desire to win World War III. Their goal is to complete the enslavement of the American people. Martial law will be imposed as soon as Iran responds to our assault on them. If we are to succeed in opposing World War III we must stop it before it starts as opposing the war after it starts could land you in jail without a Bill of Rights to protect you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing prophetic here as the writer seems to imply. prophetic visions happen BEFORE an event- not afterwards or when it is already well established and obvious.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad

all this made possible by the stupidity of 300 million people blindly paying extorsion (aka tax)

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a vision in a dream right after 911 of a box opening and as I heard my Dad say Look, (my name), behind a bassett hound, I saw silver marching (nazis) soldiers all marching in unison.

I also went outside during that same interval walking to the store, I saw in the sky, the form of the clouds formed into a fish, an eagle screaming, and a unicorn. I looked away several times and it still was there! I believe this was guidance. Fish for spirit guide, eagle for America and the unicorn for freedom!

I seemed to hear frantic noise urgency around a song I was listening to at that time on a Roxette tape . . . I seemed to see a war starting and came back to the computer after the walk and pulled the straits there where those ships are now. With the upset of 911 and other crises, I did not worry about that until Iraq started.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What some are not understanding is that the US has sold itself out so badly that all it takes is for Iran, Venezuela, China, Russia to give a little squeeze and the US is in economical agony.

America and Israel right now should be sueing for peace rather than the continual following of absurd policies that have failed the US time and time again.

America has not won a war on its own since it fought Spain how many generations ago? It likes to think it won WWII but that was only down to Russia switching sides and Hitler making the same mistakes of trying to steal the oil rather than pay for it.

The author points out the main theme, that America is in the process of economical collapse, it spends 150% of its revenues, this is accelerating, hyperflation is already encroaching, when are you people going to wake up that there is no saviour out there riding to the crest of the hill with some magical formula to fix all of this?

Bush has managed to hand American hegemony to China, Russia, Iran, India on a silver platter, he has gutted the economy and made America so hated by ally and foe alike that when the hammer falls, very few nations will act to help out the US.

Arm yourselves, stock up on food, read books on basic survival and watch Jericho to get an idea of what things are going to be like when that hammer falls.

Good luck folks... you are going to need a barrowload of the stuff.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to get more people to use the phrase....
"America is in dire straits when our citizens have much more reason to be afraid of our government, than of any terrorists."
Those in The Bush Administration have done more ACTUAL damage to our country than anyone else, ever.

1:05 PM  
Blogger A. Magnus Publius said...

You're mostly right in your analysis of potential scenarios, but unfortunately the American people are not awake enough to do anything about it. Give them a couple of more years and maybe they can pull it off, but if this year is the year the powers that be bring the house down then we're pretty much screwed. I recommend you stock up on the things that will help you survive in the meantime.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I don't doubt the scenario, I'm still wondering about the reason behind destroying the US economy (completely). By extension, Canada's economy will collapse, Mexico's will collapse as they absorb millions of homesick emigrants. So what's to win?

3:05 PM  
Blogger vigilnt1 said...

Randi Rhodes at Air America Radio was ridiculing you Martial Law Predictors.

They are "married to Martial Law." So who is going to enforce this fantasy of theirs? The military? Yeah, sure?

Last I heard the National Guard was kinda busy in some place called Iraq.

Please, predict a Martial Law Date.
Then, when it does not happen, admit you are either gullible or a liar for making a prediction that will not come true.

All comments must be approved????

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel F,

I posted a similar grime prediction a few weeks ago. I don't think oil is what elites are after. Triggering WWIII and population reduction is the elites' ultimate objective, I suspect.

6:00 PM  
Blogger Daniel F said...

This is an update to previous essays. I first mentioned in October 2007 that Israel not America will attack Iran. I first mentioned in November of 2007 that our 17,500 sailors and marines sent to the Persian Gulf were to be sacrificed in order to start WW III. I have seen no one else saying in print that we will sacrifice our sailors and marines to launch WW III.

I have predicted a date for martial law. This summer when Israel attacks Iran we will go to martial law. The Blowback will be so enormous - far worse than Pearl Harbor- that the public, the local police and law enforcement agencies will voluntarily give up our freedoms. They won't need our thinly stretched military to enforce martial law.

If you had read my previous essays, you would understand that Bildernergers and Zionists are insane. The plan is to steal all of our money, to kill half the world's population and to enslave those who remain. They are insane and self-destructive. That is why their plans make no sense to normal human beings, but are easy to predict.

If you care about Jewish people at all, you would oppose Zionism as it will destroy both Israel and the United States.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a load of crap

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you folks all crazy?...

How about you use that logical part of your brain for a minute.

Can any business run on it's own? Absolutely not. There has to be employees at the bottom who work to generate the wealth - the way things work now anyway.

The "Elite" as everyone refers to here and elsewhere would be idiots to carry out a plan that would enslave or humanity. Or worse yet, kill them.

Any good business person knows that in order to increase productivity and generate MORE wealth the working class has to be kept happy and stable.

If everyone is dead or stuck in internment camps how will the wealthy be able to create more wealth?

It's a ridiculous idea. If the "elite" are so money hungry why in the world would they destroy the people who generate the wealth for them.

You guys need to quit listening to the voices in your head and get a little more logical about all of this.

It's this type of mentality that holds humanity back from evolving.

12:29 PM  
Blogger Daniel F said...

As I said before, this is an update. If you had read my essay Insanity Then and Now, you would now how insane the elite is. They are not rational so any expectation that they behave rationally is not rational.

The Rothschilds loaned Hitler the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold in 1935 so he could buy enough guns to start a war. That was not rational.

Have you heard of Belgian War Relief? In WW I the British raised money to feed the widows and orphans of Belgium. They put the "War Relief" supplies on trains and shipped them to the Germans so they could feed the German soldiers who were killing British soldiers. America entered that war so we could make the war last long enough so Wall Street could set up a Zionist colony in Palestine and a Zio-Communist dictatorship in Russia. That behavior was not rational. What was the point in killing all those people. Madness. Just Madness and a dedication to evil.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

>>That behavior was not rational.<<

Hence, as I wrote earlier, the motive is not profit, i.e. oil. If one studies the origins of SARS, AIDS, or H5N1, it is not difficult to see that these viruses are man-made in the laboratories. Triggering WWIII and population reduction appears to be the agenda. Who are these people? Psychopaths? An alien race? Who knows.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous michael said...

Your Phase II is plausible, as time and again the abysmal ignorance of Americans about other countries is such that when in 1990/1 the US was looking to Syria to join up as a member of the coalition against Saddam, the deal struck was that the US would stop blaming Syria for Lockerbie, whereupon the switch was made to blame Qaddafi.

I don't think many of the general public in America, or Australia, noticed the switch to a different bogeyman as education for most people in both countries is expressly designed to neuter at an early stage the potential for later critical thinking in areas pertaining to public or foreign policy.

So, yes, it is entirely plausible for you to say that the target of blame for the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank will be switched to Syria and Iran - and may i add, not withstanding Syria's support during Gulf War 1 against Saddam.

See how treacherous USrael is ?

Had Syrians understood that their commitment 17 years ago would be thus rewarded at some point in the future they might well have opted to have been neutral then.

7:29 PM  
Blogger maurice said...

no one can predict the future and although I have no trust in the govt, this scenario does not sound plausible IMO. Iran is in it with the US. The goal is to keep the chaos going - not to unite Arabs/Muslims as one force against the US etc. Who knows what these power-mongers are up to - but I will be amazed if this plays out as you have predicted.Economic downturn? Yes. Internment camps? No. But you do post an interesting write-Peace to all.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoever wrote this is a conspiracy nut and needs to learn there's more to life than writing bullshit like this on the internet, enjoy the finer things in life, friends, experiencing different ways of life and meeting new people, life is about people and spending time with other people, it's a shame that people have the time to write drivel like this, I get the impression that people who occupy there minds with this sort of stuff are pretty miserable inside.

3:50 PM  

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