Saturday, August 23, 2008

A 4.4 Billion Dollar X Prize To Replace The Auto

The federal government should offer a 4.4 billion dollar Prize to the first one to develop a practical alternative to the internal combustion machine engine to replace our cars and trucks. 4.4 billion dollars is one dollar for each of the 4.4 billion barrels of oil America imports each year. This is a Presidential election year so I would like to offer an idea that might break into the political discourse and radically change our future and even possibly prevent the dollar and the world economy collapsing.

America is importing 4.4 billion barrels of oil a year at $120 a barrel. We are borrowing the money or more truthfully printing the money to buy our oil. The dollar has been declining in value as we we have to bid oil away from Asians who have trillions of dollars in excess cash on hand. Recently even the mafia has been dumping dollars and buying Euros. If we continue to increase our population and our demand for imported oil, we will soon be paying $200 a barrel for 5 billion barrels. The world will not loan us a trillion dollars a year for the next ten years.

Japan exports cars, cameras, TVs and other items of consumer interest to earn foreign currencies to buy oil. America prints Treasury bills and earns foreign exchange to buy oil by selling them mostly to China. Currently the Chinese banks are holding 1.8 trillion dollars they cannot spend. If the Chinese bought rice, wheat, gold, silver, copper, oil and other commodities, prices would double and triple and then double and triple again.

When these dollars do eventually enter circulation, prices will jump overnight and the value of our paychecks and pensions decline. We cannot continue to live upon the charity of strangers.

We need the car of the future now not ten years from now.

John McCain has already offered 305 million dollars for a revolutionary new battery. One dollar for each person in the United States. A new battery would make hybrid cars better. But I am looking for something a lot better than a hybrid.

The X-Prize would be given upon completion a cross country demonstration tour from California to New York and back. No internal combustion machines need apply. No battery recharges allowed during the course of the race. All cars must carry 800 pounds of weight in the form of passengers and or luggage.

The fuel for the entries must be environmentally safe, in abundant supply and sufficiently cost effective to replace petroleum.

The race will begin within 30 days of any qualified person or persons entering a challenge for the X-Prize. If there are other qualified entrants, they will also be allowed to compete. All entrants must drive their entries at normal highway speed. This will not be a speed race. If multiple entrants complete the nationwide demonstration tour, they will all share in the 4.4 billion dollar prize.

Any federal government employee or contractor who enters using designs, models and research from America's Black Budget will get half of the 4.4 billion dollar prize. Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current and possibly one of the three greatest scientists of the twentieth century, died 65 years ago. All of his working projects, notes and labs were seized by the federal government and none of his research has ever been released. Among his notes was an unpublished treatise on a dynamic theory of gravity. The federal government has spent billions of dollars every year since 1943 on secret research projects many of which were related to Tesla's life work. Tesla appeared in 1930s newsreels driving a Pierce Arrow automobile that was powered by a directed energy beam. It would be nice if the government shared this research with the rest of us.

If we do not act decisively and soon, we will choke on the bill for unpaid oil imports.

I would like to thank the X-Prize Foundation for their work encouraging scientific and technical innovations but their current offer of $10,000,000 for an alternative auto will not save America from economic collapse or another oil war.


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It is no use to quote ‘’law’’ or ‘’reason’’ to entities with an alien belief system . . . the foundation of the thought system we are dealing with has a double standard and it’s first TOOL is DECEPTION. And it says this is its motto - - IN PLAIN SIGHT!!!! And with that in mind, can anyone see ITS intention/goal in the LONG RUN? (I feel ya here!) It gets people to demand the LAW after each of its moves on the RISK board while it points a finger (projection) that the other side is doing what IT IS DOING! Its rules are insane! It is God who makes the Law! Think about that entity! Time wasted on talking of what is RIGHT has nothing to do and never has . . . It mesmerizes with FORM (the beauty or the horror of form) so you get misled, confused or so afraid - - and the content can never be discussed. This should be contemplated . . . the kind of rumination going on at so many well-intentioned alternative news sites/blogs is more like a cow chewing it’s cud, spitting it out and then wondering why it is still hungry. Assuming that because you (thank you for the valid points - - I feel you) actually attempt (intend) to communicate is NOT the same goal emanating from the “ELEPHANT IN THE LIVING ROOM” though the verbage/vocalization is done in ‘’style.’ The world is the goal! And where will headquarters be????? We all need to call our Higher Self and SEE together an obstacle to their goal and a new game, not a repeat through time of this scenario – as you pointed out, NOBODY, again! We need to get off the web some - - and diligently put cohesive groups meditating and joining at our highest Level . . . .

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