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So The People Who Think They Own The World...

So the people who think they own the world held two meetings in Washington D.C. last week. The meetings were the Bilderberg Society and AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The Bilderberg Society meets once each year. It represents the interests of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, various international banks, some major oil companies and corporations (now including Microsoft) plus their hirelings, such as, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. The top 300 banks in the world launder over 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. They also launder over a trillion dollars a year in drug money and about 400 billion dollars in illegal weapons sales. This is one source of the power of the Powers That Be.

Clearly there is evidence that the Bilderbergers and their friends think they own the government. If you go to , you will see dozens of articles documenting the theft of billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government contracts. You do not have the right to mention this in the media which they own. Your politicians know they have neither the right to properly audit the tax dollars they spend nor to demand recovery from those who have stolen it.

On March 20, 2000 Susan Gaffney, the Inspector General from HUD, testified before the House Committee on Governmental Reform that she had to adjust the books to reflect losses of $17.6 billion for 1998 and $59.6 billion for 1999. When asked what she did to recover any of this money, she admitted under oath that she did not bother to take any actions to have this stolen money returned. Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read and also Deputy HUD Secretary, once found a single block in San Diego that had 10 HUD loans on buildings that never existed and did not even have postal addresses. This systematic looting of the Treasury of the United States has been allowed to happen under both Democratic and Republican administrations and congresses for several decades. On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference and said that he was unable to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending. That is trillions and not billions.

On the next day 9-11-2001 Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations, Robert Andrews - the top civilian official in charge of special operations under Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld - was going to the Counter Terrorism Center in the Pentagon when he saw and heard a bomb explode destroying the center and killing 40 of 41 auditors next door. These men and women who were trying to trace the missing 2.3 trillion dollars were killed by the bomb that went off before the Pentagon was hit by an alleged plane so their deaths must have been the original intention of those who set off the bomb. And we know that those who did kill the auditors knew they were above the law because there was neither a criminal investigation nor even any mention of this fact in the Bilderberg controlled press.

The Bilderbergers demonstrated their contempt for the political process when they selected Barack Obama's vice-presidential running mate Kathleen Sebelius. She was invited to the 2007 Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul. She also attended last week's 2008 meeting in Chantilly Virginia near Washington. She was accompanied by James A Johnson who had been appointed to head the 3 person committee to select Obama's vice-president. The 2004 Democratic VP candidate was John Edwards who attended the 2004 Bilderberg conference in Italy. Sebelius has obviously been selected by the Bilderbergers but they went through the pretense of consulting with Democratic party leaders to convince the voters that their opinions and those of their leaders actually counted for something. I have read comments from wishful thinkers who have said that the resignation of James Johnson from Obama's selection committee due to kickbacks from now bankrupt Countrywide financial corporation means that the Nominee is breaking away from the grip of the Bilderbergers.

The Bilderbergers did make one announcement that would have severe economic consequences for everyone in the world. Therefore it was duly noted in the controlled press but neither explained nor discussed. The Bilderbergers want to create an international central bank and to issue a new currency that would replace the dollar and all other reserve currencies for settling international debts. America has been able to live beyond its means for the past 50 years precisely because it was able to print dollars which foreigners were at one time willing to accept as if they were gold. No more. If the new central bank retires all the bad mortgages and defaulted corporate losses in the world and gives out trillions of "New Dollars" in exchange, there will be one tremendous inflation. Of course Americans would no longer be able to print dollars and get oil, cars, TVs, toys clothes and everything else at Wal-Mart for free. In effect the Bilderbergers were saying that they fully intend to cut your wages in half and to steal what few pensions and savings the elderly now have. America's high standard will soon be permanently gone. But this undeniable fact will not become part of the 2008 campaign. For to do that we would need an intelligent, honest, courageous and independent mass media so we could converse with each other and hopefully arrive at the truth and make decisions that benefit us all and not just the elite.

The other group that thinks it owns the world are the Zionists. AIPAC held a meeting in Wshington D.C. that ended on Thursday in time for the Jewish Sabbath and for the more important members to attend the Bilderberg conference.  The power of AIPAC is undeniable. A supposed anti-war candidate received 13 standing ovations from the hardcore Zionists. Barack Obama promised to nuke the Iranians to protect Israel. That nuking Iran would launch World War III which would be a never ending war with 1,3 billion Muslims did not seem to bother either McCain or Obama.  The Democratic leader also said that Jerusalem was to be the undivided capitol of Israel which is to say there would be no peace with the Palestinians either. If I seem to be unfair to Mr Obama it is only because we expected so much more from him. After his poor performance at AIPAC, Obama's campaign did issue a clarification saying that Jerusalem would be subject to negotiations. This was sufficient to anger the Israel firsters and the Palestinians. Hamas withdrew their endorsement of the Democratic candidate.

There was a rather serious announcement made at the end of the AIPAC meeting. Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Prime Minister, said that war with Iran was inevitable and to be expected soon. This did make the press but it did not make it into the campaign as neither McCain nor Obama is willing to tell the voters what will happen the Day After the first nuke is dropped on Iran by either Israel or the United States.

There are clues to the relationship between the Zionists and the bankers at the Bilderberg Society, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute on International Affairs. The simple minded Zionists come in various grades. At the top of the heap are those men who betrayed Israel in on November 4, 1995 when they either participated in the assassination of Israel's Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Ten years after his death it was revealed to the gullible public that the Israeli PM had been shot both in the back and in the front so the "lone assassin" could not have acted alone as he never was in a position to shoot Rabin from the front. Of course we all knew that the convicted man was innocent as he tested negative for powder burns when he was tested within an hour of Mr Rabin's murder.

The world Jewish community did as little to seek justice for the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister as did the Americans when John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were murdered. This should not surprise the astute student of 20th centruy history. In 1935 the Rothschilds loaned Hitler the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold so he could buy guns, threaten Jewish lives and start a war. The German Army and Navy sent two officers to Lonson in March of 1939 in order to negotiate peace and even offered to arrest Hitler which was a diplomatic euphemism for murder. The Japanese Emperor had previously offered to break his alliance with the Nazis and to even become an ally against Soviet expansion. We could have saved a lot of Jewish lives and we could have saved the 58,000,000 Gentiles who died after WW II should have ended in March of 1939.   

I long ago concluded that the Zionists are the unpaid and very expendable foot soldiers of the New World Order. Many observers have noted that the Rothschilds have donated large sums of money to Israel to create public buildings, such as, those that house the Supreme Court, were designed to reflect a Satanic influence. Some would argue that the leaders of the NWO are satanists which explains the evilness of their ways. I personally do not believe in the Devil as an ultimate reality. I explain their evil through their dedication to the ego which in its extreme form denies the connectedness of Life. Karl Marx has been accused of being a Satanist. He wrote a play called Oulanem which is an anagram for Emanuel. In it his hero Oulanem said he would gladly go into the Abyss (Hell) if he could take half of all mankind with him. Some have traced Marx's ideology back to the Illuminati who have in turn had their roots in the French revolution and in the earlier Knights Templars. These latter men were Crusaders and laid claim to Jerusalem. The whole point is that Zionists do not seem to be aware that there is a powerful group of men who also claim Israel as theirs. These men betrayed them in 1935 when they financed the Nazis and again in 1995 when they assassinated Yitzhak Rabin because he was opposed to any war or false peace that would kill half of the Jews of Israel.

The war with Iran which would launch World War III that Ehud Olmert said should begin before autumn of of 2008 was discussed but not mentioned at the end of Bilderberg meeting. Everyone at the Bilderberg conference despises American sovereignty and wants to merge the United States into a North American Union (NAU) with Canada and Mexico. The Bush administration has even signed an agreement with Canada allowing the occupation of American cities with Canadian soldiers. If such an agreement exists with Canada, then there is a similar unpublished agreement with Mexico at allow the occupation of American cities and towns by Mexican soldiers. The related Council on Foreign Relations group has published a paper asking for the end of American sovereignty in 2010 through the formation of a NAU. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) proudly says they have 220 men and women working to end sovereignty for Americans.

The only dispute in the our self appointed leadership is the means to be used to end freedom in North America. Some of the Bilderbergers want us to fight one last war knowing that we can only wage a nuclear war of annihilation with the Muslims as our resources were expended in the two Zionist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . These men do not expect America to survive World War III because they agree with their more liberal friends that we are to be merged into the NAU. The Bilderbergers have two candidates for President, John McCain and Barack Obama. I think the powerful Bilderberg Steering Committee tipped its hand when Jacob and Nathan Rothschild helped McCain with a fund raising dinner in London.

I remember seeing a photo of Warren Buffet with Jacob Rothschild and Arnold Schwarzenegger prior to the latter's elevation to the governorship of California. Rothschild interests intersect between the Bilderberg and Zionist movements so my reading the tea leaves left from last week's meetings and conclude that the people who think they own the government have decided that we are to impoverished to be enslaved and that Americans are to kill or be killed in one last war. I believe the Rothschilds and Israel want war and that it should begin before the next President takes office. It could be before the elections though it could be afterwards.

I have never lived in a free society. I have always lived in America. Soon We will all live in a world of the NWO's dreams where we all are impoverished and enslaved. There could very well be either a war or another 911 terror incident designed to take away our few remaining civil liberties. Whatever does happen in the next 12 to 24 months could determine if America continues to exist as a sovereign nation or even if it even exists at all.


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