Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Open Letter To President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Dear Mr President,

I am an American citizen by birth. I have never lived in a democratic and open society which allows a free exchange of ideas so its citizens can make fully informed decisions. We have the trappings of elections, a free press, representative government and trial by jury but these are known by almost all Americans to be shams. I am writing to you in an open letter because I want you and the citizens of both the Islamic Republic of Iran and America to fully comprehend why Wall Street has decided they have no choice but to wage a war either against Iran or failing that any other country they can demonize.

You are familiar with demonization. When you said that Israel should go off the map as the Soviet Union did when it returned to being Russia, you learned that instead of reporting that you wanted Israel to allow Palestinians full civil rights, we in the West were told you wanted to wipe out Israel. That an attack on Iran will launch World War III and destroy America is of no concern to Wall Street and the media they own.

Since this is an Open Letter, I feel obliged to first prove to my fellow Americans that they do not live in a free society. To do that I would ask them to look at this web page written by Catherine Austin Fitts:

She was Assistant Secretary of Housing under Bush I and before that the managing Director at Dillon Read Investment Bank. She has been a tireless advocate of fiscal reform. She once found one single block with ten HUD backed loans on buildings that never existed.

Bill Clinton's Inspector General of HUD, Susan Gaffney, testified before the Congress that HUD had to write off 17.6 billion dollars in 1998 and 59.6 dollars in1999. This is understandable when they make loans on buildings that never existed. The above web page has a YouTube video of Donald Rumsfeld dated 9-10-2001 admitting that he was not able to adequately trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending.

I have estimated that Wall Street through its representative organizations such as, the Bilderberg Society and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), is allowed to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal spending. Donald Rumsfeld had a team of auditors trying to recover the missing money. On 9-11-2001 Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret, saw and heard a bomb destroy the Counter Terrorism Center which was adjacent to the Pentagon auditors. That bomb killed 40 military auditors. April Gallop, who is a third generation soldier, Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatowski, Denmark's Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller and others also saw and heard a bomb go off BEFORE Flight 77 hit the building. This would lead us to believe that the purpose of the attack on the Pentagon was to stop the auditors from tracking down the missing money.

The absolute lack of investigation into billions of dollars being stolen each week under Democrat and Republican Congresses and Administrations can let us conclude that both political parties and the mainstream media should be considered as co-conspirators to the perpetrators of the 9-11 attacks. I regularly challenge my fellow Americans to read CNN's list of those passengers and crew who died on Flights 11, 77, 93 and 175.

There were no Arabs with either tickets or boarding passes. Nor were there any surveillance videos showing any Arabs boarding even one of the flights. Yet the mainstream media and both political parties still peddle the lie that 19 Arabs hijacked 4 planes. And I have never seen one minite of air time devoted to the bomb that killed 40 military auditors on 8-11. Support for the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq and the “war on terror” were galvanized by lies about 19 Arabs with box cutters.

Having accomplished my goal of demonstrating to Americans the real nature of their government, I have earned the right to explain to them why Wall Street needs a war against Islam in general and Iran in particular. I have elsewhere predicted that the US economy will collapse by the Spring of 2009 and that wages and pensions will be permanently cut 50% by the end of 2009.

When Americans are unemployed and their pensions have been stolen, they might ask questions and demand answers. The recently passed Housing Recovery Act of 2008 will add five trillion dollars to the already staggering 9.3 trillion dollar US debt. The Federal Reserve Bank as I have explained elsewhere was designed to transfer wealth from the working class to the bankers.

The Federal Reserve Bank was destined at its creation in 1913 to fail so Wall Street has had almost a century to set up a National Security state making it impossible for Americans to even ask for the return of the trillions of dollars stolen through usury, engineered inflation, corruption and outright theft. The Patriot Act and the Military Commission Act and President Bush's executive orders have abolished 9 of the 10 amendments to the Constitution, our Bill of Rights. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg Society and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) have announced that America should end its sovereignty in 2010 and merge into a North American Union (NAU) with Canada and Mexico.

It has been leaked that the US has signed an agreement with Canada to allow Canadian troops to occupy American cities in case of a national emergency, such as, an economic collapse with 25 % unemployment and food riots. If there is an agreement with Canada to occupy American cities, then there is definitely one with Mexico to also occupy American cities. The American Establishment wants to eliminate democracy in America, because they know they have stolen all of our pensions and savings and fear that the citizens might say bad words about them. The voters might even take away Wall Street's divine right to steal our pensions and our paychecks.
I should explain how the Bilderbergers and their friends have been doing to impoverish Americans so they could more easily be enslaved. They have deliberately doubled our population while they simultaneously stopped energy development. Their strategy was to force the US to import energy (oil) and drive the price up. The Bilderbergers own Shell and Exxon-Mobil. But they have a motive other than oil company profits.

Japan earns foreign currency to buy oil by selling cars, computers, electronics and other consumer items. Americans print dollars and because they have an interest bearing currency sell Treasury bonds to foreigners mostly Asians. China currently has 1.8 trillion dollars in their banks they cannot spend. If they spend their dollars, they will triple the price of rice, wheat, gold, silver, copper, oil and other commodities. That would destroy the world economy. At some point the Chinese will dump their dollars and Americans will be permanently reduced to poverty as planned by Wall Street some fifty years ago.

Please note very well that this accumulation of American money by China and other nations is a direct and deliberate result of Bilderberger policy. If America does go to war, China can sink the American economy and war effort in less than 72 hours by merely dumping their dollars.

I have reported before from several different Chinese sources that when, not if, the dollar collapses, they expect the Powers That Be to give them California. This should make even the most rabidly pro-war American understand that our politicians are employed by people who do not even want the United States to survive World War III as an intact and sovereign nation.

This is an Open Letter, Mr President, because I want both you and the American public to understand the twofold purpose of World War III which is most likely to begin as I said with an air assault on Iran by Israel. One purpose is to commit genocide against the Muslims and to steal their oil for the Bilderbergers and Israel. The other purpose is, as I said, to enslave Americans and to end American sovereignty forever. It seems that the citizens of Iran and of America have a common goal. If both the American and the Iranian people can avoid a war for just one more year, we the common people of both America and Iran will both triumph.

If there is no war to divert us from our enemy on Wall Street, then we Americans just might overthrow our National Security State and begin working to restore our rights and to rebuild our economy which was sacked and looted by the people who think they own our government. If we can avoid a war for just 12 more months, then the people of Iran and their fellow Muslims around the world might just be able to solve their problems without the interference of either Wall street or Israel.

I have said before that only Israel can attack Iran. President Bush lacks the ability to do anything. He is a despised figure in American politics. And I have detected a resistance on the part of the Pentagon to attack Iran. What the people of the United States and of Iran need is to drive a wedge between the Zionists and the rank and file American military. The U.S. has refused to sell re-fueling tankers to the Israelis which severely limits the effective of an Israeli air assault on Iran.

The U.S. has recently agreed to sell 1,000 precision bunker buster bombs to Israel. The press release said these bombs could not penetrate Iran's deep underground nuclear facilities. This would indicate to me they have given Israel a green light to another invasion of Lebanon. The bunker buster bombs would be used against Hezbollah freedom fighters who are well dug in underground and armed with many more missiles than they had in the 2006 Israeli invasion. The plan this time would seem to be to devastate the area with massive pin point bunker buster bombing. The Israelis have been training their army to fight another Lebanese war.

I am writing to you because I do not want this war against Lebanon to escalate into a war against Iran which would be the start of World War III. The people of America and Iran both need you to drive an even greater wedge between Israel and the Pentagon. We need you to publicly demonstrate to the American people that an Israeli attack on Iran would mean the immediate death of the American sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf. This attack would also jeopardize the lives of the American service men and women serving in the 25 Muslim nations that allow America to station troops on their soil. The only way to safely extricate our military personnel would be to use nuclear weapons against people who are currently American allies. Let me repeat that for emphasis. Our leaders in Washington, Tel Aviv and London are planning to commit nuclear genocide against our friends and allies.

The Bilderbergers and the Israelis not only know this but have incorporated the certain destruction of our Persian Gulf fleet and the all but certain destruction of our Central Command and all of its service men and women plus the genocide of several hundred million Muslims into their plans for the future of our world. They want an oil monopoly. They also want a monopoly of political power. And neither your nation nor mine will be allowed to survive if their plans are allowed to succeed.

To avoid World War III you will have to show the world the weapons that our politicians already know you have. The voters in the United States and England need to understand that Washington and Israel have deliberately and knowingly sent our sailors and marines on a suicide mission.

An Iranian general recently said that if either Israel or America attacks Iran that you would respond by firing 11,000 artillery shells and missiles in the first sixty seconds. When the Bush administration took office, they tasked the US Navy with developing a defense against the same Russian made anti-ship missiles. It is well known that you have the Russian made SS N-22 Sunburn and the SS N-26X Onyx (Yakhonts) which were both designed by Russia to sink an American aircraft carrier. American aircraft carriers have a dozen compartments so an adversary needs to hit 6 or more to sink one. You need to explain to the world that in addition to the Russian missiles you also have NATO, Chinese and Iranian missiles along with long range (150 kilometer) rocket artillery to sink the American Fifth Fleet within minutes of an Israeli attack on your country.

Please invite the press of the world to a demonstration of what a massive barrage of your rocket artillery can do to targets 90 miles away. An Iranian spokesman said you have a marine weapon with a range of 300 kilometers. But the world paid no attention to the press release. I believe this marine weapon is an Iranian version of the Russian SS N-27 Sizzler,the fastest anti-ship missile in the world. When you invite in the press, you must show them a test firing of this weapon after you have demonstrated what your long range artillery can do. Americans do not believe in anything they cannot see. They need to see your anti-ship missile hit a target 180 miles out to sea in the Indian Ocean. Then and only then will they realize that both political parties in America were willing to send our sailors and marines on a suicide mission in exchange for campaign cash.

Only then can you ask why it is the people of America are willing to be cut off from all Persian Gulf oil so they can pay $400 a barrel to Bilderberg owned oil companies? Ask them why they are willing to fight a war that their leaders want them to lose? Ask them to demand a guarantee from both political parties that they will not end American sovereignty as early as 2010. You can easily help the Pentagon to make that wedge between us and Israel even greater. It may surprise you to learn that most Americans including many inside our military do not trust our self-appointed leaders in Washington, New York, London and Israel. Nobody here believes Wall Street, the politicians and the news media.

But to get the attention you must first bludgeon your way into the political dialogue. You can only do that by inviting the foreign press to observe your armed forces firing rocket artillery barrages at targets 90 miles away and anti-ship missiles at targets 180 miles distant.

I can absolutely guarantee you that the dollar will collapse within a year. If you can avoid war for just 12 months, your enemies will fall into oblivion without one Iranian solder dying. Why? Because your enemy is our enemy. There were no Arabs on the 4 hijacked planes on 9-11-2001. It is Wall Street and not Muslims that steals 200billion dollars a year from unaudited federal government spending. It was not the Muslims who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It was not the Muslims who had us enter the Vietnam and Korean wars in order to kill those men willing to defend America. It is not the Muslims who are threatening to scrap the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and end American sovereignty by folding our nation into the NAU. It was not the Muslims who have been working for the past fifty years to impoverish and enslave Americans.

There are other wars available to Wall Street. The rather bizarre attack against South Ossetia by Georgia on the eve of the Olympics makes sense only if you understand that their Jewish President and Defense Minister wanted to re-ignite the Cold War in behalf of Israel and Wall Street. They were willing to sacrifice their adopted nation Georgia to benefit Israel and the London and New York banks.

Mr. President, the world is unraveling. We live in dangerous times. We need to help each other to survive just one more year so we can begin to rebuild the world into something better than Wall Street and Israel have allowed us to experience to date.

Mr. President, the world and our lives belong to us and not to the New York and London banks.

Mr President. You are a veteran as are many of my fellow Americans. Men who fight wars have lost too many friends to enter war lightly. We can avoid World War III if you work with us. We need you to publicly test fire your rocket artillery and your most advanced anti-ship missile. We need you to initiate an international dialogue. We need you to talk to Americans as one veteran to another. You need to make it very, very clear that no one can win World War III.

No one deserves to be deceived into fighting a war because their leaders are incapable of reforming the banking system.


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