Friday, September 26, 2008

The Vice-Presidential Debate

I am a lot more than bored with the two men running for the Presidency of the United States. Both Barack Obama and John McCain have pledged to support two policies that will destroy America. How can I in good conscience support either candidate or even remain silent as the bought and paid for media has?

Both Obama and McCain have said they support an air war against Iran which would by even the most casual observation launch World War III. Both McCain and Obama are willing to do this for campaign cash and votes. Nice of them to be willing to fight to the death of your children and grandchildren for the sudden rush to the winning candidate's inflated ego when he becomes the 44th President of the United States. Who cares if there is no 45th President because the country and possibly the world ceases to exist? I do. And I suspect you might too.

To my regular readers I will once more explain why attacking Iran is insanity and will literally destroy America. An Iranian general has said that if either Israel or the United States attacks Iran that the Iranians will fire 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first 60 seconds. This would include a massive artillery barrage from Iranian rocket artillery that in two of the versions it makes under licensing agreement have ranges of 65 and 90 miles.

The Iranians also have Russian made SS-N 22 Sunburn and SS-N 26X Onyx (Yakhonts) anti-ship missiles which were designed to sink American aircraft carriers. In 2001 the incoming Bush administration tasked the US Navy with developing a defense against these Russian missiles. To date the Navy has not announced a defense against these two let alone the more advanced SS N-27 Sizzler which is so designated by NATO because it is the fastest anti-ship missile in the world. It has a range of 300 kilometers.

The Iranians recently claimed to have a marine weapon with a range of 300 kilometers which I believe is a reference to a licensing agreement with the Russians that would allow them to produce their own version of the SS N-27 Sizzler. The Sizzler could even sink our ships that you might think were safely in port at Bahrain which is the home of our Fifth Fleet. They could also sink any American ship in the Indian Ocean up to 180 miles off Iran's southern coast.

The Iranians also have lots of NATO and Chinese made anti-ship missiles to throw into the mix to add up to that total of 11,000 missiles and artillery shells to be fired in the first 60 seconds. The Iranian response is more than sufficient to sink every NATO ship in the Persian Gulf and to shut down all oil exports out of the Persian Gulf.

When the Iranians cut off oil coming out of the Persian Gulf, they will also be cutting supplies coming in to our troops. The United States Central Command has troops stationed in 25 nations with a majority Muslim population. If the next American President bombs the Muslims of Iran with nuclear weapons, our troops in those 25 countries will be lucky to get out alive. The Pentagon will have no choice but to use nuclear weapons to extricate our men and women. It is obvious to me that they have at least one person who made this plan who is as intelligent I am and understands that attacking Iran will lead us into committing nuclear genocide against the people of the 25 Muslim nations who are currently our allies.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain have spoken in support of air attacks against Iran by either the U.S. or Israel. This means they are willing to send the sailors and the marines of our entire Fifth Fleet on a suicide mission and to endanger the lives of our Central Command in exchange for votes and campaign cash. This utter disregard for American lives should disqualify them both from becoming Commander-in-Chief.

The other problem with attacking Iran is that we import 4.4 billion barrels of oil a year. Oil could spike up to $400 a barrel. At that price we would have to borrow an additional 1.76 trillion dollars from China in order to buy a year's supply of oil ($400 X 4 billion barrels) from sources outside the Gulf. And that assumes we can cut back 10% on our demand for imported oil.

The Chinese might object to the United States and Israel grabbing hold of the world's oil supply. The Chinese already have 1.8 trillion dollars in cash in their banks they cannot spend because if they did buy oil or rice or wheat or gold and silver, the prices of these commodities would soar and we would be bankrupt and unable to buy all that cheap stuff from China at Wal-Mart. China can stop any American President from doing anything that displeases Beijing within 72 hours by dumping 1.8 trillion dollars into the commodity markets. The Chinese could stop our wars anytime they want by simply refusing to loan us money. They could refuse to sell us anything unless we paid in Euros or gold. That would grind our economy to a halt.

If they were really angry, they could take the more savage route and just dump their 1.8 trillion dollars into the commodity markets. Please note that the people who accepted 1.8 trillion dollars for the commodities they sold to the Chinese, would have a problem. The cash they received will become worthless in days so they will have to get rid of all their dollars. Joining them in the drive to dump dollars will be the drug cartels who launder more than a trillion dollars a year and have accumulated assets of more than ten trillion dollars over the past 40 years. Also joining them will be the politicians who according to Asia Times launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes. That will add a minimum of at least 5 trillion dollars to be dropped into commodities. Add in a couple of trillion dollars for the people who sell illegal weapons and you can imagine how high prices would go in a week. At the end of Week One every person in the world would run to the grocers and to the gas stations to buy everything in sight before prices doubled - again. The food shelves and the gas pumps would be empty. At the end of Week Two a week's pay would not buy you a tank of gas and a loaf of bread unless you were either a Hollywood star or the CEO of an oil company.

I began this essay by saying that I seriously objected to both the Republican and the Democratic candidates because they both supported two political decisions that would destroy America in exchange for campaign cash and votes. The first program is the plan to strike Iran and to launch World War III. The second plan to destroy America is Amnesty for Illegal Aliens which is part of a larger scheme by Wall Street to cut both our real after tax wages and our social security benefits in half.

Every year the Congress and the Senate pass legislation to allow even more H1-B visas to skilled workers despite the fact that unemployment is soaring and a lot of American born high tech workers over fifty have stopped looking for work and are no longer counted as part of the unemployed. I once read a study of the employment rate for people over fifty. It seems that we have millions of people who should be counted as unemployed but are not.

Wassily Leontieff won a Nobel Prize in economics for his empirical study of the American economy. Professional economists are all familiar with his work which means that the people at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Bilderberg Society who think they own the government fully understand the implications of his work. They are Wall Street bankers and know money very well. They know the consequences of their actions.

Leontieff empirically analyzed the inputs and outputs of industries. The steel industry for example has the inputs of iron and coal and produces the output steel. Steel in turn becomes an input to other industries. In 1955 a study at Stanford University found that when America's population went over 150,000,000 we had to begin to import raw materials to make things. The study concluded that America would have to earn foreign currencies to buy imported raw materials by making our exports more competitive by cutting domestic wages to compete with China, Mexico and other low wage countries. Chinese workers make as little as $172 a month for a 72 hour week. Chinese people are not stupid. They are the highest paid workers in America, but in China over population has forced them to work for less than a dollar an hour.

Because America has to import natural resources such as oil, we are losing jobs and will continue to do so until the the bottom half of American workers can no longer afford to buy oil. At that point we will balance our trade. Fewer dollars will be going overseas because a majority of Americans will not be able to buy gas to drive to work, to buy imported cars and electronics or to spend money overseas on a vacation.

Wall Street's solution to over population in America pushing our wages down was to print money and export Federal Reserve Notes. This enabled them to keep American wages artificially high for fifty years. It also allowed them to pump up the stock market and create the mortgage bubble which were part of their scheme to transfer all wealth to themselves. Japan sold cars, computers and consumer electronics to earn foreign currencies to buy oil. China kept its wages low and exported everything we buy at Wal-Mart. America just printed more dollars. We are now approaching the end of the Federal Reserve Note and our subsidized wages.

The world is awash in dollars. The Asians, OPEC, Central Banks, the drug cartels and businessmen all over the world have trillions more dollars than they can ever spend. And now the Bush administration wants to create another two trillion dollars to bail out Wall Street. It is true that the morning before the announced bail out Wall Street had 500 billion dollars in sell orders from large institutions which would have destroyed the dollar prior to the Presidential debates.

Of course the series of Treasury Secretary and Federal Reserve actions have just bought us more time. The dollar will collapse after the elections instead of before. The Federal Reserve system was designed to fail just as it was also designed to transfer all wealth from the working class, farmers and small businesses to Wall Street.

Let me explain the difference between an interest bearing and a non-interest bearing currency. If we were shipwrecked on a South Sea island in the early 19th century, I would print a currency. If the total money supply was $1,000 and the only commodity was 1,000 coconuts, coconuts would sell for a dollar a piece. If the annual production of coconuts increased 4%, we could also increase the money supply 4% without increasing the price of a coconut and without creating a government debt.

Money is a commodity that measures the value of all other commodities. Prices are a ratio of the commodity known as money to products, commodites and services for sale. If you increase the money supply and the GNP at the same rate, you will have price stability.

The United States has a currency called Federal Reserve Notes which are issued by a privately owned bank called The Federal Reserve system. It was created by Max and Felix Warburg in 1913 to meet the specifications of John D Rockefeller, J.P Morgan, the Rothschilds and other bankers. The President of the United States appoints the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, but high schools civics courses usually neglect to mention that Wall Street pre-selects the two major party candidates allowed to run for President.

If our South Sea Island had a Federal Reserve type of system, they would require the islanders to give the bank an IOU for $1,000 before the bank would print a thousand dollars in exchange for that promissory note. Please note that the bank is not loaning money deposited by its customers. It is creating money which it gives in exchange for IOUs.

If our government printed the money themselves as they did in our first example, there would be no 9.3 trillion dollar national debt and no looming 5 trillion dollar bail out for the mortgage market and for Wall Street. And of course there would be no interest paid on the national debt to Wall Street. If we continue doing what we have been doing, we will soon have a 15 trillion dollar debt and with an annual interest rate of only 10%, we would have to more than double our tax collections to satisfy Wall Street usurious demands.

A couple of years ago I calculated the annual subsidy of the taxpayers to the Federal Reserve Bank to be $759 billion dollars which I derived adding 359 billion dollars, the gross interest on the national debt, to the non-inflationary growth in M3 money supply or 400 billion dollars. The Federal Reserve no longer tells us what the M3 money supply is. They do not want us to know how much money they are printing and how big the coming hyper inflation will be.

So why do we have an interest bearing currency? President Lincoln created a non-interest bearing currency known as Greenbacks. He was assassinated by a lone gunman named John Wilkes Booth who was an actor and the grandson of a Sephardic Jewish silversmith in London. President James Garfield also favored a non-interest bearing currency and was shot by a lone gunman and likely killed by one of the many doctors attending him.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy issued non-interest bearing Treasury Certificates which were to replace Federal Reserve Notes. If he had been allowed to live, our economy would be completely unlike the one we have that is doomed to destruction sooner rather than later. President Kennedy was clearly shot from the front as evidenced by the Zapruder film. The best Marine Corps sniper in modern history Carlos Hathcock attempted several times to re-create the assassination as the Warren Commission described it. It was impossible for the best snipers to do what Lee Harvey Oswald was alleged to have done.

Mordechai Vanunu also gave us another motive for JFK's assassination. He said Israel wanted Kennedy dead because he did not want the Zionist state to have nuclear weapons. He was murdered 90 days after being refused permission to inspect the Israeli nuclear works at Dimona. Israel and China jointly tested their first nuclear bomb in 1964 after JFK was only a memory.

Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot five times in the back on the night he won the California primary in 1968. Sirhan Sirhan was seen by dozens of witnesses. Not one saw him behind RFK so he could not possibly have been a lone assassin. He was convicted and has served 40 years in prison for a crime he does not remember committing nor could have done alone.

Martin Luther King made his famous speech at New York's Riverside church on April 4th, 1967. Dr King was assassinated one year to the day later, I believe, as a warning to us all that there is a limit to our anti-war activities. The U.S. Army's 902 Military Intelligence Group had two three man sniper teams ready to shoot MLK that day. Both teams heard a shot and saw Dr King fall. Both teams thought the other had taken the shot and vanished from the scene.

William Pepper sued Loyd Jowers in court for the wrongful death of Dr King in behalf of his family. Loyd Jowers was conviced of the wrongful death of Martin Luther King in a civil action.

William Pepper wrote a book about this case called An Act of State, The Assassination of Martin Luther King. He reveals before the shooting that someone from the federal government called both the Memphis Fire and Police Departments to have a black fireman and a black policeman on duty in the neighborhood sent home for no apparent reason. Presumably this was to allow a less eventful escape for the assassins.

It is possible that we could be living in a real democracy today if it were not for the cowardice of both Dan Rather and the editors and publishers of Time-Life. Dan Rather was a local news correspondent in Texas on 11-22-1963. He was given a copy of the Zapruder film which clearly shows the Presiden't head being forced backward by bullets coming from the front. He was told to go live on CBS radio and to tell the nation that the film showed the President's head being forced forward - in the opposite direction he saw on the film. He was told to tell the nation their beloved President was killed by an assassin's bullet coming from his rear. Time-Life took still frame photos from the Zapruder film in the order of 1-2-3 and published them in the order 3-2-1 so the public would believe the Warren Commission when it lied and said Lee Harvey Oswald alone had shot President Kennedy from the Texas School Book depository.

Don't you wish you had a media courageous enough to tell the truth? I do.

I previously wrote that The Lie they tell you is this: We have killed your President, his brother, a civil rights leader and anti-war activist becuase they threatened to stop us from sending you off to endless and needless foreign wars. But we promise not to personally bother you and your family. This is a lie we can no longer afford to believe. A British nurse Edith Cavell wrote a letter to the Nursing Mirror which was published on April 15, 1915. She said the Great World War could be brought to an end if England stopped feeding the Germany army. The English had a campaign to feed the Belgian widows and orphans. What Edith Cavell found was that the British were loading Belgian War Relief onto trains and sending them across no man's land to feed the Germans so their army could continue killing British and French soldiers.

I once read a statement by a headmistress in 1918 to a graduating class of English school girls that they would have to make their own way in the world as the young men they had been waiting for had died or received wounds from which they were expected to die. Government figures on combat deaths are misleading as they do not count those who die in hospital before the war ends or those who die after the war ends without ever making a recovery sufficient to allow them to marry and raise a family.

In addition to their incessant demands for more wars Wall Street and their fellow bankers in London do bother us in our personal lives when they create economic depressions like 1929-1939 and hyperinflate the currency destroying our savings and pensions and cutting our wages as they will soon do to America.

Sir William Wiseman, the head of MI6 for North America, heard of Ms. Cavell's letter. As a partner in the Rothschild owned Kuhn and Loeb Investment Bank, he had the authority to order the Germans to arrest and execute her. It seems that it would have been inconvenient for certain people if the war had ended in 1915. The Jewish Communists might not have been able to overthrow Russia. That they killed 60,000,000 Russians was of no concern to the Powers That Be. The NKVD proudly boasted that they killed 350,000 priests for the crime of anti-semitism in the first two years of their reign of terror. They also raped more than 500,000 Russian girls to death.

We do not always go to war for the reason we are told.

This brings me to 9-10-2001. On that day Donald Rumsfeld admitted to a press conference that 2.3 trillion dollars was missing from Pentagon spending. He said not to worry as he would eventually improve the Department of Defense (DOD) accounting procedures so we would know where all that military spending was actually going. To date I am not aware of those promised financial reforms The man in charge of the books at the Pentagon was rabbi Dov Zakheim. Remember that name.

On 9-11-2001 Robert Andrews, the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, was about to enter the Counter Terrorism Center when he saw and heard a bomb go off destroying the center and killing 40 military auditors next door who had been tasked with tracking down the missing trillions. Mr Andrews should know what a bomb is as he was a former Green Beret. Lt. Col Karen Kwiatowski also heard and smelled cordite from a bomb. April Gallop, a third generation enlisted soldier, also heard the bomb and was trapped by debris. She too smelled the cordite. And she saw no parts from an airplane inside the building. Per Stig Moller, the Danish Foreign Secretary also heard the bomb go off at 9:32 am which was before Flight 77 was alleged to have hit the Pentagon.

The funny thing about Flight 77 and the three other allegedly hijacked planes was that there were no Arabs on either the passenger or crew lists. Nor were there any surveillance videos of any of the 19 men boarding even one of the four planes. No tickets. No boarding passes. So how did they hijack the planes? They didn't have to. Prior to becoming Comptroller of the DOD rabbi Dov Zakheim was the CEO of SPC International which makes a product called the Command Transmitter System which can remotely control an aircraft.

On 9-11-2001 World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2 were struck by planes. On that day Towers 1, 2 and 7 collapsed into their own footprint. That means that the buildings fell straight down at nearly free fall speed and that the steel girders were not left standing. This has happened only to three buildings in history. It happened to Towers 1 and 2 which were hit by airplanes. And it happened to Tower 7 which was never hit by a plane and only had fires on a few of its 47 floors. Of course there were no raging infernos inside Towers 1 and 2 either. We have the radio transcripts of firemen who ran up to the 70th floor and said the fire department only needed two hoses to put out the fires.

Blast furnaces were invented to melt steel because open air carbon based fires do not melt steel. Steel needs enhanced oxygen to melt. One way to quickly melt a steel girder is to place Thermate (aluminum, iron oxide, sulfur, barium nitrate and a binder) adjacent to the girders at a 45 degree angle. Thermate when ignited will cut through steel girders at 4,800 degrees in seconds. Of course you would also need huge bomb blasts to get skyscrapers to overcome their inertia and to fall.

On the weekend prior to 9-11-2001 the new WTC lease holder Larry Silverstein, a close personal friend of Israeli Prime Ministers, had more than 100 men wiring the Towers for the Internet. United States taxpayers paid $20,000,000 for the NIST report to explain to us how WTC Tower 7 with steel girders collapsed even though it was never hit by a plane and had only fires on a few of its 47 floors. Why did they bother writing a fictitious report? The news media knows who the boss is and has refused to investigate the greatest crime in American history.

The news media should be considered as un-indicted co-conspirators at any war crimes trial if we ever do return to democracy. A good example of media complicity in bi-partisan corruption can be found in the life work of Catherine Austin Fitts. She was the managing partner at Dillon Read Investment bank prior to becoming deputy Secretary of HUD under Bush I. And she was asked by Bill Clinton to sit on the Federal Reserve Bank Board of Directors. She is too honest to thrive in Washington and had to decline the offer.

Catherine once found a single block in San Diego with $20,000,000 in HUD backed mortgages on buildings that never existed. In fact these buildings didn't even have postal addresses In 2000 Bill Clinton's Inspector General at the Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Susan Gaffney, had to admit under oath before the Congress that she had to write off 17.6 billions dollars in 1998 and 59.6 billion in 1999. When asked if she had to recover any of the money, she said no. Apparently, the Congress and the administraion from both political parties have learned that if Wall Street has stolen our money we do not have the right to ask for its return.

Indira Singh was a high level computer consultant on 9-11. She has been writing a book called Blueprint for Terror. She traced the computer “glitches” that helped to make 9-11 possible to one company in Quincy just south of Boston. She thinks that billions of dollars are being stolen each week from taxpayers from poorly audited federal spending by that same company. Ms. Singh has described what she calls a “wall” inside both the FBI and the CIA. Inside the "wall” are criminals and traitors. Outside the “wall” are the honest men and women.

Singh was told that the computer company she suspected of involvement in both 9-11 and in the theft of billions of dollars each week was a CIA operation. The Boston FBI office wanted to raid that computer company in Quincy but was refused permission by Michael Chertoff who was the head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Investigation Division (CID) on 9-11. He has since been promoted to head the Department of Homeland Security. And that company in Quincy has changed its name but still has access to Treasury Dept, Social Security, DOJ, DOD, NORAD, FBI and Secret Service computers.

Indira Singh also told us that they are even stealing money from Social Security by adding phony recipients through their computer network. Now you have proof that the news media and both political parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of the criminal enterprise known as Wall Street. Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to Albert Galatin that “bankers are more dangerous than standing armies.” If he were alive today, he would have to add our mainstream media to his list of people more dangerous than armies.

We now have sufficient information to make informed decisions about the 2008 Presidential election. On March 20th, 2008 John McCain went all the way to London to attend a fund raising dinner hosted by Jacob Rothschild and his son Nathaniel at Spencer House, St James Place. The current governor of my home state is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also went all the way to London accompanied by Warren Buffet to meet with Lord Jacob Rothschild prior to his election or selection as governor of California.

Barack Obama also has his Jewish tail in the form of his campaign manager David Axelrod whose day job is explaining the machinations of mayor Daley to his constituents in the city of Chicago. To those of you untutored in the ways of the Daley machine you can think of that entire city as belonging to the Daley family and their "friends." Chicago is part of Cook county which is run by the Troger family and their "freinds." In 2006 a bi-partisan coalition of reformers attempted to run a county wide reform ticket. Senator Obama declined to liberate the citizens of Cook county from their oppressors. This should have been sufficient to persuade Jewish voters that he could be trusted.

David Axelrod had sent Senator Obama around the country to use the same words hope and change he had had other politician clients say in his previous campaigns. Obama took off in the caucuses because he had opposed the Iraq invasion. He did not do as well in th primaries where large numbers of people participated. He was popular with the activists.

Mr Obama went to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and to Israel making outrageously anti-Palestinian and anti-Iranian statements in order to prove to the world he was not really a Muslim sypathizer. If the elections were held today, he would likely get the majority of Jewish votes as do most Democrats.

In the funniest attack of the 2008 election Lynn Forrester de Rothschild accused Barack Obama of being an elitist. In 2000 the twice divorced Lynn Forrester attended the Bilderberg Society meeting where she represented the Democratic Leadership Council, a group of which the Clintons were members. She met Henry Kissinger who subsequently introduced her to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild who had not been attending Bilderberger conclaves for some time. In the past Sir Evelyn de Rothschild had been the European chair of the Bilderberg Society which decides who is to become President of the USA, Prime Minister of England and more importantly to them who will run the Central banks. So when Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, the Hillary supporter and former member of the Democratic Convention Platform committee, endorsed John McCain it was a sign to me that the Senator from Arizona had been selected by the Powers That Be to become President of the United States.

If you look at the world from the eyes of New York and London bankers, then you can understand what they want the next President to do. Please note that they have not burned their bridges to Senator Obama who has taken far more campaign cash from Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers than has McCain. After all he plans to spend $39,000,000 in Florida to win that state this November.

The bankers want the next President to preside over World War III, the destruction of the dollar, the end of both American sovereignty and the abolition of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In short the bankers want the next President to impoverish us, to enslave us and to kill us.

They have been stealing money through the Federal Reserve fraud since 1913. Taxpayers have been subsidizing it at a cost 759 billion dollars a year. We suffered through the Great Depression of 1929-1939 because of the FED. The taxpayers have allowed Wall Street to steal billions of dollars every week. And we have allowed Wall Street to start a lot of wars we never needed allowing them to consume our lives as well as our pocketbooks. Now the complete economic collapse of the United States is imminent. I have previously predicted that the dollar would not collapse until Spring-Summer of 2009. And that American wages and Social Security benefits would be cut 50% in real after tax dollars by the end of 2009. Social Security is funded by current wages so a 50% cut in pay to workers will result in a similar cut in benefits to 43,000,000 Americans. But fixed amount pensions, savings and annuities will be more savagely cut by at leat 90% or more when the dollar hyper inflates.

To protect themselves from the citizens whose relatives died defending Wall Street in wars and whose pensions and paychecks they have stolen the Bilderbergers and their friends have decided we need just one more war to complete the erection of the National Security State where you will not criticize Wall Street and live. There are dissenting Bilderbergers mostly in Europe who believe they can transition Americans directly to a dictatorship without a war.

Both Bilderberg factions have decided that democracy and choice is to be forever eliminated in America by merging the United states with Canada and Mexico into the North American Union (NAU). This is to be similar to the European Union. It would immediately abolish the Constitution and repeal the Bill of Rights. It would give us a new currency to replace the American dollar. But then both the Germans and the Russians have decided against allowing the Federal Reserve Note to continue to be the premiere international currency. The day that happens, as I have already explained, your wages and your pensions will be worthless. That day could be next year. The CFR goal for the NAU is to implement it by 2010 which leads me to conclude that several years ago Wall Street expected the dollar to collapse in 2009.

It has been leaked that the US and Canada have secretly agreed to allow Canadian soldiers to occupy American cities in the event of uncontrollable riots. If Canada has such an agreement, then Mexico has a similar one to allow it to occupy American cities in case of food riots.

The Powers That Be have been promising America's carcass to other nations. I have talked to several different Chinese sources who have confirmed to me that when, not if, the dollar collapses, they expect to be given California. There is a debate amongst the Chinese as to what they would do with California's large Mexican population. Some have said they would run them all out. Most say they would disarm them, break up their gangs and take away their political power. The Chinese told me that they have trained 2,000,000 men to take over the better jobs in California. They say as few as 500,000 Chinese soldiers with UN blue helmets could occupy my native state. I have calculated that there are 120,000,000 plus Chinese men who can never marry due to a shortage of females. This should be fair warning to the women of California what to expect after the dollar dies.

As I write this, the bail out is still subject to negotiations and Barack Obama leads in the polls, but with reservations I do not see how he could defeat John McCain short of a 1929 style stock market crash. The news media and the Democrats refused to properly vet Barack Obama's background. The Republicans have vetted him and will release their information after the fifty states have mailed out their absentee ballots and voting has begun. Until that point the Democratic National Committee can put Hillary Clinton on the state ballots as their nominee. The Bilderbergers love her more than McCain as both she and Bill are members.

Get over it. John McCain has been pre-selected to be the 44th President of the United States. There is nothing you can do at this late date to stop the selection process.

Now we have sufficient information to discuss the vice-presidential debate. Joe Biden has been allowing Wall Street to steal billions of Dollars a week for the past 28 years. He has described himself as a Zionist so he is no threat to those who would destroy America and forever impoverish and enslave us.

But Sarah Palin is a wild card which explains why she is so popular. I have long been convinced that we would be better ruled by a bus driver from Scranton Pennsylvania than by anyone pre-selected for us by Wall Street and their Democrat and Republican parties. She is the equivalent of a female bus driver. Who knows what will happen when she becomes the 45th President. She might buy us time to survive as a nation and as a people. There is no other game in town at this late date. I am convinced that John McCain will either die or become incapacitated which will make Sarah Palin the 45th President of the United States. The only question in my mind is whether or not she will be the last American President.

Her acceptance speech was originally written for a man. The final list of running mates canceled each other out. She won by default. John McCain is getting old and has always been erratic so his choice of a vice-president was whimsical and not planned. Apart from being a woman and a good public speaker her greatest plus was that in the Republican party John McCain is considered to be a liberal and is anathema to its base. He works better with women than with men and has placed her in charge of energy and government reform.

Sarah Palin will develop an energy independence plan for America which she will outline before election day. It will include a really big pipeline from the north slopes of Alaska to pipe all that oil from the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the offshore oil from Gull island and other areas in the Arctic.

She will also begin a crash program to build 45 or so nuclear power plants that have been approved but delayed. That additional electricity will allow us to stop using natural gas to generate electricity and burn home heating oil in the winters in the Northeast. She might even mention the huge shale oil deposits in the Bakken (North and South Dakota plus Montana) and the Green River Formations (Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.) Mrs Palin likes the Canadians and might even buy some water from them to process all that shale into oil and natural gas. She might even ask the Canadians to expand their tar oil production.

She will use that plus both the natural gas from Alaska in that pipeline she is building across Canada plus the natural gas she intends to save by using nuclear power to fuel cars and trucks. Some of the above is speculation on my part. The McCain campaign has shown better strategic general election planning than has Obama. Sarah Palin could be the face of the Republican energy plan for energy independence as the GOP campaigns against the Democrat congressmen and Senators. The Democrats in Congress have alreay said that they will reinstate the ban on offshore oil drilling in 2009 after the Congress reconvenes.

The environmentalists will go into extreme attack mode as soon as Mre Palin announces her energy independence action plan. She will be doing serious damage to six American states and to Canada. Shale oil produces massive amounts of air and water pollution. This is a complete reversal of McCain's policies. He opposed drilling both offshore and in ANWR until he figured out that the media did not like him as soon as he became the likely Republican nominee for President. His campaign turned around when he made the now famous Celebrity ad which was successful because in it he supported offshore oil drilling which 70% of Americans do support.

In Sarah Palin's defense is the fact that America is over populated. As I said previously, Wall Street deliberately doubled America's population without increasing domestic energy production precisely so we would go bankrupt and be permanently impoverished. Poor people have few choices. Extreme poverty will trump the environment every time.

I would do something entirely different. I would forget about drilling for oil and digging up shale deposits in half a dozen states. And we don't need nuclear power either.

I would go to Area 51 near Las Vegas with a bi-partisan delegation from the Congress and the Senate plus some high ranking generals and admirals. I would then enter that secret base and immediately seize their pay and personnel records plus the computer source in Washington. Getting a handle on the people involved in the secret government and their funding sources would be crucial to our success. My next step would be to seize one or more of the Black Triangles which are airplanes that can fly 40,000 mph. They can also hover silently over one spot. I would send a couple of the Black Triangles on both nationwide and world wide public tours.

I once had a conversation at a distance with a respected scientist at a major university. People like me are not allowed to meet men like him directly. After all we do not live in a democracy. I told him through his secretary that the former editor of Popular Mechanics told Art Bell who had a popular nationwide late night radio talk show that he was going to publish an article saying the government had discovered that when you make materials in the zero gravity of space they have unusual properties. Glass becomes as strong as steel and steel becomes as strong as titanium. The material used to enable a Black Triangle to fly 40,000 mph in the earth's atmosphere without burning up was obviously made in outer space.

I also pointed out to the research scientist that the most interesting aspect of a Black Triangle is not its high speed. It is its ability to hover. The landing speed of a 747 airliner is 167 mph. Below that speed you will either be landing or crashing. But the ability to hover leads me to believe that a Black Triangle has in some measure incorporated anti-gravity into its design. I remember reading an article written by a Chinese man published in Australia saying that his proof that America's secret research program had developed a measure of anti-gravity was the B-2bomber. It did not have enough thrust to power its massive weight. I asked the scientist to verify this theory. I then said that the anti-gravity in the Black Triangle could be used to solve the energy crisis. If you turn anti-gravity on and off, you could turn a turbine off and on repeatedly so as to make it spin. You would no longer need coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear power to heat water to make electricity.

The CIA has an exhibit of its older technology in its headquarters building that is open to the public. In it they have an artificially made drone listening device the size of a dragonfly. It is able to record conservations and to send them to a satellite miles above. This drone the size of a dragonfly is powered by a battey. It is old technology to the CIA. It was developed in the 1970s. They have made 30 uears of scientific progress since then. If we had that battery, we could make startling progress in both hybird cars and in storing alternative energy.

But you cannot have the results of the research you paid for because you do not live in a democracy.

I would also like you to understand that the secret government has many other advanced weapons including death rays and biological weapons which place them well beyond the average citizen's ability to resist. This imperils democracy as much as the bankers on Wall Street. A rebellion against the secret government would likely ewsult in a slaughter. That is why it is imperative that we get control of the Secret government and their research projects.

I as yet have not seen any of the presidential or vice-presidential debates. I also have not decided who I will vote for. In the past I have voted fro Ralph Nader and for the Libertarians, because I refuse to vote for any member of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Society or the Council on Foreign Relations. In fact I would support a rule disqualifying any member of the Skull and Bones Society from the presidency.

I will stick with my previous predictions that McCain will win the election or selection contest if you prefer. And I will stick by my economic forecast made several years ago that the dollar would collapse and cut our wages and social security benefits by 50% before 12-31-2009. More recently I have been focusing on Spring-Summer of 2009 as the time of our economic demise. Others are beginning to see the likelihood of the hyper inflation I predicted now that foreign banks are letting us know that the dollar will no longer be accepted as gold.

Our problems cannot be solved by controlled debates and a bought and a paid for media that is a co-conspirator with the scum of the earth otherwise known as Wall Street.

All of our problems would have been avoided if we had a genuine democracy which made the free expression of ideas possible. And if we did a better job of protecting American leaders and rank and file citizens from assassins. I have heard a Zionist friend of mine tell me that they believe they can get really good control of America if they could just arrest 100,000 Americans. As if they did not run this place already.

Don't you wish you lived in a democracy. I do.

I have decided to write an essay on debt cancelation for both the Third World nations of Afriva, Asia and Latin America and for the United States. White Americans are just starting to realize that Wall Street has been treating them as if they were colonial subjects. The two previosly conflicting sides - white Americans and Third World citizens - have a lot in common and need to begin to help each other against their common enemy Wall Street.


Blogger Avatar said...

The Fed has 1 trillion dollars in US securities from their bank members on hand earning 6%. As you know the share holders get 6% as a dividend from the US although we pay 0.13% for a 30 day note holder.

The lords as they would say would never let us fall apart

9:43 PM  
Anonymous David said...

As for me and my family, we will "Follow the Lord." and during that process all I can say is Go Sarah!

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