Saturday, December 27, 2008

What This Means

Last week there were two announcements saying that Russia had reversed a previous decision and would be selling S-300 PMUs to Iran. The S-300 series is a medium to long range anti-aircraft missile capable of shooting down multiple aircraft and missiles up to 200 kilometers distant. The more advanced S-400 has an even longer range is said to be able to shoot down stealth aircraft.

One announcement was made by the Russian news agency Ria Novosti citing an official government source qho chose to remain anonymous. The second announcement came from a senior member of the Iranian parliament. Also a Russian news analyst wrote an opinion piece saying that the S-300 sale had been made and delivery was to begin soon. This had raised the hopes of many people in the West that the S-300 would be a Game Changer. We had hoped that the addition of the S-300 to Iran's already formidable arsenal of Russian made anti-ship missiles, the SS-N22 Sunburn, the SS-N26X Onyx (Yakhonts) and the incredibly fast SS-N27 Sizzler all of which are capable of sinking American aircraft carriers. The Iranians also have long range rocket artillery capable of hitting targets up to 150 kilometers distant.

All of this could have meant that the Iranians would easily sink every NATO ship in the Persian Gulf if they were attacked by either the U.S. or Israel.The S-300 would have meant the end to an Israeli attack and been a serious deterrent to an American air strike. I have written that the Iranians also have 40,00 suicide volunteers who could be armed with shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles and automatic weapons to shoot down our helicopters and slow moving transport planes in the 25 nations of the U.S. Central Command that have American bases in Muslim majority countries. Our servicemen and women would be lucky if they got out alive, It would destroy the U.S. military and make America absolutely defenseless.

Attacking Iran could have been reduced to a very bad idea in the opinion of anyone who would like America to continue to exist as a sovereign nation. The S-300 would have rendered the much discussed air attack on Iran to stop its nuclear program just a bad dream.

Now That Will Never Be

But last week the Israelis sent a major general to Russia to convince Moscow to reverse their imminent decision. He was successful and so on the Monday before Christmas the Russians said they would not sell the S-300 to Iran. On October 12th I published an essay entitled No Sale Or Russia Bows To Israel. At that time the disgraced ex-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had gone to Moscow and had also successfully convinced the Russians not to sell the S-300 to Iran. Then again the Russians reversed their position and indicated the sale was on again. And now it is off again. We can only speculate as to how much American money and how many American secrets were given to Moscow to cancel two sales after Russia had been provoked by NATO and Israel in Georgia.

So What Does This Mean?

The cancellation of the sale means that the Israelis are more likely to strike Iran especially if as expected Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud party win the February 10th elections. At a recent party convention Likud extremists who are even more militant than Netanyahu who does want to bomb Iran took control over his party. His opponent is Tzipi (Zipporah) Livni an ex-Mossad agent who wants to concentrate on Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. She is no anti-war activist as it is the current government of which she is the Foreign Minister that has invaded Gaza with a lot of brutality and civilian casualties.It does appear that her party has improved I the polls since her government started killing more Palestinians in Gaza.

The American military does not want Israel to attack Iran which is why they have refused to sell Israel refueling jets so Israelis jets cannot make a round trip to Iran. And they have also denied the Israelis bunker buster bombs capable of deep penetration of Iran's underground nuclear facilities. They did sell them bombs capable of destroying Hezbollah underground tunnels which enabled 3,400 men to stop the famed Israeli war machine in their last invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

There is a persistent rumor in intelligence circles that Iran has developed germ warfare capability which they would use only in case of a genocidal attack. Recently an English newspaper published an article on the rather suspicious Iranian acquisition of African monkeys for laboratory research.

Without sufficient air defenses Iran could only stop the Israelis but not the Americans from bombing their country. The Americans could be brought in to the conflict after an initial attack by the Israelis which they know must be but a down payment on World War III, a price they are willing to make you pay.

The crazies in Israel are willing risk your annihilation for their perceived safety. I have told many Zionist friends that if Jewish people want to be safe that they must make others feel safe. It is irrational and unrealistic to expect to be safe in a world that you are not willing to make safe for others.

Germ warfare could be the Iranian fallback position. There is reason to believe that other Muslim nations also have germ warfare capability which they intend to use only in case of genocide. Unless the Russian scientists they hired have made amazing discoveries, they will not be able to kill billions of people. However, I would not be surprised if the Zionist wing of the Bilderberg movement unleashed their more advanced bio-weapons if germ warfare does break out. The Bilderberg Society has long planned for population reduction.

The incoming President who has said nothing about the Israeli invasion of Gaza has promised to retain Gates as Defense Secretary. Obama has said he wants to reduce troop levels in Iraq and raise them in Afghanistan. This is in line with the New World Order plans to seize all natural resources for themselves, to force all sovereign nations to accept domination by international forces loyal to the Bilderbergers. Gates has even promised the creation of a domestic military force which will assume control of the National Guard of the fifty states. This force is to protect Wall Street in case food riots break out in America.

The Global Vision of Wall Street emphatically includes the end of American sovereignty by 2010. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which has strong ties to Wall Street plans to merge America into the North American Union (NAU) with Canada and Mexico. This would allow Wall Street to cancel American sovereignty, abrogate the Constitution and Bill of Rights, to end our borders, to drastically lower wages and to bring in foreign troops to occupy America.

The cancellation of the sale of the S-300 to Iran makes all of the above more likely. A war in the Mideast which is guaranteed to destroy the American Central Command and get the US Persian Gulf Fleet sunk is a very high probability. That this will make America defenseless and force it to join the NAU after the U.S. dollar and our military dies is also more likely.

As they say in the software business, “That's not a bug. It's a feature.”


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