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2009: Visions, Realities, Hopes

I have decided to share some of my thoughts about 2009. Previously, I said that I had a vision of a war that would kill more than half the people in the world. And I also said I had a subsequent vision that told me that my life's purpose was to do what I could to stop that war.

The Ongoing War Against The Palestinians

The Israelis are presently waging war against Gaza. The Israelis have been stealing Palestinian land and water since 1948. This has been a 60 year war of attrition. In recent years the Israelis have built an Apartheid wall that has taken even more farm land and aquafiers from the Palestinians. They have been squeezing imports and exports in Gaza. They even stole food and kitchen equipment from a Palestinian orphanage. This is the definition of Chutzpah: Kill the adults, steal the food from the orphaned children and claim that your shelling of Gaza is a response to Muslim extremist terrorism.

World War III To Begin in Iran in 2010?

Watch Lebanon. The Obama administration will try to separate Syria from Iran. That remains to be seen. The new administration has said they want to deal with Iran in the first six months of 2009 before the Iranians get bogged down in their presidential elections.

The Israelis have been training for another Lebanon war. They have acquired American bunker buster bombs sufficient to strike Hezbollah's underground tunnels but the Pentagon has refused to give the Israelis either refueling jets or sufficiently robust bunker buster bombs to take on Iran's underground nuclear facilities.

The solution is simple. All Israel has to do is to attack Syria and let that war escalate into a war against the Iranians. This will bring in the Americans. Israel is more than willing to sacrifice US soldiers for their goals. The current war against Gaza is simply to make Labor and Kadima parties look better against the crazies in Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party which recently veered off to the right when Israeli settler's took over Likud at their recent political convention.

I think Israel will approach the war against Iran in stages by peeling off Iran's allies. The first round will be another attack against Lebanon some time after Obama's first 90 days. Some have speculated that Iran has germ warfare capability. If they do, they have not given it to Hezbollah as they do not want WW III to be started by a foreign army sergeant in a Lebanese tunnel.

After the Israelis defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon at a terrible cost, I believe their next target will be Syria. This war against Syria might be in stages with the final act being a war against Iran which I do not believe will start until 2010.

The dollar will collapse either just before after World War III begins. My thinking is that the dollar will crash before the war starts. Israel and the right wing of the Bilderberg Society will want the United States to launch a suicidal war against Islam by attacking Iran precisely because the American dollar and government are both doomed. Americans will cease to be able to serve Israel and will therefore be sent off to die.

As I have said before, The Iranians have Russian made anti-ship missiles, the Sunburn N-22, the SS-N-26X Onyx (Yakhonts) and the super fast SS-N-27 Sizzler. They also have rocket artillery with ranges up to 150 kilometers and 40,000 suicide volunteers. The United States Central Command has American troops stationed in 25 nations with Muslim majority populations.

Any attack on Iran will result in the immediate loss of our Persian Gulf fleet. The US will retaliate with even more nuclear weapons. And our troops in those 25 Muslim nations will get killed. The US Central Command will be destroyed. America will be defenseless overseas and torn by food riots at home. But that is all part of the Bilderberger Zionist plan for America. More about that later.

Technically, we could date the beginning of WW III from the coming invasion of Lebanon or even more accurately from 9-11-2001. I do not believe the war against Iran will take place until 2010 and then only if we do not seriously reform the American government.

I have no inside knowledge about Bilderberger-Zionist plans for WW III. It just seems to me that the Pentagon wants to steer clear of an attack on Iran and the only feasible option to Israel is through an attack on Syria. Lebanon would have to be attacked first so the Israeli public can be protected from Hezbollah's tens of thousands of rockets during the proposed war against Syria and Iran. Iran and Syria are allies and war against one will lead to war against the other. And no Syrian regime could stay in power if they sign a separate peace with Israel after the Israelis pound Lebanon into the stone age to borrow a phrase from Curtis LeMay.

Matthias Chang and Wall Street's Last Hurrah.

Matthias Chang is an astute observer of the financial scene. He believes that Wall Street has enough money at the Federal Reserve and in various Bailout accounts to run one last pump and dump. In the first days of the Obama presidency Wall Street could run up the prices of American stocks. They could intervene massively to support the dollar and waste tens of billions of taxpayer's dollars shorting gold. This will give Wall Street one last chance to get the suckers into the markets and to dump what few dollar denominated holdings they have left.

This will cost them nothing as they will be doing it on the taxpayers dime. If this does happen, the Zionist media will call this the Obama Rally. When it is over, the dollar will die. The government will be near collapse. It will collapse after Israels engineer a war with Syria and Iran.

Wall Street has been pumping and dumping for more than one hundred years. Catherine Austin Fitts has said several times that Wall Street has been using the Bailout money to cover their short losses on gold. They have been waging war against gold by shorting it in the futures market. We have reached the point of Backwardation in the gold market. That means the price of the physical metal is higher than the price of paper gold in the future. The demand for the metal is so great that every smelter is working night and day but still cannot fill their orders in less than 30 days. But Wall Street might be able short gold and drive down the paper price of gold if not the metal long enough to make the Obama Rally look real. But, as I said, this will not last. This will be the final pump and dump. Matthias Chang could very well be right.

The Collapsing Dollar and The Glorious Day

I have defined the Glorious Day as that time when all wealth has been transferred to the bankers from the common folk who are required to work for a living. Bankers have had a license to print our money since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed.

When you go to a bank for a $10,000 loan, they are not loaning you money from Mrs Smith's savings account. They are creating $10,000 in new checking account money and giving you a note requiring you to pay them back $10,000 plus interest.

The Federal Reserve Act allows fractional reserve banking. For every $10,000 in deposits they can loan out anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000. If a bank has 40% of the deposits in town, then they make 40% of the loans. If they loan out 50% of the new loans, they will lose deposit money and go out of business. If they only make 20% of the new loans, they will not make money and will lose customers. That is why banks give away toasters and other freebies to new customers.

The Bureau of the Mint actually prints our currency, Federal Reserve Notes. The Federal Reserve Bank pays the Mint 3 ½ cents on the dollar for each new dollar they receive. They can loan this “new money” into circulation at interest.

Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln both created Treasury Notes which are non-interest bearing and debt free. If we had debt free Treasury Notes, we would not have a 10.6 trillion dollar “debt” nor would we have to pay interest on that debt. That is why I call government debts fictions.

But we do not live in a democracy so these facts cannot be taught in the schools and cannot be said on prime time television. Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy were killed by “lone gunmen.” I will return to this subject before the conclusion of this essay.

Will Someone Please Ask Congresswoman Pelosi A Question?

Insurance giant AIG which used to make a lot of money laundering drug money has now received 150 billions dollars in Bailout money from the taxpayer due to their losses in Credit Default Swaps which have been described as sort of derivatives on steroids. A derivative is simply a bet on the future value of a bond, of a currency, of a commodity or of anything else an investor wants to protect in case the price drops too drastically. Derivatives are traded on regulated exchanges licensed by the government. Convertible Default Swaps are not regulated. They are written privately but with all losses paid for by public taxpayer funds. The potential loss to the taxpayers is tens of trillions of dollars.

I would like someone to please ask Mrs Pelosi when she intends to put an end to unregulated Credit Default Swaps. There is no prediction on my part here. I do suppose we could organize office pools around the country with the winner being the one guessing the exact date the Congress stands up and says no to Wall Street.

The Mortgage Meltdown, Deflation And Inflation

Prices are dropping. Actually, commodity prices are slumping because the demand for imported oil and metals other than gold and silver have collapsed. Retail prices are still not negative. Food prices are expected to rise next year. John Williams at Shadow Stats says that the federal government always understates the rise in consumer prices. It saves them money on Social Security benefits and it saves corporations from having to adjust their expensive cost of living clauses in their union wage and pension contracts.

Nobody can make loans because the prices of homes are declining. Yet the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England are cranking out money. The value of homes were deliberately inflated in a bubble going back to the Carter administration. The idea was that to encourage minority home ownership banks would be forced to loan money to un-credit worthy minority applicants. I think the idea was to blame minorities including illegal aliens who were given loans so home prices could be driven up. I personally met an illegal alien baby sitter making ten dollars an hour who had three children and a husband who refused to work. She got a loan. I asked her how she was going to make the payments. And she said they loaned her enough money to make the payments.

The solution to the mortgage meltdown is simple. All they have to do is to continue printing more money. The English and American money supplies are both increasing at more than 15% a year. Interest rates are low. And both currencies are declining in value. At some point after the first 90 days of the Obama administration, foreigners will see no reason to hold dollars. When they dump the dollar, prices of imported commodities will rise and we will have inflation or rather stagflation.

The dollar will depreciate and our wages will not go up. Taxes from state and local governments will increase and our after tax wages will decrease further. Then the really big inflation will come. And the nominal prices of homes in current dollars will increase to the level of the existing mortgage so homeowners can sell their houses without a loss at least on paper. But in terms of real dollars homeowners will lose their equity. That $500,000 home that is now only worth $250,000 will double in value but all other prices will have gone up tenfold.

I would expect gasoline in California to hit ten dollars a gallon before it reaches a dollar. In fact I would never expect to see gasoline at a dollar a gallon. The bankers will inflate their way to happiness. The bankers only know how to solve problems through foreclosures, wars, bribes, assassinations, intimidation, lies and inflation. So of those methods available to them only inflation would apply to the mortgage market and it is pretty easy to figure out what they will do. The bankers have been busy expanding the Monetary Base to protect themselves against the relatively few mortgages that will be foreclosed before the Big Inflation saves them all from bankruptcy. Catherine Austin Fitts noted that our Monetary Base is growing at a 765% annualized rate. The Monetary Base consists of cash plus bank reserves. Rapid growth in Monetary Base is usually interpreted as a sign of a coming inflation.

Another 9-11? I Say No

The other day Pravda had a column arguing that a nuclear device going off in America would turn this country and the world into a military dictatorship. The clear implication was that it would be another inside job like Hitler's Reichstag fire. This idea is not new. A general said after 9-11 that if just one nuclear device went off in the continental US that we would have to scrap the Constitution. Most observers think a dirty bomb would be more likely as it is harder to trace to the country of origin.

Other candidates for another 9-11 would be a series of car bombs set off in minority neighborhoods so Americans would be engulfed in a racial civil war. That can't happen as the Mexican-American leadership has been warned that the culprits would not be the KKK but a certain foreign power eager to divide America.

There was a rumor of another London type train attack which was to have taken place around the anniversary of the D-Day Invasion in Washington DC in 2007. There was another phony Osama video tape saying Al-Qaeda was determined to attack the American capitol and soon. Osama bin Laden has been dead since 2001, Shortly before her death former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in an interview with David Frost said Osama had been killed by Omar Sheikh.

Former President Musharraf of Pakistan said Omar Sheikh had been recruited by the British intelligence agency MI6 while he was a student at the London School of Economics.

So if Osama was dead who has been making those video tapes? And why? John Kerry said he lost the 2004 election because of the Osama tape released just days before the November elections praising him. He lost because he would not stand up and denounce the tapes as frauds.

In any event the 2007 “Osama” tape mentioned a forthcoming attack on Washington D.C. It most likely would involve trains which in the DC area would have meant the Metro. As I understand the situation, someone figured this out and notified the local authorities and that certain foreign power was told to forget about blowing up trains with Americans inside. They had their fun when they blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11. No more.

I do not expect another 9-11. There is a critical mass of people in the United States who know the truth about 9-11 and will tear this country apart if they are irradiated by a nuclear device. If the Bilderbergers and the Zionists want to turn America into a dictatorship they will have to do it with a foreign war. As I said, I do not expect a war with Iran until 2010 though we could expect wars with Lebanon and Syria leading up to the war to end all civilization on this planet.

Professor Charles Boehmer's Question

Professor Charles Boehmer asked this question: Would they be planning to use troops against Americans if they were not stealing our money. He noted that in the Great Depression there was no insurrection despite severe hardships. But this time around things are different.

As my regular readers are well aware, I believe that Wall Street is allowed to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government contracts under Democrat and Republican administrations and Congresses. Then there is the matter of that 8.5 trillion dollar Bailout. And beneath the radar is that 10.6 trillion dollar fictional national debt.

At the rate we are subsidizing Wall Street I would expect the current debt ceiling limit to be raised from the present 11.3 to 15 trillion dollars by the time Obama's first budget goes into effect on 10-01-2009. The problem with those fictional debts is that the bankers expect us to pay them with “real dollars” we earn.

And when the bankers expect a really Big Inflation to save them they are saying they are willing to take all of our wages and salaries and all of our savings and pensions rather yhan to suffer the consequences of allowing us to practice democracy and to reform the system.

That is why we have been heading towards a National Security States since World War II. The bankers know that they will not remain in power for long after they have taken our last dollar. That is why they are pushing towards martial law, secret courts, military tribunals, secret detention facilities, suspension of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the acceptance of a Surveillance society.

The bankers know we do not like them but that we will suffer just about any indignity until they take our last dollar. That will be the last day America is a democracy.

I do not think that the Obama administration will be able to send people door to door confiscating our weapons of self-defense and our gold and silver coins. They do not have enough men willing to die for Wall Street billionaires to do that. The bankers would like to disarm us but that will never happen. And, if they did steal our gold and silver coins after having stolen our savings and pensions, we would have nothing left to eat but politicians.

More About That Vision

I have said many times that I had two visions when I was a child. One was religious and was already discussed on my other blog. The second vision was of a terrible war. When I was eight years-old, my mother made me watch a one hour documentary on over population. When I finished seeing the program, I had a vision of a future war that would wipe out well more than half of the people on the earth. I will never give the exact number in print as it might dishearten the general public.

I did have another vision which told me that it was my lot in life to do what I could to prevent this war. We do not have to kill each other. World War III has not been written in stone.

I have been amazed why people do not see the historical relationship between over population and resource wars. If one tribe has water and the neighbor don't, then a war for the water will ensue.

America is being pushed towards a modern version of a resource war by the Bilderberg-Zionist coalition. In the 1930s Wassily Leontieff won a Nobel Prize in economics. Leontief did an input output analysis of the American economy. Inputs are raw materials like iron and coal which produce the output steel. And he further traced steel as an input into other industries like automobile production. He proved that American wages were higher than in other countries because we extracted natural resources such as, coal, iron, oil, lumber, grains and added skilled labor to produce value added to our finished goods. A successor did a study at Stanford University in 1955 which proved that America would have to cut wages when our population reached 150,000,000. Americans used to be exempt from competing with cheap foreign labor because we did not have to import raw materials until our self-appointed leaders decided to increase our population beyond 150,000,000.

After we went over 150,000,000 in population we were supposed to cut our wages so foreign consumers could afford to buy our finished goods. But Wall Street and the politicians they own had other plans. They decided to create the greatest credit bubble in world history so they would have sufficient time to transform America into a National Security State to protect themselves from the people whose life savings they were planning to steal. Let me explain.

Instead of cutting wages every time we added 10,000,000 to our population so we could sell cheaper and cheaper products to foreign countries Wall Street elected to print dollars. For the past 60 years we have been printing worthless paper dollars and giving them to foreigners for real products and raw materials.

Since we do not live in an effective democracy, we will soon learn that Matthias Chang was right whem he called our dollar American Toilet Paper. When the dollar collapses, I would expect it to completely collapse in a 90 day period. At the end of that time we will take 60 years of pay cuts. I have been saying for years that we will be facing a permanent 50% pay cut. If we pass Amnesty for Illega; Aliens, we could cut wages by more than 50%. There are highly skilled production workers in China who work for major American firms and only make $172 a month for a 72 hour work week. I am sure they make less money than we do because they have more people and not because whites are smarter than Chinese people.

I do not want to seem to be overly pessimistic about over population. My regular readers will probably remember what I said about our secret weapons program. The Secret Government does have a Death Ray capable of killing everyone in a small nation. And they have a plane that flies 40,000 mph in the earth's atmosphere without burning up so they have fast transport and materials unlike any we know. They also have, I believe, some measure of anti-gravity which would solve our energy crisis and most of our balance of payments problem. If you turn anti-gravity on and off, you can make a turbine spin and therefore generate electricity. But those secret weapons and the solution to the energy crisis will have to wait on the shelf until we are courageous enough to practice democracy.

Why That Glorious Day Will Never Be

I do not believe that the Glorious Day will ever become a reality. The human spirit cannot live in the dark and dense atmosphere the bankers have planned for us. Bankers understand money but they do not understand our humanity. They know how to manipulate us and to get us killed in their wars. But they do not understand our need for freedom and self-determination.

We will never succumb to their rule. We have our world and the bankers have theirs. We will die rather than live in the world they have prepared for us. I have no special knowledge as to whether or not we do survive World War III. I will continue to do my best to stop this madness and ignorance. But the actual outcome is unknown to me at this time.

World War III is likely to begin within the next 24 months unless the current economic crisis stirs us to action. Mr Obama and his friends at the Bilderberg Society, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations have said they will solve our problems. But they are the ones who created the present crisis. Nothing less than the complete change in the Federal Reserve will save this nation.

Since the banks own the government, it makes sense to begin with the source of all our problems.


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