Thursday, March 19, 2009

Escape From New York

In my last few essays I have been using titles from well known movies and novels.

In Watchmen I revealed the one economic indicator that would warn you that the dollar was in imminent danger of collapse and all large American cities would become free fire riot zones ruled by looters, armed thugs and militias. That one indicator is Treasury Auctions. We have a President and a Congress that thinks they can sell forty to sixty billion dollars a week in new Treasury bills and bonds when China only has a five billion dollar a month trade surplus and Japan and Germany are in even worse shape. To sell that many bonds Treasury Secretary Geithner will have to let interest rates climb through the roof. They will crash the economy before the end of 2009.

In Silence of the Lambs I revealed why the President and the Congress has not bothered to cancel Credit Default Swaps (CDS) even after agreeing to give AIG 180 billion dollars to cover their losses from CDS. I said they cannot stop selling Credit Default Swaps because Wall Street couldn't sell worthless securities without a guarantee that the buyer has a right to suction dollars directly from your wallet.

In The Counterfeiters I explained how the Federal Reserve transfers all wealth produced by working people, small businesses and farmers to Wall Street which has had a license to print our money since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. These men are responsible for both the last and the current Great Depressions. They are also responsible for all of our wars. I said these men are not real people. They are counterfeit men. They do not understand the human spirit. They will fail in their plans to rule the world because real men and women cannot live in the dark place they have prepared for those whom Wall Street will allow to survive the next few years. I predicted a coming Rebellion of the Spirit against our oppressors.

Escape From New York was a 1981 John Carpenter film set in the future when Manhattan had become a maximum security prison. Don't get me wrong. I love New York. It is one of my favorite cities.

The purpose of this essay is to warn you that it is past time for you to have made escape plans if you live in almost any large American city.

Some of you will feel safer overseas. I am not qualified to give you advice about relative safety in foreign lands during perilous times.

If your intended destination is inside the United States, your safe haven should meet the following qualifications:

Does state law allow conceal carry handguns?

Would you feel safe going to the store even if there were nationwide food riots?

Is the legislature and governor's office in that state controlled by crazy people? There are American politicians who have in the past sold the right to rob, rape and pillage to their voters.

Will you be living with people you can entrust your life? If not, you will not live long.

Can you pack and leave at a moment's notice?

Are you prepared to remain at your destination for three or four years?

Is it close to the Mexican border? That is a No No.

The Mexican economy will collapse the day after America's if not sooner. The CIA has warned us that Mexico is near collapse and that ten to fifteen million Mexicans will cross the border when their nation ceases to function. Professional Mexican criminals will be recruited to systematically loot banks, jewelry stores and gun shops in border states. Liquor stores and supermarkets will be left to the amateurs. The three major Mexican drug cartels have tens of thousands of trained assassins to provide cover.

I feel obligated to point out that Mexico suffers from the same corruption that oppresses all Americans of white, black, hispanic, Asian and Indian origin. We are all in this together. We will all benefit when the federal government takes over the Federal Reserve and acts decisively to prevent Wall Street from stealing two hundred billion dollars a year from inadequately audited federal spending. If we act together we can still prevent the collapse of civil society in America, Mexico and a lot of other nations.

If we don't get control of the situation soon, you will need to plant a garden. You will also need to perform a service or to produce a product that others will want to pay you for at your new location.

You need to either find or to create a safe and viable community. It will be your government until a new federal government can be established to replace the one that has been exploiting us in behalf of Wall Street for the last one hundred years.


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