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The Counterfeiters

Suppose you were a counterfeiter and were given the right to print all money in the United States with the sole proviso that you could not directly buy anything. You could make all the money you wanted but you were only allowed to pass it onto an unsuspecting public by loaning it to them or to their government. Your only source of income would be the interest you collected on the total American money supply which is currently more than ten trillion dollars.

Actually, the Federal Reserve Bank issued a notice in 2005 saying they would no longer tell us what the total money supply starting in 2006, John Williams at Shadow Stats says the total M3 money supply is now over 11 trillion dollars.

That means that if you were given the same license to print money that the bankers gave themselves in 1913 you would be collecting the interest on 11 trillion dollars. You could transfer all wealth from those poor devils who had to work for a living to your family because you have the license to print their money. That is why I have always said that the goal of the Federal Reserve Bank is to transfer all wealth from us to Wall Street.

Money is a commodity that measures the value of all other commodities and goods and services for sale. Prices are a ratio of money to everything for sale. For example, if we doubled the money supply but did not increase our output of goods and services we might expect prices to also double.

Please note that when I say money I am not just talking about Federal Reserve Notes. The total money supply also includes checking account money which bankers create when you ask for a loan. When you ask for a ten thousand dollar loan, they are not loaning you money from an old lady's deposits. They are adding ten thousand dollars to the money supply. They are counterfeiting money.

One reason why the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 was that Wall Street wanted us to enter World War I so the war would last longer. If your family business were counterfeiting, you would want a war to run a huge deficit so you could create billions of dollars and enter them into circulation by loaning them to the governments so they get their young men killed.

And you could accomplish other worthy goals. The Great War as it was called did not end until General Allenby secured Palestine as a British colony which after just one more war was to become the state of Israel. World War I also bankrupted our allies in England and France making New York the world's financial capitol. It bankrupted the Russians and enabled the Jewish Communists to take over. That they killed 350,000 priests in the first two years and over 64,000,000 other Russians before the collapse of the Soviet Union is not even a footnote in the history books.

There were people who wanted to stop World War II before it started. But the counterfeiters would have nothing to do with them. The German General Staff sent two officers to London in March of 1939 to negotiate a peace. They even offered to arrest Hitler. Previously, the Emperor of Japan had offered to break his alliance with the Nazis, to pull out of China and even to become an ally of the United States against the Soviet Union which at that time had been killing millions of Christians every year since 1918.

The Counterfeiters said no to peace again and yes to war. 58,000,000 people like you and me died. They were real life and blood people.

After the Second World War, the Counterfeiters gave northern Korea to Joe Stalin even though he was never an ally against Japan until the war was over. This enabled the Counterfeiters to train an army in the north and to create the Korean War just five years after the cessation of hostilities. Millions more died. But fortunately for the Counterfeiters they were able to draft lots of young anti-Communist men and send them to Asia to die before they could start a resistance at home.

But in 1960 something startling happened in America. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected. He dared to issue Executive Order 11110 which directed the Treasurer of the United States to replace Federal Reserve Notes with Treasury Silver Certificates. This would have led to the end of legalized counterfeiting in the USA. JFK also opposed the nuclear arms race in the Mideast. He demanded the right to inspect the Israeli nuclear works at Dimona.

Something had to be done and it was. The Zapruder film of the assassination of President Kennedy clearly showed the President's body being thrown backwards by the force of bullets coming from his front. CBS radio had Dan Rather go on the air and tell the American people that the Zapruder film showed JFK being shot from behind. Life magazine followed up by publishing photos taken in the order 1- 2 -3 and publishing them in the order 3-2-1 so their readers would mistakenly conclude that their young President who had attempted to save them from the Counterfeiters has been killed by a lone assassin shooting from the Texas School Book Depository.

A lot of strange things have been allowed to have been published about the assassination of President Kennedy but notice that only one group, the Counterfeiters, brings all the elements together. Through their banks the Counterfeiters currently launder about a trillion dollars a year in drug money plus up to 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. They also launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes. Some have theorized about the role of the Mafia in the JFK assassination but have failed to mention Meyer Lansky and the Counterfeiters,

The Counterfeiters have flooded the world with drugs. They do not care that millions of lives have been ruined. They do not care that they are destroying America one family at a time. They do not care that they are destroying American cities block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood. The Counterfeiters are making money and that is all that matters.

Others have the quaint notion that the Pentagon wanted JFK to go into the Vietnam War and to win a war against the Communists. To those I would say that Vietnam was a minor motive. The goal was to get us into the the war so the Counterfeiters could kill another generation of anti-communists. Wall Street wanted to send a whole generation of young men to die in jungles of Asia.

That millions of Asians also died in the Korean and Vietnam wars was of no concern to them. That million of American soldiers and Vietnamese civilians were exposed to Agent Orange making their children susceptible to birth defects was of no concern to the Counterfeiters. As you may suspect by now, Counterfeiters are not real human beings.

It seems like long ago but Lyndon Johnson was the first president to submit a budget that exceeded one hundred billion dollars a year. George W Bush just left office with a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit or 100 billion dollars a month. Times might be changing. Things might be getting worse for us. But business is great for the Counterfeiters.

To the two or three people who still think Bush was a great President I would say that 911 was an inside job and Dick Cheney knew it even if the village idiot from Crawford Texas did not. I say to them one more time go to and look at the collapse videos of World Trade Center Tower 7. Please look at the intact glass in the building as it collapses. Glass melts between 800 and 900 degrees Fahrenheit. A carbon based fire, such as, jet fuel burning in the open air without the benefit of added oxygen will not burn above 900 degrees.

So we know that the steel girders which required 2,200 degrees to melt were taken out within two seconds of each other simultaneously on 47 floors and that there must have been a source of oxygen inside WTC 7 that was adjacent to the girders but not the exterior glass. There is a powdered substance called thermate which you can look up on Wikipedia. It uses a combination of aluminum, iron oxide, magnesium and other substances to generate an intense controlled heat and is capable of easily melting through steel girders with 4,800 degree temperatures in seconds.

For those of you who are not mathematically challenged I would point out that a few fires on several floors would not have brought down a 47 story building in 6.5 seconds. WTC 7 was not hit by a plane on 9-11-2001.

The Pentagon was also attacked on 9-11-2001. On 9-10-2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted that neither he nor rabbi Dov Zakheim, the Comptroller of the Department of Defense (DOD), could adequately trace 2.3 trillion dollars in military spending from the previous Clinton and Bush I administrations. It would seem that the Counterfeiters were not satisfied with their profits from counterfeiting and from laundering drug money. They have been stealing money from unaudited federal spending for decades under both political parties.

On the morning of 9-11-2001 at 09:32 hours, Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret, was Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations. He was entering the Counter Terrorism Center when it was destroyed by a bomb that had been centered in the auditing center next door. That bomb killed more than forty auditors who were attempting to trace that missing 2.3 trillion dollars.

The official story given by the government and the media, which must be apparent to you by now, are wholly owned by the Counterfeiters, is that Flight 77, a Boeing 757, alone was responsible for the deaths of the auditors and there was no bomb despite the testimony of April Gallop, a third generation soldier, Lt Colonel Karen Kwiatowski, Robert Andrews and Per Stig Moller, the Danish Foreign Secretary, that there was a bomb. The aftermath photos of the Pentagon revealed that there was no wreckage from a Boeing 757 in front of the building nor was there a whole in the front of the building large enough for a passenger liner to enter inside. Besides extensive testing bu the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) has revealed that what the Pentagon claimed was Flight 77 had no Arab DNA. Are we to believe that the hijackers were bodily resurrected into Heaven?

CNN listed the names of the flight crews and passengers who were on the four planes alleged to have been hijacked on 9-11. But none of the 19 alleged Arab hijackers were were on the lists. Neither the media nor the government including the FBI has asked how 19 men boarded a total of 4 planes without tickets and boarding passes and without being recorded on surveillance videos. What are the odds that you personally could board a plane without either a boarding pass or a ticket? What are the odds that an immigrant with a foreign passport could do the same? Multiply those odds times itelf 19 times to determine the possibility that the government, the media and both political parties through the bi-partisan 911 Commission have been telling you the truth about the “War on Terror.”

So what has been happening since 9-11? We have invaded two countries that Richard Perle, a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, told the Likud party in 1996in a paper called A Clean Break A New Strategy For Securing The Realm where the Realm to be secured refers to Israel and not to America.

So lets review what happened on 9-11 and since then. Men were allowed to use thermate to take down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 an 7 using thermate and explosives. Men were also allowed to blow up the Pentagon offices of the men and women who had been asked to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in taxpayer funds stolen by associates of the Counterfeiters. Then we invaded two nations that had nothing to do with 9-11 Before anyone protests and says that Osama bin Laden was behind 9-11 please go to the FBI and ask them why he is not wanted for that crime. He denied he had anything to do with it.

Benazir Bhutto the former Prime Minister of Pakistan said he was murdered in December of 2001 by Omar Sheikh who was recruited by MI6 while he was a student at the London School of Economics. All of those Osama videos telling us to vote for Bush in 2004, threatening to blow up Washington DC in 2007 and touting the “War on Terror” were made by an “actor” who does not even look like the original character he is playing.

The Counterfeiters blew up WTC Towers 1, 2, and 7 and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001. They killed the auditors tracing the 2.3 trillion dollars in missing money. They have instilled sufficient terror in the politicians and the media that we have had no serious attempt to recover lost taxpayer money. Once a Counterfeiter has stolen your money it belongs to him forever or so he thinks. And the media has continued to allow the Counterfeiters to pull off other “terrorist events.” On 7-7-2005 the Counterfeiters blew up the London subways and blamed it on four young Pakistani immigrants.

No matter that the London subway schedules made it impossible for thealleged bombers to get to the location of the train stations that were attacked. No matter that the trains were blown from underneath the cars and not by suicide bombers sitting inside.

The Counterfeiters have used the “War on Terror” to set up a National Security State. They have been working for a century for what I have called That Glorious Day when all wealth will belong to them. They have stolen billions of dollars every week from unaudited federal government spending. They have sent the money overseas along with the gold they stole from Fort Knox. It has joined their profits from the drug trade. When, not if. the dollar collapses, everything will belong to the Counterfeiters or at least according to their plans. They will buy America for pennies on the dollar. They would hope to own the government and to eliminate excessive democracy so you will no longer be allowed to criticize bankers.

You have heard of the New World Order. I have interpreted it to mean a One World government with One Bank One Vote as the rule. Those of you who don't own a bank will have no vote.

We have entered the final stages. The dollar will soon die. The US debt is a fiction. The US debt ceiling is now 11.3 trillion dollars. It will soon be 15 trillion and after that 20 trillion if the United States lasts that long. We will choke under the burden of the debt. Even at ten percent interest on 20 trillion we will have to triple the amount of income tax we pay long before the 2012 elections.

The Counterfeiters created wars for us and counterfeited money and debts to enslave us. The Counterfeiters stole money from unaudited government contracts and counterfeited money and debts to enslave us, The Counterfeiters stole trillions of dollars from our largest banks and corporations and are now busily counterfeiting money and debts to complete our enslavement. All of our pensions and savings are to be taken from us the Day The Dollar Dies, And the day after those of us who still have a job will see at least a fifty percent paycut that will be permanent.

The Counterfeiters have devised an exit strategy to save them, their investments and their ownership of the government and the media from the wrath of an enraged citizenry. The plan requires an end to democracy and sovereignty. They have been busy working on the merger of the United States, Canada and Mexico which further down the road will be merged with the European Union.

There has been much talk of another war in the Mideast. War is a price those of us who work for a living have to pay to maintain the Counterfeiters in the style to which they believe they were divinely appointed. I had a vision of World War III when I was a child. It is one of the two visions that have guided my entire life. That vision will only come true if we fail to act and fail to get control of the banking system, the government and the media.

The Counterfeiters will fail. Let me repeat, The Counterfeiters will fail. The Glorious Day where all real wealth, the government and the media are belong to them will never arrive.

They will fail because Counterfeiters are not real people. They understand lying and manipulation. They know how to strike fear into men and women. But they do not understand the human spirit because they are not real human beings. They do not understand that the Spirit of Man will rebel at the dismal future they have planned for us. I have called this the Rebellion of the Spirit.

If the Counterfeiters cannot win, does that mean we will triumph? Not necessarily. We could all die in World War III though even in my vision there was a remnant left to start the next age of mankind.

If you hesitate to join the resistance against Evil, please consider this: After the Counterfeiters have taken tour last dollar you will no longer be an asset to them. In fact you and several billion other people will become liabilities when people get angry and ask for their money and their jobs back. To understand how Counterfeiters think and to predict their behavior you must understand banking. So now ask yourself this question: What does a banker do when he encounters a non-performing asset has become a dangerous liability? That's right. He liquidates it. That is why I conclude we are about to enter a war unlike any we have ever seen if we do not resist.

To stop the next war and to get control of the banking system and the government we need some better propaganda.

We need to tell people that billions of dollars are being stolen each week from unaudited government contracts by Wall Street.

We need to tell people that the Federal Reserve Bank is designed to transfer wealth from us to Wall Street.

We need to tell people that those four planes on 9-11-2001 were hijacked electronically and that there were no Arabs on board.

We need to tell people that we cannot allow the government to put us into debtor's slavery to cover trillions of dollars stolen by Wall Street.

We need to tell people that neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked us on 9-11 and that we need to apologize and leave both of those nations now. Of course we do need to help then rebuild. We destroyed their nations and killed millions of their people because we believed lies.

We need to tell people that if Israel had not killed President Kennedy there would never have been a nuclear arms race in the Mideast and we therefore are under no obligation to attack Iran. If Israelis want to feel safe, then they will have to learn to make others feel safe.


Let me first say that I was inspired to write this essay by Andre Gide's 1926 novel Les Faux Monnayeurs (The Counterfeiters.)

To read about the billions of dollars Wall Street is allowed to steal each week from US federal government spending please go here:

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The reference to that passenger and crew list of the 4 planes that were electronically hijacked on 9-11 you will have to go to the Internet Archive as the direct link was taken down by CNN, Once there ( ) I typed in the old CNN URL and the dates when I knew it was online and got this result:


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