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The Bulgarian Strategy And Other Advice

Previously, I have said that the United States entered World War I so we could make the Great War last longer. This made it possible for us to bankrupt our allies England, France and Russia. It also enabled the Jewish Communists to overthrow the Social Democratic government of Russia and for England to grab Palestine from Turkey on behalf of the Zionists.

A little known fact of World War I was that Bulgaria was a German ally. The English knew this and declared war on Bulgaria. The Bulgarian ambassador to the United States must have been very grateful that the Americans forgot Bulgaria when the Congress voted to declare war on Germany and Austria. The Bulgarian ambassador wisely decided to take down the sign and the flag in front of the embassy. He spent the whole war years in the relative safety of Washington.

I realize that this Bulgarian option might not be a good strategy for many of you. Bur consider this: There are only 12,800 FBI agents. However, they are hiring an additional 800 men and women. Wall Street must have reason to believe they will need the additional help. Your name is in their databases. But there is a limit to how many of us they can arrest without trial so you might seriously consider taking a low profile until what I have called the Rebellion of the Spirit takes place. As I have been saying for some time, the human spirit will rebel at the dark future Wall Street has planned for us.

This lying low phase might last for more than 3 to 6 months or even a year. During this time you need to prepare yourself, to relocate if need be, to protect your investments and to make a network of friends in whose hands your life will be entrusted. Gardens might be an extremely valuable part of your future.

We have signs of impending disaster, Forbes magazine has reported that the recent auction of Treasuries was a disaster and that interest rates are creeping back up. China, Japan, Russia and OPEC are no longer running huge surpluses so they can no longer afford to buy our Treasury bills and bonds. And at this time the Obama administration wants to triple or quadruple the sale of new Treasuries. The increased supply will raise interest rates and doom the dollar.

Currently, the US debt ceiling is 11.3 trillion dollars. The deficit is 1.2 trillion dollars. Add another 800 plus billion for the Stimulus bill. Then there is the continuing Bailout. Geithner will announce the Treasury's new mortgage Bailout plan next week. That will be another trillion dollars or more. I saw a correspondent from Time magazine on a PBS talk show saying that there will be additional Stimulus and Bailout bills. My New Years prediction that the US debt ceiling will reach 15 trillion dollars before the end of 2009 looks like a safe bet.

There is another bad sign. The new Director of the Office of Management and Budget is Peter Orszag. He was a protege of Robert Rubin as were Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers. Peter Orszag's accomplishments include being an advisor to Iceland's Central Bank. As bad as things are going for Iceland, most employers would refuse to hire someone with a proven track record of failure but that is no barrier to finding work in Washington.

Would it be impolite of me to point out that Robert Rubin, Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers, Peter Orszag, Ben Bernanke and the previous four Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank (dating back to 1970) were Jewish? What are the odds that the next 9 Americans you meet would be Jewish? If we assume that 10% of all white men in America are Jewish, then the odds would be 10 to the ninth power which is a one followed by 9 zeros (1,000,000,000) or one in a billion. If we add Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff, then the odds are one in ten billion.

I should point out that the Federal Reserve system was created by the Warburg brothers. As I have said before, we do not have a debt free money system. We are required to create a debt before we are allowed to create new money. We have Federal Reserve Notes instead of the Treasury Notes that Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy wanted. But they were assassinated and so we have a fictional government debt rapidly approaching 15 trillion dollars. With interest rates creeping up we could soon face 1.5 trillion dollars annual interest payments to the banks only because we gave them the license to print our money. You might be too young to remember 1980 when Jimmy Carter's Federal Reserve bank introduced the 15 ½ percent home mortgage interest rate. We could see those days again.

As I said in many previous essays, the system is designed to transfer all wealth from those of us required to work for a living to the few who were given the divine right to print our money by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Bailouts increase the debt and are designed to hasten the day when all real wealth in America will belong to Wall Street. So do not expect the Bailout to work to your benefit.

I should also point out that when Geithner announces his rescue plan for home mortgages next week the number of home foreclosures on the market could triple. 70%of the foreclosures are not currently on the market. The banks are probably waiting for Geithner to give them taxpayer money to write off part of the losses they will have to take at auction. If 10% of the homes are, as planned, rented out for a couple of years. We will still triple the number of foreclosed homes on the market. Currently, Yahoo real estate lists 4,877 homes in foreclosure in the city of San Jose California. Doubling that number gives us 9,754 homes to be auctioned off. Tripling that number will give us 14,631 homes to be sold in just one city.

There are not that many potential buyers in the market so the FEDS might have to rent out more than ten percent of the foreclosed homes. This might be bad news for the neighbors as the federal government will rent to any idiot or troublemaker unlike most landlords. But, if you have been following my advice, you would have already sold all California real estate.

This summer might be a good time to buy a home with a garden in a safe area on a 30 year fixed loan. Hyperinflation will soon lower the real cost of your mortgage in inflation adjusted dollars to almost nothing. On the other hand if you want to pay cash, you can wait for hyperinflation to lick in. Home mortgage interest rated could easily reach 15 or 20% and kill home sales and home prices.

I should repeat that I am not an investment advisor and am not giving you financial advice. Please consult a professional before making major life decisions.

2009 will be the Year of the Decision. Lay low if that works got you. I am hopeful for a peaceful Rebellion of the Spirit. The masses are still enthralled by the new Obama administration. I had been thinking of writing an essay entitled 90 Days And Out, because that is how long it will take for the public to figure out the Bailouts will not work and were designed by Wall Street to steal what little wealth they have not yet stolen. April 20th is the target date for the beginning of the end of our enslavement to the New York banks.

After that time things will unravel so quickly that you might want to have completed your relocation efforts. If you cannot just pack up and leave, you might consider finding an escape route to a safe house now rather than after the food riots start. Wall Street might have to start clamping down on dissent as they think the townsfolk will chase them with pitchforks as they did in the 1930s Frankenstein movies.

I do not want to predict events beyond the next 90 days except to repeat my earlier forecasts that our after tax real wages will be permanently cut in half and that our debt ceiling will reach 15 trillion dollars this year. We will soon surpass Egypt and Sudan on the list of nations in the rank of debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which measures our total production of goods and services.

But why would you expect to have a government better than Egypt or Sudan? Our government has been seized by a foreign power and we are now all enemies of the state.


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