Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stay Tuned

Let me first say that I personally feel safer after Obama's inauguration than before. My long time readers know that the FBI has been to my house. When a friend of mine was deported back to Africa, he was allowed one phone call to work. He told them that he was being deported by the Department of Homeland Security and they questioned him about me. I do realize that this feeling of increased safety might be extremely temporary and even illusionary.

I should also say I understand why many people from minority groups gave told me that they are going to take over this country. It remains to be seen if there will be an America to take over and if it does not devolve into the dictatorship Wall Street would prefer.

I have written an essay about the incoming Obama administration but have decided not to publish it until after he has a few days to reveal himself to us. I formed my conclusions about Obama when he selected Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff and nominated Timothy Geithner, the President of the New York Federal Reserve bank, to be Treasury Secretary. I do not care that he cheated on his taxes. At this point in history, I would love to get someone out of federal prison for income tax evasion to serve as Treasury Secretary.

As I have said many times before, billions of dollars are stolen each week from unaudited federal spending and the NY FED is the official depository of the US government which means the billions of dollars went through Mr Geithner's bank every week before it went missing.

I have instead decided to write the following to give us an early warning test of what to expect from the 44th President of the United States. These are all things he could do by executive action.

He could instruct the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to ban all Credit Default Swaps (CDS). Currently, we taxpayers are exposed to tens of trillions of dollars in possible losses. These swaps are a cross between insurance and derivatives. You make payments to continue coverage so if we ban all payments they will expire thus ending our exposure to this egregious risk.

The Bailout of AIG due to swaps cost us 150 billion dollars so far. Try and wrap your mind around the real meaning of an 8.5 trillion dollar Bailout. Only 100,000,000 Americans have full time jobs that pay much more than the minimum wage. If all 100,000,000 of them took one hundred dollars a week and sent it to New York, it would take us one hundred weeks to pay off a trillion dollar Wall Street binge. It would take 850 weeks to pay off the proposed Bailout if Wall Street did not demand we pay them interest to rescue them. If the dollar crashes as expected and interest rates go to 15% we would never ever finish paying off the Bailout.

There are other early warning signs we can look for in the new administration. Will they close Guantanamo? That is just one high profile prison. But what about the secret prisons? Will they be closed? Will the prisoners be released or will they be executed without trial? What about the men we sent to Egypt and other such countries to be tortured. Will these men be freed? Will we pay their medical bills? Will we pay for the rehabilitation and therapy for the men we tortured? Will we pay for the support of those men who were so badly tortured they can no longer work? I don't think so but, as I said, we need to put the ending of torture on that wish list alongside the restoration of our civil rights.

The incoming administration could announce the end of the the National Security Administration (NSA) wiretapping program. This NSA program currently enlists AT&T and Verizon as partners who both sub-contract the actual wiretapping out to two separate Israeli companies. This means Israel has a tape recording of every telephone conversation we made in America. He could say that this program is beyond the limits imposed on government intrusion by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and is terminated forthwith.

The new President could eliminate the Slow Fly list at the airports and drastically reduce the numbers on the No Fly List without harming national security. It would be a sign that we were returning to the respect of the individual above the government. Previously I wrote about Naomi Wolf and the Slow Fly List. Let's keep an eye on her travels.

Another sign would be a call for an international conference to eliminate the laundering of drug money. The top 300 banks launder 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes, a trillion dollars in drugs and up to 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons. How many American families, neighborhoods and towns must be destroyed by drugs and drug related crime before we say “No” to Wall Street's money laundering that made it all possible?

I think that at the present moment of history all of the above is too much to ask for. We will have to wait for what I have called the rebellion of the Spirit against the the Powers That Be for everything except the revision of the No and Sloe Fly lists and the abolition of Credit Default Swaps. As I have said before, the plans Wall Street have made for our future are so odious that the human spirit will rebel against these maniacal plans. I make no predictions as to what will be after that rebellion takes place but as I said before Wall Street's deepest and darkest desires will never become our reality.

For now we can settle on the ban of Credit Default Swaps as the litmus test for Change. We can wait until the Rebellion of the Spirit succeeds for the rest. For now I just want President Obama to outlaw Credit Default Swaps so we can reduce the transfer of wealth from those of us who work for a living to the parasites of Wall Street thus putting a limit to the starvation Americans will have to endure until this nation rises up and says “No” to the bankers.

If Credit Default Swaps are not banned immediately, then we will know that Wall Street is still in control in the new administration. And they will soon fulfill their plan to drown Americans in trillions of dollars in debt transferring all wealth to them. We will soon know if we can expect Change or just more hot air.

We cannot eat hot air.


This is a ten minute video on the NSA spying program:

This is my standard reference on Wall Street's theft of billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government spending:


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