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Mexican Swine flu is a combination of two different swine flus from Europe and the Americas together with an Asian bird flu and more common human flu. If one Mexican farmer had a human flu and then became infected by one of his pigs, his body could have recombined the two different strains of flu to form a human-swine flu. He would have become what doctors call patient zero for a new epidemic.

But Mexican Swine flu combines a swine flu from Europe with a swine flu from the Americas with a bird flu from Asia in Mexico where pigs and birds are not normally raised on the same farm. This has led several medical observers to the conclusion that this was a man made virus manufactured inside a lab.

It is too early to say what percentage of those who will be infected will die. During the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-1919 most medical historians say that 2% of those who had the flu died. 50,000,000 are thought to have died. One third of the world's population was infected before the third and most deadly wave of the flu took its toll in 1919.

Some non-professionals have criticized the coverage as media driven hysteria and point out that we normally have 36,000 flu deaths per year. What they do not realize is that at least 30,000 of those deaths are caused by pharmaceutical companies and the government agencies they own conspiring together to force vaccines on patients 70 years of age and over for whom there is no benefit in vaccination. This explains why the Mexican Swine flu has killed mostly healthy adults and not many elderly. But, as soon as the promised vaccine is available in September, people 70 and over will start dying like flies.

The difference in the death rate between Mexico and the United States has been reported. I would point out as have doctors that Mexico is further along in the epidemic. But also we must take note that the poor in Mexico have limited access to treatment as do the poor in America. To prevent an epidemic here we need to offer immediate care to the poor in America as this flu must be treated in the first 48 hours.

Some critics of the pharmaceutical industry have charged that the Mexican Swine flu is genocide for profit. You can see this view in the video made by Dr Leonard Horowitz listed in the references below. I disagree as I think his analysis is too simplistic. It is true that there is money to be made in the pharmaceutical industry or what could more properly be called the health prevention industry.

We can also see a lot of profit being made in war but the people who own the government do not allow weapons manufacturers to start wars on their own especially in Mexico which does border the United States. If this is a planned genocide then permission had to be obtained from the highest levels of The Powers That Be which is to say Wall Street and the goals of this war against humanity must serve their interests.

President Obama has said. “My administration is all that stands between you (the bankers) and the pitchforks.“ This is a clear reference to the coming economic debacle in which billions of people will lose their savings and pensions as well as the purchasing power of their paychecks. They will reason that if they had something and what little they had has been taken away, then someone took it from them. And who is more likely to be held responsible than Wall Street?

Look at the advantages the Mexican Swine flu gives to the bankers:

1)Mexico has canceled all public meetings. If you also shut down the Internet and talk radio, then there will be no organized and informed opposition.

2)If there are riots,then you can infect the riot leaders and quarantine them. Once in quarantine, you can inject them with something that will terminate them. And then you can cremate the evidence and demand the public trust the death certificates you print en masse.

3) The Mexican Swine flu will isolate America's fastest growing population segment and take away any challenge they might pose to your authority.

4)If Mexico collapses, tens of millions of Mexicans will come to America seeking health care and jobs. It will be to your advantage that the Mexican criminal class will follow as there will be nothing left to steal in Mexico. This will divide America into racially warring clans and enhance your tried and true policy of divide and conquer. That is probably why this is not a Norwegian Swine flu.

5)The Spanish flu came in three waves. If the next wave does not come until September or October, then it will arrive in time to divert attention from the collapse of the dollar or at least allow the media to blame the Depression and the food riots on a virus and not the bankers.

6)Bankers will also have the option of releasing a much more virulent virus later this year or early next year if they think that they are in danger of losing power after the dollar crashes and this Depression hits bottom.

I think I have proven my point that Mexican Swine flu could very well have been made in a lab in order to allow Wall Street to maintain control of the economy and the government during the most dangerous year in their century long war against America. Since no educated and honest person with intellectual integrity and courage accepts at face value anything Wall Street and their employees in Washington say, it is their responsibility to explain to us just how swine flu from Europe combined with swine flu from the Americas and bird flu from Asia,

We cannot proceed as a society until they prove they are telling us the truth about this epidemic.

Now that I have made my point I suppose I should call this the H1N1 Type A 2009 virus just like Janet Napolitano does.


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