Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Black Guy Did It

“When this is all over, someone has to go to jail.”

The above quote is a standard line in mystery films from The Maltese Falcon to National Treasure. In the Maltese Falcon Sam Spade played by Humphrey Bogart tells the bad guys played by Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre that when this is all over the cops will want to send someone to jail. He nominates another bad guy played by a bit actor to take the fall.

It is also a standard part of American fiction that when a bad guy wants to frame someone else for a crime he committed he says, “The black guy did it.”

National politics in America is a spectator sport. No honest men and women are allowed to enter and to make decisions or even to participate in uncensored discussions of the events of the day in either print or televised media. We are permitted to choose sides and to root for Wall Street's anointed Republicans or Democrats.

I am dating myself but I actually voted in the 1978 election. We were given a choice between a Democrat who was a member of the Trilateral Commission which was headed by David Rockefeller in North America and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in Europe and a Republican who was a member of the Bilderberg Society headed by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in Europe and David Rockefeller in North America.

I learned my lesson and have ever since refused to vote for any candidate who is a member of either the Bilderberg Society or the Trilateral Commission. To that list we should add the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) or any candidate with serious campaign cash from either Goldman Sachs or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC.)

In normal times when one administration leaves the succeeding one even if from a supposed opposition party WILL not look too closely in to criminal activity. On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense (DOD) spending. If Rumsfeld were a real partisan, he could have started criminal proceedings and locked up half of the professional Democrat politicians in Washington as most of that money was stolen during the Clinton years.

The statute of limitations would have exempted the previous Bush administration from prosecution. But the public would demand real reform if they knew the level of corruption was as deep as it is so the Clintons were given a pass just as the Bushies were given a pass by the incoming Obama admin.

2009 is different than all other years. This is the year we lose our pensions and our savings and our wages spiral downwards until our after tax wages discounted for inflation are cut in half. The people who have lost everything will want blood. Barrack Obama knows this and even said that he was the only one standing between the bankers and the mobs with pitchforks.

Wall Street has been stealing money and manipulating public opinion for more than one hundred years. They have an exit strategy already prepared for when the public realizes the greatest swindle in human history has taken away their ability to feed themselves and their families. There are two obvious ploys.

Ploy number one. Someone has to go to jail. Wall Street sacrifices a politician and hopes the public is satisfied when Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner, George W Bush or another politician goes to jail. This will not work. The people I talk to fall into two categories. The smart ones who know things will soon fall apart and are waiting for that day when they can revolt. The others are too stupid to figure out that the purpose of all these Bailouts is not to help the unemployed get their jobs back but to take every last dollar from the working class and give it to the uber rich. When everyone figures it out the Game will be over. Wall Street knows this and trembles.

Ploy number two. The black guy did it. Wall Street engineers a race war by piling on after the food riots begin later this year. This is the most likely and by far the most dangerous scenario.

We need to make everyone aware that a race war is not in anyone's interest except for Wall Street bankers. We will win nothing from a violent civil war. I personally know of people choosing sides. They are armed and dangerous to themselves, to their race and to the existence of America as a free and sovereign nation. They are unwittingly coming to the rescue of the bankers they despise. They could provide Wall Street with an easy out by creating a situation so terrifying that the common people will give up all thoughts of revenge as they seek safety from a race based civil war.

As my regular readers know, I believe Wall Street has decided that America has been bled dry and will be of no further use and its enraged citizens have become a distinct liability. I assume they are thinking that a race war will destroy America so they can safely go about their business and merge what is left of the United States into the North American Union with Canada and Mexico.

Wall Street can then issue a new international debt based fractional reserve currency and begin fleecing a new generation of sheep.

There is time left for us to end this Game and live real lives free from Wall Street's machinations.


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