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Bilderberg 2009

America suffers from excessive democracy.

Quoted from an unnamed member of the Trilateral Commission

You must learn to show proper respect to your betters.

Quoted from my English boss at a Silicon Valley dot com in the 1990s

The Bilderberg Society met in Greece last weekend. I cannot show respect to any people who seek to profit from a worldwide economic collapse which they engineered and are presently meeting behind closed doors to stay in power even if that means another war and the abolition of democracy.

If they do not care for us, we should not care for them.

Demand Destruction

Daniel Estulin has been writing about the Bilderberg Society for more than a decade. He first heard of the term Demand Destruction in the 1990s but did not understand it in Bilderberger terms until a friend at the World Bank explained that it is a reference to a societal collapse brought on by either a war or a Depression so severe there is little economic activity.

Estulin has warmed us that we are moving towards a general societal collapse which is even beyond a Depression like 1929-1939.

I have spoken before of a long term credit cycle which ends in a financial disaster like the Great Depression. The bankers knew when they created the Federal Reserve Bank that giving a privately owned bank the right to print our currency would do two things. It would transfer all wealth to them And it would also create debts that could never be paid but only canceled through either default or hyperinflation. We will soon see the dollar crash to near zero value.

Daniel Estulin says that the current stock market rally is designed to fleece the public one last time. It is just another Wall Street pump and dump as were the Dot Com and Mortgage swindles before them. Wall Street would not have run these frauds if they were not convinced ten years ago when they began these swindles that the dollar was doomed.

Estulin has said that the Bilderbergers are debating whether or not to let the current economic malaise drag on for several years or to just crash it all at once later this year after they have liquidated their personal holdings.

He also said they expect the unemployment rate to double, The definition of unemployment was changed in 1994 to produce lower numbers. If we used the old definition our unemployment rate would be closer to 16% than 8%. Doubling the number out of work would crash the economy sooner rather than later. There will be no prolonged economic collapse.

The other hot topic is whether or not they can keep in control. They genuinely fear losing power. I gather for some reason they do not believe we love and respect them.

If you look at the list of participants in my references section, you will notice several generals including David Petraeus, James Jones and NATO commander Jaap de Hoop Sheffer and lots of national security types.

John Kerry was not listed but it is said he was a secret attender and has been tasked with pushing a carbon tax through the Senate. A carbon tax will drastically raise the price of fuel and electricity making Americans poorer and less able to compete against foreign countries. It will do nothing for the environment as production will be shifted offshore so a few million more jobs will be lost.

And veteran Bilderberg reporter says Bilderberg wants to use the swine flu crisis to set up a world health department just as they want to use the financial crisis to create a world Central Bank and Treasury.

In an interview Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, said after he was elected that he met with 23 CIA officials who wanted to know how he was elected as an independent. Ventura said it was because they wanted to make sure it never happened again. And that was for a state office prior to our current economic meltdown.

So what are their options when the economy does meltdown? They could use germ warfare to reduce population. They could start another war so they can set up the National Security State which has been their goal since the 1940s. They have been funding academic studies for decades saying they need to reduce the world's population by two thirds.

They could opt for a more moderate virus that would only kill 2% of the world's population like the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1919. This would give them dictatorial quarantine powers. As I noted in my previous essay, an attack on Iran would destroy the United States and force Americans into a nuclear war. This is unthinkable to sabe men and women. It is not likely to happen this year but Bilderbergers are neither sane nor concerned about us so the Bilderbergrs will launch World War III by having Israel attack Iran on 2010 or 2011 if they feel power is slipping from their hands.

The next step is up to them. They will have to do something soon because the Bilderbergers do not control Russia, China, OPEC and dozens of other countries in Asia, Latin America and the Mideast. The market is bigger than Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and their printing presses. I can almost guarantee the dollar will crash later this year.

It should be emphasized that there was no talk of attacking Iran. Bankers are not driven by the hysteria they feed to the press when they want a war. This conforms to my New Years prediction that WW III does not begin this year. This was confirmed when Obama and Netanyahu agreed to give Iran until the end of this year to comply with their demands.

Our job now is to inform those who will listen and stay tuned for further developments. The hour when we can take back our government will soon be at hand. Meanwhile I have in the past offered this advice which you might consider:

Move out of any big American city you would not feel safe in when the expected food riots sweep the America. Nassim Taleb, the author of Black Swan, says America is heading towards the most dangerous period in our history. More dangerous than the Great Depression and the Civil War. You should plan your personal life accordingly.

If your work will not allow you to leave town, you need an escape plan for you and your family. You must prepare a safe destination and be prepared to stay there for awhile.

I have said that our after tax and inflation wages will be cut in half. I am expecting a really big wave of inflation to begin later this year so canned food will be a great investment if I am right. If there are food riots, then canned food would be a good idea even if the deflationists are right. Plant a garden.

Keep your head down. If you are at a meeting, the guy who suggests violence is the FBI plant.

Your most valuable investment in the coming bad times apart from your family and friends will be a network of people who will come to your aid as you will do for them. Get involved in local small town or county government. When the federal and state governments collapse, Only the 3,000 American county governments will survive.

Be of good cheer. Let me repeat What I have said before.

The human spirit cannot and will not accept the future the Bilderberg Society has planned for us. That is why I believe there will be a Rebellion of the Spirit.

I was born free and I will die free.


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