Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Funny Money

My idea is we print green dollars with Ben Bernanke's photo on the front. Across the top I would print “Ben Bernanke's IOU Nothing Bucks.” The only denomination we need to print is 1,000,000. I realize that only coins have “In God We Trust” but we could add “In Greenspan We Trust” to the front.

Most of my regular readers would agree that the Federal Reserve is responsible for creating what I have called long run credit bubbles which led to the Great Depression of 1929-1939 and the one we are now entering which I believe will be even more severe than the last one.

Today I want to start a collective effort over the Internet to stop the FED from destroying the US and the rest of the world. What we need is publicity.

For the Great Seal of the United States my idea is a taxpayer straining to carry a banker on his shoulders. Around the border of the Great Seal I would put the words. “The Great Steal of the United States.”

The back of Ben Bernanke's IOU Nothing Bucks is where I get controversial. It will be printed in Chinese and English. Since the only Chinese person most Americans can recognize is Chairman Mao, his picture will have to be on the back. I would like to put Mao's picture in the center of a map of the continental United States.

Across the top I would I eould write the words “You Got Zip.” The denomination is the corners would be 0 which will soon be the value of the American dollar. Across the bottom, I would write the address of the group trying to audit the Federal Reserve as a first step to ending it.

We might add the words “Audit The Fed” to the bottom near the web address.

I have previously written about using the RICO statute to file a lawsuit to end the FED. It will not work until we get public support.

This is a co-operative online effort so I will need your suggestions. The fastest way to distribute this would be online but I can't draw and it should be centralized at End The FED or another organization.

If you would like to read my essay on taking down the Federal Reserve with a RICO lawsuit, you can do so here:

Any suggestions you might have will be greatly appreciated.



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