Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Laugh Heard Round The World

In the not too distant future the American President will be forced to go to China and beg President Hu Jintao to please loan him two trillion dollars to cover his budget deficit. And without stopping to take a breath he will ask him to throw in a few hundred billion extra so he can bid oil away from Chinese workers and give it to the unemployed in America to guarantee his re-election.

The President of China's response will be “the laugh heard round the world.”

The American Empire and our extravagant lifestyle is one laugh away from grinding to a screeching halt.

This originally appeared as part of my previous essay Bilderberg 2009 but I believe this idea is so significant it needs its own showcase. People all over the world know that they can stop the American Empire on any given day just by saying no to our Federal Reserve Notes.

People all over the world know that they send us oil, copper, steel, computers, cars, clothes and everything at WalMart while Ben Bernanke sends them IOU Nothing Bucks. America has been propping up its Empire by taking the fruits of the labors of foreigners with worthless paper. To take the labors of others without payment is one definition of slavery.

Now you understand why Matthias Chang calls our Federal Reserve Notes “American toilet paper.”

This will not last. I believe it all unwinds before the end of 2009 though the Federal Reserve can create a few trillion dollars to keep the illusion going for awhile longer. It is a matter of when not if.


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