Saturday, May 23, 2009

Afghanistan Bananastan

I am about to add the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan to my short list of signs portending collapse. My regular readers know that I believe US Treasury auctions and rising interest rates will tell us when the dollar will collapse.

I am concerned that the US war against the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan will undo both the Obama administration and America. On June 4th Obama will go to Egypt with his teleprompters and advisors to make a major speech on the Mideast.

He is no longer a candidate. He is a President. Kawther Salaam recently wrote of the brutality of the Israeli occupation of Hebron. Most of the Palestinians do not have adequate water. They cannot repair their windows or doors without permission of the Israeli military so nothing works. Recently a Palestinian replaced his door so the Israeli army came and smashed everything in his house.

The Israelis built another illegal settlement on occupied land just prior to Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to President Obama in Washington just to set the tone for the meeting. He told America he rejected a Palestinian state. But he did agree not to attack Iran in 2009. So what can Obama say to the Muslims? He cannot talk about Palestine.

Will he dare to talk about Afghanistan and Pakistan?

He has increased American troop levels in Afghanistan and also dared to increase military strikes in Pakistan. Obama has placed General Stanley McChrystal the former head of the Pentagon's super secret Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)in charge of US forces in Afghanistan. Seymour Hersh has charged that JSOC was Dick Cheney's executive assassination group.

Obama has bribed the Pakistani military into attacking civilians within their own borders. They now have two million refugees. Hillary offered Pakistan 110 million dollars to care for the people displaced by US policies. The Pakistani government asked for another half a billion dollars. It is almost certain that the majority of the American aid has gone to pay the military to shoot their own citizens rather than feed and house the people fleeing American bombs.

Pakistan under normal circumstances is not likely to side with the Taliban as only a small percentage of the population is ethnically Afghani and Punjabis are a majority. But dropping bombs on a Muslim nation, killing innocent civilians and forcing 2,000,000 people to flee for their lives will destabilize any American client state.

Zbigniew Brzezinski got us involved in Afghanistan while he was National Security advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He convinced the President to and the Taliban in order to force the Soviet Union to invade. Millions of people have died because the US wanted to destroy the Soviet economy through a costly and unwinnable military occupation of a Muslim nation.

The point is that the US should have learned the lesson that invading and occupied a Muslim nation is a very bad idea. Afghanistan has defeated the British three times. They have defeated the Russians and the Macedonians and every other army except the Persians.

So why are we destabilizing our ally Pakistan and occupying Afghanistan which shot down 1,000 Soviet planes and helicopters? For that matter why are we still occupying Iraq now that the government freely admits Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, had nothing to do with 911 and was not an ally of Al-Qaeda?

Some critics on the Left have talked of valuable pipelines in the region. I disagree.

It is past time we admit that our leaders are insane and self-destructive. The American Empire is over. The dollar is terminal.

America cannot fight any more wars. We cannot invade Iran. We cannot encircle Russia. We cannot hold onto Iraq and Afghanistan for even one more year because the dollar is dying.

Instead of passing a 91 billion dollar supplemental appropriation for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Senate ought to be investing in new industrial jobs inside American borders.

Instead of fighting oil wars in the Mideast we ought to be buying 100,000 plus buses for that fast approaching day when the dollar collapses and the bottom half of American society will not be able to afford to buy gas to drive their cars.

What we need to do is to develop a plan to survive the collapse of the dollar. We need to prepare a system of food distribution to protect our cities and our citizens from the much anticipated food riots.

Instead of President Obama creating a new Preventive Detention program we ought to be busily engaged in restoring the Bill of Rights.

I have been using movie and book titles for my essay titles. I chose a line “Afghanistan Bananastan” from an old Robert Redford movie not to make fun of Muslims but to warn Americans that perpetual war against Israel's neighbors will soon turn America into a banana boat republic.


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