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I accuse both political parties, the controlled media and the 911 Commission of treason.

Nothing new there. I have said many times that the politicians of both parties allowed Wall Street to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal spending. The politicians have also deliberately allowed the Federal Reserve to create a long run credit cycle which will destroy the dollar, steal our pensions, savings and paychecks.

And now they are taking trillions of dollars from us and giving them to the Robber Barons as if bailing out billionaires was in the national interest.

What is new is the publication of the article Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe which appeared in The Open Chemical Physics Journal.

You can prove treason for yourself by reading the article in the references below and by watching an interview with one of the authors. This article announced that nano-thermite was found in the debris from the World Trade Center.

Nano-thermite is not commercially available. It is a much more energetic version of thermite which was discovered in 1893. Thermite is an incendiary or cutting agent and not an explosive like C4 and RDX. Thermite is a combination of metal powders and metal oxides and is used to create high temperatures in a focused area over a short period of time. It is widely used to cut metal. Thermate is a related substance and can cut through a steel girder in seconds with a 4,800 degree Fahrenheit flame.

Nano-thermite was found in the dust of the World Trade Center. Nano-thermite is a superior cutting agent because it produces a more intense heat. It has a finer molecular structure. Scholars investigating 9-11 believe at a minimum ten tons of nano-thermite were used. It is not commercially available. It would be easily available in that amount only for the CIA, the Mossad and other government agencies. No man residing in a cave in Afghanistan could even place an order.

9-11 witnesses saw molten iron before they saw and heard explosions. The nano-thermite weakened the steel structures and the explosives brought down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7.

For the past few years I have challenged people to go to and to watch the collapse of Tower 7 which was never hit by a plane. Tower 7 collapsed in 6.5 seconds. Nobody has explained how that happened without the use of explosives and thermitic cutting agents. Nobody ever will. Not even the 20 million dollar NIST report can offer a credible scientific explanation.

Treason is the only explanation for 9-11.

Treason explains why the media has allowed the governments of the United States and Israel to get away with killing over 3,000 Americans at the WTC and the Pentagon on 9-11.

So why commit treason on such a grand scale unless you knew you could get away with it? The traitors knew in advance that thousands of people worldwide would never believe government lies. In a democracy those of us with opposing views would continue campaigning and telling the truth until the truth was widely accepted and the traitors were brought to justice.

Therefor the Americans and Israelis who planned 9-11 must not have feared the long term ability of the citizens of the United States to take political action. This means they are convinced that either America ceases to exist and/or our nation ceases to be a sovereign democracy.

We can see the wars they have started in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can see they are currently destabilizing Pakistan and threatening Iran which is years away from developing nuclear weapons.

On the economic front we can see that they have used the Federal Reserve to create long term credit bubbles in the dot com and sub-prime mortgage pump and dumps. Now we see both political parties clamoring to give away trillions of dollars to the robber barons who had just swindled us.

There are many signs of complete economic collapse in the very near future. Nassim Taleb, the author of the Black Swan, said we headed into a period in American history more dangerous than the Great Depression and the Civil War. He also said he has not been sleeping much lately.

The American government has been intervening in the stock market with ten to twenty billion dollars a day in purchases in the last seven minutes of trading. They are using taxpayer money and Federal Reserve money to prop up the stock market so the uber rich can sell their personal holdings before the markets collapse worldwide.

China has prepared their citizens for the future by buying up a two to three year supply of commodities, such as, oil, gasoline, diesel, copper, gold and now soybeans. They have prepared themselves against both an imminent collapse of the dollar and a cut off of supplies in case of either war or a even a laboratory manufactured virus that kills 150 to 400 million people and shuts down all protests, rebellions, civil agitation and the world economy as well.

The Israeli and American governments could combine to foment a racial civil war within the borders of the United States. For the past several months Americans have been buying 50,000,000 bullets a day. The only effective way to disarm Americans and to protect the billionaires of Wall Street is to get Americans to shoot a few billion bullets at each other which is why I believe the latest Swine flu epidemic started in Mexico.

One option is to suddenly collapse Mexico sending 15 to 20 millions Mexicans across the border at a time when food riots are sweeping across America. In a previous essay Outbreak I said I think the swine flu was made in a lab and released in Mexico so Wall Street would have the ability to release a much more lethal virus later this year or early next year. They could take out the United States and Mexico with a virus if Americans started chasing bankers with pitchforks.

America did nothing when it was obvious that President Kennedy was assassinated with the assistance of the federal government. America did nothing when it was obvious that the Oklahoma City federal building was not taken down on 4-19-1995 by a truck bomb parked forty feet away. It has been obvious that World Trade Center Tower 7 which was never hit by a plane but was taken down by a controlled demolition.

But now things are different. They have stolen our money so they cannot threaten to send us to bed without dinner. We won't have anything left to be taken away after Wall Street has stolen everything and trashed America.

And they know Americans are buying 50.000.000 bullets a day.

As Nassim Taleb said, we are heading towards a day more dangerous than either the Great Depression or the Civil War.

Whatever does happen, rest assured that our future will not be one the Bilderbergers have designed for us. The human spirit will rebel and will not live under their One World government that intends to replace One Man One Vote with One Bank One Vote.

This assumes that we do not bite at the race war gambit.

We can tilt the future in our favor by telling everyone that nano-thermite, especially ten tons of it, is only available from the US and Israeli military. They will listen now that they can see their money being stolen from them every day of the week


To read the scientific paper on nano-thermite being found at the World Trade Center please go here:

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