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The Coming Great American Fire Sale or America Gets Poorer Part IV

I have been chronicling the transfer of all wealth from us to Wall Street and the destruction of America by the latter. This essay will concentrate on the fast approaching sale of American public assets, such as, water, public utilities, parks and roads to foreign buyers as well as the forced sale in bankruptcy of our major business corporations and our homes in foreclosures.

I have also been warning my friends and associates as to just when we can expect the dollar to crash so they can protect themselves as well as they can. I feel obligated to point out an article in the London Telegraph that China’s Central Bank will soon begin to contract their money supply. The Chinese banks have been loaning money into the housing and stock and commodity market bubbles. The Chinese passed a Stimulus Package of their own and have found that the money has been funneled into the Shanghai stock market. Their government wants to redirect their Stimulus to the unemployed and the rural poor. link

The problem is that when the Chinese contract their money supply we will have no one to buy our Treasury bonds. This does not bode well for us at a time when the new administration is selling 104 billion dollars or more a week in Treasuries. This follows the decision of the European Central Bank to also contract their money supply. The Federal Reserve has been creating money to buy Treasuries. That will only work until foreigners are forced from fear of the devaluation of the dollar to dump their dollars and send us into a Depression far worse than 1929.

This leads me to repeat my earlier prediction that I first made several years ago that the dollar would collapse in the last half of 2009 and that our wages would, as planned by Wall Street, be cut in half if we do not repeal the Federal Reserve Act and reform the system.

Last week Max Keiser, who lives in Paris, was talking with Dr Michael Hudson about the G8 Summit and said (link) that one of the issues was the purchase in the past six months of Third World farms equal in size to the entire farm land of Europe. To repeat that is farm land equal to Europe’s and that happened in just 6 months. The land sold was purchased by dollars that Asia and OPEC were dumping. The poor nations are using those dollars to pay interest on fictional debts to US and London banks. (I explained why government debts are fictional in my previous essay in this series.)

Max Keiser went on to say that Americans will be next. If our wages are cut in half by a planned inflation and our farms and corporations are bought out from under us, we will be reduced to near slavery. Wall Street has additional plans to buy our public utilities, water supplies, parks and roads.

Several members of the Bilderberg Society, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) own oil companies such as Shell and EXXON-Mobil. But these men are also involved in water privatization. Wikipedia lists the top three water privatization companies. None are either English or American. Vivendi and Suez are French though Wiki neglects to mention that these companies have senoir executives who are members of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Society.

In fact Viscount Etienne Davignon who is a senior executive at Vivendi was the European head of Bilderberg and therefore sat in on the powerful and secretive Bilderberg Steering Committee. Much has been said of the two classes of Bilderberg members. The lower class are just attendees and are allowed to talk about the agenda that was determined by the more powerful and secretive Bilderberg Steering Committee. A few of American attendees are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, General David Petraeus and former President Gerald Ford. Steering Committee members include Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller.

The Wikipedia article went on to say that a controversial aspect of the water privatization movement is the fact that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are forcing Third World nations who have been bankrupted by fictional government debts to participate. Nor does Wiki bother to tell its readers that the Presidents of the World Bank and the IMF are Bilderbergers.

The fly in the ointment is that, as Max Keiser warned us, Americans are next on the list of nations to be put through bankruptcy brought about by fictional government debts. The Congress recently saw fit to give 106 billion dollars to the IMF which we borrowed from China. The IMF will soon lend the United States and England money on the same conditions as Third World countries like Bolivia. That 106 billion dollars could be loaned back to us as early as 2010 when we will be forced to either sell our birth right to Wall Street or to starve.

In 2000 James David Wolfensohn was the President of the World Bank and refused to renew a 25 million dollar loan to Bolivia unless the Bolivians agreed to sell their water resources to private foreign companies. That consortium of foreign companies included Bechtel corporation which is owned by the father and son multi-billionaire team of Walter and Riley Bechtel. Wiki has an article about the 2000 Cochabamba Bolivia Water Wars here. The people had to stage a four day general strike in Cochabamba to be noticed. The Bolivian government sent soldiers and arrested strikers. The Water Wars article is long and fascinating. To cut to the chase we can just say the people won. And several Third World countries have passed laws making it illegal to privatize water resources.

James David Wolfensohn was appointed to run the World Bank by President Clinton and was so admired by Wall Street that he was re-appointed by President Bush.

Unfortunately for you, your Congress signed onto the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) which allows foreign companies to sue America in World Trade Organization (WTO) European courts so they can legally force the sale of American water, public utilities, roads, real estate and parks.

The World Bank required Bolivia to sell its water to foreigners because the Bolivians could not refinance a 25 million dollar loan. America is rapidly becoming a Third World Banana Boat Republic. The Lords of Wall Street have created an 11.4 trillion dollar fictional debt that we will soon be incapable of servicing. Our state and local governments are also going bankrupt and are steadily losing income tax and sales tax revenues. Martin Weiss has warned us that the recent lowering of the rating of California's state bonds means that most insurance companies and investment firms will be required by law to sell their California bonds as well as those of many other seates and local governments.

What do you think will happen if Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke are forced within the next 150 days to bail out 3 trillion dollars in munincipal bonds? How do you think state and local governments will be able to pay two or three times as much interest on their bonds after having made draconian budget cuts and raised taxes to unconsionable levels?

After the state and local governments make an initial round of budget cuts in 2009 they will be forced to sell off our resources to Wall Street and to foreign companies in 2010 in the face of food riots, strikes and the dumping of our bonds.

That is why I entitled this essay the Coming Great American Fire Sale. Our state and local governments will be selling American public assets at a time when real estate prices are at an all time low and the entire world has been deliberately pushed by design into a buyers market.

There is another aspect of the Coming Fire Sale which I have spoken of before. Bankers have been stealing 4 billion dollars a week from unaudited government spending. The bankers also have profits from laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drug money and up to 400 billion dollars in illegal weapons. They also profit from laundering 500 billion dollars a year in bribes for politicians worldwide.

All that money has been invested overseas and will be repatriated next year when the Lords of Wall Street plan to buy American corporations for pennies on the dollar. In 2010 they will also be buying foreclosed homes, farms and other real estate.

By 2012 we will be living in abject poverty, our wages cut in half and with our roads, public utilities, water and parks belonging to consortiums of Wall Street and foreigners. We will control nothing. The jobs that remain will be given to the favored few by corporations that were bought with money stolen from us.

Inflation and unemployment will exhaust our savings and pensions. We did not get into the depths of the last Depression until the third year when our savings had been used up.

You might be thinking that nobody would vote for this and that everyone will rebel. Nobody would vote for what the bankers have planned for us. That is why I have been saying for years that the bankers have been behind the rise of the National Security State where you have no rights.

I am thoroughly convinced that the bankers know the dollar will soon crash and have decided to go for broke in late 2009 and early 2010 to transform our government so America ceases to exist as a sovereign nation with a functioning Bill of Rights, meaningful elections and vigorous free speech in the public media.

My next essay in this series America Gets Poorer Part V could be subtitled The Last Gasp Of The Lords Of Wall Street.


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