Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Week That Was 6-14-09

The one word that sums up this week’s news is INSANITY. Nothing new there. I was eight years-old when I had that vision of WW III and fully realized the maniacal, hate-filled and self-destructive nature of world leaders.

The dollar spirals downwards as interest rates, oil, gasoline and unemployment inch upwards till we reach that day in a few months when it all goes to hell and we have food riots in the streets. All this while insane men fritter away our time and resources. Tick Tock.

President Obama who won the Democratic primaries as an anti-war candidate has been trying to outdo Bush and Cheney. Last month he was sending more troops to Afghanistan. Mr. Obama please explain to us why sending troops to Iraq was a bad idea but sending troops to Afghanistan is a good idea.

Last week the President of the United States proposed prolonged detention for people who might be suspected of committing a crime in the future. He specifically mentioned a ten year sentence. No mention of what we do with people after serving ten years for not committing a crime.

There was a time when we could have taken a transcript of a speech like this, removed all identifying references to people and places and nobody would have thought an American President would have uttered such gibberish. Ten years in prison without trial because someone thinks you might commit a crime in the future!!

To balance his dark side our anti-war President has the FBI reading Miranda warnings against self incrimination to prisoners captured in Afghanistan.

He has also given the island nation of Palau 200 million dollars to take in a few Chinese Muslims who were captured near Tora Bora in Afghanistan, That works out to a cost of 11.7 million dollars a Muslim.

Anti-war Presidential advisors do not understand the military. A lot of soldiers will probably just shoot prisoners rather than fill out all that paper work from the Department of Justice.

The Obama DOJ has also been busy covering up torture on an American citizen for Bush and Cheney and the AIPAC spy case for Israel.

Taken altogether the policies of this administration make no sense especially when you consider that regular gas is selling for $3.00 a gallon in California and interest rates have creeped up to within one point of tipping us over into a very steep Depression from which we might not ever recover. Tick Tock.

Our friends in Israel have kept pace with America in the competition for insane politicians. The Israeli parliament has passed a law making it illegal to commemorate the Nakba which is a Palestinian day of remembrance for the 700,000 Palestinians forced from their homes at gun point in 1948.

They have also made it a condition of citizenship for Israeli-Arabs to swear allegiance to Israel as a Zionist state. Now critics worldwide have reason to compare Israel to South Africa. Imagine an African being forced to swear allegiance to a white separatist government before being granted citizenship.

Israel has continued to expand its illegal settlements on Palestinian territory. By the way, that famous quote from the Iranian President saying Israel should go off the map was part of a longer statement in which he compared Israel to the Soviet Union. The latter nation is no longer on the map and deservedly so. It has been replaced by Russia and several other independent nations.

It is past time for the whole world to seriously consider allowing Israel to be replaced by a Greater Palestine which would have to consist of two separate Palestinian states for a generation or two.

If Jewish people want to feel safe,they will have to learn to make their neighbors feels safe. They can begin by removing the blockade of Gaza, withdrawing all illegal settlements from the West Bank, tearing down all sections of the Apartheid wall on Palestinian land and stopping all insane talk of launching World War III by attacking Iran.

As I have said before, Mordecai Vanunu told us that Israel killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy so they could develop nuclear weapons. The Israelis jointly tested their first nuclear bomb with their allies in Red China in 1964.

And as I have said before, the real reason why Israel killed our first Catholic President is the same reason why they want to launch a war against Islam. They want to be eternally hated by a billion Catholics and 1.3 billion Muslims.

The goal of the current self-appointed Jewish leadership is the same as that of their forbears in 1935 when they financed Hitler’s purchase of weapons with a loan from a Rothschild owned bank that was the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold.

Simply put the Israelis are trying to get us all killed just so they can get themselves killed. Israel is the definition of Insanity.

Quote 1 of the week: If torture, er, waterboarding were against the law, Bush and Cheney would be arrested and sent to jail. Bill O’Reilly

Quote 2 of the week: In the long run we are all dead but our children are left to pick up the tab. Thomas Hoenig President of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.


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