Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On The Road- UPDATE

I completed my move and had my Internet installed today.

I am working on a new essay and am thinking of reviewing my previous essays. Gas prices are climbing as I predicted when oil was half the price it is today. I said that regular gas in California would hit $4.00 a gallon in 2009 though I did say that some of my predictions for 2009 might not come true until early 2010.

I also predicted no Israel attack on Iran in 2009 which seems a safe bet now. The one big prediction I made that is still out there is that a huge inflation will begin before the end of this year. I originally predicted several years ago that the dollar would crash in the latter half of 2009. I have said my timing might be off so don't bet the farm on what I say.

Please Note: I am not an investment advisor and am not giving you investment advice.

The point is not my predictions. The point is that I base my predictions on the reality of a self-perpetuating aristocracy that controls Wall Street, the Federal Reserve bank, the media and our government including both political parties. As I have explained to my readers many times in the past, they have devised a banking system to transfer all wealth from us to them and are pathologically insane men whose real goal is to destroy themselves and the world.

I have also predicted a Rebellion of the Spirit as we human beings cannot tolerate the world the Bilderbergers have planned for us. Stay Tuned for further developments.

I have taken my own advice. I am leaving California, the place of my birth. As I have been telling my readera, all American cities will soon be unlivable. I will be going low profile though I will be continuing my blogs. But it might be awhile before I am back online.

Please don't expect comments to be published while I am offline and please do not email me until I am back online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep in touch Daniel. Wish I can live off the grid, but with a young family... -Shaun

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