Sunday, June 14, 2009

NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL 202-224-3121

Bankers are more dangerous than standing armies.
Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Albert Gallatin

Now is the time for you and everyone you can persuade to call the United States House of Representatives. The House is holding a hearing on HR 1207 which will require an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED has never been audited since it was created in 1913.

At a recent hearing, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was asked by an elected representative what exactly he did with the more than one trillion dollars in new assets he created since last year and used to bail out Wall Street firms. The man was so arrogant that he refused to answer any questions. As if the billions of dollars Wall Street donates every election cycle trumped our votes.

Now is the time to take back our democracy from the bankers. I am fully persuaded that if even one tenth of the criminality of the banking system is revealed in the forthcoming hearings, the public will be so enraged that they will force the House and then the Senate to pass the bill requiring the FED to be audited.

Now is the best possible time for the revelations from the audit to be made public. People are losing homes, jobs , cars, pensions and retirement savings. The dollar is about to crash. And the US debt is 11.4 trillion dollars and growing almost two trillion dollars a year threatening to send us all into permanent debt slavery to Wall Street if we do nothing now.

Many have become disheartened by a corrupt political system but it is Wall Street and the Federal Reserve that are at the core of that corruption. If we all make one phone call now, we can put an end to the power of all those who have stolen our money and all but destroyed America.

In 1906 there was a reform movement in California that did not get any traction until the earthquake and fire destroyed most of San Francisco. The citizens became so enraged by shoddy government sponsored construction that the reformers took over city hall and then went on to take away the state legislature and the governorship from the railroads.

We now have millions of angry people behind us. Please call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and launch the reform movement that is America’s last and best hope.

If you do not know your Congressional representative‘s name, you can go to and type in your zip code to find out. You can also find their local and congressional office direct lines.

Ask them why the Federal Reserve should not be audited at least once in 96 years. Ask them if they think that the bankers are above the law?

If you want to find out before you call whether or not your congressional representative supports HR 1207, you can go here:

If your representative does support HR 1207, then give them your appreciation and support. They will need it as we are all headed into dangerous and trying times.


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