Saturday, July 04, 2009

Final Warning

I have called this essay Final Warning not because I think World War III is about to begin. What I am saying is that the world will begin to unravel as soon as September and that we might not be able to freely communicate after September or October.

Some time ago I started to get intuitions about September. I am now fairly well convinced that the world will start to unravel in September.

I told my readers several months ago to follow Treasury bond auctions. That was before the Obama administration went wild. Now they are auctioning off more than 100 billion dollars a week in Treasuries.

When I was 9 years-old, I read about how banks really work. I learned the corrupt nature of our banking system and our politicians at an early age. I knew then that we had a system designed to fail. In 2005 I began to share my intuition that the dollar would collapse in the second half of 2009.

At this time I am only willing to say that the world will begin to unravel starting in September and that the dollar should crash before the end of 2009. I am human and could be wrong about the specific date of the run on the dollar. But I don’t see how the dollar can survive through 2010. Max Keiser has said that the only way for foreigners to escape being robbed on a daily basis by the criminal conspiracy known as Wall Street is to dump the dollar.

I must repeat my earlier advice that it is past time that you either move away from any large American city or at least have an escape route prepared to a safe haven in either rural America or overseas. As you probably know, I left California the place of my birth and now live in a small Middle America town near some of my closest relatives.

I do not want you to become depressed and fearful. Those of us who understand how banks work knew that the dollar would eventually collapse and that it was designed to do so while simultaneously transferring all of our wealth to the Lords of Wall Street.

You who have spent your whole life in frustration because nobody listened to you when you said Wall Street is a criminal conspiracy be of good cheer. Today is your day. Americans will listen if you know what you are talking about. But you need talk to them about the things that motivate them the most which is why I focus on money and the theft of their pensions, savings and paychecks.

The world will soon begin to unravel. I have written of the coming Rebellion of the Spirit. As I explained it, the human spirit will rebel at the dark and dreary future the bankers have planned for us. I cannot say when the Rebellion of the Spirit will begin nor if we will be able to communicate over an uncensored Internet or if we will even be allowed to talk freely in private with one another.

The bankers cannot and will not win this fight.

Fourth of July 2009
Middle America

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and I am not giving you financial advice.


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Thank you for the update. History taught us well: An empire (and its currency) is just not sustainable. The time for the "Rebellion of the Spirit" will come; human evolution to a higher frequency is the clear path.


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