Friday, July 10, 2009


If you want me to publish your comment do not ...

Mention any violence or threaten any political figures. I am opposed to a violent solution to our current situation and have sufficient problems with Google. They have not incremented my profile vounter in months. I am in good company. I am on the same list as Layla Anwar.

Pass along long winded disinformation. I have allowed shorter disinformation pieces through because they were so obviously stupid. One man said that Depleted Uranium is a natural substance which it is not so exposure to it is not harmful. Arsenic is a natural substance but if you expose your neighbors to it, you will be talking to the police in short order.

MIKE RIVERO said something quite profound yesterday. He said if foreigners see signs that Americans en masse will no longer pay taxes until Wall Street stops stealing our money they will dump the dollar and the federal government will collapse.


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