Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Like Hitler In The Bunker But With Nuclear Weapons

Mike Rivero said on his radio show that Barack Obama's rapid decline in popularity worries him. When Presidents fear losing power, they have in recent years started wars and even allowed terrorist events like the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001. What worries Mr Rivero is that Obama's popularity is dropping farther and faster than any President in modern history. Rivero expects either an event like 9-11 or another war.

Obama's drop in popularity is not confined either to the Right or to Zionists angry that Obama has not incinerated the Mideast. Rivero is a liberal. Stephen Lendman is a New Deal liberal. After six months of the new administration, he summed up his view of Obama in three words: “Worse than Bush.” Both men are very much opposed to Zionism.

We are probably two or three months away from an economic collapse. The Treasury Department has been having severe problems selling all those bonds Obama and the Congress has asked them to sell so the chances of the dollar lasting until Christmas are rapidly diminishing.

This means any Wall Street plans to maintain control are already in the works. In the past I have outlined several options available to the bankers that we need to be aware of.

I have already warned of the Swine flu vaccine which has squalene, mercury and other adjuvants plus contaminants that are guaranteed to weaken our immune system so lab manufactured plagues could subsequently sweep around the world in waves killing a billion people. We have recently learned that the US military will be used to help FEMA manage the pandemic hauling Americans off to quarantine centers if need be.

Israel has been putting too many military assets on its border with Lebanon. Israel has also sent tanks and bulldozers into Gaza again.

And Obama has invaded and occupied northwest Pakistan with mercenaries from the company formerly known as Blackwater. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is intentionally being destabilized by Zbignew Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission who first got us involved in Afghanistan during the Carter presidency.

Persons unknown have recently shelled Russians in South Ossetia's capitol city. Georgia has denied responsibility. Americans and Israelis are known to be in the area. Someone is trying to provoke the Russians.

And of course there is always the threat of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities which would launch WW III. Iran could be blamed by the bought and paid for press for the coming plague whether or not the Iranians were responsible.

Another source could be a new outbreak of Swine and Bird flu in Mexico but that would enrage too many Mexicans living within shooting distance of bankers in the US to be practical.

Enter the Reverend James David Manning who has been all over YouTube criticizing Barack Obama. Until today I have not referred to his observations. In the video below he warns us of Barack Obama's megalomania. Our President is currently working with Wall Street to put us under martial law.

Obama has taken control of the automotive industry. He wants the Federal Reserve to take over the economy. If we give him control of health care and of energy through the health care and Cap and Trade bills, he will have near dictatorial powers which could become permanent.

Rev Manning has given us two separate warnings. One is a near term warning that Obama is so narcissistic that he will not hesitate to stage another event like 911 or to start a war to give himself dictatorial martial law powers if his popularity declines further.

His second warning is more alarming. The reverend unfavorably compared Obama to Hitler in the bunker saying that he is more dangerous than the Nazi leader because America has 10,000 nuclear weapons. He said that Obama will not hesitate to launch a world war if he thinks he is in danger of losing power.

The bankers have similar plans in case of a rebellion by the soon to be impoverished American people. But note this one difference. When I was a child, I said we would never have a global thermonuclear war because nuclear weapons kill rich people. I said the bankers would prefer mass starvation as a weapon because that would confine the losses in the next war to the poor who are not able to pay taxes to support the uber rich who were given a license to print our money.

This difference in views on nuclear war between Obama and his masters could prove fatal to the President. I do see a problem in that he could start a really big war before the Powers That Be could assassinate him.

If he were killed before he got out of control, his death could conveniently be used to start a race war to make rebellion impossible in a divided nation. I am not now predicting a Presidential assassination. At this time. the maniacal inclinations of Obama and the Bilderbergers seem to mesh nicely.

In his conclusion Reverend Manning said America is a nation blessed by God and that the American people will rise up in rebellion.

I think our first victory against the bankers could be the refusal to accept Swine flu vaccines. This vaccine could be a worse fiasco than the 1976 swine flu vaccine that had to be withdrawn after it started getting people sick, killing some and paralyzing many others.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will be donating the Swine flu vaccine from hell to the poor in Third World countries. If educated Americans refuse the vaccine, we will be alive to watch as bankers are chased down in the streets by angry mobs of people whose uneducated raltives were murdered by injection in poor nations as a result of policies implemented by the Bilderberg Society.

Our dollar and our government will soon collapse leaving those of us who refused vaccination and do survive the plague to begin rebuilding our nation and the world without Bilderbergers.


This is part 1 of Dr Manning's video.

This is Mike Rivero's website.

And this is his radio show which airs Monday thru Friday at 7 pm Pacific and 5 pm Central time.


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