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The Rebellion of 2009

In this year 2009 the American people will scream an emphatic and unequivocal "No" to those who have exploited them. Goldman Sachs, AIG, the pharmaceutical industry, the Federal Reserve, the bought and paid for media and the criminal enterprises otherwise known as the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Back during the Persian Gulf War the congress and the Pentagon allowed pharmaceutical companies to inject our troops with untested experimental vaccines containing squalene. One cause of Gulf War Syndrome was that series of vaccinations given without informed consent. Investigators from Insight magazine discovered that 750,000 shot records mysteriously disappeared as a result of a Pentagon coverup.

Eighteen years-ago the Pentagon, the Senate, the House and the press did their duty and protected the pharmaceutical industry from scrutiny. More than 100,000 young healthy men and women either died young or were made to suffer a daily agony of pain and disability because American politicians were willing to sell their lives for campaign cash.

Not one person was made to pay for killing more soldiers than died in the entire Vietnam war. Fast forward to 2009.

This year that same criminal enterprise wants to give billions of dollars to four vaccine makers to vaccinate hundreds of millions of Americans. No problem that test trials on the poor in Poland has already proved fatal. They will just exempt their co-conspirators in Big Pharma from civil lawsuits. No problem that Baxter Pharmaceutical shipped out live virus in vaccines and killed all of their (animal) test subjects. They will simply let all four of the vaccine makers pull a Bait and Switch on their American test trials.

They will be allowed to test a few thousand Americans with clean versions of the vaccines that contain neither the adjuvants mercury and squalene nor any contaminants nor any live virus so unsuspecting people who trust their government will line up with their children to be immunized by vaccines that were never tested on human subjects. All this was done not to protect Americans from a Swine Flu outbreak that to date has killed fewer than one in two million people in this country. This vaccine program was definitely designed to make money for Big Pharma and may have also been implemented for even more sinister motives.

There are too many of us who know the truth of what happened in previous campaigns. We know that the Salk polio vaccine had to be recalled because it contained live polio virus and actually spread the disease it was intended to prevent. Then the Sabin vaccine was rushed into the schools without being tested.

The Sabin vaccine was tested AFTER it was injected into millions of children. Researchers found 40 monkey viruses in the Sabin vaccine. The 40th monkey virus discovered was named Simian Immunodeficiency Virus 40 or SIV-40 which subsequently has shown amongst other things to have increased lung cancer in people who had never smoked.

The other adjuvant in the Swine Flu vaccine is mercury. Ever since the government has mandated our children take vaccines containing mercury, there has been an exponential increase in autism everywhere in America except amongst the Amish who do not accept vaccination.

This mercury is in the compound Thimerosal which Wikipedia describes as an anti-septic and anti-fungal agent used in vaccines though it is supposedly being phased out in Europe and other non-brain dead areas outside the jurisdiction of the House and Senate which I have rightfully named as criminal enterprises.

I would love to hear someone ask Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, if men ans women of conscience will be exempted from taking vaccines from Novartis which makes vaccines from aborted fetal cells.

I would love to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answer this question: Why don't you require the vaccine makers to make clean vaccines so they don't have to use mercury compounds to kill a fungus?

Or why don't you prohibit squalene as an adjuvant in the forthcoming vaccination program since it has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome and was banned by a US Federal court judge in October 2004? You can cite both Wikipedia Gary Matsumoto's book Vaccine-A as sources.

Squalene is a naturally occurring substance in humans, animals and plants. However, when it is injected into the human body, our immune system treats both it and all the squalene already present as a foreign invader. The vaccine makers use squalene because it boosts your immune activity. But that is the problem. It also causes autoimmune diseases in which the patient's immune system attacks his or her own body.

That would make an excellent follow up question but I think you would have been arrested and denounced as a Nazi after having asked your first question.

So why did I entitle this essay The Rebellion of 2009? Why is this year different than the Swine Flu vaccination fiasco of 1976 or the failed Salk and Sabin polio vaccinations?

Several reasons. We have the Internet and there are millions of us who know the truth and will warn as many people as we can not to take this vaccine. Amongst the first of those scheduled to take the vaccine will be pregnant women. In the past advisories were always given to doctors not to inject pregnant women. When this vaccine starts getting people sick, the first images on television and the Internet will be of pregnant women and the other groups given priority which includes doctors, nurses and first responders, such as, the military, the police and firemen.

The program will go from the stance "We are declaring martial law and you will take any shot we give you" to "We are sorry." Doctors and nurses will refuse to give the shots and first responders will refuse to quarantine resistors who say "No" to the government. Though the first few million to take the shot will suffer.

This coming forced vaccination fiasco will be the first victory of the American people against the National Security State. This time we will allow no excuses from the politicians to mute our win.

What I propose we do is to send letters signed by doctors and other concerned citizens to every congressional representative and senator demanding that they give us randomly selected samples of our choosing of any vaccine the four manufacturers make. The letters will be followed by phone calls. These samples are to be tested in independent laboratories with all lab results to be published three days before the first inoculation is given.

And we will demand the Congress does not pay for any vaccines that are contaminated. Paying for contaminated vaccines only encourages criminally irresponsible threats against our health.

More about these demands in a minute.

The major reason why 2009 is not 1976 or 1957 is that the Inspector General for the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) announced that the total cost of the Bailout for all agencies will be 23.7 trillion dollars.

Those of us who are activists have been saying this both over the Internet and to people we meet in real life. The average person has no comprehension of how much harm the Bailouts will do to them but they will realize that every politician who supported the Bailout has committed treason.

The dollar will collapse soon. When it does, the average man and woman will begin to understand how their lives were destroyed by the criminal enterprises known as the United States Senate and the House of Representatives.

This will happen by my calculations at about the same time the vaccination program is seen as a fiasco and thousands of people start demanding compensation. Americans will then fully realize the criminality and the depravity of their politicians.

Now back to those letters to the 535 men and women in Washington most of whom are willing to sell your life and your children's lives to pharmaceutical companies. In the letter we will notify them that the dollar will soon crash and when it does their government will follow suit. When, not if, the government falls we will sue every politician and pharmaceutical company under RICO as criminal enterprises. We will take everything they own and give it as just compensation to those whom they with premeditation and malice aforethought did deliberately and grievously harm.

I have seen the above video five times. It grows on me every time I see it.


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