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Timing The End Game

The Government might try to pull a Bait and Switch on those vaccine trials for the H1N1 Swine Flu. Anthony S. Fauci is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID.) I have heard that Fauci said the trials will be only for the vaccine itself and not for the adjuvants which include squalene and mercury (Thiomersal or sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate.) The adjuvants will not be in the vaccines to be tested in August but will be in the vaccines they give us in October.

We are in the critical and extremely dangerous period of time known as the End Game. In my last two essays I said we could very well win and our oppressors on Wall Street could lose very, very soon if we do two things. One is to be able to survive for that first year after the dollar crashes and their government ceases to exist.

If they can neither give us bribes nor take our money from us after it reaches xero value. All they can do is to threaten to send goons from Homeland Security, the military or the National Guard to our doors to either shoot us or to send us to camp FEMA.

There has been a lot of discussion over the Internet about those ads from the National Guard recruiting experienced prison guards to work at internment camps. People are getting paranoid as we approach the day the dollar dies which as I have been saying for several years will be before the end of 2009.

The fly in the ointment for these machinations from the darkside is that when the dollar dies there will be no bribes handed out and no money to pay the goon squads. It will be a dangerous period but it will also be freeing. That is why I have been advising people to make escape plans from American cities and to build a network of people that can and will support and defend each other in the coming final phase of the End Game.

The other thing I said we must do is to survive the coming plague. There is no credible threat from Bird Flu (H5N1) despite all those media stories over the past several years. Bird Flu has a 70% death rate but it is extremely difficult to get Bird Flu. It is nothing you should worry about. That is unless you allow someone to inject it into you which is why so many educated people will refuse to take these vaccines.

The Swine Flu (H1N1) virus killed maybe a little over one hundred people in America so we ought not to worry about that either. Many of those who did die were people who probably would have died anyway from their existing conditions. You might remember that the 1976 flu scare started with the death of one soldier at Fort Dix who was sent on a forced march while the men who were resting either at home or in hospital did not die.

I get letters and the most asked question after my recent essay on surviving the coming plague is how do we avoid taking the flu vaccine. I had said that the adjuvants mercury and squalene will weaken your immune system and that in conjunction with Chemtrail spraying will make us so sick that the coming plague will kill us. It should be noted that the upcoming vaccine is only the first in a series of vaccinations planned by The Powers That Be.

The first thing to notice is that Bait and Switch on the test. They will not test the adjuvants in the trials so we will not see how the public responds until after the vaccination program begins. That means we will not get legitimate feedback on the vaccines until millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of others overseas have been injected. This is very bad news.

The Good News is that the vaccination program will not begin until October. By that time the dollar might begin to freefall so resistance to any government program will be even angrier and better organized that it is now.

There have been news stories and viral videos of extremely angry people confronting politicians. The bought and paid for media has responded by saying these people are cranks organized by evil men somehow and somewhere.

The media and the politicians have seen nothing yet. Just wait until the dollar dies. 70,000,000 workers will not be able to buy gas to go to work. 40,000,000 pensioners will not be able to buy food and to heat their homes. You might say to yourself that America is a big nation and has a lot more than 70,000,000 workers and 40,000,000 pensioners. I know that. These are the minimum numbers of employed people and pensioners I calculate who will have no way to buy gas, to buy food and to pay their utility bills.

As for the unemployed, those who have unemployment checks will not be able to buy food as the dollar's decline in value and the increasing price of imported oil will wipe them out.

The real unemployment rate (U6) as opposed to the U3 rate used by the Department of Labor since 1994 is 16.5% and will soon become much higher. The U3 unemployment rate does not include people whose benefits ran out. It does not include recent graduates from colleges,trade schools and high schools who cannot find work. It also does not include formerly fulltime workers whose hours were cut to part time and cannot afford to pay their bills. Nor does the U3 unemployment rate include recently discharged military personnel returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and who knows where else.

It is very easy to cut the unemployment rate if you do not count all of the unemployed and the underemployed people looking for work. I expect the U6 unemployment rate to soar past 20% within 12 months.

You can lie to people when times are good and only ten or twenty million or thirty million people are hurting. You can tell them there are only a few people with problems and our system is working. But we will soon have 140,000,000 Americans living in dire circumstances which far worse than 1933. And this will happen within one calendar year from today.

This means that there will be no series of vaccinations. The planned Swine Flu vaccine for October will be the first and last in this planned series.

The Swine Flu vaccination program will not begin until October so for many people the question of resisting the vaccine will be moot. The government might cease to function before they can get hold of you as it will take time for them to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people. The current health care bill sets aside money for the states to go to your house to make sure that you and your household has taken any and all vaccines they have prescribed for you. This is also a moot point as the dollar will crash before the health care bill is passed and goes into effect. There will be no dollars to pay the goons to come to your house to inject you and yours against your will after the dollar dies.

So we might only have 20,000,000 Americans at risk of being forced to take what I have called the Swine Flu Vaccine From Hell before the government is unable to do anything either for you or against you. That is why I entitled this essay Timing The End Game.

I wrote a satire where our President had to go before the nation on October 19th, 2009 to tell his fellow Americans that the government was bankrupt and had been taken over by a consortium of Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve and foreign investors. The new name of the country was United States Incorporated. I selected October 19th because it was the date given for the end of the world in a then current movie and it fit my timeline for the destruction of the dollar.

To repeat by my calculations no more than 20,000,000 Americans can be vaccinated before the program and the government both grind to a halt.

However, he government party has made a major miscalculation. They have decided to put pregnant women and health care workers to the top of the list of those to be vaccinated. That is a “Fatal Error.”

In the past vaccination programs always warned pregnant women to avoid taking the vaccine because it could be harmful to their health. To put pregnant women at the front of the line will endanger them, their unborn children and the program. The first real trial of this vaccine will not be in August when their clean version is tested at a few regional centers. The first real trial of the adjuvants and the rest of the vaccine contaminants will be on pregnant women. The Government does not seem to realize how much harm this vaccine will do and how well the opposition is organized.

As soon as the first pregnant woman is harmed and gets on a local ten watt television station, the video will be taped and uploaded to YouTube where it will become an overnight viral hit.

The other group of people at the top of the injection list are medical care practitioners including doctors and nurses. These people are not stupid. Many will refuse to take the vaccine. As soon as a few take the vaccine and get bad reactions, the rest will hear about it. That also will get onto YouTube and become a viral hit.

If the vaccine is only as bad as the 1976 flu vaccination fiasco, then the program will grind so a halt when the doctors and the nurses refuse to be injected. But what about the goons from the military and Homeland Security? From my understanding they are classified as First Responders and will also go to the head of the line. When they see their fellow goons getting sick from the injections, they too will refuse to take this vaccine.

It is no secret that the military has been the subject of experimental medicine. In the Persian Gulf war, squalene was given without the informed consent of soldiers which is not lawful. Insight magazine ran a story on the Persian Gulf war experimental anthrax vaccination program. The Pentagon covered their tracks by erasing the shot records of 750,000 soldiers.

There are veterans disabled from Pentagon injections and from Depleted Uranium and other military decisions who have felt betrayed enough to organize themselves into a resistance movement. They are like the unemployed and the underemployed. A man who is sick from a series of illegally administered experimental vaccines alone has no more power than does the black man I saw in a wire news story whose hours at the local Home Depot has been cut to the point it did not pay him to go to work.

There is another group that should resist vaccination. A friend said he thought the government was lying to us about flu deaths. They said that a little over 100 people died from the Mexican Swine flu so far this year and then also said that we normally have 34,000 deaths from flu each year. I said I believe both figures. A little over 100 people died from the flu and 34,000 died from vaccination reactions. Most of these people were over 70. The elderly need to be informed and urged to become active.

We will soon reach the boiling point of the electorate.

Amongst the responses to my idea of last week that the future will belong to those who survive the coming plague and the Vaccine From Hell were many who said their injunction against the government would not be a legal filing. It would be bullets. In fact that was the majority of my responses though my sample is skewed because I am only counting Internet responders and these are people who are fully informed to the dangers of this vaccine. I do not advocate violence.

So it all comes down to this. If you are one of the first 20,000,000 to be lined up by the government for vaccination, you have a real problem. If you or a spouse or a friend or relative is pregnant, then you must do everything you can to resist the vaccination even if that requires you to hire a lawyer or go into hiding.

My primary advice to everyone is to jam the system. Every state has different laws. North Carolina has a Health Freedom Act. In the references below I have links to websites with legal information and to standard forms you can use to hopefully slow down the program or even avoid the Swine Flu vaccine.

A stepped up method of jamming the system would be to file injunctions to stop the program. There is a standard injunction available from in the references below. The idea is that you use the information, get a lawyer to help you with the filing details and be one of fifty or a hundred lawsuits nationwide. What we need is delay and information.

Any lawsuit that allows us to ask for discovery will be helpful fo the rest of the nation. This vaccination program will be stopped if just one judge grants discovery. If people knew what is in the vaccine, they would not take the injection.

It has been suggested that we get a sample of the final vaccine with adjuvants and contaminants to be administered in October and analyze this in a lab. Probably only a doctor could do this. There are medical doctors who specialize in alternative and preventive medicine. You might be able to contact a medical professional friend who can help with this.

Any test that shows the contaminants in the vaccine will be all over the web in hours. That also will stop the program but it might take a week.

That leads to my final point that we need to join networks where we can exchange information freely as the bought and paid for media will not protect us. If you or a friend is thinking of running for a political office or to organize to achieve some other political goal, I would suggest you get a table and go to a high foot traffic area and hand out information on the Vaccine. I hereby give anyone permission to use the following lines in either leaflets or bumper stickers:

“They never use a clean needle when they can use a dirty needle.”

“I Will Take The Swine Flu Vaccine From Hell When Pigs Fly.”

Both of these statements are explained in a recent essay on this blog.

I should say that the coming plague might still be released but your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you avoid the Swine Flu vaccine and we can stop Chemtrail spraying when the dollar collapses and the government ceases to function.


The Full text of the Health Care bill plus a lot of comments about specific pages from the bill is here:

Alan G Phillips is a lawyer practicing in North Carolina who specializes in vaccine exemptions and waivers. He helped pass his state's Health Freedom Act. He has some free items of interest on his website and might be able to refer you to a lawyer in your area who can offer experienced professional help with injunctions.

Pandemic Flu Online is a good source of information. You might start here.

Nutrimedical has a few links.

Copy of Court Filing

Another Court Filing is here:

Vaclib has standard forms for vaccination waivers and exemptions.


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