Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Wall Comes Tumbling Down in 2010

On 9-11-2001 a woman who had training as a medic and lived near the Twin Towers worked as a volunteer. She had been a risk management consultant to several New York banks and after 9-11 managed to trace many parts of the conspiracy to a software consulting firm in Quincy Massachusetts just south of Boston. She was able to find honest CIA and FBI agents with whom she discussed the evidence against that firm which was on a watch list of potential terrorist organizations.

The Boston branch of the FBI had wanted to raid the Quincy firm but was denied permission by Michael Chertoff, the then head of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Department of Justice (DOJ.) Knowing this, our brave woman approached the CIA where she found an honest man who told her that the firm in question was a Front Office Operation meaning that it was a CIA front.

Our brave woman was told that there was a "Wall" behind which the dishonest creatures at the CIA, FBI and Pentagon operated impervious to those honest men and women on the outside.

That firm had been allowed into FAA computer systems with administrative level access to their computers for two years and was physically there on 9-11. They were supposed to be developing a software system to allow government agencies with different systems to interact with one another. They had access both prior to 9-11 and afterwards continued to have access to the computers at the Pentagon, the White House, the Treasury, HUD, NORAD, the DOJ, the FBI and the Secret Service.

The “Wall” best describes a recent appointment from the new administration that promised us Hope and Change. One man was alarmed at the appointment of a woman whom he knew to be a member of a criminal conspiracy that was allowing bankers and others in New York to hold onto assets during bankruptcy and thus commit fraud. He collected his several hundred pages of evidence and put it on the web. He then contacted every member of the Senate committee in writing and by phone of the felonies committed by the nominee.

A citizen journalist came forward and interviewed him on her Internet radio show and even wrote articles that were published at a couple of high traffic websites. Our citizen activist had a list of news organizations including alleged alternative media and gave 131 news outlets the details of the nominee who should be doing jail time instead of being lauded by the press. The Senate committee received even more calls but none dared to bring up the woman's criminal history. And not one of the 131 alleged news outlets dared carry the story or even mention that the allegations had been made.

As a reward our citizen journalist lost her Internet radio program. There would also seem to be a “Wall” between the media including the alleged alternative press and the people.

On 9-11 two different television networks made mistakes in their announcements that World Trade Center Tower 7 had fallen down. They correctly said it was the third tower to have fallen that day. But the police and rescue workers had trouble getting everyone out of the building prior to its controlled demolition so two news networks ran the story ahead of the building's actual collapse. The news anchors had proof positive that 9-11 was an inside job, but they never ran the story because they knew they are on the other side of the “Wall” from us.

For more than ten years a woman who used to work on Wall Street and also had worked for the first Bush administration has been telling everyone who would listen that Wall Street is stealing billions of dollars a week from federal government spending that we are not allowed to audit. Nor are we allowed to discuss this issue anywhere except the Internet or on late night talk radio. This woman has been sued and investigated nineteen times. There is a “Wall” separating this brave woman and the average taxpayer from the Congress and the media.

Many Americans became aware of the “Wall” when President Kennedy was assassinated. Today YouTube has videos of the assassination that proves the government lied about our JFK's murder.

But you already knew there is a "Wall" between you and the justice system.

The “Wall” in recent years has seemed to become more apparent to even the casual observer. In 2008 we called our congressmen and senators and said “No” to the Bailout. Yet they voted for it. Eighty percent of Americans want the federal government to build a secure border and to send back the illegal aliens who are working here illegally. An even higher percentage would like the federal government to do something about the 250,000 employees of the Mexican drug cartels and the tens of thousands from other Latin gangs working in the United States. Many Americans are not safe because foreign drug cartels are operating in their neighborhoods.

When evidence of the DEA's involvement in drug cover ups was brought to Time magazine by a DEA agent Time's editors killed the story. We are on one side of the “Wall” and they are on the other.

My premise is not that the “Wall” exists but that it will be brought down before the end of 2010. If you doubt me, please read this story about the dollar and this story about the S&P 500 PE ratio hitting 129 to 1 before posting your comments! The dollar will soon crash and the "Wall" will fall down soon afterwards.

When the Berlin Wall was brought down in 1989, Markus Wolf, the head of the Stasi or East German Secret Police, went to Leipzig and tried to lead the anti-government demonstrations. They would have nothing to do with him and told him to go home.

We will have an even more serious problem as Wall Street can find all sorts of political, religious, business, labor and media leaders to hijack our movement for freedom and self-determination. We can eliminate a few obvious plants by closely examining their backgrounds. All members of the Bilderberg Society, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and any of their employees should be sent home just as the crowds in Leipzig did to Herr Wolf.

The majority of Americans probably do not know the names of the men and women who will be leading us after 2010.

I would like to pose a few acid test questions for anyone seeking to even join our struggle. Before today when was the first time you said we should End the FED? Before today when was the first time you opposed the creation of the North American Union? Before today when was the first time you opposed Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and the Path to Citizenship for those illegal aliens already here?

But my major theme is to challenge you to be prepared to win. Yes. I said we need to be ready to win and soon.

I already have developed plans to reform the banks, health care, insurance, pensions and government. I promise to write about that and how I would revive the economy next time.

To survive the coming transition I would hope that you have already heeded my previous advice which was to flee or at least be prepared to flee American cities to a safe haven either in rural America or overseas. Prices are going up so stocking up on provisions is a good idea though telling your neighbors might not be a good thing to do.

To personally prepare myself for victory I have been getting caught up on my sleep, exercising and improving my physical health. I am up to a few hundred pushups every other day. I have also started going through the math and physics at Khan Academy to keep my intellect in shape.

Spiritually, I want to offer my best to the world. I have been preparing myself for this moment since I was eight years-old and had my vision of what World War III would be if we did not successfully stop it. I have written about my personal beliefs on my other blog.

I challenge you to do and to be the best you can be for the next ninety days and to be prepared for that day in our very near future when the dollar crashes and you are asked to lead America and the world back to sanity. After ninety days, you should be so immersed in the battle against Wall Street and for your personal survival that you will have little time left for reflection.

References: I leave it to you as an exercise to identify the people I cited above. Most have appeared in previous essays on this blog.


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