Monday, April 03, 2006

The End Game.

On November 10th of 2005 the New World Order announced their plan to destroy both America and the world as we know it. They did it through one of their subsidiaries, the Federal Reserve Bank, which announced that they would no longer publish M3 monetary supply figures. As you probably already know, prices are a ratio of the commodity called money to all other goods and services. Their announcement reveals that they are absolutely convinced that the dollar will collapse within 3 years. And that they have prepared themselves for the coming Great Hyperinflationary Depression which will be far worse than 1929-1939. It explains why they are not worried about deficits. After all, why worry about the dollar when you know with certainty that it will die very, very soon?

I believe they have been planning for this day since their forefathers created the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. Their End Game is to create trillions of dollars in new money to cover the sale of a similar amount of stocks and bonds from their personal portfolios. They will load up our pension funds with soon to be worthless stocks and bonds. And when the dollar collapses, they will be able to buy America for pennies on the dollar. They are currently buying foreign currencies, gold and other commodities. After prices have gone up at least 1,000%, and we reach 25% unemployment, they will be able to buy homes, apartments, farms, small businesses and big businesses for pennies. When America is owned by 50 large companies, who also own each other's stock, and there are no small businesses, they will be able to censor the political views of their employees. You really shouldn't have signed that petition or joined a union. Too bad for you the lawyers and the courts are all owned by us. Your'e fired. I calculate that those who keep their mouths shut and do get jobs will find that their wages have been cut 70% in real after tax dollars. I estimate that pensions and savings will be cut by at least 90%. To the extent that their pension funds have been saddled with bankrupt stocks and bonds pensioners could face income cuts greater than 90%.

You might be hesitant to accept what you are reading as true. Let me say this: The UN estimates that the banks launder 2.5 trillion dollars in drug money each year. They also launder about 500 billion dollars in bribes. And they launder at least a couple hundred billion dollars in illegal weapons sales. Additionally, Wall Street is allowed to take more than 2 billion dollars a week from unaudited federal government contracts. Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, once found a single block in San Diego which had 10 loans totaling 20 million dollars in HUD backed mortgages on buildings that never existed. Of course the loans were never repaid. Susan Gaffney testified before the Senate in 2000 on HUD losses of 19 and 59 billion dollars for the 2 previous years. When asked by Senators what she did to follow up on 79 billion dollars plus stolen from HUD, she said she adjusted the books to reflect the loss. When asked if she did anything to retieve the stolen money, she said no. And the Senate did nothing to follow up on her refusal to demand repayment. Both Ms. Gaffney and the Senators knew that the elite has the power to take your dollars and you do not have the right to prosecute. What is theirs is theirs. And what is yours is theirs too.

Back in the 1960s I read an article by an Asian-American man who was a liberal. He said that the right and the left should unite on the theft of the nation's gold reserves from Fort Knox. Nothing ever happened. I will tell you why. America has Gatekeepers on the Left, on the Right and in the Middle whose job it is to make sure that you never unite to investigate anything from the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King to the theft of the gold to the obviously controlled demolitions at the World Trade Center on 9-11. The general who was originally put in charge of Fort Knox described the central core vault and all of the side rooms filled with gold. Many years later the general in charge said there was no central core vault. The law says that the gold is to be counted each year. It has never been counted. For reference material on the theft of trillions of dollars in taxpayer dollars please read the articles A Conversation With Catherine and Financing the NWO also on this blog. The URLs are at the end of this article.

We have been talking about the End Game of the NWO as we approach the destruction of the dollar. But there is another institution that is approaching its end. I know it. And the NWO knows it too. The US military will cease to function as a fighting force before the end of 2009 which is the very latest date I give for the demise of the dollar and America as we knew it. The collapse of the dollar will savage the military's ability to defend the United States and Israel. But the primary destructive force will be Depleted Uranium. I have an article on that also at my blog. It is tilted "Don't Call It DU".In the Persian Gulf War we lost a few hundred troops. But since that date we have lost almost 12,000. How did that happen? It was called Gulf War Syndrome. The Pentagon expects to lose a total of 25,000 troops. I believe the 2 most common sources of GWS are Depleted Uranium and the experimental shots given to our military without their consent. Insight Magazine paid for the testing of 400 Gulf War Vets and found that they tested positive for squalene which is used only by a few labs under experimental licensing to boost vaccines in drug trials. The U.S. Army is one of those labs licensed to use squalene. What no lab is licensed to do is to experiment on you without your consent. Insight Magazine found that 750,000 shot records of military personnel have gone missing.

Experimental vaccines were one source of illness. Another was Depleted Uranium. One gram of DU is sufficient to kill hundreds of American soldiers. The Pentagon admits to dropping over 3,000,000 grams on Iraq. The New York Daily News paid $1,000 each for nuclear medicine tests to see if Iraq war veterans would test positive for DU in their lungs. Four of Nine did. In the Bosnian war during the Clinton years Italian soldiers were exposed to small amounts of DU compared to what our occupation forces are facing today in Iraq. So many young Italian soldiers developed leukemia that the European Union had to outlaw DU. Using Depleted Uranium is now a war crime in Europe. The Defense Department knows that. I know that. You know that as do the Chinese, the Russians and the Muslim governments. We all know that our soldiers will begin to develop cancers in 2 to 3 years and that many of their children will be born with birth defects. One of the men in the NY Daily News tests had a daughter born without all of her limbs. She was born 12 months after her father returned with a 40% medical disability after serving only a few months. We have soldiers and marines over there who are serving their second and third tours being exposed to mega doses of DU. One Marine said his unit was to be replaced by a NATO contingent. He said they tested for DU, found positive results where the Marines had been and moved a few miles down the road where it tested negative. The Australians said they tested their surroundings in Iraq before settling their soldiers. Why doesn't the DOD care about our soldiers? Where is the House and the Senate? They have been told many times of the health hazards of DU. They do not expect our soldiers to live 3 years. Just as they know deficits do not matter because the dollar will collapse within 3 years. They do not care because they know we are in the End Game, the prelude to the end of civilization as we knew it. I also believe that the destruction of our military is deliberate. The NWO knows that Americans will soon be suffereing starvation. Wall Street fears an armed force and an armed citizenry because they know they are guilty of inflicting great harm on a nation that has fought their wars and died to protect their property rights.

The End Game for the destruction of the dollar and of the military have crossed paths. I can now say with categorical certainty that your leaders do not expect your army, your dollar, your country and you to survive three years to the end of 2009. Of course if they were really your leaders, you might expect better results than destruction of your world.

Let me prove what I have said. The bankers are stealing billions of dollars every week from unaudited federal government contracts. They also launder trillions of dollars each year for the drug dealers, the bribes takers and the gun runners. They are not nice people, but they need men and women who do make a good public appearance to front for them and to carry out their evil deeds. To do that the bankers have organized many political groups. These include the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Society and the Council on Foreign Relations. There are related political groups which aid them from time to time. I would place the American Israel Public Affairs Committee - AIPAC- on that list. There is currently an election being waged with the jobs of hundreds of politicians at stake. Have you heard one Democrat say that he or she could restore your local budget cuts by instituting audits of federal government contracts? A local school district fired 23 of 24 music teachers. A couple billion dollars a week could have saved the jobs of many teacher's union members. Have you heard one Republican talk about funding tax cuts by auditing federal department budgets? On the really big issues Democrats and Republicans agree. Wall Street has the divine right to steal your tax money, send your job overseas, rob your pension blind, to cut your wages, to launder drug money making our cities uninhabitable and to kill those who would defend us with Depleted Uranium. Both political parties fear Wall Street more than the voters.

And now let us expand upon the treason of the financial elite. The Iraqi cancer rate in children has gone up 600%. If the cancer rate in America went up even 300%, the whole country would be on chemotherapy. We all know our soldiers are dying. So what is the End Game for Iraq? The NWO needs to launch World War III, which is the war to exterminate the poor and the steal all of the world's natural resources, such as, oil, natural gas, minerals and water. And those bases in Iraq will be the launching point for WW III. They expect the soldiers to die from cancer anyway so why not sacrifice them to pull the American public into WW III?

As I said, the NWO uses controlling political groups to implement their plans. Howard Dean is the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. When he was a Presidential candidate in 2004, he selected the former head of AIPAC as Finance Chairman of his campaign committee. Now Howard Dean bashes Bush daily. As does Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader. But they both want to keep permanent bases in Iraq. Why? As I said, their controlling groups told them they need the bases. Do Reid and Dean know the specific details of the launch date of WW III? Probably not. That is to be determined by the dollar's timeline to destruction. Think of this:Tens of thousands of American troops killed in the Mideast. Tens of thousands of Israelis also sacrificed in the same struggle. The 40,000,000 or so Jewish people in the U.S. will demand the extermination of the Muslims. And most of the general population will accept this as "they" killed our soldiers. That these men and women will die from DU induced cancers that the House, the Senate, the DOD and the Bush administration did nothing to avert is irrelevant to the elite on Wall Street. They will have an event they can use to justify the next war.

I should name a few of these people, Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, and Senator John Edwards both went to the Bilderberg 2004 meeting as did governor Mark Warner of Virginia in 2005. He is running for President as a Democrat in 2008. Hillary Clinton has also attended the Bilderberg Society meetings in the past. In fact she was on the Board of Directors of LaFarge cement in 1992 when her Husband was elected. LaFarge cement has 2 permanent seats on the Bilderberg Society. Why would a cement company have so much power? Suffice to say that cement is not their sole source of income.

You might have been shocked to read that I believe tens of thousands of Israelis are to be sacrificed and that there are 40,000,000 Jews in the U.S. I heard that latter figure from multiple Jewish sources. Since that time many refugees have come here from Russia and Israel. But the American Jews do have a 53% out marriage rate to gentiles. And many Jewish women are not having children as affirmative action has opened careers to them. And also Jewish men are marrying women of Irish, Scandinavian and Anglo descent. My cousin who thinks he is Jewish even married a Chinese American girl. In America many people who have a Jewish father and a gentile mother think they are Jewish. My cousin is one of these people.

I must now address the willingness of the NWO to sacrifice Israeli lives. In 1935 the Rothschild owned the Bank of England which was not nationalized until after WW II. When Hitler threatened to re-militarize the Ruhr, the French sought the help of England. The Bank of England told the French that they would start a run against the franc if they attempted to stop the Nazis. And the Rothschild owned bank also loaned Hitler the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold. Hitler took the loan. He also had a visit from the English Foreign Minister, Lord Halifax, who told him that he should invade Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland to gather all 80,000,000 Germans into one nation in order to defend the West against the Communist barbarians who were killing at least 2,000,000 people a year if not more. He agreed. Halifax promised him a series of conferences over the acquisition of these foreign nations and that England would betray their friends in eastern Europe for him. It all worked very well until Poland in 1939. The English promised the Poles to protect them against Germany but not Russia. The Rothschilds and the Communists and the Zionists conspired to commit terrible atrocities against tens of thousands of atrocities against German civilians in Poland. Hitler invaded and 6 years later 58,000,000 people were dead. And all of this happened after the Rothschilds had sent money to Hitler to buy guns in 1935. And after the German Army and Navy had sent two officers to London in March of 1939 to beg for surrender terms. They offered to "arrest" Hitler in order to stop the march towards war. But they did not realize the extent to which the bankers and the governments they owned wanted war. They should have studied history. American entered WW I for three reasons. They wanted to prolong the war and to bankrupt England and France, their supposed allies, so they could move the world's financial capital to New York. They also wanted to set up a Jewish-Communist dictatorship in Russia and to create a Zionist colony in Palestine. The expansion of Communism was a primary goal of the governments the bankers owned. The Germans should have known better than to rely upon the good graces of the bankers. The Japanese Emperor had offered to pull out of China, to break their ties with Hitler and to even become America's ally against Stalin who was killing millions of people every year. But the Japanese were not allowed to surrender in 1938, in 1939, 1940 and 1941.

How did everyday Jews on the continent of Europe figure into all of this? They suffered and died after the Rothschilds had loaned money to Hitler to buy guns. They suffered and died after the German Army and Navy were denied surrender terms in March of 1939. But not as many died as you have been lead to believe by the people who never mention the relation of the Rothschilds to Hitler's armaments. The International Red Cross was given monthly visitation to all of the German concentration camps. They also had inside observers in the camps who wrote voluminous reports for the Red Cross. We read many complaints about the plumbing and the food but none about the gas chambers. The Zionists need to answer questions about the loans made to Hitler, the Red Cross reports and about the murder of Yitzak and Leah Rabin.

Barry Chamish is a simple Zionist nationalist. He would differentiate between himself and the International Zionists whom he despises and fears. He has said he believes the Internationalists are setting Israel up to be ground zero for WW III and will get hundreds of thousands of Israelis, if not millions, killed. He has written a book tilted, "Who Murdered Yitzak Rabin." Rabin was Prime Minister of Israel and was murdered on November 4th, 1995. Ten years after his assassination it was revealed by the prosecutors that Rabin had 2 bullet wounds in the back and 1 in the front. The alleged assassin tested negative for gunshot residue within one hour of the murder. He never had a clear shot of the front side of the PM so we know there was a conspiracy to kill Rabin. And the prosecutors never sought a second suspect. Two of the most senior men on the detail to protect the PM were re-assigned mysteriously days before the assassination. Then the assignments were given for the 4th of November and not one man was detailed to protect Rabin's rear. He was shot from the rear and the front. Chamish has over 1,000 documents and testimonies to back his claims. He also had an endorsement from the late Leah Rabin. She told people on Israeli television that they should read Barry's book on her husband's murder. Chamish has the testimony of 2 men from the Israeli National Health Service that Leah Rabin was deliberately given the wrong protocol to treat her cancer. They protested to superiors to no avail that she was being murdered by her treatments. These people are serious and they leave no living witnesses. And they do not exempt Israelis from their evil machinations. Leah Rabin has since died. Barry Chamish believes that the International Zionists wanted Rabin dead so they could push Israel towards a war in the Mideast that would endanger the lives of everyone in Israel and kill many, many Arabs just so the bankers in New York and London can rule what remains.

The assassination of Rabin reminds me of the killing of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy on the night of the California primary in 1968. Sirhan Sirhan was standing in front of RFK. At no time did anyone see him behind the candidate. Kennedy was shot five times in the back so we know with absolute certainty that Sirhan could not have done it. He says to this day that he does not remember what happened. And he remains in jail. The lawyer who had been trying to get a new trial has recently died so Sirhan has to start all over again with his appeal process. I believe RFK's murder was done in order to prevent him from investigating his brother assassination in 1963. Presidents' Lincoln, McKinley and Kennedy all supported a non-interest bearing currency. They all died at the hand of "lone assassins." Too bad for us that "lone assassins" hate non-interest bearing currencies.

We are approaching the End Game where the destruction of the American military crosses the path of the death of the dollar, and the bankers usher in World War III. We should look back to the beginning of their game. During the Civil War, President Lincoln issued Greenbacks. If we had Treasury Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes our taxes would be 759 billion dollars a year less than at present. Under Lincoln's system we are allowed to expand the currency without borrowing. Today the money supply is a tad over ten trillion dollars. If we expand the money supply by 4% and the economy grows by 4%, then prices remain stable as the ratio of the commodity called money to all other goods and services remains constant. This means we can constantly increase the money supply without inflating prices. Under Lincoln's system we could create 400 billion dollars a year and spend that money into circulation. And we would have no bonded debt so we would also save the more than 350 billion dollars a year we spend on interest payments for the "debt." Hence the saving of our 750 billion dollars a year if we the people were sovereign and published our own currency.

There is a funny thing about that debt. Under the Federal Reserve system the privately owned banks create both our Federal Reserve Notes and the checking account currency. They print these little pieces of paper and receive bonds or IOUs from the Secretary of the Treasury obligating you to pay taxes to subsidize Wall Street. If you had free speech on campuses and an honest press, you would have Treasury Notes and save 759 billion dollars a year. And the poor nations in the Third World would not have to starve their poor to death in order to pay the vigorish to Wall Street. They could have Their own Treasury Notes. But they don't. Think of the billions of dollars you pay every day for an interest bearing currency as a tax you pay to subsidize the men who own your country. That subsidy is also being paid by Third Worlders too. But their price will soon become even more steep. The NWO does not like to carry dead weight. The poor overseas are not able to keep up with their payments so that is why you see so many studies from universities talking about "population reduction." If the Third World lost half of its inhabitants, the survivors would be better able to keep up with their payments. It might have occurred to you that Wall Street regards you as no better than a Third Worlder.
Think about all that drug money they launder, 2.5 trillion dollars a year. The drug addicts get the money to buy drugs by stealing and committing crimes in your neighborhood, by recruiting more drug addicts from the children of the world. And many sell their bodies spreading sexually transmitted diseases. They are destroying the world one child, one family, one neighborhood and one city at a time. This is sufficient proof Wall Street does not care about you or anyone you care for. Why should you care for those who do not care for you or anyone you care for?

The End Game was known in its broadest outlines when Max and Felix Warburg drafted the plans for the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. They copied the German central bank which also ended in disaster in 1923. It was not a disaster for all concerned. The Jewish people in 1938 were less than 1% of the German population, but they owned one-third of the real estate. Depressions are opportunities to transfer wealth. Inflations are opportunities to transfer wealth. We are headed towards an inflationary depression that will transfer more wealth than the Weimar Republic and the Great Depression of 1929-1939 combined. That is an intentional part of the plan. Zionists fear most of all the 50% plus out marriage rate. In two generations the only Jews left will be the Israelis who do not give marriage certificates to those who marry gentiles and to a few Orthodox in various parts of the world. Germany also had a 50% intermarriage rate which was why they had to be destroyed. The Zionists want a global depression and a war to make Jewish people anathema to all caring people. That is another intentional part of the plan to keep Jews from marrying gentiles.

Having seen the Beginning Game, parts of the Middle Game and the End Game it is time to make some final remarks. I have been reading of the Halliburton Subsidiary KBR and their 345 million dollar contract to build concentration camps in America. That is in addition to the existing facilities that can be brought online overnight. I also saw a 35 page document from the military called "The Army Civilian Inmate Labor program." An elderly man emailed me and asked where the army was going to get volunteers to work at those army camps. Volunteers!! When the dollar collapses and WW III phase one is launched, the first group of civilian inmates will be the illegal aliens who cause disorder in the streets. Please remember the NWO is planning on a 25% unemployment rate to drive down wages by 70% so they need to provide protection from the riots they are deliberately creating! They know that after a few months of murders, looting and robberies the citizenry might demand martial law. The illegal aliens will share their new camps with a lot of Muslims. The NWO will also at that time begin the round up of those native born Americans who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and who believe that genocide should not be the cornerstone of America's foreign policy.

I would like to make a few suggestions. First, please read the article on this blog entitled How You and I Will Stop World War III.

I would also suggest an alliance between the right and the left on non-interest bearing currencies, the New World Order and the Third World. It is in the interest of taxpaying Republicans to repeal the 759 billion dollar subsidy to Wall Street. And it is in the interest of the Third World to cancel their debts. The poor of the world did not borrow someone's savings. What happened was that the banks assumed sovereignty of their nations as they did ours and issued a currency. They printed pieces of paper, called it money and demand that the Third World pay them interest on nothing. They owe the NWO nothing as Wall Street stole their sovereignty. Currently, the IMF and the World Bank and the WTO are working together to force Third World nations to sell their publicy owned water sources to private firms. The current head of the Bilderbergers is a vice-president at one of these private water companies. They typically buy the local public utility, raise the prices 1,000% and let the poor die from typhoid, starvation and poverty.

Another source of immediate action I recommend is joining the 9-11, London 7-7-2005 , and Oklahoma City bombing truth movements together as all three atrocities were perpetrated by the same NWO. The World Trade Center was taken down by controlled demolitions on 9-11. See the article on my blog. If you had dropped a rock from the 110th floor of the WTC, it would have hit the street in about the same amount of time it took the 110 story building to collapse. This is not possible unless you had explosives to take out the steel girders. There were dozens of eyewitnesses to explosions inside the WTC on 9-11. The fires were almost put out when the buildings collapsed. No fire has ever caused a steel girded skyscraper to collapse even after burning for 24 hours. And if they had not used a controlled demolition, the girders would have collapsed at different rates as the floors pancacked down causing the WTC to fall out into the street at an angle. I also suggest you stop looking for Osama. He died in December of 2001. His obituary was reported in the Islamic press. He was in a Pakistani military hospital on September 10th, 2001. Before he died he denied having anything to do with killing innocent civilians on 9-11.

He probably had nothing to do with the London subway bombings of 7-7-2005 as they took place almost 4 years after he died. The bombs were placed under the subway cars. They were placed there despite camera surveillance. This means that only the British MI5, MI6 or Verint, the Israeli security service for the London transport, could have placed the bombs under the cars. Nobody else had access. Go here for more details: or here To read about the Bilderbergers go here

I have said elsewhere that "terror drills" are dangerous. There were terror drills in the London subways on 7-7. There are 274 subway stations. The terror drills picked the same 3 stations as the bombers. Odds against that are 1/274 x 1/274 x 1/274. They picked the same hour which is 1/19 as the subways close 5 hours at night. And they picked the right day which is 1/364 as the transport system is closed on Christmas. But there were also "terror drills" on 9-11 involving the FAA, DOD, and NORAD flying planes into buildings at the same exact time that someone was flying planes into buildings while other "unknown parties" were taking down WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7 by controlled demolitions. And there other "terror drills' and "military exercises" that removed the planes needed to defend New York and Washington on 9-11. What are the odds that Osama in a cave just got lucky and ahose a day when his astrologer told him all these "terror drills" would make his plans succeed? You would have a better chance of hitting the lottery!! But there is more. There were "terror drills" at Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995 while a Ryder truck was parked out front filled with 1,200 pounds of an ammonia based bomb. Timothy McVeigh was seen by 19 people in the company of another man in the yellow truck. A witness also saw McVeigh leave the truck about a minute before the blast. The witness also saw a second man leave the truck about 30 seconds after McVeigh. He was the one who lit the fuse. He and McVeigh worked together to kill 168 people including 19 children in the daycare center. The man who lit the fuse was never prosceuted. He was never even mentioned at the trial. Why did Bill Clinton and Janet Reno let him walk away prosecution? Why did the mainstream media not pursue this man? They all have been told of his existence. Could it be that there are some people and events beyond prosecution? It should be noted that 1,200 pounds of ammonia placed inside a truck 40 feet away from the building would not have taken down the Murrah federal building. Explosives were placed in contact with pillars inside. The truck was a diversion as the airplanes were on 9-11.

I would also suggest that this Truth Movement not degenerate into a partisan Bush-bashing affair. The NWO would love that. All they would have to do is to elect their
favorite Bilderberger President in 2008 and continue to steal billions every week from unaudited federal government contracts. Please note that Republicans in the Congress and Senate did nothing to expose the destruction of the Oklahoma City federal building on 4-19-1995. And the Democrats on the 9-11 Commisssion were obedient to the NWO when they refused to listen to the more than one hundred eyewitnesses to bombs going off inside the World Trade Center. The Democrats were as guikty of the coverup of treason and mass murder as were the Republicans. We need to make a pledge to never vote for any candidate who is a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Society, the Council on Foreign Relations or takes money from AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

I have said elsewhere that The Bilderberg Society is so powerful that to this date that have been able to force millions of people to die for their dreams. We can longer accept this. Nobody has the right to kill billions of people for whims and fantasies of power. They do not need to kill to make money. They do it for the thrill. It is fun for them to see people die. They must be told by millions of people that this is no longer acceptable behavior. My life has been threatened many times. I laugh at their threats. They are going to kill us all anyway. And getting shot is a lot better than dying of starvation. I know what hunger is from my childhood. That is why I oppose the NWO using hunger as a weapon to decimate the world's poor just because they cannot pay the vigorish Wall Street demands. This is our world. They will destroy everything and everyone you have have ever loved by December 31st, 2009. Life at that time will be so unbearable that those who remain alive will envy those who had died quickly in the wars.

You know the End Game and you know the date. At a minimum you should refuse to co-operate. Refuse to believe their fantasies and their lies. Refuse to participate in someone else's dream. Live your own life.

References: To read more about Depleted Uranium go here:

To read more about the theft of billions of dollars each week by Wall Street from
unaudited federal government contracts go here:

And this article is about the Federal Reserve's decision to create a vast amount of dollars so they can cut your wages, almost eliminate pensions, steal almost all of your savings, increase the unemployment rate to 25% and put and to democracy forever.