Friday, August 28, 2009

Max Keiser: Bank Runs, China

This video is your absolutely last and final warning.

Zero Hedge told us:

1) that half of all volume on the NYSE is in five worthless bank stocks

2) that 70% of all trades are made by Goldman Sachs purchases and sales of stocks in advance of trades by brokers so they can clip up to 100 million dollars a day from investors including mutual funds and pension plans. (This means that there is no demand for American stocks.)

3) that the FED has bought over a trillion and a half dollars in derivatives.

Peter Schiff told us that in the last seven minutes of trading the government is intervening to buy 100,000 futures contracts to force up the price of stocks. Sounds to me like the FED and Wall Street are pumping up the price of stocks so they can dump their personal holdings before the dollar and the stock market collapse and you lose what is left of your pensions and your life savings.

I read a news article the other day saying that the Price Earnings ratio of stocks on the S&P 500 was 129 to 1 for the first 97% of stocks reporting their second Quarter earnings.

The Inspector General for TARP said the real cost of the Toxic Asset Relief Program was 23.7 trillion dollars.

Karl Denninger said the real amount of bad debts is probably 30 trillion dollars.

Take a look at these charts. link Nobody is buying our Treasury bonds. Most of those supposed foreign purchases were made by the Federal Reserve printing money and giving it to foreign governments and to foreign branches of Bailout recipients to buy American Treasury bonds.

As I said before, from 1970 to 2008 we borrowed money from China to buy everything at KMart and WalMart, money from Japan to buy cars and electronics and money from the OPEC nations to buy gas. In 2009 we printed our own money to buy our own debts. The U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate and the President did not realize that when you borrow money from overseas you get to buy their things but when you print your own money to buy worthless paper products from the Treasury Department all you get is higher prices. Much higher prices. And much lower wages. That is why I have been warning you that American wages in real after tax dollars will be cut in half.

The stock market and the dollar are about ready to collapse.

Does anyone hear a war starting somewhere? Or maybe a plague? Or both? Or better yet a non-violent people power revolution like eastern Europe after Communism went bankrupt in 1989?

Note: I am not an investment advisor offering you financial advice and I certainly do not know your personal situation. I also am not advocating a violent revolution. What I have been saying for some time is that the dollar will collapse before the end of 2009 and that this will be our last chance to take back our government from Wall Street after both the currency and the government collapse.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Wall Comes Tumbling Down in 2010

On 9-11-2001 a woman who had training as a medic and lived near the Twin Towers worked as a volunteer. She had been a risk management consultant to several New York banks and after 9-11 managed to trace many parts of the conspiracy to a software consulting firm in Quincy Massachusetts just south of Boston. She was able to find honest CIA and FBI agents with whom she discussed the evidence against that firm which was on a watch list of potential terrorist organizations.

The Boston branch of the FBI had wanted to raid the Quincy firm but was denied permission by Michael Chertoff, the then head of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Department of Justice (DOJ.) Knowing this, our brave woman approached the CIA where she found an honest man who told her that the firm in question was a Front Office Operation meaning that it was a CIA front.

Our brave woman was told that there was a "Wall" behind which the dishonest creatures at the CIA, FBI and Pentagon operated impervious to those honest men and women on the outside.

That firm had been allowed into FAA computer systems with administrative level access to their computers for two years and was physically there on 9-11. They were supposed to be developing a software system to allow government agencies with different systems to interact with one another. They had access both prior to 9-11 and afterwards continued to have access to the computers at the Pentagon, the White House, the Treasury, HUD, NORAD, the DOJ, the FBI and the Secret Service.

The “Wall” best describes a recent appointment from the new administration that promised us Hope and Change. One man was alarmed at the appointment of a woman whom he knew to be a member of a criminal conspiracy that was allowing bankers and others in New York to hold onto assets during bankruptcy and thus commit fraud. He collected his several hundred pages of evidence and put it on the web. He then contacted every member of the Senate committee in writing and by phone of the felonies committed by the nominee.

A citizen journalist came forward and interviewed him on her Internet radio show and even wrote articles that were published at a couple of high traffic websites. Our citizen activist had a list of news organizations including alleged alternative media and gave 131 news outlets the details of the nominee who should be doing jail time instead of being lauded by the press. The Senate committee received even more calls but none dared to bring up the woman's criminal history. And not one of the 131 alleged news outlets dared carry the story or even mention that the allegations had been made.

As a reward our citizen journalist lost her Internet radio program. There would also seem to be a “Wall” between the media including the alleged alternative press and the people.

On 9-11 two different television networks made mistakes in their announcements that World Trade Center Tower 7 had fallen down. They correctly said it was the third tower to have fallen that day. But the police and rescue workers had trouble getting everyone out of the building prior to its controlled demolition so two news networks ran the story ahead of the building's actual collapse. The news anchors had proof positive that 9-11 was an inside job, but they never ran the story because they knew they are on the other side of the “Wall” from us.

For more than ten years a woman who used to work on Wall Street and also had worked for the first Bush administration has been telling everyone who would listen that Wall Street is stealing billions of dollars a week from federal government spending that we are not allowed to audit. Nor are we allowed to discuss this issue anywhere except the Internet or on late night talk radio. This woman has been sued and investigated nineteen times. There is a “Wall” separating this brave woman and the average taxpayer from the Congress and the media.

Many Americans became aware of the “Wall” when President Kennedy was assassinated. Today YouTube has videos of the assassination that proves the government lied about our JFK's murder.

But you already knew there is a "Wall" between you and the justice system.

The “Wall” in recent years has seemed to become more apparent to even the casual observer. In 2008 we called our congressmen and senators and said “No” to the Bailout. Yet they voted for it. Eighty percent of Americans want the federal government to build a secure border and to send back the illegal aliens who are working here illegally. An even higher percentage would like the federal government to do something about the 250,000 employees of the Mexican drug cartels and the tens of thousands from other Latin gangs working in the United States. Many Americans are not safe because foreign drug cartels are operating in their neighborhoods.

When evidence of the DEA's involvement in drug cover ups was brought to Time magazine by a DEA agent Time's editors killed the story. We are on one side of the “Wall” and they are on the other.

My premise is not that the “Wall” exists but that it will be brought down before the end of 2010. If you doubt me, please read this story about the dollar and this story about the S&P 500 PE ratio hitting 129 to 1 before posting your comments! The dollar will soon crash and the "Wall" will fall down soon afterwards.

When the Berlin Wall was brought down in 1989, Markus Wolf, the head of the Stasi or East German Secret Police, went to Leipzig and tried to lead the anti-government demonstrations. They would have nothing to do with him and told him to go home.

We will have an even more serious problem as Wall Street can find all sorts of political, religious, business, labor and media leaders to hijack our movement for freedom and self-determination. We can eliminate a few obvious plants by closely examining their backgrounds. All members of the Bilderberg Society, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and any of their employees should be sent home just as the crowds in Leipzig did to Herr Wolf.

The majority of Americans probably do not know the names of the men and women who will be leading us after 2010.

I would like to pose a few acid test questions for anyone seeking to even join our struggle. Before today when was the first time you said we should End the FED? Before today when was the first time you opposed the creation of the North American Union? Before today when was the first time you opposed Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and the Path to Citizenship for those illegal aliens already here?

But my major theme is to challenge you to be prepared to win. Yes. I said we need to be ready to win and soon.

I already have developed plans to reform the banks, health care, insurance, pensions and government. I promise to write about that and how I would revive the economy next time.

To survive the coming transition I would hope that you have already heeded my previous advice which was to flee or at least be prepared to flee American cities to a safe haven either in rural America or overseas. Prices are going up so stocking up on provisions is a good idea though telling your neighbors might not be a good thing to do.

To personally prepare myself for victory I have been getting caught up on my sleep, exercising and improving my physical health. I am up to a few hundred pushups every other day. I have also started going through the math and physics at Khan Academy to keep my intellect in shape.

Spiritually, I want to offer my best to the world. I have been preparing myself for this moment since I was eight years-old and had my vision of what World War III would be if we did not successfully stop it. I have written about my personal beliefs on my other blog.

I challenge you to do and to be the best you can be for the next ninety days and to be prepared for that day in our very near future when the dollar crashes and you are asked to lead America and the world back to sanity. After ninety days, you should be so immersed in the battle against Wall Street and for your personal survival that you will have little time left for reflection.

References: I leave it to you as an exercise to identify the people I cited above. Most have appeared in previous essays on this blog.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Last Congressional Campaign Stump Speech

Note: Since I believe the dollar will crash in a few months and the government will soon afterward cease to function, I offer this sample 2010 congressional stump speech to anyone who would like to use it. It is written for a candidate running against a male incumbent in the Democratic primary in Colorado. You will have to make adjustments for your state residence and for the party affiliation of your opponent.

That is why I called this essay The Last Congressional Campaign Stump Speech.

Hello. I have been asked why I am running in the primary against an entrenched incumbent. My answer is this: we have no congressman representing us. In the newspapers after our alleged congressman's name appears they say Democrat-Colorado. I can honestly say we have no congressman representing us. If they told the truth in the newspaper they would say Democrat Goldman Sachs or Republican AIG rather than Democrat or Republican Colorado.

None of these men and women represent us. Can you name one that went ballistic and tried to shut down the House of Representatives after the Inspector General for the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) said the total cost for the TARP Bailouts would be 23.7 trillion dollars?

After we paid 180 billion dollars to AIG to cover their losses in derivatives did our congressman even co-sponsor a bill making this derivative gambling by banks illegal? No. He did not. That is why I will also call him AIG's man in Washington and not just Goldman Sachs man in Washington.

I need to explain something. It is illegal for banks to buy and sell worthless assets. That is why Wall Street invented Credit Default Swaps which are a hybrid between derivatives and insurance. A derivative is simply a bet on the future value of a bond, of gold, of oil or some other commodity. If you take a bond you know to be worthless, you can pretend it has value by also selling a CDS. For example, you sell 1,000,000 liar loans mortgages to people you know cannot make the payments. You turn them into bonds and buy CDS from someone like AIG who cannot pay off the insurance when these bonds default. After the default, you go to the Senate and the House of Representatives which are on the payroll of AIG and Goldman Sachs and have them stick it to the taxpayers for 23.7 trillion dollars.

Harry Markopolos, who tried in vain for seven years to report Bernie Madoff's 65 billion dollar Ponzi scheme to the SEC, said we are facing a worse scandal with 600 trillion dollars in CDS. Let me put that in perspective. The total American money supply is a little over 10 trillion dollars. To pay off 600 trillion dollars all we would have to do is for everyone who has dollars to give 100% of all their dollars to Goldman Sachs, AIG and their friends on Wall Street until the total money supply turns over 60 times.

The Congress has decided not to even hold hearings about this 600 trillion dollar scam because they do not want you to get any angrier than you are.

I need to explain something else. Housing, oil and gasoline used to be cheap. The Congress deliberately intervened to raise the price of oil, cut our wages and raise the price of housing. The Congress did not want you to buy an affordable home and pay off your mortgage so you could live rent free for the last several decades of your life.

No. The Congress and the bankers wanted to raise the price of housing so young people would owe a lot of money on a mortgage they could never pay off. Raising the price of housing helped the bottom line of the banks so the Congress flooded America with legal and illegal aliens and raised home prices through the roof. Then they required banks to make liar loans to people who could not even make the payments with illegal aliens given extra reward points on their applications. Congress did all this to make homes unaffordable and wages unlivable.

Of course the additional 120,000,000 legal and illegal immigrants plus their children increased the demand for imported oil and raised the price of a barrel of oil from less than three dollars to more than seventy dollars. The Congress did that so they could raise the price of oil to benefit their friends in the Bilderberg Society who own Exxon-Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell.

The Congress also wanted to cut wages. In 1971 a family of four with one parent working made more than one today with two parents working. That is if you compare the money they have left after paying their home mortgage and paying for the cost of a second car plus higher prices for education, gas and utilities.

And when the current Depression finally hits bottom our hourly after tax wages will decline another fifty per cent when we all go back to work for our new lower wage with sharply devalued dollars.

The immediate cause of our crisis began in 2009 with the passage of the Stimulus bill, the Spending bill and the supplemental appropriations for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which included a 106 billion dollar gift to the IMF.

From 1970 to 2009 we borrowed money from overseas to buy oil, cars, clothes, electronics and toys and lived well beyond the means of our country to support that additional 120,000,000 people. Then along came the current crisis and the Congress decided to spend a lot more money.

It is one thing to borrow money from Japan to buy cars, money from China to buy everything at WalMart and money from the Mideast to buy oil. It is another thing to print money to buy Treasury bonds at auction. When you borrow money from overseas, you actually get to use their money to buy things. When you print more of your own money, all you get is higher prices and therefore lower wages and pensions in real dollars.

Have I proved to you yet that the Congress is brain dead?

If our alleged congressman represented you and me, he would have done something. By doing nothing he acted to destroy your life. Let me repeat that. He consciously decided to destroy your life and the lives of everyone in Colorado and in America outside of Wall Street.

Let me give you even more proof that I am telling the truth. The CIA Factbook has lists of nations one of which ranks them by the ratio of their public debt to their Gross Domestic Product. GDP measures a country's total output of goods and services. Using 2007 figures compiled before the Congress voted to bailout their benefactors at Goldman Sachs and AIG, the CIA ranked America as number 22 in the world in the ratio of our debt to GDP.

If we used 2009 figures, America would be around number nine somewhere between Sudan and Egypt. But, if we add all that Bailout money Nancy Pelosi and Goldman Sachs expects you to pay off, America would pass Zimbabwe and vault to number one in the world in the debt to GDP ratio.

On July 4th, 2008 at 5PM, a bottle of beer cost $100 billion Zimbabwean dollars but an hour later at 6 pm the price had risen to $150 billion. Zimbabwe countered rising prices by printing a ten trillion dollar note and making price increases illegal. And that is the future the House and the Senate and Goldman Sachs and AIG and their friends on Wall Street have planned for you.

We need a Congress that says “No” to Bailouts. But we also need need them to say “No” to Wall Street's other abuses.

Peter Schiff went on the air nationwide and told us that the federal government in 2009 was entering the market in the last seven minutes of trading to buy 100,000 futures contracts with taxpayer money to force the stock market up.

Did the Congress hold hearings? No. Pass a Law. No. I believe they created the bogus stock market rally of 2009 so they and their friends on Wall Street could dump all of their personal holdings before the markets crashed. Thus they also stole another trillion plus dollars from our pensions, savings investments, IRAs and 401Ks.

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted that he was not able to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense spending. Catherine Austin Fitts who was Assistant Secretary of HUD in the Bush I regime has said billions of dollars are being stolen each week from unaudited or poorly audited spending at Defense, HUD and other agencies. This theft has been ongoing for decades under Democrat and Republican administrations. Yet no Democrat or Republican Congress has done anything to protect us from being robbed of billions of dollars every week.

Catherine Austin Fitts has said that the trillions of dollars stolen from unaudited federal spending has been sent overseas and will be used to buy America for pennies on the dollar at fire sale prices after our economy hits bottom.

To the money stolen from taxpayers will be added the money they have made laundering a trillion dollars a year in drugs and about 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. The banks also launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes for politicians worldwide. Now you know why politicians break all of their campaign promises. And why one congressman quipped that he had two types of calls on the Bailout "No and Hell NO" but still voted for the Bailout.

The Congress does not care that drugs sold on street corners and elsewhere in America have systematically destroyed whole neighborhoods one family at a time until many cities are on the verge of collapse. Nor does the bought and paid for media tell us the truth about drugs and illegal weapons and gang shootings. How would the criminals destroy America without the assistance of the bankers and the media?

Has the Congress held hearings on the billions of dollars stolen each week from unaudited federal Spending? No. Have they passed a law? No. Has the Congress held hearings on the trillions of dollars held by drug cartels and corrupt politicians in the 300 largest international banks? No Have they passed laws? No.

The incumbent congressman got mad at me last week when someone published a flier announcing his plan to help exactly one man or woman out of the tens of thousands in Colorado who lost a job over the last year. The plan according to the flier was that he was going to hold a lottery. The winning prize was a job at Goldman Sachs where the average pay with bonuses is $773,000 a year. The flier said your congressman was good buddies with the boys at Goldman Sachs and was going to put a little extra in the next Bailout so there would be enough money to hire one person in each of the 435 congressional districts.

Of course the drawback was that to be eligible you had to write a letter to the editor of the Denver Post telling them what a wonderful congressman we have and how you can see prosperity around the corner just as soon as the they pass the Bailout and Stimulus Bill of 2010. My lawyer told me to say that I am innocent, that I never touched that flier and that I promise to never to do it again.

If you want to save yourself some hassles, just publish a flier suggesting your congressman or senator hold a lottery offering one of us a job at Goldman Sachs so we will all get behind the two trillion dollar Stimulus and Bailout bill of 2010.

We are very lucky that the Crap and Trade Bill did not pass. There is no Global Warming. In fact we have been in Global Cooling for several years. It would have doubled our utility bills and the price of gasoline. A pundit said the money was needed to pay for health care. What garbage. Let me tell you why our incumbent brain dead man in Washington should have voted against both bills.

If he needed money for health care, he could have saved 200 billion dollar a year by not spending money on foreign military bases. He could have saved even more money if he and Nancy Pelosi had stopped the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as they promised.

He also could have saved us money by requiring Big Pharma to charge us no more than they do overseas for the same medicine from the same assembly line. He could have saved us money by requiring outcomes based research so that no insurance money need be paid for any medicine that has no proven benefit. That would save us a lot of money on statin drugs which do us no good but do us a lot of harm. Instead he voted to require us to buy insurance which is nothing but a trillion dollar ten year subsidy to his benefactors at the big insurance companies.

And what savings did he propose? Half of the proposed savings were to come from cuts to the elderly on Medicare. And those Death Panels were so unpopular they had to be taken out of the bill.

Did our Goldman Sachs man in Washington vote to audit the FED. No. He did not. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that has never been audited since its creation in 1913. We get audited by the IRS all the time. In fact HR 3200 which AIG's man in Washington voted for had a provision that allowed the health care bureaucrats to audit your finances and take money directly out of your bank account without your permission or even a court order if they thought you might owe them money.

Imagine the abuses on that one. Suppose they need to pass another Bailout because 23.7 trillion dollars was not enough for Goldman Sachs and AIG. They could pay for it by just taking $100 out of everyone's bank account.

I need to explain why I am confident that our current brain dead man in Washington will be leaving office whether or not he wins the primary and the general election in November. Prior to the government's Swine Flu fiasco of 2009 many of us sent letters to every member of the House and the Senate. We followed up those letters with phone calls.

We made the not unreasonable demand that since four vaccine makers were selected to receive billions of dollars in subsidies from the taxpayers that we wanted randomly selected samples from the major suppliers to be given us so we could have them analyzed by independent labs with the results to be published before the government would be allowed to inject children, pregnant women and the rest of us with an unknown and unproven substances.

These vaccine makers had tested the Swine Flu vaccine on homeless people in Poland and those people died. Another company sent out live Swine Flu virus by mistake and killed all of their animal test subjects. In 1957 the Salk vaccine had to be recalled because it was filled with live polio virus and gave children the disease it was supposed to prevent. Then the Sabin vaccine was injected into innocent Americans without testing. After it was injected it was tested. Researchers found 40 monkey viruses in it. The 40th monkey virus was named Simian Immunodeficiency Virus 40 or SIV-40. It has since been proven to increase lung cancer in people who never smoked.

In the Swine Flu fiasco of 2009 we were injected with untested vaccines because they were allowed to pull a Bait and Switch and test a few samples of a cleaned up version without the additives mercury and squalene. Mercury has been linked to increased autism. The Amish who do not vaccinate do not have autistic children. And squalene is being taken out of vaccines in Europe because it is known to be harmful. It was also cited as one cause of Gulf War Syndrome.

We could have saved a lot of lives and a lot of grief if we had been allowed to test the vaccines. We warned the Congress that we would file a RICO corrupt enterprises lawsuit against member of the House and the Senate who did nothing to stop Big Pharma from killing and maiming unsuspecting Americans who made the mistake of trusting their government.

We will file that lawsuit against them as soon as the current Depression hits bottom so we know we will win. That should be before the November elections. This means that the majority of the members of the Senate and the House will have to sell off their assets and leave the country or we will take away everything they own for what they have done to us. Nancy Pelosi has a lot to lose as she is said to have assets of half a billion dollars.

The real enemies of America have always been the Federal Reserve bank, Goldman Sachs, AIG, their friends on Wall Street and their criminal co-conspirators in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Before I finish let me try to explain to you how the Federal Reserve system was designed to steal your money and why we need to abolish it.

The simplest way to explain the FED is to say that they have a license to print our money. It is as if they were legalized counterfeiters whose only restriction is that they cannot go into a store to pass their money. They can only loan their money into circulation and collect interest from the suckers. We now have about 12 trillion dollars in loans the government must pay interest on unnecessarily. If there were no FED, we would have no 12 trillion dollar debt and no interest to pay on that debt and no income tax either. All of the income taxes we have paid have gone to subsidize corporations, to pay for wars we did not need and to pay the banks for printing the money the Treasury should have printed for us without interest.

Imagine life if there had been no Depression of 1929-1939, no current Depression and no inflation. Imagine an America where you and your family had never paid an income tax and our lives had not been disrupted by inflation and massive job losses. What you have imagined is an America without a Federal Reserve bank and without Goldman Sachs and where we are free to live our lives without their wars and their schemes.

What you have imagined is still possible for America if we do not return to Washington any brain dead men and women who have sold their souls to the Federal Reserve, to Goldman Sachs, to AIG and to anyone else on Wall Street.

I thank you for listening but your family and friends and will thank you even more for just saying “No” to Washington and to Wall Street.

More Notes: The above was written to be turned into a video posted on YouTube. It is intended to be used as a campaign stump speech which can freely be copied and used anywhere in America during the primaries and the general elections in 2010. I entitled it the Last Congressional Campaign Stump Speech as I do not see the current federal government lasting beyond 2010.

The first person to put his or her version up on the web does not have to declare their candidacy.

If you want to talk about 9-11, I would suggest you wait until you have a following as there is a limit to how much your audience can absorb in one speech. I would start with the announcement by Donald Rumsfeld on 9-10-2001 that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in DOD spending.

I follow this up with the bomb that killed 600 military and civilian Pentagon employees that was detonated 3 ½ minutes before what was alleged to be Flight 77 struck the building. Most of these men were in the military auditing unit that was trying to find that missing money.

The best reference was written by Barbara Honegger. She has high quality reliable witnesses,

I would insert this somewhere soon after the part about the TARP Inspector General's statement that we are on the hook for 23.7 trillion dollars and you have explained that it is illegal for banks to either sell or own worthless assets. Remind your listeners that Wall Street began selling Credit Default Swaps so they could legally sell worthless bond Wall Street and pretend they were not breaking the law.

This cannot last. A lot of people will be extremely angry when the markets crash. We are very close to the point where we will have our best chance to win. We need to focus blame on Wall Street which has always controlled the CIA, the media and both political parties.

We need to avoid the trap of partisan politics. Both parties are to be blamed for the current state of affairs. Neither one of the two major parties will come to our rescue.

My hope is that I will inspire Americans in their hour of need to just say “NO” to both political parties, to the media and to Wall Street and all of their wars and financial shenanigans.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Rebellion of 2009

In this year 2009 the American people will scream an emphatic and unequivocal "No" to those who have exploited them. Goldman Sachs, AIG, the pharmaceutical industry, the Federal Reserve, the bought and paid for media and the criminal enterprises otherwise known as the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Back during the Persian Gulf War the congress and the Pentagon allowed pharmaceutical companies to inject our troops with untested experimental vaccines containing squalene. One cause of Gulf War Syndrome was that series of vaccinations given without informed consent. Investigators from Insight magazine discovered that 750,000 shot records mysteriously disappeared as a result of a Pentagon coverup.

Eighteen years-ago the Pentagon, the Senate, the House and the press did their duty and protected the pharmaceutical industry from scrutiny. More than 100,000 young healthy men and women either died young or were made to suffer a daily agony of pain and disability because American politicians were willing to sell their lives for campaign cash.

Not one person was made to pay for killing more soldiers than died in the entire Vietnam war. Fast forward to 2009.

This year that same criminal enterprise wants to give billions of dollars to four vaccine makers to vaccinate hundreds of millions of Americans. No problem that test trials on the poor in Poland has already proved fatal. They will just exempt their co-conspirators in Big Pharma from civil lawsuits. No problem that Baxter Pharmaceutical shipped out live virus in vaccines and killed all of their (animal) test subjects. They will simply let all four of the vaccine makers pull a Bait and Switch on their American test trials.

They will be allowed to test a few thousand Americans with clean versions of the vaccines that contain neither the adjuvants mercury and squalene nor any contaminants nor any live virus so unsuspecting people who trust their government will line up with their children to be immunized by vaccines that were never tested on human subjects. All this was done not to protect Americans from a Swine Flu outbreak that to date has killed fewer than one in two million people in this country. This vaccine program was definitely designed to make money for Big Pharma and may have also been implemented for even more sinister motives.

There are too many of us who know the truth of what happened in previous campaigns. We know that the Salk polio vaccine had to be recalled because it contained live polio virus and actually spread the disease it was intended to prevent. Then the Sabin vaccine was rushed into the schools without being tested.

The Sabin vaccine was tested AFTER it was injected into millions of children. Researchers found 40 monkey viruses in the Sabin vaccine. The 40th monkey virus discovered was named Simian Immunodeficiency Virus 40 or SIV-40 which subsequently has shown amongst other things to have increased lung cancer in people who had never smoked.

The other adjuvant in the Swine Flu vaccine is mercury. Ever since the government has mandated our children take vaccines containing mercury, there has been an exponential increase in autism everywhere in America except amongst the Amish who do not accept vaccination.

This mercury is in the compound Thimerosal which Wikipedia describes as an anti-septic and anti-fungal agent used in vaccines though it is supposedly being phased out in Europe and other non-brain dead areas outside the jurisdiction of the House and Senate which I have rightfully named as criminal enterprises.

I would love to hear someone ask Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, if men ans women of conscience will be exempted from taking vaccines from Novartis which makes vaccines from aborted fetal cells.

I would love to see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi answer this question: Why don't you require the vaccine makers to make clean vaccines so they don't have to use mercury compounds to kill a fungus?

Or why don't you prohibit squalene as an adjuvant in the forthcoming vaccination program since it has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome and was banned by a US Federal court judge in October 2004? You can cite both Wikipedia Gary Matsumoto's book Vaccine-A as sources.

Squalene is a naturally occurring substance in humans, animals and plants. However, when it is injected into the human body, our immune system treats both it and all the squalene already present as a foreign invader. The vaccine makers use squalene because it boosts your immune activity. But that is the problem. It also causes autoimmune diseases in which the patient's immune system attacks his or her own body.

That would make an excellent follow up question but I think you would have been arrested and denounced as a Nazi after having asked your first question.

So why did I entitle this essay The Rebellion of 2009? Why is this year different than the Swine Flu vaccination fiasco of 1976 or the failed Salk and Sabin polio vaccinations?

Several reasons. We have the Internet and there are millions of us who know the truth and will warn as many people as we can not to take this vaccine. Amongst the first of those scheduled to take the vaccine will be pregnant women. In the past advisories were always given to doctors not to inject pregnant women. When this vaccine starts getting people sick, the first images on television and the Internet will be of pregnant women and the other groups given priority which includes doctors, nurses and first responders, such as, the military, the police and firemen.

The program will go from the stance "We are declaring martial law and you will take any shot we give you" to "We are sorry." Doctors and nurses will refuse to give the shots and first responders will refuse to quarantine resistors who say "No" to the government. Though the first few million to take the shot will suffer.

This coming forced vaccination fiasco will be the first victory of the American people against the National Security State. This time we will allow no excuses from the politicians to mute our win.

What I propose we do is to send letters signed by doctors and other concerned citizens to every congressional representative and senator demanding that they give us randomly selected samples of our choosing of any vaccine the four manufacturers make. The letters will be followed by phone calls. These samples are to be tested in independent laboratories with all lab results to be published three days before the first inoculation is given.

And we will demand the Congress does not pay for any vaccines that are contaminated. Paying for contaminated vaccines only encourages criminally irresponsible threats against our health.

More about these demands in a minute.

The major reason why 2009 is not 1976 or 1957 is that the Inspector General for the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) announced that the total cost of the Bailout for all agencies will be 23.7 trillion dollars.

Those of us who are activists have been saying this both over the Internet and to people we meet in real life. The average person has no comprehension of how much harm the Bailouts will do to them but they will realize that every politician who supported the Bailout has committed treason.

The dollar will collapse soon. When it does, the average man and woman will begin to understand how their lives were destroyed by the criminal enterprises known as the United States Senate and the House of Representatives.

This will happen by my calculations at about the same time the vaccination program is seen as a fiasco and thousands of people start demanding compensation. Americans will then fully realize the criminality and the depravity of their politicians.

Now back to those letters to the 535 men and women in Washington most of whom are willing to sell your life and your children's lives to pharmaceutical companies. In the letter we will notify them that the dollar will soon crash and when it does their government will follow suit. When, not if, the government falls we will sue every politician and pharmaceutical company under RICO as criminal enterprises. We will take everything they own and give it as just compensation to those whom they with premeditation and malice aforethought did deliberately and grievously harm.

I have seen the above video five times. It grows on me every time I see it.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Timing The End Game

The Government might try to pull a Bait and Switch on those vaccine trials for the H1N1 Swine Flu. Anthony S. Fauci is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID.) I have heard that Fauci said the trials will be only for the vaccine itself and not for the adjuvants which include squalene and mercury (Thiomersal or sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate.) The adjuvants will not be in the vaccines to be tested in August but will be in the vaccines they give us in October.

We are in the critical and extremely dangerous period of time known as the End Game. In my last two essays I said we could very well win and our oppressors on Wall Street could lose very, very soon if we do two things. One is to be able to survive for that first year after the dollar crashes and their government ceases to exist.

If they can neither give us bribes nor take our money from us after it reaches xero value. All they can do is to threaten to send goons from Homeland Security, the military or the National Guard to our doors to either shoot us or to send us to camp FEMA.

There has been a lot of discussion over the Internet about those ads from the National Guard recruiting experienced prison guards to work at internment camps. People are getting paranoid as we approach the day the dollar dies which as I have been saying for several years will be before the end of 2009.

The fly in the ointment for these machinations from the darkside is that when the dollar dies there will be no bribes handed out and no money to pay the goon squads. It will be a dangerous period but it will also be freeing. That is why I have been advising people to make escape plans from American cities and to build a network of people that can and will support and defend each other in the coming final phase of the End Game.

The other thing I said we must do is to survive the coming plague. There is no credible threat from Bird Flu (H5N1) despite all those media stories over the past several years. Bird Flu has a 70% death rate but it is extremely difficult to get Bird Flu. It is nothing you should worry about. That is unless you allow someone to inject it into you which is why so many educated people will refuse to take these vaccines.

The Swine Flu (H1N1) virus killed maybe a little over one hundred people in America so we ought not to worry about that either. Many of those who did die were people who probably would have died anyway from their existing conditions. You might remember that the 1976 flu scare started with the death of one soldier at Fort Dix who was sent on a forced march while the men who were resting either at home or in hospital did not die.

I get letters and the most asked question after my recent essay on surviving the coming plague is how do we avoid taking the flu vaccine. I had said that the adjuvants mercury and squalene will weaken your immune system and that in conjunction with Chemtrail spraying will make us so sick that the coming plague will kill us. It should be noted that the upcoming vaccine is only the first in a series of vaccinations planned by The Powers That Be.

The first thing to notice is that Bait and Switch on the test. They will not test the adjuvants in the trials so we will not see how the public responds until after the vaccination program begins. That means we will not get legitimate feedback on the vaccines until millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of others overseas have been injected. This is very bad news.

The Good News is that the vaccination program will not begin until October. By that time the dollar might begin to freefall so resistance to any government program will be even angrier and better organized that it is now.

There have been news stories and viral videos of extremely angry people confronting politicians. The bought and paid for media has responded by saying these people are cranks organized by evil men somehow and somewhere.

The media and the politicians have seen nothing yet. Just wait until the dollar dies. 70,000,000 workers will not be able to buy gas to go to work. 40,000,000 pensioners will not be able to buy food and to heat their homes. You might say to yourself that America is a big nation and has a lot more than 70,000,000 workers and 40,000,000 pensioners. I know that. These are the minimum numbers of employed people and pensioners I calculate who will have no way to buy gas, to buy food and to pay their utility bills.

As for the unemployed, those who have unemployment checks will not be able to buy food as the dollar's decline in value and the increasing price of imported oil will wipe them out.

The real unemployment rate (U6) as opposed to the U3 rate used by the Department of Labor since 1994 is 16.5% and will soon become much higher. The U3 unemployment rate does not include people whose benefits ran out. It does not include recent graduates from colleges,trade schools and high schools who cannot find work. It also does not include formerly fulltime workers whose hours were cut to part time and cannot afford to pay their bills. Nor does the U3 unemployment rate include recently discharged military personnel returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and who knows where else.

It is very easy to cut the unemployment rate if you do not count all of the unemployed and the underemployed people looking for work. I expect the U6 unemployment rate to soar past 20% within 12 months.

You can lie to people when times are good and only ten or twenty million or thirty million people are hurting. You can tell them there are only a few people with problems and our system is working. But we will soon have 140,000,000 Americans living in dire circumstances which far worse than 1933. And this will happen within one calendar year from today.

This means that there will be no series of vaccinations. The planned Swine Flu vaccine for October will be the first and last in this planned series.

The Swine Flu vaccination program will not begin until October so for many people the question of resisting the vaccine will be moot. The government might cease to function before they can get hold of you as it will take time for them to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people. The current health care bill sets aside money for the states to go to your house to make sure that you and your household has taken any and all vaccines they have prescribed for you. This is also a moot point as the dollar will crash before the health care bill is passed and goes into effect. There will be no dollars to pay the goons to come to your house to inject you and yours against your will after the dollar dies.

So we might only have 20,000,000 Americans at risk of being forced to take what I have called the Swine Flu Vaccine From Hell before the government is unable to do anything either for you or against you. That is why I entitled this essay Timing The End Game.

I wrote a satire where our President had to go before the nation on October 19th, 2009 to tell his fellow Americans that the government was bankrupt and had been taken over by a consortium of Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve and foreign investors. The new name of the country was United States Incorporated. I selected October 19th because it was the date given for the end of the world in a then current movie and it fit my timeline for the destruction of the dollar.

To repeat by my calculations no more than 20,000,000 Americans can be vaccinated before the program and the government both grind to a halt.

However, he government party has made a major miscalculation. They have decided to put pregnant women and health care workers to the top of the list of those to be vaccinated. That is a “Fatal Error.”

In the past vaccination programs always warned pregnant women to avoid taking the vaccine because it could be harmful to their health. To put pregnant women at the front of the line will endanger them, their unborn children and the program. The first real trial of this vaccine will not be in August when their clean version is tested at a few regional centers. The first real trial of the adjuvants and the rest of the vaccine contaminants will be on pregnant women. The Government does not seem to realize how much harm this vaccine will do and how well the opposition is organized.

As soon as the first pregnant woman is harmed and gets on a local ten watt television station, the video will be taped and uploaded to YouTube where it will become an overnight viral hit.

The other group of people at the top of the injection list are medical care practitioners including doctors and nurses. These people are not stupid. Many will refuse to take the vaccine. As soon as a few take the vaccine and get bad reactions, the rest will hear about it. That also will get onto YouTube and become a viral hit.

If the vaccine is only as bad as the 1976 flu vaccination fiasco, then the program will grind so a halt when the doctors and the nurses refuse to be injected. But what about the goons from the military and Homeland Security? From my understanding they are classified as First Responders and will also go to the head of the line. When they see their fellow goons getting sick from the injections, they too will refuse to take this vaccine.

It is no secret that the military has been the subject of experimental medicine. In the Persian Gulf war, squalene was given without the informed consent of soldiers which is not lawful. Insight magazine ran a story on the Persian Gulf war experimental anthrax vaccination program. The Pentagon covered their tracks by erasing the shot records of 750,000 soldiers.

There are veterans disabled from Pentagon injections and from Depleted Uranium and other military decisions who have felt betrayed enough to organize themselves into a resistance movement. They are like the unemployed and the underemployed. A man who is sick from a series of illegally administered experimental vaccines alone has no more power than does the black man I saw in a wire news story whose hours at the local Home Depot has been cut to the point it did not pay him to go to work.

There is another group that should resist vaccination. A friend said he thought the government was lying to us about flu deaths. They said that a little over 100 people died from the Mexican Swine flu so far this year and then also said that we normally have 34,000 deaths from flu each year. I said I believe both figures. A little over 100 people died from the flu and 34,000 died from vaccination reactions. Most of these people were over 70. The elderly need to be informed and urged to become active.

We will soon reach the boiling point of the electorate.

Amongst the responses to my idea of last week that the future will belong to those who survive the coming plague and the Vaccine From Hell were many who said their injunction against the government would not be a legal filing. It would be bullets. In fact that was the majority of my responses though my sample is skewed because I am only counting Internet responders and these are people who are fully informed to the dangers of this vaccine. I do not advocate violence.

So it all comes down to this. If you are one of the first 20,000,000 to be lined up by the government for vaccination, you have a real problem. If you or a spouse or a friend or relative is pregnant, then you must do everything you can to resist the vaccination even if that requires you to hire a lawyer or go into hiding.

My primary advice to everyone is to jam the system. Every state has different laws. North Carolina has a Health Freedom Act. In the references below I have links to websites with legal information and to standard forms you can use to hopefully slow down the program or even avoid the Swine Flu vaccine.

A stepped up method of jamming the system would be to file injunctions to stop the program. There is a standard injunction available from in the references below. The idea is that you use the information, get a lawyer to help you with the filing details and be one of fifty or a hundred lawsuits nationwide. What we need is delay and information.

Any lawsuit that allows us to ask for discovery will be helpful fo the rest of the nation. This vaccination program will be stopped if just one judge grants discovery. If people knew what is in the vaccine, they would not take the injection.

It has been suggested that we get a sample of the final vaccine with adjuvants and contaminants to be administered in October and analyze this in a lab. Probably only a doctor could do this. There are medical doctors who specialize in alternative and preventive medicine. You might be able to contact a medical professional friend who can help with this.

Any test that shows the contaminants in the vaccine will be all over the web in hours. That also will stop the program but it might take a week.

That leads to my final point that we need to join networks where we can exchange information freely as the bought and paid for media will not protect us. If you or a friend is thinking of running for a political office or to organize to achieve some other political goal, I would suggest you get a table and go to a high foot traffic area and hand out information on the Vaccine. I hereby give anyone permission to use the following lines in either leaflets or bumper stickers:

“They never use a clean needle when they can use a dirty needle.”

“I Will Take The Swine Flu Vaccine From Hell When Pigs Fly.”

Both of these statements are explained in a recent essay on this blog.

I should say that the coming plague might still be released but your chances of survival will be greatly increased if you avoid the Swine Flu vaccine and we can stop Chemtrail spraying when the dollar collapses and the government ceases to function.


The Full text of the Health Care bill plus a lot of comments about specific pages from the bill is here:

Alan G Phillips is a lawyer practicing in North Carolina who specializes in vaccine exemptions and waivers. He helped pass his state's Health Freedom Act. He has some free items of interest on his website and might be able to refer you to a lawyer in your area who can offer experienced professional help with injunctions.

Pandemic Flu Online is a good source of information. You might start here.

Nutrimedical has a few links.

Copy of Court Filing

Another Court Filing is here:

Vaclib has standard forms for vaccination waivers and exemptions.