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Like Hitler In The Bunker But With Nuclear Weapons

Mike Rivero said on his radio show that Barack Obama's rapid decline in popularity worries him. When Presidents fear losing power, they have in recent years started wars and even allowed terrorist events like the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11-2001. What worries Mr Rivero is that Obama's popularity is dropping farther and faster than any President in modern history. Rivero expects either an event like 9-11 or another war.

Obama's drop in popularity is not confined either to the Right or to Zionists angry that Obama has not incinerated the Mideast. Rivero is a liberal. Stephen Lendman is a New Deal liberal. After six months of the new administration, he summed up his view of Obama in three words: “Worse than Bush.” Both men are very much opposed to Zionism.

We are probably two or three months away from an economic collapse. The Treasury Department has been having severe problems selling all those bonds Obama and the Congress has asked them to sell so the chances of the dollar lasting until Christmas are rapidly diminishing.

This means any Wall Street plans to maintain control are already in the works. In the past I have outlined several options available to the bankers that we need to be aware of.

I have already warned of the Swine flu vaccine which has squalene, mercury and other adjuvants plus contaminants that are guaranteed to weaken our immune system so lab manufactured plagues could subsequently sweep around the world in waves killing a billion people. We have recently learned that the US military will be used to help FEMA manage the pandemic hauling Americans off to quarantine centers if need be.

Israel has been putting too many military assets on its border with Lebanon. Israel has also sent tanks and bulldozers into Gaza again.

And Obama has invaded and occupied northwest Pakistan with mercenaries from the company formerly known as Blackwater. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and is intentionally being destabilized by Zbignew Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission who first got us involved in Afghanistan during the Carter presidency.

Persons unknown have recently shelled Russians in South Ossetia's capitol city. Georgia has denied responsibility. Americans and Israelis are known to be in the area. Someone is trying to provoke the Russians.

And of course there is always the threat of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities which would launch WW III. Iran could be blamed by the bought and paid for press for the coming plague whether or not the Iranians were responsible.

Another source could be a new outbreak of Swine and Bird flu in Mexico but that would enrage too many Mexicans living within shooting distance of bankers in the US to be practical.

Enter the Reverend James David Manning who has been all over YouTube criticizing Barack Obama. Until today I have not referred to his observations. In the video below he warns us of Barack Obama's megalomania. Our President is currently working with Wall Street to put us under martial law.

Obama has taken control of the automotive industry. He wants the Federal Reserve to take over the economy. If we give him control of health care and of energy through the health care and Cap and Trade bills, he will have near dictatorial powers which could become permanent.

Rev Manning has given us two separate warnings. One is a near term warning that Obama is so narcissistic that he will not hesitate to stage another event like 911 or to start a war to give himself dictatorial martial law powers if his popularity declines further.

His second warning is more alarming. The reverend unfavorably compared Obama to Hitler in the bunker saying that he is more dangerous than the Nazi leader because America has 10,000 nuclear weapons. He said that Obama will not hesitate to launch a world war if he thinks he is in danger of losing power.

The bankers have similar plans in case of a rebellion by the soon to be impoverished American people. But note this one difference. When I was a child, I said we would never have a global thermonuclear war because nuclear weapons kill rich people. I said the bankers would prefer mass starvation as a weapon because that would confine the losses in the next war to the poor who are not able to pay taxes to support the uber rich who were given a license to print our money.

This difference in views on nuclear war between Obama and his masters could prove fatal to the President. I do see a problem in that he could start a really big war before the Powers That Be could assassinate him.

If he were killed before he got out of control, his death could conveniently be used to start a race war to make rebellion impossible in a divided nation. I am not now predicting a Presidential assassination. At this time. the maniacal inclinations of Obama and the Bilderbergers seem to mesh nicely.

In his conclusion Reverend Manning said America is a nation blessed by God and that the American people will rise up in rebellion.

I think our first victory against the bankers could be the refusal to accept Swine flu vaccines. This vaccine could be a worse fiasco than the 1976 swine flu vaccine that had to be withdrawn after it started getting people sick, killing some and paralyzing many others.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will be donating the Swine flu vaccine from hell to the poor in Third World countries. If educated Americans refuse the vaccine, we will be alive to watch as bankers are chased down in the streets by angry mobs of people whose uneducated raltives were murdered by injection in poor nations as a result of policies implemented by the Bilderberg Society.

Our dollar and our government will soon collapse leaving those of us who refused vaccination and do survive the plague to begin rebuilding our nation and the world without Bilderbergers.


This is part 1 of Dr Manning's video.

This is Mike Rivero's website.

And this is his radio show which airs Monday thru Friday at 7 pm Pacific and 5 pm Central time.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Last Gasp of The Lords Of Wall Street Or America Get Poorer Part V

They never use a clean needle when they can use a dirty needle.

I will take this H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine from hell when pigs fly.

I remember reading more than ten years ago an explanation as to why there was a surge in lung cancer amongst those health conscious people who never smoked, The increase in lung cancer was attributed to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus 40 which was found in vaccines routinely administered by American pharmaceutical companies. It causes cancer and lots of other diseases. It was named SIV 40 because it was the 40th monkey virus found in vaccines the government expects you to take on blind faith. Since the pharmaceutical industry makes a lot of money treating cancer patients, you now understand why I said they never use a clean needle when they can use a dirty one.

When Mexican Swine flu, which was manufactured in a lab, was first released, we were told by the news media that we usually had 34,000 deaths from flu every year and that these were mostly elderly people. What they did not tell us was that vaccination has no benefit for men and women 70 years of age and older. This is well known and yet every year the health authorities are lining up people 70 and over knowing that the vaccination after effects will kill tens of thousands of elderly.

Now you know why I said I will take the Mexican Swine flu vaccine from hell when pigs fly.

Much has been said of the relation between the mercury based preservative Thimerosal in vaccines and autism. Now ask yourself this question: Will you turn your health care over to men and women who are willing to kill your parents and grandparents? These people are willing to ruin your life and your child's life by giving them autism rather than use a clean needle. Mennonites take no vaccines and have no autistic children.

C Everett Koop, the former Surgeon General, once told an interviewer that what American medicine needs most is outcomes based research to tell us which medical practices actually work and which do not. The interviewer was shocked, but what is more shocking is that we have done nothing in the past two decades to improve the situation. A case in point is Statin drugs which are alleged to reduce cholesterol in the hopes of reducing cardiovascular disease.

Outcomes based medical research would have told us that cholesterol alone does not create heart disease and that Statin drugs do nothing to prevent disease. The side effects may include:Abdominal pain, abnormal heartbeat, accidental injury, allergic reaction, arthritis, back pain, bronchitis, chest pain, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, flu symptoms, fluid retention, gas, headache, indigestion, infection, inflammation of sinus and nasal passages, insomnia, joint pain, muscle aching or weakness, nausea, rash, stomach pain, urinary tract infection, weakness. So if we know Statins do not work, why are we spending tens of billions on them every year and probably many more billions to treat the side effects?

How about cutting the cost of health care by mandating that only clean vaccines be administered and then only if the vaccine is known to be more beneficial than not taking it? That would exclude the elderly from all vaccinations. How about banning all drugs shown not to work like the Statins? Contrast that with the current health care bill which funds the fifty states so they can send people to your home to make sure you and anyone else living with you has taken any and all vaccines they mandate.

Joe Biden, who might be in the early stage of Alzheimers, has been saying that we need to raise taxes to pay for health care. How about cutting back on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? How about cutting back on the 250 billion dollars a year we spend to maintain more than 700 military bases overseas?

I talk to people whose only source of knowledge is TV news. The other day someone told me she heard on Tee Vee that we need Cap and Trade to pay for health care. What gibberish. I will outline my own health care proposals in the near future. What the backers of the current health care bill are proposing is to generate massive taxes by taxing health care benefits, tax increases on small businesses and married couples making over $100,000 a year in addition to those massive Cap and Trade taxes.

What are they going to do with all that money? It isn't going to take care of the sick. During the last month of the 2008 campaign Obama went to see his grandmother who was near death. This is the woman who raised him. He said he was somewhat chagrined by his grandmother's case. She was terminally ill and had had hip surgery. His opinion was that in his health care system she would be denied treatment. Rationing or reducing your current level of access to health care is how people of his mind set think. Rationing of health care is in the current health care bill.

The hundreds of billions they raise in taxes on Cap and Trade and Health Care will be sent to Wall Street to pay for their Bail Outs. If we do need to raise money to benefit us and not Wall Street, I would suggest a Tobin tax. James Tobin suggested we tax international financial transfers. This would force the bankers and their drug cartel clients to to pay taxes on the trillion dollars in drugs and 400 billion dollars in illegal weapons the bankers launder every year. It would also force the politicians to pay taxes on the 500 billion dollars a year in bribes the bankers launder for them.

On Monday the Treasury Department's Inspector General for TARP said that the Bail Out could cost us 24 trillion dollars. That is 24 trillion dollars not 24 billion. As soon as the people learn the true cost of the Bail Out, they will likely say no to Cap and Trade and health care taxes especially since the President admitted he did not even read the current health care bill.

A better way to raise money for the government would be to actually audit federal spending so we can save 200 billion dollars a year or more.

Cap and Trade is a swindle. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide does not correlate with changes in global temperatures. Most Carbon Dioxide is released from volcanoes, from animals and from bacteria so man caused Global Warming is a scientific hoax. In fact water vapor has more to do with global temperatures than does Carbon Dioxide.

Polar bears are increasing in number. That famous photo of a polar bear on a floating ice berg was taken two years ago by an Australian student on her summer vacation.

The seasonal fluctuation in the size of glaciers much like lakes ann creeks is normal. Most glaciers are growing from year to year. Some glaciers are melting due to volcanoes on the ocean floor. There is also those temperatures taken by college professors living on grant money from Foundations. You can look at photos of official temperature reporting stations of thermometers placed adjacent to Weber grills and HVAC vents in the references below.

The controlled press reports none of these facts so Wall Street was able to pass the Global Warming bill in the House. Wall Street has an insatiable appetite for your money. They want it all. As Mike Rivero said, in the final stages of a collapsing criminal enterprise government the last act is to loot the Treasury before the ship of state sinks.

If they were really concerned about the environment, they would clean up those toxic waste dumps floating around our oceans. Several of them are three times the size of the state of Texas. It is reasonable to believe that if we do nothing, the oceans will die endangering all life on this planet.

If we say no to any more Bail Outs, tax increases, Cap and Trade and to the current health care bill, all we have to do is wait for their dollar to collapse. When their dollar crashes, their government will fall and we will be free to build a new America without Wall Street, the Bilderberger Society, the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

There is a remaining problem. Wall Street still controls the government and the press. They might try to sell us either a race war at home or a World War that would begin either in the Persian Gulf with an Israeli attack on Iran or in the neighboring (AfPak) Afghanistan-Pakistan war zone.

The Mexican Swine flu was made in a lab. I see no other explanation for the combination of a European Swine flu with an American Swine flu together with a Bird flu from Asia. Many experts agree. So why did they decide to release this manufactured virus in Mexico?

I do not think they will be shooting us up with a germ warfare virus that will instantly kill us. What I think they will do is give us a vaccine soon after our schools resume session that will break our immunity and make us vulnerable to the real disease which could be introduced in a few months or so. The H1N1 Swine flu vaccine will contain the additive squalene which has been known to cause autoimmune diseases and lower your body's ability to defend you against disease.

I have heard speculation that the H1N1 vaccine with squalene and other additives in conjunction with Chemtrails will reduce our immune response before the deadly virus is released whenever the bankers feel threatened by the poor folk who lost everything when the dollar dies.

After the ten year long Mexican Revolution, ten per cent of their entire population moved across the border to the United States. Currently, the population of Mexico is 110,000,000 so if ten to fifteen per cent move north, we are talking about adding eleven to sixteen million people in as little as 90 days. That is why the Pentagon is planning to defend us against an invasion and FEMA is busy building new detention centers.

As my regular readers know, Americans have been buying 50,000,000 bullets a day for the past eight months. This worries Wall Street as there is not enough money in the world to hire a sufficient number of bodyguards to protect them if Americans went looking for them. So the thinking is that a Mexican invasion combined with a few car bombs during some food riots could start a race war. But I have warned La Raza who would be responsible if someone set off a couple of bombs killing Mexican school children in Los Angeles or El Paso.

As I have said before, a race war would, as planned, deplete us of our ammunition and food stockpiles. It would only benefit Wall Street.

Iran is another possible location for germ warfare to break out.

If Israel does attack Iran with American weapons, the Iranians have said they will respond by attacking American forces. As my regular readers are aware, the Iranians have Russian made Sunburn N-22 and Yakhonts N-26X anti-ship missiles which were designed to sink aircraft carriers. They have made their own 150 and 100 kilometer range rocket artillery cannons under license. They can also throw into the mix a lot of NATO and Chinese made anti-ship missiles. The Iranians can sink our Persian Gulf fleet in minutes.

The Iranians can also destroy our forces in the Central Command which has military personnel stationed in 23 Muslim majority nations including Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iranians can buy or build all the shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapons they want for $1,000 each. They could shoot down our helicopters and cut off the supply lines to our troops.

There are many benefits to the bankers if Israel launched World War III. One would be that the price of oil would go above $300 a barrel The Bilderberg Society is run by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Dutch royal family. They own Shell and EXXON.

The bankers are always thinking for some reason that people don't like them so the collapse of the American Army and Navy might make them feel safer as all those people are armed and dangerous. As for those Americans arming themselves with 50,000,000 bullets a day, they can blame Iran for their sudden impoverishment and not the bankers, their Bail Outs, their wars, their debt money fraud and their looting of the public Treasury.

I do foresee a problem with an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities which could kill up to 1,500,000 Iranians in the immediate area if their nuclear reactor is destroyed. The radiation could rise into the atmosphere where the jet stream can take it around the world causing cancers and killing humans and animals.

The Russians helped Iran to develop their bio-warfare arsenal. The Russians probably have antidotes to Iran's bio-weapons. Wall Street might also have a supply of those antidotes to protect themselves but not you and me.

There is one other plus for the bankers if there just happened to be an outbreak of germ warfare in Iran and not in Mexico. The people in America and Mexico could blame the Iranians for the deaths of millions of their people.

If the Internet and talk radio were shut down, most people would not know that those mandatory Swine flu vaccines loaded with squalene were equally responsible for any coming plague.

We are headed into an extremely dangerous period. I have called this essay The Last Gasp Of The Lords of Wall Street because to win they have to change America soon. For us to win all we have to do is to survive without dollars and without a government for three months to a year.

Their dollar and their government will collapse from their greed and their insanity. All we have to do is to block all of their current legislation on Cap and Trade, health care and mandatory vaccinations, tax increases, the Hate Crime bill and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Just say No to everything for a little while and we will see rays of freedom breaking through the clouds. We should all soon hear the Last Gasp of the Lords of Wall Street.

I do not think that the bankers will win, but my next and final essay in this series America Gets Poorer will be a "what if they win" and could be entitled That Glorious Day. For the past several hundred years bankers have been conspiring together to fulfill their dream that all property, all corporations and all natural resources, such as oil, natural gas, water and food, belongs to the banks and we are reduced to slavery. To the Lords of Wall Street that dark future into which no light penetrates would appear as a Glorious Day.

In the future I will write a series of initiatives to rebuild America and to overcome poverty here and overseas. I promise to finish that series before the world begins to unravel in September. As I said in Final Warning, we might not be able to communicate with one another freely and without reprisals.


This is the URL to the website that has photos of official Global Warming Reporting stations where college professors on welfare from Bilderberg Foundations have placed thermometers next to HVAC vents and to Weber grills.

This is the URL for an in depth scientific video on The Global Warming Swindle:

Climate Depot is a great starting point to study Global Warming.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Coming Great American Fire Sale or America Gets Poorer Part IV

I have been chronicling the transfer of all wealth from us to Wall Street and the destruction of America by the latter. This essay will concentrate on the fast approaching sale of American public assets, such as, water, public utilities, parks and roads to foreign buyers as well as the forced sale in bankruptcy of our major business corporations and our homes in foreclosures.

I have also been warning my friends and associates as to just when we can expect the dollar to crash so they can protect themselves as well as they can. I feel obligated to point out an article in the London Telegraph that China’s Central Bank will soon begin to contract their money supply. The Chinese banks have been loaning money into the housing and stock and commodity market bubbles. The Chinese passed a Stimulus Package of their own and have found that the money has been funneled into the Shanghai stock market. Their government wants to redirect their Stimulus to the unemployed and the rural poor. link

The problem is that when the Chinese contract their money supply we will have no one to buy our Treasury bonds. This does not bode well for us at a time when the new administration is selling 104 billion dollars or more a week in Treasuries. This follows the decision of the European Central Bank to also contract their money supply. The Federal Reserve has been creating money to buy Treasuries. That will only work until foreigners are forced from fear of the devaluation of the dollar to dump their dollars and send us into a Depression far worse than 1929.

This leads me to repeat my earlier prediction that I first made several years ago that the dollar would collapse in the last half of 2009 and that our wages would, as planned by Wall Street, be cut in half if we do not repeal the Federal Reserve Act and reform the system.

Last week Max Keiser, who lives in Paris, was talking with Dr Michael Hudson about the G8 Summit and said (link) that one of the issues was the purchase in the past six months of Third World farms equal in size to the entire farm land of Europe. To repeat that is farm land equal to Europe’s and that happened in just 6 months. The land sold was purchased by dollars that Asia and OPEC were dumping. The poor nations are using those dollars to pay interest on fictional debts to US and London banks. (I explained why government debts are fictional in my previous essay in this series.)

Max Keiser went on to say that Americans will be next. If our wages are cut in half by a planned inflation and our farms and corporations are bought out from under us, we will be reduced to near slavery. Wall Street has additional plans to buy our public utilities, water supplies, parks and roads.

Several members of the Bilderberg Society, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) own oil companies such as Shell and EXXON-Mobil. But these men are also involved in water privatization. Wikipedia lists the top three water privatization companies. None are either English or American. Vivendi and Suez are French though Wiki neglects to mention that these companies have senoir executives who are members of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Society.

In fact Viscount Etienne Davignon who is a senior executive at Vivendi was the European head of Bilderberg and therefore sat in on the powerful and secretive Bilderberg Steering Committee. Much has been said of the two classes of Bilderberg members. The lower class are just attendees and are allowed to talk about the agenda that was determined by the more powerful and secretive Bilderberg Steering Committee. A few of American attendees are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, General David Petraeus and former President Gerald Ford. Steering Committee members include Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller.

The Wikipedia article went on to say that a controversial aspect of the water privatization movement is the fact that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are forcing Third World nations who have been bankrupted by fictional government debts to participate. Nor does Wiki bother to tell its readers that the Presidents of the World Bank and the IMF are Bilderbergers.

The fly in the ointment is that, as Max Keiser warned us, Americans are next on the list of nations to be put through bankruptcy brought about by fictional government debts. The Congress recently saw fit to give 106 billion dollars to the IMF which we borrowed from China. The IMF will soon lend the United States and England money on the same conditions as Third World countries like Bolivia. That 106 billion dollars could be loaned back to us as early as 2010 when we will be forced to either sell our birth right to Wall Street or to starve.

In 2000 James David Wolfensohn was the President of the World Bank and refused to renew a 25 million dollar loan to Bolivia unless the Bolivians agreed to sell their water resources to private foreign companies. That consortium of foreign companies included Bechtel corporation which is owned by the father and son multi-billionaire team of Walter and Riley Bechtel. Wiki has an article about the 2000 Cochabamba Bolivia Water Wars here. The people had to stage a four day general strike in Cochabamba to be noticed. The Bolivian government sent soldiers and arrested strikers. The Water Wars article is long and fascinating. To cut to the chase we can just say the people won. And several Third World countries have passed laws making it illegal to privatize water resources.

James David Wolfensohn was appointed to run the World Bank by President Clinton and was so admired by Wall Street that he was re-appointed by President Bush.

Unfortunately for you, your Congress signed onto the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) which allows foreign companies to sue America in World Trade Organization (WTO) European courts so they can legally force the sale of American water, public utilities, roads, real estate and parks.

The World Bank required Bolivia to sell its water to foreigners because the Bolivians could not refinance a 25 million dollar loan. America is rapidly becoming a Third World Banana Boat Republic. The Lords of Wall Street have created an 11.4 trillion dollar fictional debt that we will soon be incapable of servicing. Our state and local governments are also going bankrupt and are steadily losing income tax and sales tax revenues. Martin Weiss has warned us that the recent lowering of the rating of California's state bonds means that most insurance companies and investment firms will be required by law to sell their California bonds as well as those of many other seates and local governments.

What do you think will happen if Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke are forced within the next 150 days to bail out 3 trillion dollars in munincipal bonds? How do you think state and local governments will be able to pay two or three times as much interest on their bonds after having made draconian budget cuts and raised taxes to unconsionable levels?

After the state and local governments make an initial round of budget cuts in 2009 they will be forced to sell off our resources to Wall Street and to foreign companies in 2010 in the face of food riots, strikes and the dumping of our bonds.

That is why I entitled this essay the Coming Great American Fire Sale. Our state and local governments will be selling American public assets at a time when real estate prices are at an all time low and the entire world has been deliberately pushed by design into a buyers market.

There is another aspect of the Coming Fire Sale which I have spoken of before. Bankers have been stealing 4 billion dollars a week from unaudited government spending. The bankers also have profits from laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drug money and up to 400 billion dollars in illegal weapons. They also profit from laundering 500 billion dollars a year in bribes for politicians worldwide.

All that money has been invested overseas and will be repatriated next year when the Lords of Wall Street plan to buy American corporations for pennies on the dollar. In 2010 they will also be buying foreclosed homes, farms and other real estate.

By 2012 we will be living in abject poverty, our wages cut in half and with our roads, public utilities, water and parks belonging to consortiums of Wall Street and foreigners. We will control nothing. The jobs that remain will be given to the favored few by corporations that were bought with money stolen from us.

Inflation and unemployment will exhaust our savings and pensions. We did not get into the depths of the last Depression until the third year when our savings had been used up.

You might be thinking that nobody would vote for this and that everyone will rebel. Nobody would vote for what the bankers have planned for us. That is why I have been saying for years that the bankers have been behind the rise of the National Security State where you have no rights.

I am thoroughly convinced that the bankers know the dollar will soon crash and have decided to go for broke in late 2009 and early 2010 to transform our government so America ceases to exist as a sovereign nation with a functioning Bill of Rights, meaningful elections and vigorous free speech in the public media.

My next essay in this series America Gets Poorer Part V could be subtitled The Last Gasp Of The Lords Of Wall Street.

Monday, July 13, 2009

America Gets Poorer (Part III)

Previously I promised to explain how the banking system we have been given transfers all wealth from those of us who work to those few who gave themselves a license to print our money. As we shall see, there has been a rise in the National Security State that parallels the extraction of wealth from the common people by the Lords of Wall Street. As President Obama said (to the bankers), “My administration is all that stands between you and the pitchforks.”

In a previous essay, The Counterfeiters, which can be found in my March 2009 archives, I explained that what our banking system does is to quite literally legalize counterfeiting. Prior to 1913 only the Treasury of the United States could legally print paper American dollars. After the Federal Reserve was created as a privately owned corporation in 1913, the words Federal Reserve Note has replaced the words Treasury Certificate on our paper currency.

Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy both issued Treasury Certificates. They both realized that prices are a ratio of the money supply to the Gross National Product (GNP) or total number of goods and services for sale. A balanced increase of 4% in both the money supply and in the GNP means that we can print enough Treasury Certificates to increase the money supply by 4% and suffer no inflation in prices. That is because prices are a ratio of the supply of money to the GNP.

Our M3 Money Supply reached ten trillion dollars before the Federal Reserve refused in 2006 to any longer tell us how much money is in circulation. So if we had Treasury Certificates instead of Federal Reserve Notes, we could safely increase the money supply by 4% or 400 billion dollars by spending the money we printed rather than by taxing us.

Why did I say “giving our money to Wall Street?” You will understand once you realize how we fund deficits with Federal Reserve Notes. If the Treasury Department needs to fund a deficit under the current Federal Reserve system, the FED can print 400 billion dollars in new Federal Reserve Notes and then exchange them for 400 billion dollars in Treasury bonds which obligate you as a taxpayer to pay interest and principal to a group of men who were given a license to print our money.

That is why I have called them Counterfeiters. The Federal Reserve, which is owned by the member banks and by Investment banks, can legally print money and enter it into circulation by lending it to either you or your government. Note that under the Treasury Certificate program there is no federal government debt. That is why I have said that government debt is a fiction but that we are obligated to work and to pay real taxes to pay interest on those fictional debts. That fictional US debt is currently 11.4 trillion dollars.

Our deficit is currently 2 trillion dollars and we have guaranteed up to 13 trillion dollars in loans to the bankers. We could soon face a 20 trillion dollar debt which will require us to pay 2 trillion dollars a year in interest payments at 10% or 4 trillion dollars a year at a 20% interest rate.

As I pointed out in a previous essay, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has contracted to less than 14 trillion dollars a year but that includes a government share of almost 5 trillion dollars so our share of the GDP is 9.1 trillion dollars. That means when, not if, we pay 4 trillion dollars in interest to China at al there will only be 5 trillion dollars left over for us which is a reduction of 4/9ths or about 44% in our share of the GDP pie. So our after tax net incomes will have to be cut by more than 50% if we don't abolish the Federal Reserve.

To keep control of the people after the bankers cut our wages fifty percent will be exceedingly difficult even with the rise of the National Security State and the passage of the Patriot Act. That is why we have had so many wars since the creation of the Federal Reserve.

I have talked before about the banking system’s right to launder a trillion dollars in drug money and up to 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. They also are allowed to launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes for politicians around the world. This has lead to corrupt government and the systematic destruction of major areas of American cities. And yet we do not have the right to criticize our betters on Wall Street for the destruction of America.

I have also spoken of the divine right of the Lords of Wall Street to steal four billion dollars a week from unaudited government spending. We do not even have the right to ask for permission to audit the books despite the overwhelming documented evidence of theft on a grand scale.

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted he was unable to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense (DOD) spending. On the morning of 9-11-2001 dozens of military auditors were busily attempting to trace the money that went missing from the previous Bush I and Clinton administrations.

I feel obligated to point out that the 2.3 trillion dollars we are talking about was from the budgets of previous Presidents as the 2001 budget did not go into effect until October of 2001. Of course the Bush II administration also racked up an additional trillion plus dollars in DOD spending it could not trace since 9-11-2001.

Nor is the incoming Obama team exempt from criticism. William J Lynn III was a lobbyist for Raytheon and had been part of the group in the Clinton DOD that had helped to loot the taxpayers of a couple trillion dollars. He was confirmed as Obama’s Deputy Secretary of Defense by a vote of 94 to 3.

On the morning of 9-11-2001 dozens of military auditors were busily attempting to recover trillions of dollars stolen by from us . Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret, was Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense and was in charge of America’s 25,000 special operations troops. Immediately after the second plane of the World Trade Center, Robert Andrews went to the Counter Terrorism Center (CTC) on the west side of the Pentagon. Twenty two minutes after his arrival, the CTC was damaged by a bomb that killed dozens of the military auditors attempting to uncover the truth about the theft of taxpayers money.

Now we are back to business as usual. The Lords of Wall Street are continuing to steal billions of dollars each week. Catherine Austin Fitts says they are sending that money overseas and adding it to their profits from the drug trade and the trillions they have stolen from the Bailouts so they can buy American for pennies on the dollar after they crash the dollar, steal your savings and pensions, foreclose on millions of homes and buy America for pennies on the dollar.

We have entered a period where tax revenues are declining sharply at federal as well as state and local levels so budgets on the local level need to be balanced by cuts and tax increases. Many politicians including Governor Schwarzenegger have called for a sale of state owned real estate. There has also been a movement to sell our roads and water supplies to foreign buyers.

Next time I will discuss what I have called the coming Great Fire Sale which will transfer all of our public assets like water, utilities, parks and roads. This is in addition to our major corporations and our homes that will be bought in bankruptcy and foreclosure with the trillions of dollars the Lords of Wall Street have stolen from federal spending that we commoners are not allowed to audit.

Stay Tuned for my next installment in this series which could be subtitled The Coming Great Fire Sale.

Friday, July 10, 2009


If you want me to publish your comment do not ...

Mention any violence or threaten any political figures. I am opposed to a violent solution to our current situation and have sufficient problems with Google. They have not incremented my profile vounter in months. I am in good company. I am on the same list as Layla Anwar.

Pass along long winded disinformation. I have allowed shorter disinformation pieces through because they were so obviously stupid. One man said that Depleted Uranium is a natural substance which it is not so exposure to it is not harmful. Arsenic is a natural substance but if you expose your neighbors to it, you will be talking to the police in short order.

MIKE RIVERO said something quite profound yesterday. He said if foreigners see signs that Americans en masse will no longer pay taxes until Wall Street stops stealing our money they will dump the dollar and the federal government will collapse.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Final Warning

I have called this essay Final Warning not because I think World War III is about to begin. What I am saying is that the world will begin to unravel as soon as September and that we might not be able to freely communicate after September or October.

Some time ago I started to get intuitions about September. I am now fairly well convinced that the world will start to unravel in September.

I told my readers several months ago to follow Treasury bond auctions. That was before the Obama administration went wild. Now they are auctioning off more than 100 billion dollars a week in Treasuries.

When I was 9 years-old, I read about how banks really work. I learned the corrupt nature of our banking system and our politicians at an early age. I knew then that we had a system designed to fail. In 2005 I began to share my intuition that the dollar would collapse in the second half of 2009.

At this time I am only willing to say that the world will begin to unravel starting in September and that the dollar should crash before the end of 2009. I am human and could be wrong about the specific date of the run on the dollar. But I don’t see how the dollar can survive through 2010. Max Keiser has said that the only way for foreigners to escape being robbed on a daily basis by the criminal conspiracy known as Wall Street is to dump the dollar.

I must repeat my earlier advice that it is past time that you either move away from any large American city or at least have an escape route prepared to a safe haven in either rural America or overseas. As you probably know, I left California the place of my birth and now live in a small Middle America town near some of my closest relatives.

I do not want you to become depressed and fearful. Those of us who understand how banks work knew that the dollar would eventually collapse and that it was designed to do so while simultaneously transferring all of our wealth to the Lords of Wall Street.

You who have spent your whole life in frustration because nobody listened to you when you said Wall Street is a criminal conspiracy be of good cheer. Today is your day. Americans will listen if you know what you are talking about. But you need talk to them about the things that motivate them the most which is why I focus on money and the theft of their pensions, savings and paychecks.

The world will soon begin to unravel. I have written of the coming Rebellion of the Spirit. As I explained it, the human spirit will rebel at the dark and dreary future the bankers have planned for us. I cannot say when the Rebellion of the Spirit will begin nor if we will be able to communicate over an uncensored Internet or if we will even be allowed to talk freely in private with one another.

The bankers cannot and will not win this fight.

Fourth of July 2009
Middle America

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and I am not giving you financial advice.