Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taking Down The FED With RICO

The Federal Reserve Bank has been rightly condemned for transferring wealth from those who work to those who quite literally have a license to print our money. The FED has been blamed for the Great Depression of 1929-1939 and for our current economic crisis. But those actions though despicable are not actionable under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) which was part of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970.

RICO allows American citizens to sue any person or persons who are members of corrupt organizations that have committed one or more of 27 federal crimes or 8 state crimes. It allows citizens to collect triple damages. The standard of proof is easier than in a criminal case where the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a specific crime was committed by a defendant. In a RICO lawsuit against the Federal Reserve all we are required to do is to show a pattern of corrupt behavior. And that we can easily do.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the official depository of the United States government. There is ample evidence that both political parties have allowed trillions of dollars to be spent contrary to federal law without adequate auditing controls. In his now famous interview on 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted that the Department of Defense (DOD) could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in spending. To date some 25% of the DOD budget cannot be traced so we do not know where our tax money went. But we do know that the money went through the New York FED before it went missing.

Vanity Fair published a now famous article on the 12 billion dollars in cash sent to Iraq from the Federal Reserve over a 15 month period. 9 of the 12 billion dollars went missing. The Vanity Fair article said. “the company that was hired to keep tabs on the outflow of money existed mainly on paper. Based in a private home in San Diego, it was a shell corporation with no certified public accountants. Its address of record is a post-office box in the Bahamas, where it is legally incorporated. That post-office box has been associated with shadowy offshore activities.”

The DOD is not the only federal agency where our money has been stolen. Susan Gaffney, the Inspector General at Housing and Urban Development (HUD) refused to even sign off on the 1999 HUD audit. She said 242 adjustments totaling 59.6 billion dollars to account for money missing from her agency during fiscal year 1999. Susan Gaffney that just about anyone can get into HUD's financial system, change numbers, take money and engage in financial fraud without anyone stopping them.

The 59.6 billion dollars that went missing in 1999 was not an isolated event at HUD. Ms Gaffney also reported that 17.6 billion dollars went missing from the 1998 HUD books. Catherine Austin Fitts was the Deputy Secretary at HUD under the first President Bush and has been battling corruption ever since. She once said on a radio interview that she found one single block in San Diego that 10 HUD backed loans totaling 20 million dollars on buildings that never existed. In fact Ms. Fitts said none of the ten buildings even had postal addresses.

Catherine Austin Fitts has found massive corruption in other departments. She used a computer program called Community Wizard which allows the user to enter a zip code and to determine federal spending for their local area. She once had a friend named Louis from a small town in New York who input the zip code and the necessary information to discover what the federal government was spending in his hometown. The man grew visibly angry when he saw that amongst other irresponsible acts they had spent $4,000,000 on flood relief. Louis said that his town was on a hill had not had a flood in the previous 120 years.

Since 1995 federal law has required the Treasury Secretary to only spend money that has been subject to proper auditing controls. Catherine has said the following: "Total undocumented accounting adjustments for reported periods for the Department of Defense [and HUD for fiscal 1998-2000] amount to a whopping $3.3 trillion, or $11,700 for every American. The Department of Defense has failed to produce independent audited financial statements since the requirement went into effect in 1995. HUD's Inspector General refused to certify HUD's fiscal 1999 financial statements." She has since revised that figure for total undocumented spending to 5.3 trillion dollars according to a recent radio interview.

Under RICO we can sue the Federal Reserve for its failure to protect taxpayers from the ongoing and persistent corruption at the Treasury Department, at the Department of Defense, HUD and numerous agencies which has plagued us under both Republican and Democratic administrations with the aid and knowledge of their political partners in Congress and the Senate under the “watchful eye” of the bought and paid for media.

In case you are worried we cannot sue the Federal Reserve under RICO we can. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a government agency. This ruling was made in an auto injury case. The Federal Reserve is a privately held corporation where the stock is held by member banks. Besides RICO has been used against government agencies that were run as corrupt organizations. The most notable anti-government RICO case was against the Key West Police Department.

There is another fiduciary responsibility that the Federal Reserve has violated. They have made 2 trillion dollars in loans to their member bank stockholders on assets of little or no value. Financial news services and several print columnists have asked for the official depository of the United States government to tell us just exactly who has received those loans and what collateral they offered. We could argue in court that we need to make discovery and to audit these transactions for fraud. Taxpayers have standing in this aspect of the case because the Federal Reserve routinely donates excess profits to the United States Treasury. By loaning money to their share holders on assets of no value they are depriving taxpayers of alternative means of the federal government to finance its operations.

We are entitled to triple damages under RICO but the real purpose of the lawsuit would be to stop the Federal Reserve from destroying America by sending the United States and the rest of the world into a Depression which many experts believe will be far worse than that of 1929-1939.

It would be far too dangerous for any one man or woman to bring this lawsuit against the Federal Reserve. After all they have been stealing billions of dollars every week for decades so they might be able to fire more than one assassin. However, as one commentator said . “Do not fear when we do battle against the Powers That Be. Remember that we be many and they be few.”

I would recommend that we join tens of thousands of American citizens together to bring this lawsuit. We need the support of all those men and women to see this trial to the end. The general public has been upset to say the least about the coming economic collapse. If we use the Internet and talk radio while they are still relatively free and unregulated, we might even break through into the mainstream media.

The Federal Reserve has no defense. The Treasury Department, HUD, DOD and the rest of the federal government cannot defend their actions. They have acted together to defraud the taxpayers of hundreds of billions of dollars. It is time we say no to the sacking and looting of our country.

This could very well be our last chance to say no to anything Wall Street wants to do to us. How many impoverished but free nations can you name?

I strongly recommend the website below for those of you have decided to take direct action to abolish the Federal Reserve:


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Saturday, November 15, 2008

End The FED Rallies in 39 Cities Nov 22nd

Rallies will be held in 39 cities to demand the end to the Federal Reserve banking system which has given us a 10.6 trillion dollar debt. My regular readers know from my last article that the Congress, the Senate and the President all agreed to add a total of 1.485 trillion dollars to the debt ceiling in just the 64 days from August 28th to Nov 4th of this year. And they are going back into session to spend more money by adding to what I have called our “fictional” national debt.

The organizers and sponsors are a mixture of people from Right to Left and back again. As one commentator said, it is past time for us not to determine who is right or wrong and to find out what is right or wrong. Ron Paul has agreed to speak at one of the 39 rallies. Some of the sponsors are from the Green party.

The incredible part of these rallies is that the sponsors deliberately selected Nov 22nd as the date knowing that it is the 45th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. JFK signed Executive Order 11110 which would have ended the Federal Reserve's monopoly on the creation of currency by creating United States Notes which were redeemable in silver. That Executive Order was never rescinded. But President Johnson did withdraw all of Kennedy's debt free money from circulation after the President was murdered.

Other significant changes were made in the political landscape after Nov 22nd 1963. Johnson took us into the Vietnam war. Also Israel and China jointly exploded their first nuclear weapon in 1964. President Kennedy opposed the Israeli nuclear program as he thought it would lead to a nuclear arms race in the Mideast and launch World War III. John Fitzgerald Kennedy could very well have been right about Vietnam, the Federal Reserve and WW III. It is too late to do anything about the Vietnam war and the Mideast nuclear arms race might start a war sooner rather than later, but we can still abolish the Federal Reserve as a fitting tribute to our martyred President.

Many of the sponsors of the rallies to abolish the FED would favor a return to gold and silver backed money. Many do not. I for one do not see how we could have a gold standard when almost all the gold in Fort Knox was stolen long ago. As my regular readers are well aware Wall Street is allowed to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government spending. Neither political party has demanded adequate auditing of the money they spend in our behalf. So what makes you think that the gold at Fort Knox, which in violation of federal law has never been counted, is still there?

The sponsors of the 39 rallies have promised that this is the beginning of the End for the Federal Reserve. Only our future history will tell us how and when debt slavery is abolished.

As I said in a previous essay, instead of borrowing money from the FED to handout in a Second Stimulus package they could buy the FED from its member banks and issue a debt free and non-interest bearing currency. They could also end fractional reserve banking which has created many bubbles in the past. We could also begin seriously considering canceling (in a responsible fashion) both the debt of the United States and of the Third World nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

But this is neither the time nor the place for me to impose my ideas on those who would participate in one of the 39 rallies. Now is the time for us to go the the website below, to sign up and to take action.


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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

64 Days And 1.485 Trillion Dollars

From July 28th to Oct 4th 2008 the Congress and the Senate raised the US debt ceiling limit from $9.815 trillion to $11.3 trillion. That is a staggeringly bone crushing 1.485 trillion dollars of new debt in just 64 days.

That is $23,203,125,000 a day. At that rate Washington will add $7.494 trillion to the national debt by Oct 1, 2009 which is the first day that President-elect Obama's budget will go into effect. Even if we add just $5 trillion to the national debt over the next 11 months the total debt will be 16.3 as opposed 18.794 trillion dollars. Either figure will crush the taxpayers.

There is a simple workable solution that will solve our current economic crisis. If you prefer, you can skip to the concluding paragraphs to read it.

Neither 5 trillion nor 7 trillion dollars will solve the problems we face. Martin Weiss has proven that we need several times that much money to bailout every one with bad debts.

Currently, people all over the world are withdrawing money from Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds are parking their money temporarily in US Treasury-bills. About 40% of our debt is held by Social Security and other government agencies. But what would happen if foreigners balked and refused to either buy our new debt issues or to renew our existing debt as it expires? The answer is that we would have to pay significantly higher interest rates. Martin Hennecke senior manager at Tyche has already issued a warning that America could soon lose its AAA bond rating which would definitely raise interest rates and kill Obama's budget before it even starts.

In 2003 the cost of servicing the debt was 16.3% of all federal spending. If we double the total amount of debt held by the public and triple or quadruple the interest rate on both the newly issued and also the older rolled over debt, half of President Obama's first budget could easily swallowed up by interest payments. Nothing would be left over for medical care, education or any other social program.

There is exactly one solution to our problems. We must repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 as proposed by congressmen Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, and Ron Paul, a Republican.

We currently have a debt money system which requires us to create a debt before we are allowed to create money. Under the present system if the Treasury Secretary wants to borrow $100 billion,the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the official US depository, makes a bookkeeping entry in the federal government account and in exchange the taxpayers are obligated to pay the FED $100 billion plus interest. And that is how we created more than ten trillion dollars in bonded indebtedness which will soon grow to 20 trillion within 24 months.

My regular readers know that I have called all government debts a fiction. If we bought the stock of the Federal Reserve owned by the member banks, we could create new money without adding debt. Money is a commodity that measures the value of all goods and services for sale. And prices can be thought of as a ratio of the commodity known as money to the Gross Domestic product (GDP) which measure the value of all goods and services produced in the US. If we create new money at the same rate as our GDP grows, then we should have price stability. If our total M3 Money Supply were $10 trillion and our normal growth rate were 4%, we could create $400 billion in new checking account money at the New York Fed and spend it into circulation. I would prefer to use that money to bailout people, their pensions and savings rather than the billionaires of Wall Street.

I can absolutely guarantee you that the dollar will collapse in 2009 if we do not purchase the Federal Reserve Bank. The Congress and Senate will be is session next week. They will be passing a second Stimulus package and over the next two months will be considering bailing out the auto industry, local and state governments, creating a $300 billion Public Works program, as they continue the Bailouts covered by the Housing Recovery and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Acts of 2008. We could buy the Federal Reserve Bank for less than just the cost of the upcoming Stimulus Package and save the taxpayers 5 trillion dollars in new debt and interest obligations. Exponentially growing “fictional” debts and the related non-fictional interest payments will crush us within the year.

In a previous essays I said we should cancel the debt (in a responsible fashion) of both Third World nations and the United States now that Americans are increasingly becoming aware that Wall Street is treating them as badly as any colonial subject in 19th century Africa.

I have also pointed out that in 1968 it took one billion dollars in new debt to create a billion dollars in GDP growth. Today it takes $5 trillion in new debt to create a trillion dollars in new GDP. We have reached the end of the line for the Debt Money System. It could soon take ten trillion dollars to create just one trillion dollars in new GDP. There will literally not be enough money around to satisfy Wall Street's insatiable greed.

America has come to the end of the road. The only two paths available to us. One is to accept permanent poverty and creeping enslavement by doing nothing and allowing the Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street to sack and loot our country or we can buy the FED and salvage our freedoms and allow the people of this country to rebuild the nation and the economy that will otherwise be completely destroyed within 12 to 24 months.


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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Self-Destruct Mode 2009

On November 4th 99% of Americans voted for one of the two presidential candidates controlled by Wall Street who have pledged allegiance to policies that I guarantee will destroy America as we knew it by 12-31-2009. Let's begin by looking at the Bailout.

A congressman who despises President Bush but nevertheless voted for the Bailout was asked what his voters were saying about bailing out the billionaires on Wall Street. He said he had two types of callers. “No” and “Hell No.” Neither he nor either one of Wall Street's two presidential candidates 99% of Americans voted for bothered to ask Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to return any part of his rumored 512 million dollar bonus for the “Good Work” he did while he was CEO at Goldman-Sachs.

The Bailout cannot work, will not work and was never was intended to work. Wall Street knew the crash was coming and took precautions to protect themselves in 2005 when their employees in the Congress and the Senate changed the bankruptcy laws to make discharging credit card debt in bankruptcy nearly impossible. On 11-10-2005 they also had the Federal Reserve Bank issue a notice saying they would no longer tell us what the M3 (total) Money Supply was. They knew three years ago they would be printing so much money to cover their losses that the rubes would know something was really wrong. Just imagine what your neighbors would be saying if we knew how many dollars were being created to cover the tracks of the men who just pulled off the greatest bank heist in history.

To understand why the Bailout cannot work you must first understand how the Federal Reserve banks work. There were two candidates in the primaries who promised to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Those men were the Democrat Dennis Kucinich and the Republican Ron Paul. 99% of the American people voted for candidates in the general election who will continue the system that was designed to transfer all wealth from those who work to those who have a license to print our money.

Under the Federal Reserve system if we want to create money we must first create a debt. If you go to the bank for a $10,000 loan, they will create a bookkeeping entry in your name so you can begin to write checks. Please note that they did not loan you money from another depositor. What they did was to add $10,000 to the money supply.

To create a billion dollars Federal Reserve Notes the Federal Reserve calls the Bureau of the Mint and asks for the money to be printed. The FED will pay 3 ½ cents on average to the Mint to cover printing costs. The FED will then take the money from the Mint and deliver it to the Treasury Secretary receiving in exchange a Treasury bond obligating the taxpayers to pay the FED a billion dollars plus interest. That is why I said that the Federal Reserve Act was designed to transfer all wealth from those who work to those who have a license to print our money.

Yet the Federal Reserve Act has an even more profitable way for the banks to create money. They can create a billion dollar checking account deposit at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York which is the official federal government depository. In exchange the Treasury Secretary gives the FED a bond requiring the taxpayers to pay the bankers a billion dollars plus interest. That is what it means to say that we have a debt money system.

Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy created non-interest bearing debt free Treasury Certificates that did not require the taxpayers to create a “fictional debt” every time they printed dollars. If we treated the creation of new checking account money the same way we did Treasury Certificates, we would not have a 9.3 trillion dollar federal government debt to which we are committed to adding another 5 trillion dollars to pay for the Bailout and the Mortgage Recovery Act of 2008. Please note that the next 5 trillion dollars in debt will be dedicated to bailing out and correcting Wall Street's larcenies and incompetence. To stimulate the Gross Domestic Product and create jobs for the millions who have already or will soon lose their jobs we will have to add even a lot more debt than a mere 5 trillion.

We have now reached the point where any new debt will crush the taxpayers. But Wall Street knew that when they changed the Bankruptcy laws in 2005 and also refused to tell us what the M3 Money Supply is. Yet 99% of the voters voted for presidential candidates who have decided to continue our present system. I stand by my previous prediction that by 12-31-2009 our after tax wages in real dollars will be permanently cut 50%. We can only hope that the coming economic debacle will force Americans to respond with a sensible solution to the problem of debt money otherwise America will cease to function as a free and sovereign nation.

99% of all Americans voted for one of the two candidates controlled by Wall Street who agreed on plans that would permanently impoverish and enslave us. To understand how these plans by Wall Street you must understand the works of Nobel prize winning economist Wassily Leontief.

Leontief did an input output analysis of the American economy. Inputs are raw materials like iron and coal which produce the output steel. And he further traced steel as an input into other industries like automobile production. He proved that American wages were higher than European because we extracted natural resources such as, coal, iron, oil, lumber, grains and added skilled labor to produce value added to our finished goods. A successor did a study at Stanford University in 1955 which proved that America would have to cut wages when our population reached 150,000,000. Americans used to be exempt from competing with cheap foreign labor because we did not have to import raw materials until our self-appointed leaders decided to increase our population beyond 150,000,000.

After we went over 150,000,000 in population we were supposed to cut our wages so foreign consumers could afford to buy our finished goods. But Wall Street and the politicians they own had other plans. They decided to create the greatest credit bubble in world history so they would have sufficient time to transform America into a National Security State to protect themselves from the people whose life savings they were planning to steal. Let me explain.

Instead of cutting wages every time we added 10,000,000 to our population so we could sell cheaper and cheaper products to foreign countries Wall Street elected to print dollars. For the past 60 years we have been printing worthless paper dollars and giving them to foreigners for real products and raw materials. Wall Street loved the idea of printing dollars because, as we have seen, every dollar created requires us to create a corresponding debt. What they have done is to accelerate the creation of a 9.3 trillion dollar debt which they knew would transfer all wealth to them from those of us who work for a living by paying the interest on that “fictional” national debt.

At the same time Wall Street also embarked on a long term plan to drastically increase the price of oil. The Rockefeller family owns a controlling interest in EXXON-Mobil. The Rothschilds and the Dutch Royal family owns a controlling interest in Shell Oil company. The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Dutch Royal family run the Bilderberg Society which meets annually and decides who will be President of the United States, Prime Minister of England and President of the Federal Reserve Board. If you have never heard of the Bilderberg Society you can look them up on Wikipedia. The plan by the Bilderbergers to increase the price of oil was very successful. Oil prices increased 5,000 % from 1973 to 2008. It is true that oil prices have dropped a lot in the last few months as the demand for imported oil drastically declined as the world went into recession. But the price of oil will go back up soon due to policies both of our controlled candidates support.

The Bilderberger plan to raise oil prices was twofold. One part was to double our population. The other was to restrict domestic energy production thus increasing the demand for imported oil. As I said, they raised the price of oil 5,000 %. And now 99% of the American voters have voted one of two men who vowed to continue those same Bilderberg plans to raise the price of energy.

Until recently John McCain opposed all oil drilling both offshore and in ANWR (the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge). The Congress recently saw the heat from the electorate and passed a law allowing some limited offshore oil drilling. Congressman Hoyer said the Congress would reverse itself in 2009 and reinstate the ban on all offshore oil drilling. The Congress continued to favor the ban on ANWR drilling as did both major party candidates.

The Congress has also banned all oil development from shale in the Green River and Bakken Formations which are said to have enough oil and natural gas to meet our domestic energy needs.We also have plenty of oil offshore of Alaska and even more in the Arctic circle.

But as I have said in a previous essay we do not need that oil. In the recent campaign John McCain offered $305,000,000 to anyone who would develop a new and revolutionary battery that would make hybrid autos and alternative energy, such as, wind and solar economically workable. Neither of the two candidates nor the news media bothered to go to Langley Virginia and ask for the batteries on display in the CIA museum. One of their exhibits is a battery powered drone the size of a dragonfly that bugs conversations and transmits them to a satellite above the earth. The CIA developed that battery decades ago. If we lived in a democracy, we could ask the CIA for one of their even more advanced batteries that would make better hybrid cars.

But we have an even better potential source of power locked up in Area 51 in southern Nevada. Black Triangles are planes developed by our secret government that fly 40,000 mph in the earth's atmosphere. They can also hover silently over one spot. That is aerodynamically impossible unless you consider the fact they they have some measure of anti-gravity. One observer noted that the B-2 bomber does not have sufficient thrust to lift the extreme weight of that plane. This leads us to conclude that the USAF is gradually incorporating anti-gravity into its standard aircraft. If we had a functioning democracy, we would go to the secret military and demand they release all their research on anti-gravity, room temperature super conductors and any research they have developed from the works of Nikola Tesla they have kept hidden since his death 65 years ago.

Anti-gravity, if it were cyclically turned on and off, could make a turbine spin and generate electricity. We don't need nuclear power, coal, imported oil and oil wars. We are currently importing 4.4 billion barrels of oil annually. Both major party presidential candidates want to increase the demand for imported oil by passing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens without increasing domestic energy production in a dramatic fashion. Amnesty would increase our population to 350,00,000 in short order. Since 100% of all the oil immigrants consume must be imported, we could easily find ourselves demanding 5 billion barrels of imported oil.

To buy that oil on credit would require our next President to convince the Chinese to loan him a trillion dollars so we could buy everything at Wal-Mart and 5 billion barrels of oil. I would love to hear our President tell China's leaders why we should be allowed to use borrowed money to make China pay even more for oil. People in China work 72 hours a week for as little as $172 a month. There is no reason why they should be expected to subsidize insane American politicians who have doubled our population while doing nothing to increase our domestic energy production. The Chinese are intelligent enough to understand that the money they loan us is being used to bid away oil from them. This situation will not last forever.

It is obvious that our debt money system will collapse soon. We can no longer bear the burden of making the payments on those tens of trillions of dollars in public and private “fictional” debts. There is an issue that reveals both the arrogance of Wall Street and their plan for a personal exit strategy for the Day the Dollar Dies.

There was one presidential candidate in 2008 who did not fear to speak out against Wall Street's corruption. Cynthia McKinney has been outspoken on the issue of Wall Street's looting unaudited federal government spending. Four trillion dollars has been spent illegally since 1995 when federal law required more adequate auditing practices. I have personally estimated that Wall Street has been allowed to steal up to 4 billion dollars a week from the taxpayers.

Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, says they are using the money to launder drug money offshore to increase their personal wealth. Ms. Fitts has said they are planning to use that money to buy control of American corporations and run this country after we are put through bankruptcy.

Others have said that the Secret Government has a secret science, military and espionage system costing up to 100 billion dollars a year that cannot be financed solely by those CIA cocaine and heroin flights into America. Their secret military is the one with those 40,000 mph Black Triangles which are obviously there to protect the looters from Wall Street when the dollar collapses and Americans lose their pensions and savings.

Catherine Austin Fitts found one block in San Diego that had 10 Housing and Urban Development ( HUD) backed loans on buildings that never existed and did not even have postal addresses. That much corruption could only be done by computer. Billions of dollars a week cannot be stolen by even a hundred people filling out voluminous forms for HUD loans and phony invoices to the Pentagon. Making up fraudulent Social Security and Medicare applications would overwhelm the looters of the public trough unless they used computers.

Indira Singh has said that there is a computer firm in Massachusetts near Boston that has administrative level access to the computers at the Pentagon, NORAD, FAA, Social Security, Treasury, FBI, Secret Service, HUD and the Department of Justice (DOJ). She dealt with many FBI and CIA agents after 9-11-2001. She was told there is a “wall” inside the CIA and FBI. On the outside of the wall are the honest men and women. On the inside are the criminals, rogues, traitors and drug runners. Ms. Singh was told by an honest CIA agent that the computer firm near Boston was a CIA operation. She also said that they have used their computer access to create phony Social Security recipients to even steal from the elderly. That firm she accused of being a CIA front was named Process Technologies or PTECH.

After 9-11 the honest men and women at the FBI Boston office wanted to raid that computer firm that was acknowledged to be a CIA front. It had access to FAA and NORAD computers so the FBI wanted to question them about those “four hijacked planes.” But on 9-11 Michael Chertoff was the head of the Criminal Investigation Division of the DOJ and denied the FBI permission to raid that firm until all the principals had destroyed the evidence and fled to the Mideast. Today Michael Chertoff is the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted at a press conference that he was unable to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending from the previous Clinton and Bush I administrations. He had placed rabbi Dov Zakheim in charge of finding that money. Mr Zakheim was the Comptroller of the Pentagon. On 9-11-2001 Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret, was the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of America's 25,000 special forces. He heard a bomb go off 3 ½ minutes before Flight 77 was alleged to have struck the Pentagon. The bomb destroyed the Counter Terrorism Center which was next to the Pentagon auditors who were attempting to trace that missing money. The bomb did kill more than 40 military auditors who were attempting to recover money stolen from the taxpayers.

It has been alleged that 4 planes were hijacked by 19 Arab men who flew them into targets at the Pentagon, the World Trade Center Towers with one not reaching its target and being shot down over Shanksville Pennsylvania. The only problem is that no Arabs had any tickets or boarding passes for even one of the four planes. Nor is there any surveillance videos of even one of them boarding the planes. The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) examined the DNA of the remains found on what was alleged to be Flight 77 and found no Arab DNA.

There is an alternative theory as to how the 4 planes reached their destinations with no Arabs aboard to hijack them. Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the CEO of SPC International prior to taking his job at the DOD where he was responsible for tracking down the culprits who stole billions of dollars if not trillions from the hard working taxpayers of America. SPC International made a product called Command Transmitter System which can remotely control jet planes as well as boats and missiles. At least it was possible that the CTS could have controlled the 4 planes whereas it was impossible for any of the 19 Arabs to have hijacked the planes as they were never proven to have been on board. That makes the CTS a better theory of the crime.

Both major political parties have allowed Wall Street to steal our money, to oppress us and to blow up buildings with Americans inside. Both political parties have appropriated money through the Congress and the Senate to build concentration camps for us when our country goes into an inflationary depression more severe than the Great Depression of 1929-1939.

All of the above programs to sack and loot the United Stated government, to create the greatest money bubbles in history and to transfer all wealth from us to “them” were implemented by the Republican and Democratic parties with the assistance of the mainstream media. 99% of the American people voted for one of the two parties that have pledged to destroy this country as early as 2009. That is why I have called this essay Self-Destruct Mode 2009. However, if I am wrong the economy might not collapse until 2010.

I do have reason to hope. When things do collapse, tens of millions will lose their jobs and their pensions, and half of the employed people will not make enough money to buy gas to go to work, pay their utility bills and buy food, we will have exactly one opportunity to really change the government and throw off our oppressors.

Until that day we need to talk about the fraud of debt-money and fictional debts. We need to talk about the looting of unaudited federal spending. We need to talk about the secret military and science projects. We need to explain to people who has impoverished them and why. We need to tell everyone that our own government has been blowing up buildings with its own citizens inside and that both political parties and the news media have covered it up. We must never stop talking about the evil that is our government

The voters will be ready to listen. I concluded long ago that most people would allow the government to do cruel things to others and to oppress us as long as they left us and our families alone. But very soon “they” will cut our wages in half, give away our jobs and steal our pensions and savings. “They” have detention camps already prepared to incarcerate those “domestic terrorists” who would dare to talk about Wall Street and to say bad things about "their" politicians.

99% of the voters might have supported one of the two Wall Street candidates for president but there is a limit to the pain they can absorb without rebelling against those who have harmed them, oppressed them, deceived them, impoverished them and fully intend to enslave them in the very, very near future.

Be of Good Cheer. 2009 could very well be the Year the Dollar Dies, but it is also could just be the Year You Begin To Get Your Country Back.


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