Sunday, July 13, 2008

Decision Time

I promised my long time readers and my friends who knew me even before the Internet to issue warnings before World War III starts and the Next Great Depression begins. I am now saying it is nearly certain there will be a Hyperinflationary worldwide Great Depression in the first 6 months of 2009 that will be far worse than 1929-1939. World War III will also start next year at about the same time.

In a previous essay I mentioned that Dick Cheney had warned the Saudis in March to expect nuclear fallout from Day One of the forthcoming attack on Iran. Recently Josh Bolton, the Neocon former UN ambassador appointed by President Bush, said that the air assault on Iran would take place after our November 2008 elections. And even more recently Israel has promised to wait until 2009 to launch World War III by attacking Iran. And even President Bush has issued a warning to Israel not to attack Iran. This is an amazing turn of events from the daily threats we had been reading for the past few years. We know peace is not their goal. The Bush administration is continuing their covert war against Iran and with a 400 million dollar appropriation which was approved even by House and Senate Democrats.

I believe this decision to delay WW III until 2009 is part of a strategy formulated most likely by the powerful Bilderberg Society Steering Committee even prior to their most recent meeting in Chantilly Virginia. The Steering Committee decides the agenda before the annual meetings at which the attendees discuss selected issues until they reach a consensus. The Bilderberg Society represents the interests of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the largest international banks, select law firms, a handful of career central bankers, diplomats and the politicians the Society trusts to do their will. Paul Wolfowitz, Ben Bernanke, Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and Prime Minister Harper of Canada are Bilderbergers.

The top 300 banks launder 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. They also launder over a trillion dollars a year in drug money and about 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. They and their friends are also allowed to steal an estimated 200 billion dollars a year from unaudited federal government contracts. No American politician of note has claimed the right to demand the books be audited to save taxpayers some 4 billion dollars a week

I believe the Bilderbergers have decided that the original plan for World War III was a disaster and needed to be modified. Make no mistake. The Bilderbergers do not fight wars themselves. The last Rothschild to die in a war was killed in the British siege of Jerusalem in 1919 while he was foolishly parading around on a highly visible white horse. When Bilderbergers plan a war, they are interested in finessing a political solution. They have concluded that a Great Hyperinflationary Depression will begin in the spring of 2009. They are busy cannibalizing existing companies such as, Bear Stearns, and seizing the remaining assets for themselves. They are creating tens of billions of dollars in new credits at their central banks to buy worthless defaulted investments from the likes of Bear Stearns so those doing the cannibalizing will survive the looming economic collapse. When the dollar collapses, they will use the media they control to convince the voters that their pain was created by the Muslims who charged them too much for oil. Their plan is to box the voters into a corner where the only solution that makes sense to them is a genocidal war against 1.3 billion Muslims.

It should be noted that the Bilderbergers and the Zionists do want Americans to fight a suicidal and genocidal war against the Muslims but they also want neither the Muslims nor the Americans to win World War III. The American people are to be permanently impoverished and enslaved. The Mideast oil is to belong to the Zionists and the Bilderbergers. The Rothschilds and the Dutch royal family own Shell oil company. And the Rockefellers own Exxon-Mobil.

America is to cease to exist as a sovereign nation. A war against Iran and a cut off of Persian Gulf oil will send the price of oil to $600 or even $800 a barrel. China and Japan will refuse to loan us the money to buy our oil on credit. They can afford to buy oil even at $800 a barrel with the two trillion dollars in surplus cash they earned selling cars, toys, clothes and electronics to American consumers. Americans will have to cut their consumption of gasoline, fuel oil and diesel in half. America will grind to a halt. Bringing America to its knees is one half of the Bilderberg plan for WW III.

A Zionist “friend” of mine told me recently that they have studied the situation and have concluded that they could get really good control of America if they just arrested 100,000 people. Some people in the resistance are too well known to be arrested though their access to the media and to the Internet would be eliminated. The second level of resistance to the New World Order is where the real action will be happening. I have heard Zionists many times say that they would go for the leaders first especially the intelligent ones. They have made lists of intelligent, honest, Americans who cannot be bought, compromised or intimidated. These will be among the first to be arrested. But the majority of the first wave of 100,00 men and women to be sent to the concentration camps will be the Muslims as the next war is to be a genocidal war against the world's 1.3 billion followers of Mohammed or at least those who either have oil or live adjacent to nations with oil wells.

I told my Zionist friend that the arrest of 100,000 civilians within the borders of the U.S. Will only be the down payment. In the very near future every day of every year Americans will disappear into secret prisons if we let the Bilderbergers and the Zionists win.

This essay is entitled Decision Time for a reason. We have five to twelve months remaining until the concentration camps open for business and Americans are incarcerated without trial and with neither lawyers nor the Bill of Rights to protect them. Now is the time for you to decide if you will resist and what you will do if you decide to just say no to fascism. Now is the time to decide whether or not it might be better for you to relocate to a safer place even if it is overseas. Next year I promise you it will be too late to decide anything for yourself. All decisions will be made for you in Israel, London and New York.

This is your Year of Decision. The other major decision facing you is this: what will you do to guarantee that you survive the coming economic collapse? Several years ago I predicted that the dollar would collapse by 12-31-2009. I said that your after tax real wages will be cut 50% and that fixed pensions and savings will be cut 90%. I now have refined my original prediction and zeroed in on the first half of 2009 as being when the dollar dies. Home foreclosures plus high oil and utility prices will make this a very bad Christmas for retailers. Construction, auto and retail workers will be laid off. The working poor will be unable to pay their bills in the face of rapidly rising fuel, utility and food costs. Logic dictates to me that prices have to increase 1,000% to cancel the bad debts created by the banks. But intuition tells me prices will go up 3,000% and very soon.

Savings and fixed pensions will approach zero value. There are 43,000,000 people on social security and disability. Social Security is not in the strict sense a pension. Social security payments are financed from taxes on current wages which will be cut in half in real terms. Therefore social security payments and Medicare benefits will also be cut in half. I calculate that at least 5% of the 43,000,000 social security recipients will have to choose between starvation and suicide. Indira Singh, who has spoken out about the computerized theft of unaudited government spending, has said that the Powers That Be have even been stealing from Social Security by adding phony recipients to the rolls. Ms. Singh has explained how they have administrative level access to the computers at Social Security, Treasury, DOJ, FBI, HUD, NORAD, FAA and even the Congress.

The Congress and Senate know that your tax money is being stolen but they lack the courage to stop it. And when, not if, tens of thousands of our elderly and disabled kill themselves every month your politicians will continue to do nothing. But you knew that they were their politicians and not yours, didn't you?

The Energy Crisis and the demise of the dollar both of which are to be blamed upon the Muslims was actually planned by the Bilderbergers and their friends long ago. Currently we are importing 4.4 billion barrels of oil at $140 a barrel. We import 60%of our oil so if we increase our population 10% through legal and illegal immigration, we will add 14% to our demand for imported oil. We will have to bid an additional 600 million barrels of oil a year away from foreigners who will be buying their petroleum with stronger currencies. We could easily be paying $200 a barrel for 5 billion barrels with a dollar that is considerably weaker than it is today. The next President of the United States will be paying one trillion dollars a year for imported oil on credit until the world in general and Asia in particular says "No more."

Wall Street has known for decades that we were only able to double our population without increasing our energy output because we have been printing worthless dollars and have convinced people overseas to exchange them for oil, cars, electronics and everything at Wal-Mart for nothing. But foreigners are increasingly unwilling to accept dollars and the value of the dollar has declined accordingly. Wall Street financiers know money very well so they understand that when the dollar does collapse, you will no longer be able to buy a trillion dollars of oil a year on credit. At that point oil will be so expensive that half of the people in the United States will not be able to buy food and gasoline. That is to say that Wall Street knew your real after tax wages would be cut by at least 50% decades ago when they decided to open the legal and illegal immigration flood gates while simultaneously shutting down energy development. I can only conclude that this permanent cut in wages was planned by the Bilderbergers and their friends to enslave Americans. Poor people are easier to control.

If you pressed me to refine my timeline for WW III and the next Great Depression I would say after the November elections and before April 15th, tax day. Corporate taxes are due in March and individual returns are due in April. The Bilderbergers will defrinitely want the war to start before then as I do not see us surviving economically beyond that point.

The Israelis recently conducted an air exercise complete with refueling tankers to simulate the distance needed to strike Iran. They chose Greece as a simulated target because Iran is acquiring the ame Russian made S-300 anti-aircrafr system that Greece already has. It can track up to 100 planes simultaneously and fire 12 miles at a time with ranges of 90 or more miles depending upon the particular version you buy. This air drill enabled the Israelis to study electronic jamming techniques against the S-300. I believe the Iranian purchase of the S-300 will push the Zionists into declaring war sooner rather than later. So my best guess is the world we knew will die between December 2008 and March of 2009.

I would hope you are not expecting any American politician to rescue us from the Bilderbergers and the Zionists. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain all want to cut your wages at least 50% if not 60%. They all support Amnesty for Illegal Aliens plus continued legal immigration. As we know, this means when foreigners no longer are willing to loan us a trillion dollars a year that we will be gripped by a currently unimaginably harsh poverty. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain all support Israel against Iran to the point of threatening air strikes. That means they want you to fight World War III for Israel and pay $10 for a gallon of gas.

Now is the time to consider what you will do when your wages are cut in half. Now is the time to decide what you will do when your pensions and savings are cut 90%. Now is the time to decide what you will do when Medicare benefits are cut in half. Now is the time to decide what you can do to survive when unemployment approaches 25% like it did in the last Great Depression. Now is the time to decide what you will do when your neighbors demand you feed them and their family.

The Bilderbergers will use the coming economic collapse and war to enslave the people of America. Their brothers at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) have announced their plan to end American sovereignty in 2010 by merging the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American Union (NAU). Recently it was leaked that the U.S. and Canada have agreed that in case of civil disturbances in America Canada would be allowed to send troops to occupy American cities. We can logically assume that if Mexico is also a party to the NAU then they can also be expected to occupy our cities in case of civil unrest.

The Bilderbergers and the Zionists are not concerned that a few hundred million people or even a few billion might die in World War III. Nor are they concerned that you might lose your livelihood or even your country. That tens of millions of Americans will starve does not concern the Bilderbergers. That millions of elderly Americans will have to choose between starvation and suicide is of no concern to Wall Street.

The Bilderberger war plan is to turn you from a citizen of a republic into a slave of their Empire.

There are solutions to our problems other than war and a Hyperinflationary Depression. We could stop increasing our population until we have doubled our domestic energy output. We could repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which at my last calculation required a 759 billion dollar a year subsidy from the taxpayers. We could even demand the right to audit federal spending to save an additional 200 billion dollars a year.

An adult solution to the Mideast crisis would be to disarm both Israel and Iran of nuclear weapons. Mordechai Vanunu told us that Israel began the nuclear race in the Mideast when they assassinated President Kennedy 90 days after refusing him permission to inspect their nuclear works at Dimona. Israel was brazen enough to assassinate our President and is not likely to back down now. The Iranians see themselves as the heroes of the revolution that will bring down the Evil Empire of the United States, Great Britain and Israel so they are not likely to compromise either. This means war and poverty is our future until we the people decide to just say no to Israel.

I feel obliged to emphasize a point from previous essays. The Zionists and the Bilderbergers are not always on the same page. It was the Rothschilds who financed Hitler's purchase of weapons in 1935 with a loan that was the monetary equivalent 50,000,000 ounces of gold. And in 1995 the Bilderbergers must have pre-approved the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by the phony Zionists. Rabin was murdered because he opposed getting Jewish people killed in a future war. But the Bilderbergers know they need to keep the Jewish people around the world in line by placing the Israelis in danger. Barry Chamish, an expert on Rabin's murder, has proof that the Israeli conspirators even killed Rabin's wife Leah by deliberately administering the incorrect cancer protocol.

I should also point out that to those of you who work in the security services that Muslims in America already know that we are headed to war and that they will be rounded up and sent to concentration camps. The Muslims are not leaving the country as would most white people or as the Jews left Germany in the 1930s. The Muslims will stay and fight Evil in their adopted land. There are 4,000,000 Muslims and fewer than 15,000 FBI agents. But this too was planned by the Bilderbergers whose goal is the destruction of America and the permanent enslavement of its former citizens.

This could very well be your Last Year as a Free Man or Woman, I would urge you to seriously consider what you will do to stop the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Zionists and their friends from destroying the world that is our only home and not their chess board.

It is only if we fail to stop the madness that has gripped our self-appointed leaders and the media that we and the world we loved will survive.

I should caution you that I am basing my predictions on the statements and behavior of pathological liars and war criminals. They could decide to launch World War III soon after the November elections if they see events spiraling out of their control so you might not even have five months to prepare for the future.

Independence Day
July Fourth 2008
San Jose, California