Monday, June 19, 2006

The Assertion of The Lie

Mark Twain said that in the nineteenth century prior to the Civil War everyone in the North knew that slavery was wrong but few said so in the pulpits. Fear had immobilized the public from naming the evil they knew. Years later Mark Twain, William James and Andrew Carnegie founded the Anti-Imperialist League to oppose the Spanish American war.

On April 4, 1967 Martin Luther King made his now famous speech against the Vietnam war and American imperialism. It was one year to the day later when he was assassinated in Memphis. William Pepper, who knew Dr. King, was asked by the Reverend Ralph Abernathy and the King family to represent James Earl Ray's appeal. Pepper wrote the book, An Act of State, The Assassination of Martin luther King.

William Pepper discovered that there were two different assassination teams that day to kill Dr. King. One was from the 902nd Military Intelligence Group. And the second was from the mafia which had hired Loyd Jowers to kill Dr King. The 6 man army contingent consisted of two three man sniper teams. They had a second target, Vernon Jordan, so on April 4th they were waiting for Jordan to come into view when the snipers heard a shot and saw King fall to the ground. Both teams thought that the other had taken a shot prematurely so the unit left the area immediately. What they learned later, which was proven by Mr. Pepper in a wrongful death civil suit, was that Loyd Jowers had fired the fatal shot. Pepper has the testimony of other army snipers of previous plans to kill King, but they lacked the effort and the seriousness of the April 4th effort. I believe that April 4th was selected by two different imperialist entities to kill Martin Luther King precisely because they wanted to instill fear into those who would would dare to oppose military oppression at home and abroad. The snipers were asserting the Lie on April 4, 1968. Their message was that the penalty is death for not believing the Lie.

I want to do two things today. I want to convince you that the imperialists are so insane and self-destructive that the penalty for believing the Lie is death for billions of people, the death of democracy and the Bill of Rights, and the death of America as we knew it. I want to prove to you the price for believing the Lie has become so high that we can no longer afford to pay it. And I promise to show you a simple way we can act now without media support to stop World War III. To do that though you will have to open your mind to new ways of thinking.

I suppose I must begin with the character of our self-appointed elite. Wall Street, the London banks and their associates in other countries launder 2.5 trillion dollars a year in drug money. They also launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes. And more than 200 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons sales. Our elite meet each year at Bilderberg Society conclaves which to date have not been reported in the American press which is not surprising. They also have declared unto themselves the right to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government contracts. Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read, said she once found one block in San Diego that had ten HUD backed mortgages for buildings that never existed. When Susan Gaffney from HUD testified before the Senate in 2000, she said that a total of 78 billion dollars had to be written off for the two previous years from her agency alone. When asked by a Senator what she did to recover any of these billions of dollars, she said she adjusted the books and did nothing more. Both she and the Senators of both parties knew that Wall Street has the divine right to steal billions of dollars from taxpayers each week. And we do not have the right to either prosecute or to even write wbout it in the mainstream press. Susan Gaffney was appointed by President Clinton.

George Bush has taken this one step further. He has made 750 signing statements which he says exempts his administration from following laws passed by the Congress. One of these 750 signing statements said that neither the Department of Justice nor any other agency was allowed to investigate Pentagon contracts. On Sept. 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld said that his Defense Department had 2.3 trillion dollars in spending they could not account for. There are no auditing procedures precisely so Wall Street can steal the money and use it in Black Ops, to pay bribes, to spy on Americans and to kill troublemakers like Dr. King. Lately there have been almost 100 thefts of personal information by both "burglars" and "hackers" who have stolen the personal information of tens of millions of Americans. Wayne Madsen, a former NSA employee in the Reagan administration, believes these thefts were conducted by the NSA so they could do a better job spying on us, because Washington is convinced that the real enemy has always been the voters. These burglaries and hack jobs were paid for by money stolen from HUD and DOD so the NSA could illegally obtain your personal data.

Nothing reveals character better than behavior. No event in modern history reveals the character of those who think they own the government of the United States than does 9-11-2001.

Let me say quite bluntly that Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with the attack on the World Trade Center on 9-11. I believe I can prove it was an inside job perpetrated by the people who think they own the government to excite the masses and to send them off to die not just in Iraq and Afghanistan but also in many, many more such future conflagrations. Osama's death was reported in the Arab press in December of 2001 so despite all those CIA authenticated tapes to the contrary he probably was not lying when he said he had nothing to do with 9-11. His death might have been hastened by the special doctors who took over his case 9-10-2001 at the Pakistani military hospital which had been treating his kidney failure. Osama also most likely had nothing to do with the London subway bombings of 7-7-2005 as he had been dead for 3 1/2 years. The FBI has recently said they have no evidence linking him to 911.

WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7 collapsed on 9-11-2001. Only the North and South Towers were hit by planes. WTC 7 was a 47 story building that was never hit by a plane. It was separated from the Twin Towers by building 6 and by Vessey street. It did have two fires in different areas of its 47 stories. It collpased in 6.5 seconds. If you had dropped a brick from the roof, it would have taken about that amount of time to hit the pavement. If you dropped a brick inside a vaccum 47 stories high, theoretically it would have taken 6.0 seconds to hit the pavement. The half second difference could be due to air resistance. People usually put up steel girders so that bricks cannot fall from the top floor to the pavement at freefall speeds.

The government has said that the WTC Towers pancacked down. That was a Lie. If each of the 47 stories had offered resistance as the building collapsed, then it should have taken over 90 seconds for WTC 7 to collpase floor by floor. There are videos of steel girders 30 feet long being ejected from the Twin Towers 100 feet at a ninety degree angle. Think of the force you would need to throw 30 foot steel girder 100 feet. That force most likely came from an explosive device otherwise known as a bomb. We have the radio transcripts of firemen inside the Twin Towers. Two firemen said they would only need two hoses to put out the fires. That does not sound like a blazing inferno that melted steel made to withstand 2,000 degree temperatures for 6 hours. The 20 million dollar NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report said that jet fuel had spilled down the elevator shaft and caused explosions in the subbasement. We could almost believe that report if it were not for the fact that the janitors and facilities men in the subbasement levels heard the explosions before the first plane hit the North Tower WTC 1. The janitors Rodrigues and Sanchez saw the skin blown almost cpmpletely off of the body of Felipe David who had been standing near the elevator shaft.

NIST did not bother to tell us how the jet fuel spilled down the elevator shaft before the plane hit the building. For $20,000,000 I would have expected more. Like how did this blast in the subbasement shred a 50 ton hydraulic press and a 300 pound fire door if there was no jet fuel (prior to the plane hitting the tower) to ignite it? There are many unanswered questions about 911. The 19 alleged hijackers were completely superflous because the buildings were taken down by controlled demolitions. That is by a series of explosions at key points in a structure so that the building collapses straight down. A real terrorist would want the buildings to collapse at an angle to maximize the loss of life in adjacent buildings. And, since the mastermind knew that the buildings were to be taken down by a controlled demolition, he would only view the "hijackers" as a diversion as the Ryder truck was at Oklahoma City when the Murrah federal building was taken down by a controlled demolition of the interior pillars on 4-19-1995. Osama would have no reason to sacrifice 19 men to take away attention from a controlled demolition. And he could not have expected the aid of both the Bush administration, high ranking Democrats and the news media as did the persons who did plan the attack on the WTC. The late Peter Jennings commented that the collapse of the WTC Towers looked just like a controlled demoltion. He was right. They were.

I would like to relate the London subway bombings of 7-7-2005 to our present case. In London eyewitnesses said they saw bombs explode from underneath the subway cars. In fact one man said there were no people in the vicinity of the explosion. The internet communty bothered to look up the London subway schedules and discovered that the four accussed "suicide bombers" could not have reached their destinations by subway in time even if all of the trains had been in service and on time. The news media did not bother to check the timetables. In fact I have seen the cancellation notice of their alleged connecting train which even if it had been in service would not have allowed the four "suciders" reached the bomb sites in time. I would suppose that in England as well as America the noun suicide has become a verb as in that administration critic has been suicided.

An important element in the WTC, Oklahoma City and London subway bombings were the "terror drills." London Transport was conducting "terror drills" on 7-7-2005 at the exact hour the bombs went off. Since they are open 19 hours a day 364 days a year, the odds of that being a coincidence are 1/364 x 1/19. But they were conducting "terror drills" at the same 3 stations at which the bombs went off. There are 274 stations in the London underground. That makes our total odds 1/19 x 1/364 x 1/274 x 1/274 x 1/274. Or one chance in 142,267,818,784 of this being a coincidence. To date no one in the mainstream press has asked the head of Transport for London, a present member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former head of Logistics for the CIA, nor the Israeli Security firm Verint that was supposed to protect the subway passengers to explain these coincidences.

Of course there were even stranger coincidences relating to 9-11. What are the odds of multiple Pentagon exercises occuring on 9-11 that moved jets away from the Northeast that could have otherwise protected Washington DC and New York? There were at least two exercises that did that. And then there were exercises involving the FAA and NORAD which also hampered the response to 4 separate hijackings. What are these odds? If they run exercises all the time, then the odds might have been as low as 1/100 for each of the two sets of exercises happening on the morning of 9-11 that just fortuitously seemed to benefit the hijackers in hitting their targets which were those buildings that had been wired with explosives to be detonated on command. A low figure of 1/100 x 1/100 yields 10,000 times 142 billion for the combined odds on London and New York. And there were "terror drills" in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. I would tend to think that BATF did not conduct all night "terror drills" more than once every couple of years at that time so I would assign a low probability of 1/500. That gives us 1/500 x 1/10,000 or one in 5,000,000 for a total of one in 5 million for New York and Oklahoma times one in 142 billion for London. Or 710,000,000 times a billion. California has a state lottery that has about one in a billion chances of you selecting the right 6 numbers. The odds that your government did not have advanced knowlege of the events of 9-11-2001, 7-7-2005 and 4-19-1995 are 710,000,000 times greater than winning a one in a billion lottery.

It should be noted that the elite decided to not prosecute all those responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people including 19 children in the daycare center. Over 19 witnesses saw Timothy McVeigh in the Ryder truck with another man in the hours prior to the blast. And one woman saw McVeigh get out of the truck just one minute before the bomb exploded. She was not called to testify, because she saw another man get out of the truck after McVeigh which means he was most likely the one who lit the fuse to the truck bomb. To this day the FBI and the Department of Justice have refused to release surveillance videos from buildings across the street from the Murrah building nor have they even pursued this man. Perhaps he would be traced back to the elite. But, if the news media or the supposedly opposition party, the Republicans, had pursued this case, it is unlikely that the elite would have felt free to blow up WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 from the inside on 9-11. This same bi-partisan coverup of elite crimes was seen during the Bush adminsitration. The alleged opposition party, the Democrats, had 5 of the 10 seats on the 911 Kean Commission. The Democrats conspired with the Republicans on the Committee to suppress 90% the testimony of the witnesses. There were 503 firemen and EMTs at the WTC site who survived and whose testimony was collected in the Fire Department's Oral History project. In addition we have the radio transcripts of firemen fron inside the Twin Towers saying they saw no fires on many floors. We also have the testimony of the janitors and facilities men in the subbasement levels who saw and heard explosions before the planes hit the buildings. Many of these men and women saw and heard a series of bombs exploding. The Democrats and the Republicans did not allow their testimonies into the final records. The Commission accepted the Lie. And the news media has also accepted the Lie.

The Lie has also been demonstrated in recent years by the behavior of the elite with respect to Depelted Uranium. DU is not called depleted because it is harmless. On the contrary when Clinton used it against the Serbs so many Italian soldiers developed leukemia that the European Union banned its usage. One hundreth of a gram is sufficient to kill one American soldier. The late Col. David Hackworth, America's most decorated soldier, who won 10 Distinguished Service medals, cited Pentagon sources which admitted that about 25,000 veterans of the Persian Gulf war were expected to die and most of these from Gulf War syndrome which has been attributed to experimental vaccines and to DU. About half of the 25,000 have already died. But Gulf war vets had very limited in country exposure to DU. Our Iraq and Afghanistan vets have been serving two and three tours not just 100 plus hours as did the earlier soldiers. Returning vets have tested positive for DU. And some have already had children born with birth defects. Birth defects and cancers have increased 600% in Iraqi children. If America's cancer rate only incresed 300%, we could lose a hundred thousand or more soldiers from the three wars. I know that DU is dangerous. The Europeans and The Russians know that DU is dangerous. They have banned its usage by their troops. America's elite also know DU is dangerous and that is already killing our soldiers. Then why do they use it? The answer is they do not care about us. But they do care about their long term goals. I believe they are using DU as a modern version of an ancient Roman tactic used against Carthage. The Romans salted the earth after the last Punic war so Carthage would never rise again. That is what the elite is intentionally doing to the Muslims when they shell them with DU. They are spreading a poison into the atmosphere, into the water and the soil that kills for millions of years making economic development and social progress impossible in the Mideast. And the elite is willing to sacrifice 100,000 Americans who enlisted to protect the United States from the alleged perpetrators of 9-11. The only advantage in salting the Mideast with DU and killing 100,000 American soldiers accrues to Israel and to the major oil companies which are owned by the Bilderbergers.

I would like to go back to the beginning of the 20th century to reveal the nature of our modern wars and the phony nature of the Cold War. In 1915 a British nurse Edith Cavell was working in Belgium and had discovered that the British were sending tons of aid to Germany through Belgium. She thought she lived in a democracy so she wrote to the Nursing Mirror magazine and told them how easily the war could be stopped if the aid through Belgium were just cut off. The magazine published her letter on April 15, 1915. Sir WIlliam Wiseman was the head of British Intelligence's American unit . He was told of the letter. He did not stop the trade through Belgium, Sweden and other neutral countries that would have brought the German war machine to a hault and ended a terrible war. He was also a partner in Kuhn and Loeb, a Rothschild firm, so he had the Germans arrest and kill Edith Cavell precisely so World War I could be prolonged and more young men could die. The bankers had not yet achieved their goals of ending the monarchies of Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary and the Ottoman-Turks. And they had not yet created a Jewish Communist dictatorship in Russia. Also they had not yet secured Palestine as a Jewish colony under British protection.

Ferdnand Lundberg revealed in his book America's Sixty Families one of the reasons why we needed to enter WW I. A partner of J.P. Morgan said we needed to enter World War I so the war would last long enough to bankrupt England and make New York the world financial capital. The other reasons for America entering World war I were to set up a Communist dictatorship in Russia that eventually killed over 60,000,000 Russian civilians and the creation of Palestine as a Jewish colony which has brought us to the brink of World War III.

World War II was almost the same as World War I in that the Rothschilds had to loan Hitler the money to buy enough guns to start a war at all. Germany had been disarmed after WW I and had an army smaller than tiny Czechoslovakia. Due to the Great Depression France had a standing army of over 2,000,000 and another 3,000,000 in reserves. Hitler had no arms until the Rothschilds loaned him the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold. When Hitler decided to remilitarize the Ruhr, the French government asked the British for help in stopping the Nazis. After all the English were their allies and Hitler had seized power illegally. The Rothschild owned Bank of England told the French that there would be no British soldiers to help stop Hitler and that, if they acted on their own, the Rothschild owned bank would start a run on the French currency and send them into an even worse depression. The English Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax, was subsequently sent to meet with Hitler and told him that England looked to Germany to protect Europe from the Soviet Union which at that time was killing 2,000,000 of its own citizens a year if not more. Hitler was told that he should gather all 80,000,000 Germans into one nation to preprare for the coming battle against Stalin. He was also told that England would help him to acquire territories where Germans were living from the sovereign nations of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. As proof of England's sincerity, Halifax could offer the loan from the Bank of England and British co-operation in the re-militarization of the Ruhr. Meanwhile, the Japanese Emperor was busy trying to break his alliance with Germany and to even become an American ally against the Soviet Union. He offered to pull out of China and to break his alliance with Germany in 1938, 1939, 1949 and 1941. He was told the United States had moved its fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor precisely so they could launch a sneak attack against Japan in 1942. When Hitler did what England had told him to do and invade Poland, World War II began. The German Army and Navy had sent two officers to London and attempted to negotiate a peace. They offered to arrest Hitler which would have started a civil war in Germany. But the British refused the offer. Lord Rothschild had insisted on war. It was the plan all along to expand Communism into Europe, China and Asia and to set up a Cold War. George Orwell's book 1984 was an anagram for 1948. Orwell clearly saw the Cold War as a means for ruling elites to control their oppressed citizenry. No better way to control the masses than to frighten them with an enemy. That technique is still being used today in our "war on terrorism."

Prior to the election of Kennedy in 1960 I was 14 years-old and said that JFK would win the election, that he would be assassinated and that one of the reasons would be that the elite needed another war. We had not been at war for 7 years and Wall Street thought that was intolerable. I believed at that time and still do so today that the reason why North Korea was given to Joe Stalin was that our self-appointed leaders wanted a war to kill off the anti-communists and to bankrupt America. The Council on Foreign Relations which represents the New York banks has long believed that we need a One World Government. I call this One Bank One Vote democracy. If you own a bank, you can vote. If you do not own a bank, you do not vote and your life does not count either. The CFR believed we ought to merge our government with the Soviet Uinon even during the 1930s when Stalin was killing 2,000,000 innocent civilians a year in peace time. I believe that is why North Korea was given to Stalin and one of the reasons why JFK was assassinated. We needed to have a war in Vietnam to kill off the anti-communists and to prolong the Cold War.

After Kennedy was elected, I saw Treasury Notes for the first and last time in my life. JFK had issued two executive orders directing the Secretary of the Treasury to replace Federal Reserve Notes with Treasury Notes. If we had the latter type of currency, our taxes would be 759 billion dollars a year less than they are today. In effect we are subsidizing Wall Street's Federal Reserve Bank five billion dollars a week. This does not include the more than two billion dollars a week we allow the elite to steal from unaudited contracts. That is more than a billion dollars a day combined for these two subsidy programs for the super rich.

When Mordecai Vanunu was released from prison for telling the world that Israel had nuclear weapons, he said that Israel's David Ben Gurion had President Kennedy killed because the President had insisted upon inspecting the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona. 90 days after being denied access to Dimona and 10 days after his second executive order for a non-interest bearing currency Jack Kennedy was assassinated.

In 1964 Israel and China exploded a nuclear bomb on Chinese territory. Years later Sam Cohen the inventor of the neutron bomb went to Israel. After he left Israel, the Israelis had neutron bomb technology and China received it soon after. After the elections were over in 1964 President Johnson took us into the Vietnam war as I had predicted he would five years earlier. War has nothing to do with the stated purposes. The elites of the world are absolutely convinced that they have the right to kill 100,000 of the soldiers who voulteered to defend their country. They believe they have the right to a billion dollars a day from the American taxpayers. They are convinced they have the right to destroy America one child at a time, one family at a time, one neighborhood at a time by laundering drug money. They believe they had the right to kill Presidents Kennedy, Lincoln and McKinley, to kill Martin Luther King and to kill Robert Kennedy. The co-operation of the news media is astounding in these cases. RFK was shot in the back according to the coroner's report. Sirhan was seen by more than a dozen witnesses in front of the man who had just won the California primary. Not one witness saw him behind the candidate. Sirhan does not remember what happened that night because he was obviously drugged and/or hypnotized. He had always seen in the company of a woman in a polka dot dress who helped him navigate the hotel. If he was never behind Robert Kennedy, then the news media ought to have asked just how he shot RFK five times in the back. The news media did not dare break the cover up. They accepted the Lie. Dan Rather did a simlar thing in 1963. He had a copy of the Zapruder film which showed the force of the assassin's bullet making the President's head go in the opposite direction that the "authorities" said it did. Dan Rather made a decision to go onto live radio and promote the Lie. He said the Zapruder film had confirmed what the authorities had said and therefore by implication Lee Harvey Oswald was the "lone assassin." He told his audience that the Zapruder film showed President's head was moving in the opposite direction of what he was actually seeing.

Now that we have a mutually shared knowledge of how the elite runs the world we can seriously study money and learn how they intend to cut wages in America in half and to cut pensions and savings by 90%. If you think taxes are high now, just wait until 37,000,000 pensioners react when they are reduced to living on $100 to $200 a month.

Of course they will be better off than the billions of people in the Third World who are fated by the Bilderbergers to die from famine, disease and war.

I always begin by explaining that money is a commodity that measures the value of all goods and services for sale. Imagine a group of people shipwrecked on an island in the South Seas in the 19th century far from the shipping lanes. If I issued a currency, I would understand that prices are a ratio of the commodity called money to all other goods and services for sale. If I saw that the amount of goods and services was growing 1/2 of a percent per month, then I could increase the money supply by that amount without causing price inflation. Why? Because, if the numerator and the denominator increase at the sasme rate, then the ratio or in this case prices remain constant. Hence, no price increases. The next step is to examine the process of creating money. If when we arrived on the island, we had decided we needed a non-interest bearing currency, I would have an artist print up enough money to do business. In our case let it be ten thousand dollars. I would recommend that we print the money and spend it to pay for labor costs in building community projects. This is the kind of currency Lincoln and Kennedy created. By contrast, a New York banker would create a bank that took soveriegnty of the currency from the government and would have his privately owned bank print dollars. Then he would demand that the government in return issue him a bond for ten thousand dollars obligating the taxpayers to pay him ten thousand dollars plus interest. The banker and I both know that he is engaging in counterfeiting. We both know that if Presidents Kennedy, McKinley and Lincoln had not been assassinated we would not have these counterfeit interest bearing currencies. And that we could have avoided the Great Depression of 1929-1939. I calculated the total cost of the subsidy by the taxpayers to the bankers for this counterfeiting scheme to be 759 billion dollars a year. I made this calculation by adding the gross interest on the federal debt to the amount of currency we would need to create to maintain stable price levels. In 2005 the gross interest on the debt was 359 billion dollars. The total M3 money supply was ten trillion dollars and with a 4% expansion we could increase the money supply by 400 billion dollars a year without price inflation. $400,000,000,000 in currency expansion plus $359,000,000,000 in gross interest on the ficticious debt gives us a total of 759 billion dollars annual subsidy from the poor to the Federal Reserve.

On November 10, 2005 the Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately owned by the member banks, issued a decree that it would no longer publish figures for the total amount of M3 money supply. I have seen this announcement in many foreign newspapers. The editors and reporters wanted their readers to know that Wall Street had decided to create unlimited supplies of dollars in the very near future. This did not make it into the American press. Nor did either political party bring this up in the Congress or the Senate. Nor did any of their opponents bring it up in the supposedly hotly contested House and Senate races. Wall Street had just told the American people that they had decided to cut their wages drastically and to cut their pensions and savings by 90% or more. You would think that this would be an issue. But not in America in 2006. I believe that Wall Street has decided that the dollar will collapse within the next two to three years so they will have the Federal Reserve create trillions of dollars in new M3 money supply in order to cover the sale
of their personal assets. They will take that money overseas and invest in hedge funds, commodities and foreign currencies. Then in a few years when the dollars hits rock bottom they will be able to convert their money back and buy America for pennies on the dollar.

But they do not plan such a rosy future for you and your friends and family. I calculate that to balance our trade account deficit that wages will be cut by 50% or more. That level of inflation will also cut pensions and savings by 90%. The cuts for the elderly will be steeper than for those who still have jobs, because it is easier to get a pay raise even with a 25% unemployment rate than to ask a bank or insurance company to increase the amount of your account so you can pay your utility bills and buy food. I would expect that about 45,000,000 pensioners would demand an increase in their federal, state and local government pensions and social security. Of course the elite are tax exempt. A married couple currently making $100,000 a year after taxes with two people working could wind up with the equivalent of ten dollars an hour each after taxes and inflation.

As bad as things will be in America, it will be much worse in the Third World. And for the same reason, The Fiction of Government Debt-- which is another part of the Lie. Governments ought to have sovereignty to create their own currencies. Because the bankers have taken that right away from them the poor have to "borrow" money the bankers have created either as currency or as checking account deposits. Please understand very clearly that they are not borrowing someone's life savings. You are just accepting counterfeit money from a banker who has declared unto himself the right to print dollars. Currently, there are nations in Africa that spend 10% or more of their national income paying interest for fictional debts. The bankers through the World Trade Organinzation (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank are coercing governments to privatize public utilities and to sell them to international firms which also just happen to be members of the Bilderberg Society, such as, the Suez corporations of Belgium, and Bechtel of San Francisco. After a publicly owned water company is privatized, prices go up 1,000% but service does not have to improve. When a regional water company was taken over by
Bechtel in Bolivia, the voters decided to repeal the transfer. Bechtel took them to the WTO and had an order made for the poor of Bolivia to pay the billionaire Bechtel family of San Francisco $250,000,000. That the poor of Bolivia lived on less than $2.00 a day was of no concern to the Bechtel family. The WTO has authority over sovereign nations and can fine them and place sanctions on their exports until they pay money to international firms who have coerced the poor to sign away their rights. Americans might think this can only happen to people in the Third World. The WTO has decided it has the authority to force privatization of public utilities in the United States.

Unfortunately for you, any treaty the United States Senate signs takes precdeence over both the American Constitution and any laws passed by either the Congress or a state legislature. Several international firms have decided to force munincipal water companies in the United States to privatize and as long as the WTO treaty is in effect there is no legal recourse to redress grievances. This means that to the banks and the Bilderbergers the people of America are really no different than the people working on the plantations in Africa and Latin America. That is why I believe the citizens of Japan, the U.S. and Europe ought to be recpetive to debt cancellation by Third World countries. If we banded together, the bankers would have no where to turn. They could not play one group against another. The expansion of currency in the Third World could be used to service the debt until it can be written off. That would cost neither taxpayers nor pensioners in the First World anything so they would not be asked to make a sacrifice. In fact they would benefit by being allowed to publish a currency. We could use our 400 billion dollar a year currency expansion to pay off underfunded and unfunded pensions.

One major source of indebtedness in the Third World was the Cold War. The whole world was asked to choose between the Communists and the mega international corporations represented by Wall Street and their wholly owned subsidiary, the United States Government. That the Communists and the Nazis were both funded by Wall Street and by London banks never seems to be mentioned in polite society.How real could a conflict be if both sides had the same bankers? Nevertheless, the Third World nations were sold weapons on credit from either capitalist governments controlled by Wall Street or by Communists governments controlled by Wall Street. And these weapons were sold at inflated prices, but you must understand that somone has to pay for the 500 billion dollars in bribes that Wall Street launders each year. These weapons plowed no fields nor built hospitals and schools. They did get people killed. More have died from starvation and disease or really poverty than from the weapons Wall Street funded. I have concluded that for every person killed in either wars or concentration camps financed by Wall Street that there have been 6 or 7 people killed through poverty deliberately exacerbated by Wall Street. Of course the Third World is overpopulated, but counterfeiting ficticious debts will not make things better for them or for us.And selling weapons on credit to Nazis, to mad dictators and military juntas does no one any good.

We can now see that the Lie has dire consequences for all. The Lie cruelly exploits all races and nationalities through Ficticious Debts. The Lie allowed the subways in London to be bombed on 7-7-2005. The Lie allowed World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 to be taken down by controlled demolitions. The Lie has allowed the elite to salt Depleted Uranium throught Iraq and Afghanistan. The Lie has allowed the elite to use Depleted Uranium to induce cancers in our troops that will kill 100,000 soldiers and give many of their unborn children birth defects. The Lie has allowed the Department of Justice and the FBI the right to shield the man who lit the fuse to the truck bomb at Oklahoma City from prosecution. The Lie has allowed the elite to kill President Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. The Lie has allowed the President to create false intelligence to convince the citizenry to invade two countries and kill at least 100,000 of their people for nothing. The Lie has allowed Wall Street to create a massive inflation that will destroy every pension and savings account in America. The Lie has allowed Wall Street the right to propose to cut wages by 50% or more without hearing one dissenting voice being in either the press or in either of the political parties that are alleged to oppose each other.

The Lie has taken many forms over the past 100 years. The Lie is always some form of the belief that if I say nothing then they will never harm me. "They" can kill people by dropping bombs on unarmed civilians, but they will never harm me. "They" can force poor people in the United States or Africa or Latin America to sell their public utilities to the Bilderbergers, but they will never harm me. "They" can kill my President or my favorite political candidate or even the most noted civil rights leader in the United States, but they will never harm me. "They" can salt the earth with Depleted Uranium, but they will not harm me. "They" can kill 100,000 American soldiers, but they will never harm me. "They" can finance the Nazis, the Communists and Third World dictators, but they will never harm me. "They" can hyperinflate the currency cutting wages 50% and pensions 90%, but they will never harm me. "They" can launder 2.5 trillion dollars a year in drug money 500 billion dollars in bribes, but they will never harm me. "They" can steal billions of dollars from unaudited federal government contracts each year, but they will never harm me.

Not one sane person could say these words and accept them as true. Can you honestly say that if you saw a news bulletin of a nuclear device being exploded somewhere in the United States that your first thought would not be that the people who think they own the government of the United States had found an intelligence agency to do it? We have all lived a Lie. The time has come for you and I to refuse to live the Lie.

All that remains is for me to keep my promise to tell you how we can refute the Lie and to stop World War III. The answer is given in detail in my next article in this blog. We need one person with experience in writing stage dialogue to take the verbatim testimony of eyewitnesses to the controlled demolitions of Towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9-11-2001 and turn them into a docu-drama play with a cast of actors reading the
exact words of the hundreds of eyewitnesses who saw and heard bombs going off inside the Twin Towers. The New York Fire department collected the oral histories of 503 firemen and EMTs who witnessed the controlled demolitions of the WTC. We also have the testimonies of the janitors and the facilities men who saw the bomb blasts before the first plane hit the North Tower. And we have many other witnesses. We will need two narrators, hopefully, a man and a woman, to relate the testimonies to the 11 characteristics of a controlled demolition and to point out the violations of the laws of basic physics in the 911 Commission report and in the NIST report.

The Truth of 911 shall set you free from the Lie.


The information on the organized theft of personal data by the NSA through burglaries and hacking is from Wayne Madsen. His website is here:

For information on the london subway bombings of 7-7-2005 go here: and here

The information on government debt as a fiction is from my article which is on my list of articles on this blog The Fiction of Government Debt or go here:

The information on the decision by the Federal Reserve to hyperinflate the dollar is also on my article list and is here:

The single best resource on 911 is They have videos of the collapse of WTC 7. Also take a look at their research site which can be found on their links page.

To read about the Bilderberg Society go here:

The information on the history of the 20th century came from multiple sources. Howard Katz wrote the classic The Warmongers back in the 1970s. In it he says that the Bank of England, which was owned by the Rothschilds, loaned Hitler 350 million pounds in 1935 to buy guns. That was equivalents to 1.75 billion dollars or 50,000,000 ounces of gold. He also had the information about the threat by the Rothschilds to create a run on the French franc if France resisted Hitler's Ruhr adventures. Henry Makow wrote the article about the british nurse Edith Cavell who was killed at the orders of William Wiseman for blowing the whistle on the English supplies being sent to Germany to prolong the war.