Saturday, January 06, 2007

Either World War III Starts on American Soil in 2007 Or We End The Game Now

I have previously issued the warning I promised more than 20 years ago that I would give when I saw the imminent collapse of the dollar and the world economy. I did that in my last article on this blog though I had already stated several times the dollar would collapse before the end of 2009. Now I must add my second warning. I have always told my friends and acquaintances that I would warn them when WW III was imminent. I now must warn you that World War III starts before the end of 2007. And it will start on American soil.

I was never one to believe that the world would destroy itself in a nuclear holocaust rivalry between Russia and the United States. Even in grammar school I said that the government was owned by the rich and they would never use nuclear weapons because they killed the wealthy. I also said that the weapon of choice of the elite is starvation because it only kills the poor. Having said that and reiterating that I used to be a lifelong Republican, I will now outline what I see happening before the end of 2007 if we do nothing to stop it.

Since the government in Washington is run by Wall Street solely for their benefit, we must look at the economy from their perspective. They see the Federal Reserve Bank as a wonderful creation. It transfers wealth from the working poor to the super rich. Read the Fiction of Government Debt on this blog to understand how the taxpayers subsidize the wealthy 759 billion dollars a year through this system. And the rich love out of control unaudited federal government spending. In the early 1980s the Grace Commission said we could save 100 billion dollars a year if we audited federal spending as any business would. Today we could easily save 200 billion dollars a year from a budget of 2.9 trillion dollars, but the Congress and Senate have not yet bothered to implement auditing of government contracts. That is because they know that Wall Street is stealing more than 120 billion dollars a year from unchecked spending. The politicians of both parties know that the government was designed to benefit their benefactors and not to help you. That most of the 43,000,000 people on Social Security will within 18 months have absolutely no means of supporting themselves or even buying food is of no concern to either Wall Street or to their employees in Washington. When the Federal Reserve Board said on Nov. 10th, 2005 that they would no longer tell us what the M3 Money Supply was, we have all known that they were really announcing the death of the dollar. At that time I calculated the dollar could not last until December of 2009. We can now see from the political moves of the elite that the dollar will collapse before the end of 2007 at about the same time that they launch World War III by attacking America. Please remember that government debts are fictions so we do not need depressions and hyperinflation to cancel them. The coming Depression and Inflation which will be far worse than 1929-1939 need not be.

I can safely say now from reading the prognostications of Tommy Franks, Newt Gingrich, Pat Robertson and others that World War III has been planned to begin on American soil with a "terrorist event" which will likely be a dirty bomb that will kill thousands outright and radiates tens of thousands who will die from radiation poisoning and induced cancers. It will not be a pretty sight. A goodly portion of an entire city will be destroyed. The city that has been chosen for sacrifice will not be my home of Silicon Valley as it is too valuable. It will be a city with many Blacks and Hispanics to encourage them to participate in the "war on Terror." The "terrorist event" will be organized as a Joint Operating Agreement between the Mossad and rogue elements of America's intelligence services as was the case for the controlled demolitions of the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 on 9-11-2001. As I have said before, a few minutes spent at will convince you that the WTC was brought down by controlled demolitions. 9-11 was an inside job as will be the nuking of an American city if the 911 Truth Movement does not succeed.

There are several reason why the elite wants World War III to start this year and not in 2009. Primarily it is economics. Your pensions and your savings have already been stolen. The dollar only buys things because people overseas are willing to accept absolutely worthless pieces of green paper as if they were gold. Central banks are getting rid of dollars. When the dollar is no longer accepted as if it were gold, prices will go up tenfold and then go even higher. Pensions and savings will be lost and wages will be cut more than 50%. Foreigners have already accepted trillions of worthless dollars and these paper dollars are claims against your savings and your pensions. That is why the next war has to start this year. 2008 is an election year. Wall Street does not want an honest man or woman to run for President when the unemployment rate is 25% and 43,000,000 people on social security have had their pensions and savings cancelled through hyperinflation. That means war this year and not next. That also means that World War III will make the elections of 2008 irrelevant which is what it was designed to do.

And there is also a very good reason why the elite must have the war start on American soil. Their obvious immediate target is Iran. We will soon have 20,000 sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf. But the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese, our NATO partners and the Pentagon know this is a bluff. The Iranians have Russian, Chinese and NATO anti-ship missiles that can sink our entire Persian Gulf fleet in minutes. If you doubt this fact, please google "Sunburn Missile." The recent movement of 500 soldiers with their Patriot missiles changes nothing. The Patriots will not be in Iraq. They are being sent to make the Gulf State oil sheiks feel safe. The Pentagon has said that our troop surge will be limited to 20,000 soldiers. If we launch an attack against Iran, our troops in Iraq will be cut off from their supply lines. The two roads from the south used to supply Iraq will be cut by the Iraqi resistance and by the Iranian military. Without supplies our troops will be lucky if they can retreat to Kuwait. The Persian Gulf would be shut down. This would also cut off all sea supplies from reaching our troops in Iraq. And it is widely accepted that this would send oil to $300 a barrel and gasoline to $10.00 a gallon. And that would also destroy the dollar, trigger a Great Depression, raise unemployment to 25% and send the dollar into hyperinflation with pensions being cut 90% and wages 50%.

Anyone who has thought this through knows we never really had the option of using conventional weapons to attack Iran. The only option we ever had was to go nuclear in a big way on day one. The first target would have to be blanket nuclear attacks on both the Iranian coastal defenses to take out all of those anti-ship missiles and on their air defenses. The American public would only support such an atrocity if they believed they were attacked first. That is easy to do if you launch the attack yourself first and you control the press. How many articles have you seen in the New York Times describing in detail why World Trade Center Tower 7 which was never hit by a plane must have been taken down by explosives from inside the building? The media must be regarded as un-indicted co-conspirators to the treasonous murder of more 3,000 people on 9-11-2001. And they must more importantly must be regarded as co-conspirators to launching World War III which would kill billions of people and which is planned to start very soon. That is unless we all join together to make the 911 Truth Movement succeed and stop the war before it begins.

Another good reason for the elite to start World War III on American soil with a dirty radiological bomb is to terrorize the gullible into the complete cancellation of the Bill of Rights. Americans have never really understood that they were the most feared enemy of Wall Street since World War I. Freedom and self-determination are the enemies of all tyrants and corrupt oligarchs. Free men and women could organize and demand the right to audit federal government contracts. They could demand criminal charges be brought against those who blow up buildings with their fellow Americans inside. The elite must remove the last vestiges of democracy before the dollar collapses completely or they will lose power forever. Domestic chaos by the end of 2007 will be worse than after hurricane Katrina if they are allowed to nuke an American city. The elites believe frightened people will demand a police state to protect them. And the citizens will be told to blame their new poverty on the "terrorists" and the war that "they" started. Of course the government will begin to round up "terrorists" in waves. The first wave will be the Muslims. The second and third waves will include all people of intelligence and good character who are out spoken critics of the system that is dedicated to destroying life as we knew it. The elites have made lists of all the educated and out-spoken people in America. Those people at the top of the lists will be sent to the camps before the end of 2008. The rest will join them after the sham elections of 2008 are over.

None of the above has to happen. If we were to make a major breakthrough in the 911 Truth Movement, we could avoid the "terrorist event" of 2007. I have suggested on this blog in How You And I Will Stop WW III that we organize a play that will be a verbatim reading of eyewitness accounts to the destruction of the WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7 by controlled demolitions. I said we would need two narrators, one male and one female. They would put the testimonies in the context of the laws of physics and the characteristics of a controlled demolition. This could have worked very well as it would have brought forth famous critics of the war against Iraq to explain to the American people that 911 was an inside job. This is what David Ray Griffin says is the one thing we need. We already have all the proof anyone could ever demand. However, the time is short. We are close to a war in the Persian Gulf. As I have said elsewhere in this blog, we could stumble into WW III and destroy the world we knew in a matter of months. That is why I scaled back my original plan.

When I worked at a dot com in Silicon Valley and we needed to contact someone for the first time, we made a list of people who knew the person we wanted to talk to and went down the list for an introduction. What we need to do is to make a list of people who know anyone in Hollywood who has publicly criticized 911 and President Bush. A few names on my list are James Brolin, Charlie Sheen, Ed Asner and Sean Penn. You can probably add to this list. What we need to do is to make a list of people who might know anyone in Hollywood who could broker the idea of a scaled down video version of 911 The Stage Play. The people we contact do not need to know who I am or what I wrote in this blog. The issue is not me but WWW III. Did I tell you that my original vision was that 99.5% of the world's population will die if we fail? Sell it as your own idea. I do not care. If you know anyone in Hollywood, ask them to do the following: Contact someone who knows someone who knows someone on our target list. Ask them to shop the idea of making a video with actors reading the testimonies of people like Robert Andrews, the former Green Beret, and Mike Pecaroro, the facilities engineer, who respectively saw and heard bombs go off before the planes hit the Pentagon and the WTC Towers. We also have the testimony of firemen who daid the WTC Tower fires could have put out with 2 hoses. And we have the testimonies of a lot of firmen and EMTs to the bombs that went off prior to the collapse by controlled demolition of WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7. The testimonies are readily available and the video can be made and posted on the Internet in a week. If well known Americans make a thirty minute video, they can do the one thing we need to stop the next war which is to break through the media blockade. If 911 is discussed in public, we will win, because Truth will triumph over lies. All that stands between us and peace are lies, fear and the inertia of the mass media.

Breaking the Truth logjam will release a great rush of energy. It has been suggested that we take this energy and confront every politician in America. We will demand criminal indictments. We can recall Senators. I for one am willing to recall every Senator who does not act to reveal the truth about 911 and also act both to end the war in Iraq and to stop the coming war against Iran within 90 days of the release of our video. Please do what you can by forwarding this idea to someone you know who might know someone who can reach people in Hollywood. As I already said, do not make me and this blog an issue. And please do not make anything unrelated to the video an issue. They do not have to agree with our views on politics, religion or economics. All they have to do is to make a phone call to an actor, screen writer, producer or director. We are one phone call away from stopping a war.

We do not need to nuke an American city, launch World War III and kill hundreds of millions of people so Wall Street can avoid economic and political reform at home.

The Powers That Be can no longer be allowed to run the government, the press, the universities, the schools, the banks and the Foundations. They see Life as a Game. But it is a Game that costs us our lives, our pensions, our wages, our homes, our country and the Bill of Rights. If we do not act soon, life could soon be so intolerable that you will laugh at death threats as I have. The modern version of the Game which started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the start of WW I in 1914 will be over very, very soon. The dollar is toast. And Iraq has been lost. The Zionists and Wall Street had a lot of fun while The Game lasted. The Game can no longer be played. There are too many nations like Iraq and Iran who do not want to play. The Game makes life intolerable for all but the elite. The Game will end either with the death of humanity or the rebirth of a new Golden Age. There is no middle ground. Hopefully, I will soon be able to post an essay on this blog entitled "Game Over." But that is up to you, isn't it?