Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On The Road- UPDATE

I completed my move and had my Internet installed today.

I am working on a new essay and am thinking of reviewing my previous essays. Gas prices are climbing as I predicted when oil was half the price it is today. I said that regular gas in California would hit $4.00 a gallon in 2009 though I did say that some of my predictions for 2009 might not come true until early 2010.

I also predicted no Israel attack on Iran in 2009 which seems a safe bet now. The one big prediction I made that is still out there is that a huge inflation will begin before the end of this year. I originally predicted several years ago that the dollar would crash in the latter half of 2009. I have said my timing might be off so don't bet the farm on what I say.

Please Note: I am not an investment advisor and am not giving you investment advice.

The point is not my predictions. The point is that I base my predictions on the reality of a self-perpetuating aristocracy that controls Wall Street, the Federal Reserve bank, the media and our government including both political parties. As I have explained to my readers many times in the past, they have devised a banking system to transfer all wealth from us to them and are pathologically insane men whose real goal is to destroy themselves and the world.

I have also predicted a Rebellion of the Spirit as we human beings cannot tolerate the world the Bilderbergers have planned for us. Stay Tuned for further developments.

I have taken my own advice. I am leaving California, the place of my birth. As I have been telling my readera, all American cities will soon be unlivable. I will be going low profile though I will be continuing my blogs. But it might be awhile before I am back online.

Please don't expect comments to be published while I am offline and please do not email me until I am back online.

I accuse both political parties, the controlled media and the 911 Commission of treason.

Nothing new there. I have said many times that the politicians of both parties allowed Wall Street to steal billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal spending. The politicians have also deliberately allowed the Federal Reserve to create a long run credit cycle which will destroy the dollar, steal our pensions, savings and paychecks.

And now they are taking trillions of dollars from us and giving them to the Robber Barons as if bailing out billionaires was in the national interest.

What is new is the publication of the article Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe which appeared in The Open Chemical Physics Journal.

You can prove treason for yourself by reading the article in the references below and by watching an interview with one of the authors. This article announced that nano-thermite was found in the debris from the World Trade Center.

Nano-thermite is not commercially available. It is a much more energetic version of thermite which was discovered in 1893. Thermite is an incendiary or cutting agent and not an explosive like C4 and RDX. Thermite is a combination of metal powders and metal oxides and is used to create high temperatures in a focused area over a short period of time. It is widely used to cut metal. Thermate is a related substance and can cut through a steel girder in seconds with a 4,800 degree Fahrenheit flame.

Nano-thermite was found in the dust of the World Trade Center. Nano-thermite is a superior cutting agent because it produces a more intense heat. It has a finer molecular structure. Scholars investigating 9-11 believe at a minimum ten tons of nano-thermite were used. It is not commercially available. It would be easily available in that amount only for the CIA, the Mossad and other government agencies. No man residing in a cave in Afghanistan could even place an order.

9-11 witnesses saw molten iron before they saw and heard explosions. The nano-thermite weakened the steel structures and the explosives brought down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7.

For the past few years I have challenged people to go to and to watch the collapse of Tower 7 which was never hit by a plane. Tower 7 collapsed in 6.5 seconds. Nobody has explained how that happened without the use of explosives and thermitic cutting agents. Nobody ever will. Not even the 20 million dollar NIST report can offer a credible scientific explanation.

Treason is the only explanation for 9-11.

Treason explains why the media has allowed the governments of the United States and Israel to get away with killing over 3,000 Americans at the WTC and the Pentagon on 9-11.

So why commit treason on such a grand scale unless you knew you could get away with it? The traitors knew in advance that thousands of people worldwide would never believe government lies. In a democracy those of us with opposing views would continue campaigning and telling the truth until the truth was widely accepted and the traitors were brought to justice.

Therefor the Americans and Israelis who planned 9-11 must not have feared the long term ability of the citizens of the United States to take political action. This means they are convinced that either America ceases to exist and/or our nation ceases to be a sovereign democracy.

We can see the wars they have started in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can see they are currently destabilizing Pakistan and threatening Iran which is years away from developing nuclear weapons.

On the economic front we can see that they have used the Federal Reserve to create long term credit bubbles in the dot com and sub-prime mortgage pump and dumps. Now we see both political parties clamoring to give away trillions of dollars to the robber barons who had just swindled us.

There are many signs of complete economic collapse in the very near future. Nassim Taleb, the author of the Black Swan, said we headed into a period in American history more dangerous than the Great Depression and the Civil War. He also said he has not been sleeping much lately.

The American government has been intervening in the stock market with ten to twenty billion dollars a day in purchases in the last seven minutes of trading. They are using taxpayer money and Federal Reserve money to prop up the stock market so the uber rich can sell their personal holdings before the markets collapse worldwide.

China has prepared their citizens for the future by buying up a two to three year supply of commodities, such as, oil, gasoline, diesel, copper, gold and now soybeans. They have prepared themselves against both an imminent collapse of the dollar and a cut off of supplies in case of either war or a even a laboratory manufactured virus that kills 150 to 400 million people and shuts down all protests, rebellions, civil agitation and the world economy as well.

The Israeli and American governments could combine to foment a racial civil war within the borders of the United States. For the past several months Americans have been buying 50,000,000 bullets a day. The only effective way to disarm Americans and to protect the billionaires of Wall Street is to get Americans to shoot a few billion bullets at each other which is why I believe the latest Swine flu epidemic started in Mexico.

One option is to suddenly collapse Mexico sending 15 to 20 millions Mexicans across the border at a time when food riots are sweeping across America. In a previous essay Outbreak I said I think the swine flu was made in a lab and released in Mexico so Wall Street would have the ability to release a much more lethal virus later this year or early next year. They could take out the United States and Mexico with a virus if Americans started chasing bankers with pitchforks.

America did nothing when it was obvious that President Kennedy was assassinated with the assistance of the federal government. America did nothing when it was obvious that the Oklahoma City federal building was not taken down on 4-19-1995 by a truck bomb parked forty feet away. It has been obvious that World Trade Center Tower 7 which was never hit by a plane but was taken down by a controlled demolition.

But now things are different. They have stolen our money so they cannot threaten to send us to bed without dinner. We won't have anything left to be taken away after Wall Street has stolen everything and trashed America.

And they know Americans are buying 50.000.000 bullets a day.

As Nassim Taleb said, we are heading towards a day more dangerous than either the Great Depression or the Civil War.

Whatever does happen, rest assured that our future will not be one the Bilderbergers have designed for us. The human spirit will rebel and will not live under their One World government that intends to replace One Man One Vote with One Bank One Vote.

This assumes that we do not bite at the race war gambit.

We can tilt the future in our favor by telling everyone that nano-thermite, especially ten tons of it, is only available from the US and Israeli military. They will listen now that they can see their money being stolen from them every day of the week


To read the scientific paper on nano-thermite being found at the World Trade Center please go here:

The above is an Adobe PDF file. If you prefer HTML try this excellent author:

Or you can watch the video of one of the authors being interviewed here:

This is a follow up interview with the scientist who made the above video:

Wikipedia has an article on nano-thermite here:


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Afghanistan Bananastan

I am about to add the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan to my short list of signs portending collapse. My regular readers know that I believe US Treasury auctions and rising interest rates will tell us when the dollar will collapse.

I am concerned that the US war against the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan will undo both the Obama administration and America. On June 4th Obama will go to Egypt with his teleprompters and advisors to make a major speech on the Mideast.

He is no longer a candidate. He is a President. Kawther Salaam recently wrote of the brutality of the Israeli occupation of Hebron. Most of the Palestinians do not have adequate water. They cannot repair their windows or doors without permission of the Israeli military so nothing works. Recently a Palestinian replaced his door so the Israeli army came and smashed everything in his house.

The Israelis built another illegal settlement on occupied land just prior to Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit to President Obama in Washington just to set the tone for the meeting. He told America he rejected a Palestinian state. But he did agree not to attack Iran in 2009. So what can Obama say to the Muslims? He cannot talk about Palestine.

Will he dare to talk about Afghanistan and Pakistan?

He has increased American troop levels in Afghanistan and also dared to increase military strikes in Pakistan. Obama has placed General Stanley McChrystal the former head of the Pentagon's super secret Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)in charge of US forces in Afghanistan. Seymour Hersh has charged that JSOC was Dick Cheney's executive assassination group.

Obama has bribed the Pakistani military into attacking civilians within their own borders. They now have two million refugees. Hillary offered Pakistan 110 million dollars to care for the people displaced by US policies. The Pakistani government asked for another half a billion dollars. It is almost certain that the majority of the American aid has gone to pay the military to shoot their own citizens rather than feed and house the people fleeing American bombs.

Pakistan under normal circumstances is not likely to side with the Taliban as only a small percentage of the population is ethnically Afghani and Punjabis are a majority. But dropping bombs on a Muslim nation, killing innocent civilians and forcing 2,000,000 people to flee for their lives will destabilize any American client state.

Zbigniew Brzezinski got us involved in Afghanistan while he was National Security advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He convinced the President to and the Taliban in order to force the Soviet Union to invade. Millions of people have died because the US wanted to destroy the Soviet economy through a costly and unwinnable military occupation of a Muslim nation.

The point is that the US should have learned the lesson that invading and occupied a Muslim nation is a very bad idea. Afghanistan has defeated the British three times. They have defeated the Russians and the Macedonians and every other army except the Persians.

So why are we destabilizing our ally Pakistan and occupying Afghanistan which shot down 1,000 Soviet planes and helicopters? For that matter why are we still occupying Iraq now that the government freely admits Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, had nothing to do with 911 and was not an ally of Al-Qaeda?

Some critics on the Left have talked of valuable pipelines in the region. I disagree.

It is past time we admit that our leaders are insane and self-destructive. The American Empire is over. The dollar is terminal.

America cannot fight any more wars. We cannot invade Iran. We cannot encircle Russia. We cannot hold onto Iraq and Afghanistan for even one more year because the dollar is dying.

Instead of passing a 91 billion dollar supplemental appropriation for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Senate ought to be investing in new industrial jobs inside American borders.

Instead of fighting oil wars in the Mideast we ought to be buying 100,000 plus buses for that fast approaching day when the dollar collapses and the bottom half of American society will not be able to afford to buy gas to drive their cars.

What we need to do is to develop a plan to survive the collapse of the dollar. We need to prepare a system of food distribution to protect our cities and our citizens from the much anticipated food riots.

Instead of President Obama creating a new Preventive Detention program we ought to be busily engaged in restoring the Bill of Rights.

I have been using movie and book titles for my essay titles. I chose a line “Afghanistan Bananastan” from an old Robert Redford movie not to make fun of Muslims but to warn Americans that perpetual war against Israel's neighbors will soon turn America into a banana boat republic.


You can read Eric Margolis on Pakistan Here:

Or read Declan Walsh here:

Or read about the money Hillary is promising Pakistan for the refugees WE CREATED here:

You can read the Pakistani Prime Minister's response to Hillary's offer here. He says they need 600 million to take care of two million refugees.

You can read about General Stanley McChrystal and JSOC here:

If you have never read Kawther Salaam, you can learn more about the brutal Israeli occupation
of Palestine here:


Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Laugh Heard Round The World

In the not too distant future the American President will be forced to go to China and beg President Hu Jintao to please loan him two trillion dollars to cover his budget deficit. And without stopping to take a breath he will ask him to throw in a few hundred billion extra so he can bid oil away from Chinese workers and give it to the unemployed in America to guarantee his re-election.

The President of China's response will be “the laugh heard round the world.”

The American Empire and our extravagant lifestyle is one laugh away from grinding to a screeching halt.

This originally appeared as part of my previous essay Bilderberg 2009 but I believe this idea is so significant it needs its own showcase. People all over the world know that they can stop the American Empire on any given day just by saying no to our Federal Reserve Notes.

People all over the world know that they send us oil, copper, steel, computers, cars, clothes and everything at WalMart while Ben Bernanke sends them IOU Nothing Bucks. America has been propping up its Empire by taking the fruits of the labors of foreigners with worthless paper. To take the labors of others without payment is one definition of slavery.

Now you understand why Matthias Chang calls our Federal Reserve Notes “American toilet paper.”

This will not last. I believe it all unwinds before the end of 2009 though the Federal Reserve can create a few trillion dollars to keep the illusion going for awhile longer. It is a matter of when not if.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bilderberg 2009

America suffers from excessive democracy.

Quoted from an unnamed member of the Trilateral Commission

You must learn to show proper respect to your betters.

Quoted from my English boss at a Silicon Valley dot com in the 1990s

The Bilderberg Society met in Greece last weekend. I cannot show respect to any people who seek to profit from a worldwide economic collapse which they engineered and are presently meeting behind closed doors to stay in power even if that means another war and the abolition of democracy.

If they do not care for us, we should not care for them.

Demand Destruction

Daniel Estulin has been writing about the Bilderberg Society for more than a decade. He first heard of the term Demand Destruction in the 1990s but did not understand it in Bilderberger terms until a friend at the World Bank explained that it is a reference to a societal collapse brought on by either a war or a Depression so severe there is little economic activity.

Estulin has warmed us that we are moving towards a general societal collapse which is even beyond a Depression like 1929-1939.

I have spoken before of a long term credit cycle which ends in a financial disaster like the Great Depression. The bankers knew when they created the Federal Reserve Bank that giving a privately owned bank the right to print our currency would do two things. It would transfer all wealth to them And it would also create debts that could never be paid but only canceled through either default or hyperinflation. We will soon see the dollar crash to near zero value.

Daniel Estulin says that the current stock market rally is designed to fleece the public one last time. It is just another Wall Street pump and dump as were the Dot Com and Mortgage swindles before them. Wall Street would not have run these frauds if they were not convinced ten years ago when they began these swindles that the dollar was doomed.

Estulin has said that the Bilderbergers are debating whether or not to let the current economic malaise drag on for several years or to just crash it all at once later this year after they have liquidated their personal holdings.

He also said they expect the unemployment rate to double, The definition of unemployment was changed in 1994 to produce lower numbers. If we used the old definition our unemployment rate would be closer to 16% than 8%. Doubling the number out of work would crash the economy sooner rather than later. There will be no prolonged economic collapse.

The other hot topic is whether or not they can keep in control. They genuinely fear losing power. I gather for some reason they do not believe we love and respect them.

If you look at the list of participants in my references section, you will notice several generals including David Petraeus, James Jones and NATO commander Jaap de Hoop Sheffer and lots of national security types.

John Kerry was not listed but it is said he was a secret attender and has been tasked with pushing a carbon tax through the Senate. A carbon tax will drastically raise the price of fuel and electricity making Americans poorer and less able to compete against foreign countries. It will do nothing for the environment as production will be shifted offshore so a few million more jobs will be lost.

And veteran Bilderberg reporter says Bilderberg wants to use the swine flu crisis to set up a world health department just as they want to use the financial crisis to create a world Central Bank and Treasury.

In an interview Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, said after he was elected that he met with 23 CIA officials who wanted to know how he was elected as an independent. Ventura said it was because they wanted to make sure it never happened again. And that was for a state office prior to our current economic meltdown.

So what are their options when the economy does meltdown? They could use germ warfare to reduce population. They could start another war so they can set up the National Security State which has been their goal since the 1940s. They have been funding academic studies for decades saying they need to reduce the world's population by two thirds.

They could opt for a more moderate virus that would only kill 2% of the world's population like the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1919. This would give them dictatorial quarantine powers. As I noted in my previous essay, an attack on Iran would destroy the United States and force Americans into a nuclear war. This is unthinkable to sabe men and women. It is not likely to happen this year but Bilderbergers are neither sane nor concerned about us so the Bilderbergrs will launch World War III by having Israel attack Iran on 2010 or 2011 if they feel power is slipping from their hands.

The next step is up to them. They will have to do something soon because the Bilderbergers do not control Russia, China, OPEC and dozens of other countries in Asia, Latin America and the Mideast. The market is bigger than Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and their printing presses. I can almost guarantee the dollar will crash later this year.

It should be emphasized that there was no talk of attacking Iran. Bankers are not driven by the hysteria they feed to the press when they want a war. This conforms to my New Years prediction that WW III does not begin this year. This was confirmed when Obama and Netanyahu agreed to give Iran until the end of this year to comply with their demands.

Our job now is to inform those who will listen and stay tuned for further developments. The hour when we can take back our government will soon be at hand. Meanwhile I have in the past offered this advice which you might consider:

Move out of any big American city you would not feel safe in when the expected food riots sweep the America. Nassim Taleb, the author of Black Swan, says America is heading towards the most dangerous period in our history. More dangerous than the Great Depression and the Civil War. You should plan your personal life accordingly.

If your work will not allow you to leave town, you need an escape plan for you and your family. You must prepare a safe destination and be prepared to stay there for awhile.

I have said that our after tax and inflation wages will be cut in half. I am expecting a really big wave of inflation to begin later this year so canned food will be a great investment if I am right. If there are food riots, then canned food would be a good idea even if the deflationists are right. Plant a garden.

Keep your head down. If you are at a meeting, the guy who suggests violence is the FBI plant.

Your most valuable investment in the coming bad times apart from your family and friends will be a network of people who will come to your aid as you will do for them. Get involved in local small town or county government. When the federal and state governments collapse, Only the 3,000 American county governments will survive.

Be of good cheer. Let me repeat What I have said before.

The human spirit cannot and will not accept the future the Bilderberg Society has planned for us. That is why I believe there will be a Rebellion of the Spirit.

I was born free and I will die free.


You can listen to Daniel Estulin being interviewed about the 2009 conference here:

Tony Gosling gives a history of Bilderberg in an MP3 interviewed here:

or select another connection here:

This is a list of those in attendance:

You can watch Nassim Taleb say that we are heading for the most dangerous period in American history. here:

You can read about John Kerry and the carbon tax here:


Saturday, May 16, 2009


China has offered to sell anti-aircraft missiles to Iran.

In the 1974 movie Chinatown not one of the credited actors was Chinese. This sale of anti-aircraft missiles could mean the overly publicized desire of the Zionists to attack Iran is at hand. Though I do not believe it will happen this year. If Israel does attack Iran, it will definitely result in a world where all the speaking parts at Sino-American summits are Chinese and the Americans are reduced to nodding yes to all dictates from their masters in Beijing.

Previously, I wrote essays (Russia Bows To Israel, etc.) about the on again off again sale of the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile to Iran which each time was canceled after an Israeli politician made a trip to Moscow. I speculated on just how many American defense secrets they had to give the Russians to cancel the sale. I noted the power of 8 Russian Jewish multi-billionaires and the Jewish Russian mafia that also made the sale to Iran difficult for Moscow.

Now China has offered to sell the Iranians its Hongqi-9 (HQ-9) long-range high-altitude surface to air missile system. The HQ-9 was patterned after the Russian S-300 P and the American Patriot missiles. The former was purchased from Russia in 1993. At about the same time China was alleged to have bought a copy of the US Patriot system from Israel though the latter nation denies this.

It should be noted in passing that Israel's nuclear program was opposed by President Kennedy. According to Mordecai Vanunu, the Israelis killed JFK so they could complete their nuclear project. They tested their first nuclear bomb in China in 1964 so there is a history of Israeli Chinese collaboration at the expense of America,

The HQ-9 missile has a range of 125 kilometers and can shoot down aircraft and missiles. It is mobile and is fired from a battery launcher system. It interacts with ground radar to correct its course to an incoming target. The radar can track up to 100 targets and can guide 6 missiles to 6 targets. It has a maximum speed of Mach 4.2 and delivers a warhead of 180 kilograms. It can take out a plane or missile by exploding in close proximity to its target.

It is probably inferior to the latest Russian version of the S-300 and is definitely no substitute for the S-400 which can shoot down stealth aircraft.

The HQ-9 would be protected by the short range TOR-M1 (SA-15) which can shoot down cruise missiles and jets. The Iranians also have 1,700 anti-aircraft guns in the vicinity of their main nuclear works. They additionally have SA-2, SA-5, SA-7, Stinger and other anti-aircraft missiles.

The Iranians also have 158 jets they can launch but these are older aircraft and could better serve Iran by using most of them to attack soft American targets in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Israelis would have to launch 90 or so aircraft plus 9 refueling jets. The Israelis would also have to refuel their strike force both before and after attacking Iran. Of the three routes to Iran the only practical one would require them to violate Iraqi air space.

To penetrate the reinforced concrete protecting Iran's underground nuclear facilities those Israeli aircraft would have to strike their targets with pinpoint accuracy at an optimal angle using their approximately 100 American supplied GBU-28s (Guided Bomb Units.)

A GBU-28 weighs 4,700 pounds (2,268 kg) and has a 630 pound (286 kg) warhead. It can penetrate 6 meters of solid concrete or 30 meters of earth. It is guided by a laser but must be within its range of 5 nautical miles or 9 kilometers.

Since the Iranians know the targets, the range and the optimal angles, they will know where to concentrate their artillery fire. This assumes the Iranians have protected all approaches to their nuclear works so the Israelis cannot circle around and attack from an unprotected rear.

An Israeli attack on Iran will not be a cakewalk The Israelis were given 100 GBU-28s but only they and the Iranians know how many they have left after their 2006 invasion of Lebanon.

The USAF's plan to attack Iran has an initial target list of 1,200 which some say would quickly expand to 3,000 sites in the second round. By comparison the Israeli attack against Iran would probably not achieve its stated goal of stopping Iran from developing an ability to make nuclear weapons. It could not remove all nuclear weapons from Muslim hands as Pakistan already has 30 Hydrogen bombs.

What it would do is to launch World War III. That is why the Pentagon has refused Israeli requests for more GBU-28s and for newer and better refueling jets. The US military wants to reduce Israel's ability to start a war that America would have to finish. Most observers do not think that America could survive another global war.

Iran has said that it would respond to any Israeli attack by attacking Israel and the United States. They could sink every American ship in the Persian Gulf. They have the Russian made SS-N-22 Sunburn and SS N-26X Yakhonts (Onyx) which are anti-ship missiles designed to sink American aircraft carriers.

The Sunburn has a range of 90 miles and travels at Mach 2.5. The Yakhonts has a range of 180 miles and travels at Mach 4. The Iranians also have rocket artillery with ranges of 150 and 100 kilometers. They have said they will launch 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first 60 seconds of an attack by either Israel or the United States.

The US military has troops stationed in 22 Muslim majority nations in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan. There are 1.3 billion Muslims on this planet. The Iranians could purchase 5,000 shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapons at $1,000 a piece and distribute them to anyone willing to shoot down an American helicopter or military transport. The Iranians have 40,000 trained suicide volunteers who could be armed and sent to attack American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Disgruntled troops in Muslim nations could fire artillery shells at an American air base and render the runway and the planes parked on it unusable in minutes.

The cut off of oil exports from the Persian Gulf could send the price of oil above $300 a barrel. China and Japan could buy oil by selling a few hundred billion dollars of American Treasury bonds. The American President could go to China and ask them to loan the USA two trillion dollars to fund our budget deficit and to throw in a few hundred billion so we could bid oil away from the Chinese people. I think we could call China's answer “The laugh heard round the world.”

After the world economy melts down, our unemployment rate hits 25% and our military is soundly defeated, our only response would be to nuke all the Muslims and seize their oil. Of course the oil companies would not lower their prices to the American consumers.

And what of Israel? Hezbollah would fire their 40,000 rockets and the Israelis could invade Lebanon and Syria while they wait for the Americans to finish their war against their Persian neighbors.

The fly in the ointment for Israel is that Pakistan has 30 Hydrogen bombs. Only three of those bombs would be sufficient to wipe out their nation.

So why attack Iran if no one outside Wall Street benefits? World War III would take the Coming Depression off the minds of the voters but other than that it benefits no one. The Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has arrogantly said that he would inform the Americans prior to him attacking Iran and therefore launching WW III.

Fortunately for us and the rest of the world, an Israeli newspaper has said that is time for us to learn new ways of thinking. In my Predictions for 2009 essay I said World War III would not start this year.

The dollar will soon crash and give Americans an opportunity to change their world. Let us all hope Americans can act responsibly when they are impoverished and they see the only choices are to accept another Wall Street war which will end with us being sold into debt slavery or to join a genuine peace movement, reform our banking system and gain control of our government and the news media.

The choice is ours. It always has been.


To read that article about Iran buying missiles from China please go here:

To read more about the technical aspects of that missile please go here:

or here:

To read Netanyahu saying he would tell America after HE HAS DECIDED TO ATTACK IRAN AND IS READY TO LAUNCH WW III please go here:

This is a link to a 114 page study from the CSIS saying how difficult it would be for Israel to shut down the Iranian nuclear program. Please note that the CSIS is a front for the CFR-Bilderberg crowd:

This link is to an article in an Israeli newspaper which culled a few facts from the 114 page report above:

You can read that essay Russia Bows To Israel here:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Funny Money

My idea is we print green dollars with Ben Bernanke's photo on the front. Across the top I would print “Ben Bernanke's IOU Nothing Bucks.” The only denomination we need to print is 1,000,000. I realize that only coins have “In God We Trust” but we could add “In Greenspan We Trust” to the front.

Most of my regular readers would agree that the Federal Reserve is responsible for creating what I have called long run credit bubbles which led to the Great Depression of 1929-1939 and the one we are now entering which I believe will be even more severe than the last one.

Today I want to start a collective effort over the Internet to stop the FED from destroying the US and the rest of the world. What we need is publicity.

For the Great Seal of the United States my idea is a taxpayer straining to carry a banker on his shoulders. Around the border of the Great Seal I would put the words. “The Great Steal of the United States.”

The back of Ben Bernanke's IOU Nothing Bucks is where I get controversial. It will be printed in Chinese and English. Since the only Chinese person most Americans can recognize is Chairman Mao, his picture will have to be on the back. I would like to put Mao's picture in the center of a map of the continental United States.

Across the top I would I eould write the words “You Got Zip.” The denomination is the corners would be 0 which will soon be the value of the American dollar. Across the bottom, I would write the address of the group trying to audit the Federal Reserve as a first step to ending it.

We might add the words “Audit The Fed” to the bottom near the web address.

I have previously written about using the RICO statute to file a lawsuit to end the FED. It will not work until we get public support.

This is a co-operative online effort so I will need your suggestions. The fastest way to distribute this would be online but I can't draw and it should be centralized at End The FED or another organization.

If you would like to read my essay on taking down the Federal Reserve with a RICO lawsuit, you can do so here:

Any suggestions you might have will be greatly appreciated.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


I have listed below the names of the passengers and crews of the four planes hijacked on 9-11-2001. I do not believe we dishonor those who have died in our wars by telling those of us left to grieve their passing the truth. If we do not learn from the mistakes our society made in the past, then we will be condemned to an endless cycle of wars.

There are two theories of what happened on 9-11. The government side has been told by the Bush and Obama administrations and by all five Democrats and all five Republicans on the 911 Commission as well as the corporate news media. Their version is well known,

But there is a fly in the ointment. How did the 19 Arab hijackers get on board those planes? The list of the 19 men was conveniently found in a parked car. Not one of those 19 men was a passenger. Not even one had a ticket. Not even one had a boarding pass. Nor were any members of the flight crews.

All airlines have employees who will lose their jobs if they let men without tickets and boarding passes on a plane. To imagine that 19 men achieved this feat without one airline employee being fired is unbelievable.

It is true that there was a photo of Mohamed Atta at an airport in Portland Maine, but there were no surveillance videos of any of the 19 men on 9-11-2001. So the question is: How did they hijack four planes if not even one of the men was on board?

I sincerely believe that the list of names below should be considered as the first casualties of World War III. We dishonor them if we do nothing to protect others from the madmen who plan wars in which people like us are expected to die.

My theory of 9-11 is that the four planes were electronically hijacked by what is know as the Command Transmitter System (CTS) which is made by SPC International whose CEO had been Dov Zakheim. CTS can remotely control up to eight planes at once. Rabbi Zakheim, who was a member of the Project for a New American Century along with Richard Perle and Dick Cheney, was the Comptroller of the Pentagon on 9-11.

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted at a press conference that 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon money from the previous Clinton and Bush administrations was missing, On 9-11 a bomb was detonated inside the Pentagon that killed over forty military auditors who had been attempting to track down that missing trillions.

Among the witnesses to that bomb was Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret who was the civilian in charge of America's 25,000 Special Operations soldiers. There were other witnesses including two military personnel with top secret clearances and a Danish diplomat. Unfortunately, I do not have a separate list of the military auditors who died that day.

With all respect to those who died on 9-11 and to those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan I submit the following list of those who died as a sacrifice to the games played by The Powers That Be.

We will never forget those who were the first civilian victims of World War III.

American Airlines Flight 11, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center with 92 people on board.
John Ogonowski, 52, of Dracut, Massachusetts, was the pilot of Flight 11. He lived on a 150-acre farm north of Boston. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, and three daughters, Laura, 16; Caroline, 14; and Mary, 11. A lifelong aviation buff, he joined the Air Force after graduating from college and flew planes at the close of the Vietnam War. He joined American Airlines in 1979.
First Officer Thomas McGuinness, 42, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was Flight 11's co-pilot. He is survived by his wife, Cheryl, and a 14-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter. He was active in Bethany Church in Greenland, New Hampshire, friends and neighbors told The Boston Globe. Rick DeKoven, a church administrator, described him as "a devoted family man."
Barbara Arestegui, 38, was a flight attendant from Marstons Mills, Massachusetts.
Jeffrey Collman was a flight attendant.
Sara Low, 28, was a flight attendant from Batesville, Arkansas.
Karen Martin was a flight attendant.
Kathleen Nicosia was a flight attendant.
Betty Ong, 45, was a flight attendant from Andover, Massachusetts.
Jean Roger, 24, was a flight attendant from Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
Dianne Snyder, 42, was a flight attendant from Westport, Massachusetts.
Madeline Sweeney, 35, was a flight attendant from Acton, Massachusetts.

Anna Williams Allison, 48, of Stoneham, Massachusetts, was the founder of A2 Software Solutions, a firm that assists companies in software development. Allison had more than 19 years' experience in the software development industry and was a frequent speaker and trainer at national and local conferences.
David Angell, 54, of Pasadena, California, was the creator and executive producer of the hit NBC sitcom "Frasier." A native of West Barrington, Rhode Island, Angell entered the Army after graduating from college and served at the Pentagon until 1972. He worked in insurance and engineering before selling a script for a TV series in 1977. In 1983, he joined the TV series "Cheers" as a staff writer and began working with co-supervising producers Peter Casey and David Lee. This team formed a production company, creating and producing "Wings" in 1990 and "Frasier" in 1993. The trio won 24 Emmys.
Lynn Angell, 45, of Pasadena, California, was the wife of "Frasier" creator and executive producer David Angell. The Angells were returning from a wedding on the East Coast to attend the Emmy Awards.
Seima Aoyama
Myra Aronson, 52, of Charlestown, Massachusetts, was a press and analyst relations manager for Compuware Corp.
Christine Barbuto, 32, of Brookline, Massachusetts, was a buyer for TJX Cos., the off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions. She was on her way to California on a buying trip. Barbuto is survived her father and two sisters. She had worked for TJX for five years.
Berry Berenson, 53, of Los Angeles, California, was an actress and photographer. She was the widow of actor Anthony Perkins, who died in 1992, and sister of actress and model Marisa Berenson. She is survived by two sons, Osgood, an actor, and Elvis. Born into an aristocratic family, Berenson appeared in the movies "Cat People" (1982), "Winter Kills" (1979) and "Remember My Name" (1978).
Carolyn Beug, 48, of Los Angeles, California, was traveling with her mother, Mary Wahlstrom. They had gone to Boston to drop off relatives at a nearby college and were returning home.
Carol Bouchard, 43, of Warwick, Rhode Island, was a Kent County Hospital emergency room secretary.
Robin Caplin was from Natick, Massachusetts.
Neilie Casey, 32, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, was a merchandise planning manager for TJX Cos., the off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions. She worked for TJX for eight years. Casey is survived by her husband and a 7-month-old daughter.
Jeffrey Coombs, 42, of Abington, Massachusetts, was a security analyst for Compaq Computer. He is survived by his wife, Christie, and three children, Meagan, 10; Julia, 7; and Matt, 12.
Tara Creamer, 30, of Worcester, Massachusetts, was a merchandise planning manager for TJX Cos., the off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions. She had worked for TJX for eight years. Creamer is survived by her husband, John, and two children, Colin, 4, and Nora, 1.
Thelma Cuccinello, 71, was a Wilmot, New Hampshire, resident with 10 grandchildren. She was on her way to visit a sister in California. Daughter Cheryl O'Brien gave her mom a ride to catch a bus to Logan International Airport in Boston. "I was the last one to see her," O'Brien said. "I got to kiss her and say 'I love you' and 'Have a nice trip.' "
Patrick Currivan
Andrew Curry Green was from Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
Brian Dale, 43, of Warren, New Jersey, was an accountant and attorney with Blue Capital Management. He was married and the father of three.
David DiMeglio was from Wakefield, Massachusetts.
Donald Ditullio, 49, was from Peabody, Massachusetts.
Albert Dominguez, 66, was a baggage handler for Qantas Airways in Sydney, Australia. He was traveling on holiday at the time of his death. He was married with four children.
Alex Filipov, 70, was an electrical engineer from Concord, Massachusetts.
Carol Flyzik, 40, was from Plaistow, New Hampshire.
Paul Friedman, 45, from Belmont, Massachusetts, was a consultant for Emergence Consulting.
Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31, of Brookline, Massachusetts, was a senior investment analyst for John Hancock.
Peter Gay, 54, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, was a Raytheon Co. vice president of operations for electronic systems based in Andover, Massachusetts. He had worked for Raytheon for more than 28 years.
Linda George, 27, of Westboro, Massachusetts, was a buyer for TJX Cos., the off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions. She was on her way to California on a buying trip. George is survived by her father, mother, sister and brother. She was engaged to be married.
Edmund Glazer, 41, of Los Angeles, California, was the chief financial officer and vice president of finance and administration of MRV Communications, a Chatsworth, California, firm that focuses on optical components and network infrastructure systems. Glazer was survived by his wife, Candy, and son, Nathan.
Lisa Fenn Gordenstein, 41, of Needham, Massachusetts, was an assistant vice president, merchandise manager, for TJX Cos., the off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions. She was on her way to California on a buying trip. Gordenstein is survived by her husband and two children.
Paige Farley Hackel, 46, was a spiritual adviser from Newton, Massachusetts.
Peter Hashem, 40, was an engineer from Tewksbury, Massachusetts.
Robert Hayes, 37, from Amesbury, Massachusetts was a sales engineer with Netstal.
Ted Hennessy, 35, was a consultant for Emergence Consulting in Belmont, Massachusetts.
John Hofer
Cora Holland, 52, of Sudbury, Massachusetts, was with Sudbury Food Pantry, an interdenominational program that assisted needy families, at Our Lady of Fatima Church.
Nicholas Humber, 60, of Newton, Massachusetts, was the owner of Brae Burn Management.
John Jenkins
Charles Jones, 48, was a computer programmer from Bedford, Massachusetts.
Robin Kaplan, 33, of Westboro, Massachusetts, was a senior store equipment specialist for TJX Cos., the off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions. She was on her way to California to help prepare for a new T.J. Maxx store opening. Kaplan had returned to work this year after battling Crohn's disease, a life-threatening inflammatory illness of the gastrointestinal tract. She is survived by her father, Edward Kaplan, and mother, Francine.
Barbara Keating, 72, was from Palm Springs, California.
David Kovalcin, 42, of Hudson, New Hampshire, was a Raytheon Co. senior mechanical engineer for electronic systems in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. He had worked for Raytheon for 15 years.
Judy Larocque, 50, of Framingham, Massachusetts, was the founder and CEO of Market Perspectives, a research firm that offers online and on-site surveys. Before founding the company in 1993, she was the principal of Emergent Marketing, an executive marketing consulting firm.
Jude Larson, 31, was from Los Angeles, California.
Natalie Larson was from Los Angeles, California.
N. Janis Lasden, 46, of General Electric was from Peabody, Massachusetts.
Daniel John Lee, 34, was from Los Angeles, California.
Daniel C. Lewin, 31, was the co-founder and chief technology officer at Akamai Technologies Inc., a Cambridge, Massachusetts, company that produces technology equipment to facilitate online content delivery. He is survived by his wife and two sons. He founded Akamai in 1998 with scientist Tom Leighton and a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists and business professionals. Lewin was responsible for the company's research and development strategy.
Susan MacKay, 44, of Westford, Massachusetts, was an employee of TJX Cos., the off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions.
Chris Mello, 25, was a financial analyst with Alta Communications from Boston. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in psychology. He is survived by his parents, Douglas and Ellen Mello of Rye, New York; a brother, John Douglas Mello of New York City; and his paternal grandmother, Alice Mello, of Barefoot Bay, Florida.
Jeff Mladenik, 43, of Hinsdale, Illinois, was the interim president at E-Logic.
Antonio Montoya
Carlos Montoya
Laura Lee Morabito, 34, was the Qantas Airways area sales manager in Boston. She lived in Framingham, Massachusetts, with her husband. She was traveling on company business at the time of her death.
Mildred Naiman was from Andover, Massachusetts.
Laurie Neira
Renee Newell, 37, of Cranston, Rhode Island, was a customer service agent with American Airlines.
Jacqueline Norton, 60, was a retiree from Lubec, Maine. She was traveling with her husband, Robert Norton.
Robert Norton, 82, was a retiree from Lubec, Maine. He was traveling with his wife, Jacqueline Norton.
Jane Orth, 49, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, was retired from Lucent Technology.
Thomas Pecorelli, 31, of Los Angeles, California, was a cameraman for Fox Sports and E! Entertainment Television.
Sonia Morales Puopolo, 58, of Dover, Massachusetts, was a retired ballet dancer.
David Retik was from Needham, Massachusetts. He was a general partner and founding member of Alta Communications, a Boston-based investment firm specializing in communication industries. Retik graduated from Colgate University and received a master's in accounting from New York University. He is survived by his wife, Susan and their two children, Ben and Molly.
Philip Rosenzweig of Acton, Massachusetts, was an executive with Sun Microsystems.
Richard Ross, 58, of Newton, Massachusetts, headed his own management consulting company, the Ross Group.
Jessica Sachs, 22, of Billerica, Massachusetts was an accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Rahma Salie, 28, was from Boston.
Heather Smith, 30, of Beacon Capital Partners was from Boston.
Douglas Stone, 54, was from Dover, New Hampshire.
Xavier Suarez
Michael Theodoridis, 32, was a consultant from Boston.
James Trentini, 65, was a retired teacher and assistant principal from Everett, Massachusetts.
Mary Trentini, 67, was a retired secretary from Everett, Massachusetts.
Mary Wahlstrom, 75, of Kaysville, Utah, was traveling with her daughter, Carolyn Beug. They had gone to Boston to drop off relatives at a nearby college and were returning home.
Kenneth Waldie, 46, of Methuen, Massachusetts, was a Raytheon Co. senior quality control engineer for electronic systems in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. He had worked for Raytheon for 17 years.
John Wenckus, 46, was a tax consultant from Torrance, California.
Candace Lee Williams, 20, was a student from Danbury, Connecticut.
Christopher Zarba, 47, of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, was a software engineer at Concord Communications. He leaves behind a wife and family. He would have been 48 on September 15.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

American Airlines Flight 77, from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon with 64 people aboard.

Charles Burlingame of Herndon, Virginia, was the plane's captain. He is survived by a wife, a daughter and a grandson. He had more than 20 years of experience flying with American Airlines and was a former U.S. Navy pilot.
David Charlebois, who lived in Washington's Dupont Circle neighborhood, was the first officer on the flight. "He was handsome and happy and very centered," his neighbor Travis White, told The Washington Post. "His life was the kind of life I wanted to have some day."
Michele Heidenberger of Chevy Chase, Maryland, was a flight attendant for 30 years. She left behind a husband, a pilot, and a daughter and son.
Flight attendant Jennifer Lewis, 38, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the wife of flight attendant Kenneth Lewis.
Flight attendant Kenneth Lewis, 49, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the husband of flight attendant Jennifer Lewis.
Renee May, 39, of Baltimore, Maryland, was a flight attendant.

Paul Ambrose, 32, of Washington, was a physician who worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the surgeon general to address racial and ethnic disparities in health. A 1995 graduate of Marshall University School of Medicine, Ambrose last year was named the Luther Terry Fellow of the Association of Teachers of Preventative Medicine.
Yeneneh Betru, 35, was from Burbank, California.
M.J. Booth
Bernard Brown, 11, was a student at Leckie Elementary School in Washington. He was embarking on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society.
Suzanne Calley, 42, of San Martin, California, was an employee of Cisco Systems Inc.
William Caswell
Sarah Clark, 65, of Columbia, Maryland, was a sixth-grade teacher at Backus Middle School in Washington. She was accompanying a student on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society.
Asia Cottom, 11, was a student at Backus Middle School in Washington. Asia was embarking on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society.
James Debeuneure, 58, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, was a fifth-grade teacher at Ketcham Elementary School in Washington. He was accompanying a student on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society.
Rodney Dickens, 11, was a student at Leckie Elementary School in Washington. He was embarking on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society.
Eddie Dillard
Charles Droz
Barbara Edwards, 58, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was a teacher at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas.
Charles S. Falkenberg, 45, of University Park, Maryland, was the director of research at ECOlogic Corp., a software engineering firm. He worked on data systems for NASA and also developed data systems for the study of global and regional environmental issues. Falkenburg was traveling with his wife, Leslie Whittingham, and their two daughters, Zoe, 8, and Dana, 3.
Zoe Falkenberg, 8, of University Park, Maryland, was the daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittingham.
Dana Falkenberg, 3, of University Park, Maryland, was the daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittingham.
Joe Ferguson was the director of the National Geographic Society's geography education outreach program in Washington. He was accompanying a group of students and teachers on an educational trip to the Channel Islands in California. A Mississippi native, he joined the society in 1987. "Joe Feguson's final hours at the Geographic reveal the depth of his commitment to one of the things he really loved," said John Fahey Jr., the society's president. "Joe was here at the office until late Monday evening preparing for this trip. It was his goal to make this trip perfect in every way."
Wilson "Bud" Flagg of Millwood, Virginia, was a retired Navy admiral and retired American Airlines pilot.
Dee Flagg
Richard Gabriel
Ian Gray, 55, of Washington was the president of a health-care consulting firm.
Stanley Hall, 68, was from Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
Bryan Jack, 48, of Alexandria, Virginia, was a senior executive at the Defense Department.
Steven D. "Jake" Jacoby, 43, of Alexandria, Virginia, was the chief operating officer of Metrocall Inc., a wireless data and messaging company.
Ann Judge, 49, of Virginia was the travel office manager for the National Geographic Society. She was accompanying a group of students and teachers on an educational trip to the Channel Islands in California. Society President John Fahey Jr. said one of his fondest memories of Judge is a voice mail she and a colleague once left him while they were rafting the Monkey River in Belize. "This was quintessential Ann -- living life to the fullest and wanting to share it with others," he said.
Chandler Keller, 29, was a Boeing propulsion engineer from El Segundo, California.
Yvonne Kennedy
Norma Khan, 45, from Reston, Virginia was a nonprofit organization manager.
Karen A. Kincaid, 40, was a lawyer with the Washington firm of Wiley Rein & Fielding. She joined the firm in 1993 and was part of the its telecommunications practice. She was married to Peter Batacan.
Norma Langsteuerle
Dong Lee
Dora Menchaca, 45, of Santa Monica, California, was the associate director of clinical research for a biotech firm.
Christopher Newton, 38, of Anaheim, California, was president and chief executive officer of Work-Life Benefits, a consultation and referral service. He was married and had two children. Newton was on his way back to Orange County to retrieve his family's yellow Labrador, who had been left behind until they could settle into their new home in Arlington, Virginia.
Barbara Olson, 45, was a conservative commentator who often appeared on CNN and was married to U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson. She twice called her husband as the plane was being hijacked and described some details, including that the attackers were armed with knives. She had planned to take a different flight, but she changed it at the last minute so that she could be with her husband on his birthday. She worked as an investigator for the House Government Reform Committee in the mid-1990s and later worked on the staff of Senate Minority Whip Don Nickles.
Ruben Ornedo, 39, of Los Angeles, California, was a Boeing propulsion engineer.
Robert Penniger, 63, of Poway, California, was an electrical engineer with BAE Systems.
Lisa Raines, 42, was senior vice president for government relations at the Washington office of Genzyme, a biotechnology firm. She was from Great Falls, Virginia, and was married to Stephen Push. She worked with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on developing a new policy governing cellular therapies, announced in 1997. She also worked on other major health-care legislation.
Todd Reuben, 40, of Potomac, Maryland, was a tax and business lawyer.
John Sammartino
Diane Simmons
George Simmons
Mari-Rae Sopper of Santa Barbara, California, was a women's gymnastics coach at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She had just gotten the post August 31 and was making the trip to California to start work.
Bob Speisman, 47, was from Irvington, New York.
Hilda Taylor was a sixth-grade teacher at Leckie Elementary School in Washington. She was accompanying a student on an educational trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, as part of a program funded by the National Geographic Society.
Leonard Taylor was from Reston, Virginia.
Leslie A. Whittington, 45, was from University Park, Maryland. The professor of public policy at Georgetown University in Washington was traveling with her husband, Charles Falkenberg, 45, and their two daughters, Zoe, 8, and Dana, 3. They were traveling to Los Angeles to catch a connection to Australia. Whittington had been named a visiting fellow at Australian National University in Canberra.
John Yamnicky, 71, was from Waldorf, Maryland.
Vicki Yancey
Shuyin Yang
Yuguag Zheng
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

United Airlines Flight 93, from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, crashed in rural southwest Pennsylvania, with 45 people on board.

Jason Dahl, 43, from Denver, Colorado, was the plane's captain. He had a wife and son. Dahl had a lifelong interest in flying, said his aunt, Maxine Atkinson, of Waterloo, Iowa.
Leroy Homer, 36, from Marlton, New Jersey, was the first officer on board. He was married and had a daughter.
Lorraine Bay was a flight attendant.
Sandra Bradshaw, 38, of Greensboro, North Carolina, was a flight attendant.
Wanda Green was a flight attendant.
CeeCee Lyles of Fort Myers, Florida, was a flight attendant. She reached her husband, Lorne, by cell phone to tell him that she loved him and their children before the plane went down. The couple between them had four children.
Deborah Welsh was a flight attendant.
Christian Adams
Todd Beamer, 32, was from Cranbury, New Jersey.
Alan Beaven, 48, of Oakland, California, was an environmental lawyer.
Mark Bingham, 31, of San Francisco owned a public relations firm, the Bingham Group. He called his mother, Alice Hoglan, 15 minutes before the plane crashed and told her that the plane had been taken over by three men who claimed to have a bomb. Hoglan said her son told her that some passengers planned to try to regain control of the plane. "He said, 'I love you very, very much, ' " Hoglan said.
Deora Bodley, 20, of Santa Clara, California, was a university student.
Marion Britton
Thomas E. Burnett Jr., 38, of San Ramon, California, was a senior vice president and chief operating officer of Thoratec Corp., a medical research and development company, and the father of three. He made four calls to his wife, Deena, from the plane. Deena Burnett said that her husband told her that one passenger had been stabbed and that "a group of us are going to do something." He also told her that the people on board knew about the attack on the World Trade Center, apparently through other phone calls.
William Cashman
Georgine Corrigan
Joseph Deluca
Patrick Driscoll
Edward Felt, 41, was from Matawan, New Jersey.
Colleen Fraser
Andrew Garcia
Jeremy Glick, 31, from West Milford, New Jersey, called his wife, Liz, and in-laws in New York on a cell phone to tell them the plane had been hijacked, Joanne Makely, Glick's mother-in-law, told CNN. Glick said that one of the hijackers "had a red box he said was a bomb, and one had a knife of some nature," Makely said. Glick asked Makely if the reports about the attacks on the World Trade Center were true, and she told him they were. He left the phone for a while, returning to say, "The men voted to attack the terrorists," Makely said.
Lauren Grandcolas of San Rafael, California, was a sales worker at Good Housekeeping magazine.
Donald F. Green, 52, was from Greenwich, Connecticut.
Linda Gronlund
Richard Guadagno, 38, of Eureka, California, was the manager of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
Toshiya Kuge
Waleska Martinez
Nicole Miller
Mark Rothenberg
Christine Snyder, 32, was from Kailua, Hawaii. She was an arborist for the Outdoor Circle and was returning from a conference in Washington. She had been married less than a year.
John Talignani
Honor Wainio

United Airlines Flight 175, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, was the second hijacked plane to strike the World Trade Center, plowing into the south tower. Two pilots, seven flight attendants and 56 passengers were on board.

Capt. Victor Saracini, 51, of Lower Makefield Township, Pennsylvania, was a Navy veteran. He is survived by his wife and two children.
Michael Horrocks was first officer.
Robert J. Fangman was a flight attendant.
Amy N. Jarret, 28, of North Smithfield, Rhode Island, was a flight attendant.
Amy R. King was a flight attendant.
Kathryn L. Laborie was a flight attendant.
Alfred G. Marchand of Alamogordo, New Mexico, was a flight attendant.
Michael C. Tarrou was a flight attendant.
Alicia N. Titus was a flight atteandant.

Alona Avraham, 30, was from Ashdot, Israel.
Garnet "Ace" Bailey, 53, of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, was director of pro scouting for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. Bailey was entering his 33rd season as a player or scout in the National Hockey League and his eighth with the Kings. Before joining the Kings, he spent 13 years as a scout for the Edmonton Oilers, a team that won five Stanley Cups during that time. As a player, Bailey spent five years with the Boston Bruins and was a member of Stanley Cup championship teams in 1969-70 and 1971-72. Bailey also spent parts of two seasons each with the Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues, and three years with the Washington Capitals. He is survived by his wife, Katherine, and son, Todd.
Mark Bavis, 31, of West Newton, Massachusetts, was entering his second season as an amateur scout for the Los Angeles Kings. A Boston native, he played four years on Boston University's hockey team, where his twin brother, Michael, is an assistant coach. In addition to his twin brother, Bavis is survived by his mother, Mary; two other brothers, Pat and Johnny; and three sisters, Kelly, Mary Ellen and Kathy. The Bavis family lost a brother 15 years ago, and Bavis' father died 10 years ago.
Graham Berkeley, 37, of Xerox Corp. was from Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Touri Bolourchi, 69, was from Beverly Hills, California.
Klaus Bothe, 31, of Germany was on a business trip with BCT Technology AG's chief executive officer and another executive. Bothe joined the company in 1994 and was its director of development. He is survived by his wife and one child.
Daniel Brandhorst, of Los Angeles, California, was a lawyer for PriceWaterhouse.
David Brandhorst, 3, was from Los Angeles.
John Cahill was from Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Christoffer Carstanjen, 33, of Turner Falls, Massachusetts, was staff assistant in the office of information technology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
John Corcoran "Jay" Corcoran, 44, of Norwell, Massachusetts, was a merchant marine.
Dorothy Dearaujo, 82, was from Long Beach, California.
Gloria Debarrera
Lisa Frost, 22, of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, graduated from Boston University this year, with degrees in communications and business hospitality. She is survived by her father, mother and brother.
Ronald Gamboa, 33, of Los Angeles, California, was a Gap store manager.
Lynn Goodchild, 25, was from Attleboro, Massachusetts.
The Rev. Francis E. Grogan, 76, of Easton, Massachusetts, was a priest at Holy Cross Church in Easton. A veteran of World War II, Grogan served as a parish priest, a chaplain and teacher at Holy Cross schools.
Carl Hammond, 37, was from Boston, Massachusetts.
Peter Hanson, 32, of Groton, Massachusetts, was a software salesman.
Susan Hanson, 35, of Groton, Massachusetts, was a student.
Christine Hanson, 3, was from Groton, Massachusetts.
Gerald Hardacre
Eric Hartono
James E. Hayden, 47, of Westford, Massachusetts, was the chief financial officer of Netegrity Inc. Hayden is survived by his wife, Gail, and their two children.
Herbert Homer,48, of Milford, Massachusetts, worked for Raytheon Co.
Robert Jalbert, 61, of Swampscott, Massachusetts, was a salesman.
Ralph Kershaw, 52, of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, was a marine surveyor.
Heinrich Kimmig, 43, chairman and chief executive officer of BCT Technology Ag, of Germany was on a business trip involving contract negotiations with U.S. partners along with two other BCT execs, the company said in a statement. Kimmig studied mechanical engineering in college. After an internship, he became the design manager at Badische Stahl Engineering, and shortly after, he founded BSE Computer-Technologie GmbH, originally a locally operating software company. In 1999, this company became BCT Technology AG. Kimmig is survived by his wife and two children.
Brian Kinney, 29, of Lowell, Massachusetts, was an auditor for PriceWaterhouse Cooper.
Robert LeBlanc, 70, of Lee, New Hampshire, was a professor emeritus of geography at the University of New Hampshire. After earning his doctorate at the University of Minnesota, LeBlanc joined the University of New Hampshire's faculty in 1963 as a cultural geographer. With a specialty in Canadian studies, he looked at the Franco-American communities in New England's mill towns. He was acting chair and chair of the geography department for nearly 10 years, retiring in 1999.
Maclovio "Joe" Lopez Jr., 41, was from Norwalk, California.
Marianne MacFarlane
Louis Neil Mariani, 59, was from Derry, New Hampshire.
Juliana Valentine McCourt, 4, was from New London, Connecticut.
Ruth McCourt, 24, was from Westford, Massachusetts.
Wolfgang Menzel, 60, of Germany joined BCT Technology AG in 2000 as director of human resources. He is survived by his wife and one child. Menzel had planned to retire in six months.
Shawn Nassaney, 25, was from Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Patrick Quigley, 40, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, was a partner at PriceWaterhouse Cooper.
Frederick Rimmele was a physician from Marblehead, Massachusetts.
James M. Roux, 42, was from Portland, Maine.
Jesus Sanchez, 45, was an off-duty flight attendant from Hudson, Massachusetts.
Kathleen Shearer was from Dover, New Hampshire.
Robert Shearer was from Dover, New Hampshire.
Jane Simpkin, 35, was from Wayland, Massachusetts.
Brian D. Sweeney, 38, was from Barnstable, Massachusetts.
Timothy Ward, 38, of San Diego, California, worked at the Carlsbad, California-based Rubio's Restaurants Inc. A 14-year veteran of the company, he opened its second restaurant in San Diego and most recently worked in the information technology department.
William Weems of Marblehead, Massachusetts, was a commercial producer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


This is how I got that list of names of the passengers and crews of the four electronically hijacked planes. I went to the Internet Archive advances search page located here:

Then I pasted the old URL below from CNN into the search box along with dates in 2001 when I knew the link was active. When the archive gave the old web page, I clicked on the links after having copied it.

The result was this URL:

To read about the bomb that killed the auditors who were looking for that missing money please go here:


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Down and Out

“Why is it that you do and do for the Democrats and they don't do for you? Why is it? I'll tell you why. Because yo' is a chump.”

Malcolm X

The same can be said of the Republicans. John McCain supported the Bailout which was the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the uber rich in history.

CNN published a web page with tables for each of the seven various Bailout programs. The total cost to the chumps for these Bailouts is 13.2 trillion dollars according to CNN's report. You can see the tables for yourself here:

182 billion dollars was given to AIG but this is not the most egregious aspect of thus swindle.

That began in 2005 when the Federal Reserve Bank announced they would no longer tell us what the total M3 money supply is. Commentators as far away as Asia told their readers this announcement meant that the US had just admitted they were bankrupt and Wall Street had decided to inflate the dollar beyond all reason.

The Republicans and the Democrats in the Senate and the House plus the Bush administration all conspired to keep the truth from the voters. The corporate media were paid accomplices to the cover up. The Federal Reserve knew that the US was near bankruptcy. They should never have allowed real estate prices to continue to rise to what they knew were unsustainable levels. Instead they decided to allow a gigantic pump and dump of real estate to continue.

Taxes have not been raised high enough to pay for that 13.2 trillion dollar gift to the elite from those of required to work for a living to support Wall Street's insanity and greed. Nor could taxes ever be raised that high. Shadow Stats has done nothing but study government statistics and budgets. Their conclusion was that even before Obama took office that the United States could not meet its financial obligations even if Americans were taxed at 100% of their incomes. Their point is that if the government were required to use the same accounting rules as corporations they would have to set aside funds every time they incur an obligation to pay money in the future,

If you add 13.2 trillion dollars in new obligations to an existing 11.2 trillion dollar debt,the total is a staggering 24.5 trillion dollars on which you will be required to pay interest. As you have to sell more and more of something, the price declines. When you sell more bonds and drive down the price of bonds, you drive up interest rates.

Sooner rather than later the US Treasury will not be able to sell bonds for less than 10% interest. I believe the dollar will crash long before interest rates get to 10%. We had high interest rates when Jimmy Carter left office and survived only because the world was willing to loan Ronald Reagan tons of money without collateral, No more.

This means we are headed quickly towards a massive hyperinflation that will impoverish us all.

We will soon be Down and the world will want to see if we are Out.

American voters are first class chumps. We do for the elite. We fight insane wars. We believe obvious lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction. We allowed the media to publish photos in reverse sequential order from the Zapruder film so “they” could cover up the execution of our President who dared to defy orders from above. We convicted a man of shooting his brother Robert five times in the back even though every one of eighteen witnesses saw him in front of the target with no opportunity to shoot from behind. We allowed Wall Street to steal billions of dollars each week from federal spending which we are not allowed to audit.Do we demand the right to audit the books? No. That would require courage.

Recently, a flu which was obviously created in a lab by combining swine flu from Europe with swine flu from the Americas with a bird flu from Asia, made the headlines. Do we demand an investigation? No. We would need to band together as Americans and to freely exchange ideas without censorship. We do not have that right any more. We never had that right in my lifetime.

Within the next twelve months the dollar will collapse. Food riots will be the least of our worries. If the elite wants to, they can introduce a more virulent version of the H1N1 virus and shut down all protests, kill off all resistance and use the quarantine to establish a dictatorship.

If they do that, what will Americans do to say no? Are we even capable of resistance? Are we willing to believe just any lie? Will we accept permanent poverty and servitude?

Is America through as a nation? We shall soon see if we are capable of surviving.


I have been borrowing the titles of my essays from movies and books. I took this title from Down and Out in Paris and London (1933) which was written by George Orwell (Eric Blair.)

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