Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Same Management Just New Patsies But I Still Have Hope ...

Years ago I used to work in Boston while I was going to school. Ever since then I have told people I knew that I would tell everyone when I believed the dollar was in imminent danger of collapse. Consider this essay due warning. I am not saying it will happen within a month or two. I do continue to say it will happen before the end of 2009 or sooner. What I am saying today that I have never said before is that it will go straight down with few minor bumps up along the way. Previously, I told people in person that the dollar can go up and down because the markets are controlled and the people who fix the market can hand your head to you. The Treasury Secretary is currently planning a trip to China to salvage the dollar. They might do something to bump the dollar up or more likely to stabilize it, but the dollar is toast and is beyond resuscitation. Plan accordingly. This warning should also include plans for your personal safety. The government will want to use a greatly increased crime rate to frighten the children into giving up their rights. The crime rate will increase as unemployment could soon reach 25% as it did in the last depression. It is way past time when you should get out of real estate with the sole exception of a fixed rate mortgage on a home in a secure rural location or a safe haven overseas. I will now continue with my essay on why I have reason for hope.

The election did not challenge the authority of the self appointed elite that thinks they own the world. We have been told by Pelosi, Dean and Conyers there will be no impeachment. They also continued to ignore the greatest crime in American history, the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7. John Judge of the Committee on Political Assassinations said there are two theories of our government. One is that our politicians hire people from the CIA who do drug running and weapons smuggling to do some black bag jobs. The other is that the criminal organization that sell the drugs, run the illegal weapons and launder five hundred billion dollars a year in bribe money hire politicians who make their government look nice. Judge says he believes the latter to be true. I prefer a third explanation which I will discuss later. But both he and I would agree with the speaker at an anti-war rally who said we should all regard the media as unindicted co-conspirators to all the evil that they refuse to investigate. Just two examples should suffice to amaze the senses and the imagination:

Robert Kennedy was running for President and was the likely Democratic nominee when he was shot in the back. Sirhan Sirhan was seen by dozens of witnesses all of whom said he was never at any time behind RFK. He has been in prison since 1968 for a crime he could never have committed, because Robert Kennedy was shot in the back. And now we have World Trade Center Tower 7 which was never hit by a plane and had fires under control on only a few of its floors but collapsed in 6.5 seconds which is about the time it would take for a brick to hit the ground if you dropped it from the 47th floor. The media should be regarded as unindicted co-conspirators to the killing of more than 3,000 people on September 11, 2001. Neither of the above crimes are even remotely possible from a scientifically rational point of view. But neither is regarded as remarkable by the press. If you are currently paying any money at all for subscriptions to the press, you are paying for your own enslavement. It is possible that the Internet could break the media monopoly and restore freedom to America and the world, but that is not why I have hope.

David Ray Griffin has said that what we need is for one prominent American to come forward and to tell people that the World Trade Center towers were taken down by controlled demolitions. I even wrote an article on this blog saying how we could end the occupation of Iraq and launch a move to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and company. I proposed to stage a play with actors reading from eyewitness accounts of the WTC's controlled demolition with two narrators, one male and one female, to put the testimony and evidence in the context of the laws of physics and the characteristics of a planned demolition. We could stage a play for $25,000 or less and it would give several prominent Americans an opportunity to come forward and just say no to treason. It could happen, but that is not why I have hope.

The Democrats may get the same sinking feeling I got after the Republicans won majorities in the House and Senate in 1994. Everyone who has watched old Hollywood films knows that the patsy is the man left holding the bag. As Humphrey Bogart said in a film once, "Someone has to go to prison after all this is over." I have written on this blog of the decision by the Federal Reserve Board on 11-10-2005 to no longer publish M3 money supply figures. Two of the components of M3 will be published separately because they reveal nothing. But one component of M3 which is called Repurchase Agreements or Repos will never be made public again as it tells us all we need to know. I explained that Wall Street will be able to sell all their bad dollar denominated assets to the Fed through Repos, buy commodities and foreign currencies, watch the dollar lose 90% of its purchasing power and then buy America for pennies on the dollar thus reducing the middle and working class of America to peonage. Some politicians might see the handwriting on the wall and balk at the organized theft of trillions of dollars in pensions and savings and the permanent impoverishment of their voters, but that is not why I have hope.

Recently on the 11th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzak Rabin, the former Prime Minister of Israel, a video was made public and posted on the Internet. It was an interview with an Israeli politician who saw Rabin being thrown into a car alive and unshot after shots rang out where he had been making a public appearance. The man they arrested for his murder was tested for gunshot residue within an hour. He tested negative. It was revealed on the 10th anniversary that Rabin was shot twice in the back and once in the front. The man who was convicted for the crime was behind Rabin and could never have shot him in in the front according to witnesses. And most importantly the protection detail which I believe was organized by Carmi Gillon for that day allowed clear access to the area immediately behind the Prime Minister which is where the patsy was standing when he was arrested. Please remember that Rabin was alive when he was thrown into the car. Barry Chamish has written extensively on this coverup. He says that two Israeli National Health Service employees have told him that Leah Rabin, Yitzak's wife, was deliberately given the wrong protocol for her cancer even though their superiors were told the treatments would kill her. She had committed the fatal mistake of endorsing Chamish's book on the assassination of her husband. Yigal Amir, the wrongfully convicted man, has filed an appeal. Most Jewish people know that Hitler was financed by the Rothschilds as was the Soviet revolution. Carmi Gillon was hired by the Bronfmann and Shimon Peres affiliated Peace Now organization after the assassination of Rabin when most Israelis were angry enough to lynch him. I have convinced many Jewish people in America that the Rabin assassination was approved at the highest levels of Jewish leadership. He opposed the coming war in the Mideast which he knew would lead to the sacrifice of several hundred thousand Israelis for the greater good of the London and New York banks which is to say the Bilderbergers. Of course tens of millions of Muslims would also be killed, but when the dust settled after the coming war, all natural resources would be owned by the Bilderbergers. Of course the war would also complete the establishment of a National Security State in America and the end of national sovereignty everywhere on the planet. It is possible that the revelations by Chamish and others of the murders of Yitzak and Leah Rabin will convince the Jewish people to revolt against their self-appointed leaders. I have long believed that the way Jewish leaders are selected is that whoever launders the most heroin money and hires the most assassins is the leader. This Jewish revolt is possible as we approach World War III, but that is not why I have hope.

We are being polluted by fossil fuels as we are heading towards an oil war in Iran that could kill a few billion people and would end civilization as we knew it. All of this is completely unnecessary. The U.S. already has anti-gravity perfected to a large degree. Black Triangles are U.S. aircraft that can fly 40,000 mph. They can also hover over a location silently. This means that they must have anti-gravity because the propulsion system is not working in that direction as in the case of the British Harrier Jump jet. The B2 bomber has some anti-gravity in its design as the thrust is insufficient to carry the weight at the speeds it attains. Years ago the editor of Popular Mechanics mentioned a forthcoming article that was never allowed to be published. It was to reveal that materials manufactured in deep space have new properties. Glass becomes as hard as steel. This would account for the fact that Black Triangles can fly 40,000 mph in the atmosphere without friction burning up the aircraft. I believe that they have also developed a room temperature super-conductor. This means they have free or zero point energy. I have a relative who worked in the defense industry building prototypes for the military and was told more than ten years ago that the military has a "box" that outputs high levels of energy. I have a friend who works for a Stanford professor who told the above to him. He contacted the DOD to offer his help in researching anti-gravity and what he received in return he regarded as an insult. He is now convinced that they have a super-conductor, a measure of anti-gravity and free energy. They also must have very advanced weapons they can use against us after we have killed all the Muslims. Free energy on the positive side means that we can now afford to clean the atmosphere, the streams, the rivers, the lakes and then the oceans. I can imagine there are people completely opposed to letting billions of people die in a resource war when there are solutions for all of these problems and for pollution and poverty as well. It is possible that some of these scientific advances made by the secret government could be revealed by whistle blowers. But that is not why I still have hope.

This morning I read a speech Newt Gingrich gave in New Hampshire. He said we need to curb free speech to fight the war on terror. He did warn us that we might lose an entire American city if we do not voluntarily give up the First Amendment. There are many Americans who know that the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City on 4-19-1995 was taken down by a controlled demolition. Pillars in the rear of the building were blown out but those nearer the Ryder truck survived. This is a physical science impossibility. The London subways were blown up on 7-7-2005. The bombs were placed underneath the cars. The four Pakistani-Britains who were much maligned in the press had no access to the underside of the carriages. Verint the Israeli firm that provided security did have access. I have already talked about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center Towers 1 ,2 and 7 on 9-11-2001. It was done so we could invade and occupy Iraq. Now the patsies from the Democratic party are talking about partitioning Iraq into 3 provinces. This plan was first published in Israel in 1982. Think of how many U.S. soldiers and marines have died to make this Israeli dream a reality. And now there is a plan to blow up an entire American city in order to fulfill Bilderberger dreams of a worldwide dictatorship. In the past when JFK, RFK and MLK were assassinated we did nothing because apart from the soldiers in Vietnam it did nothing to our daily lives. Blowing up the Oklahoma City federal building and the WTC also inconveniened the 589,000 service men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. But now they expect us to play Russian roulette with American cities being the target of a "terror event." Will it be your city? It will not be mine as I live in Silicon Valley which is too valuable a property to lose. It will likely be a city full of Hispanics in order to recruit them into the military. It might not be my home but it is probably a city where I have lived and is full of people I knew through work and travels. It is possible that when the public reads these "terror warnings" about losing an American city they will just say no to the Bilderbergers, the Israelis, the CIA and Wall Street. It is possible, but that is not why I still have hope.

There have been many budget cuts over the past few years. Locally, I remember the school district that cut 23 of 24 music teachers with the 24th position slated for an eventual cut as well. There is no reason for these cuts. As I explained in the Fiction of Government Debt, the taxpayers pay 759 billion dollars a year because their money says Federal Reserve Notes instead of Treasury Notes. And at least 120 billion dollars a year is lost because we do not have the right to audit federal government contracts. Since the concept of money is difficult for the average person to understand, it is probably easier for us to convince people that we ought to audit federal spending so Wall Street cannot steal federal tax dollars. My favorite story is of the one city block in San Diego where $20,000,000 was loaned out on 10 buildings that never existed. The loans were never repaid. It is possible that activists could circulate a petition to all Bilderberg Society, Trialteral Commission and Council on Foreign Relation members pleading for their permission to audit federal government contracts so we can avoid further budget cuts. They could hand these petitions over to members of the above organizations at their public appearances. Some noteworthy members are Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition and Senator John Edwards. It is possible that this could happen, but it is not why I still have hope.

I said that John Judge outlined two theories to explain our government and that I had an alternative one. He said that some believe the government allowed the CIA to run drugs and illegal weapons so the politicians could from time to time call on them to do black bag jobs. Judge however believed that the crime syndicates that launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes and nearly 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons hire the politicians to make their government look nice. I would accept the latter with the following amendment. Karl Marx wrote a play in his youth called Oulanem which is an anagram for Emanuel or God With Us. His hero is Emanuel who says, "I will go gladly into the abyss (hell) if I take half of all mankind with me." Marx and his followers were pathologically insane. They killed 60,000,000 people in the Soviet Union for no good reason but the desire to destroy. What has effects through you must have effects on you. The people who killed that many human beings and the bankers who financed them and Hitler are clearly insane and self-destructive. I have a cousin who thinks a dictatorship is a good idea, becasue the people who think they own the government and us are smart. I am smart and see no intelligence at work in our government. They are addicted to killing They kill, maim and destroy for no apparent reason, because their goal is to kill themselves and everyone else on the planet. It is possible that these people and their plans are so vile that people will rise up in revolt, but that is not the reason why I still have hope.

I have said elsewhere on this blog that I would talk about the visions I had as a child. Today is that day as my visions are why I have hope. When I was eight years-old, I had a vision which led to an integrated theory of consciousness and physics. A few months later I fleshed out the original theory which was based on fourth dimensional geometry. At the time I thought it was sufficient to say I knew How the Mind of God worked. I now realized that this decidedly masculine approach lacked the Feminine half of God's Mind. What I needed was the unitive approach that women to some degree regard as obvious and natural. I can now see that really understanding either the advanced course in Thinking or the advanced course in Love leads naturally to the other. Also when I was eight years-old, I had another vision which was of a future war in which 99.5% of the world's population would die. When I was nine years-old, I read about non-interest bearing currencies and understood how the banking system really worked. That meant I finally understand politics, economics and the real reasons why things happened. When I was about ten, I read the biography of Nikita Khrushchev. He owed his survival of the Stalinist purges to playing dumb. I later learned that he also benefited from marrying a Jewish woman and having Jewish children as did Leonid Brezhnev. I had a final childhood vision when I was sixteen. I realized that I had been put on earth to help stop a war. The war would not happen until I was much older. This vision of stopping World War III is shared by millions of people. It unites us all into one coherent force for good. Of late I have been having a series of visions and insights which have given me Cause to hope. The only reason this world did not self-destruct years ago is that we have had benefited from the prayers of 2 dozen people whose light shines very brightly and the prayers of hundreds of millions of ordinary people. We are now in position to see positive benefit from these combined prayers. I do have hope for the future.

Until the new manifestations of what can only be termed divine intervention becomes apparent, we must all continue our work in the 911 Truth Movement. This is the best avenue of social change available to us. We should also try to explain to those who are about to lose their homes, their jobs and their pensions the truth that government debt is a fiction. There is an article on that in this blog as well as one about the theft of billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government contracts. All of this is part of what we need to do, but I can assure that there is something more important. It would seem natural and obvious if you understood how the Mind of God worked. All minds are connected. The 24 human beings whose light shines brighter than the other 6.5 billion people on the planet combined are available to help us directly. Their light shines directly into us and into every politician and soldier in the world. And it means that the co-operation of hundreds of millions of people is entirely possible without access to the controlled media. Our minds form a network and every one of us is a vital part of that human grid. It is this network that gives me hope. I have hope, because all of humanity is connected to one another and we are free.


I normally do not make spiritual references in this blog, but times are so desperate that prayer is about all that will save us. I have another blog which presents my views on this other dimension. It is here if that interests you:

The references from the above article can be found for the most part in my previous posts on this blog. I have written about the controlled demolition of the WTC Towers 1, 2 and 7 on this blog, but I would rather people new to the 911 Truth Movement go to www.WTC7.net . It is a good palce to begin. How did a 47 story steel girdered building collapse in 6.5 seconds even though it was never hit by a plane? After that you can grapple with the AFIP (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) report that there was no Arab DNA found on any of the survivors of what the government claims was flight 77 which hit the Pentagon. The funny thing about 9-11 actually happened on September 10th when Donald Rumsfeld admitted to CBS News that 2.3 trillion dollars in Defense Department spending could not be traced. On 9-11 Flight 77 was directly approaching Rumsfeld's section at the Pentagon when it performed a 270 degree turn and in one pass hit the opposite side of the building where it killed people who were investigating Rumsfeld, Dov Zakheim, the Comptroller of the DOD, and the missing 2.3 trillion dollars.

To read about the missing money from unaudited fedederal contracts please read Financing the New World Order which is on my archive for October 2005. To read about the decision by the Federal Reserve to print unlimited amounts of money so the rich can sell off their dollar denominated assets, send their money overseas and buy America for pennies on the dollar, please read A Conversation with Catherine (Austin Fitts) on M3 which is on my current list of articles on this blog. To really understand money you need to read The Fiction of Government Debt which is also in the same front page. The simple explanation is that if our money said Treasury Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes our taxes would be 759 billion dollars a year less.

My plan to stage a play that would bring down the government is outlined in the article How You And I Will Stop WW III on the front page of this blog.

Rest assured that if we do our part, God will do His.