Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday 9-28 Impeach Rahm Emanuel

Politics is the art of achieving the possible. Now is the time for us to demand the resignation of Rahm Emanuel as Obama's Chief of Staff. And, as far as I am concerned, he can take David Axelrod back to Chicago with him. The Democrats have overwhelming majorities in the Senate and in the House of Representatives so the best we could hope for is to kick Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod out of Washington.

I think we can get the backing of Obama's die hard supporters to join us in ousting Emanuel and Axelrod because their resignations would force Obama to become President of the United States and to give us the change he promised us.

To date Obama has read many teleprompter speeches but has done nothing presidential. He held no hearings to draft a health care plan. He has allowed cohorts of Cheney and Bush to tell him what to do in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The generals are still waiting for his decision on whether or not he will increase troop levels in Afghanistan.

Those of you who voted for anti-war congressional candidates in 2006 will remember what happened after the elections and the Democrats took control of the House. Rahm Emanuel had been in charge of raising funds for the House Democrats. He sent a lot of money to pro-war and pro-Israel Democrat candidates and actually cut off funding for anti-war candidates even in districts where Republicans were vulnerable.

We cannot afford to allow Rahm Emanuel to be anywhere near the White House when the President of the United States has to make critical decisions about war with Iran, health care and Bail Outs for Wall Street.

In my opinion we should also ask all of the 32 or more special czars to resign. I say force Obama to become President and to hold meetings with his Cabinet.

At the next protest rally, we need signs or even bumper stickers saying Impeach Rahm Emanuel.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Questions

Question One: Since Twenty billion dollars of Bernie Madoff's sixty-five billion dollar Ponzi scheme fraud are in Israeli banks why don't we cut off all economic and military aid plus all loans to Israel until the money is paid back to the American taxpayers?

We taxpayers have been asked to pay 23.7 trillion dollars to Bailout Goldman Sachs and friends. The Israelis got their twenty billion dollars before the US currency began to drop like a rock so the Madoff money they already have in their banks is far more valuable than the money we are borrowing from China today. Currently we have to borrow 46 cents of every dollar we spend.

The second question is related to the Bernie Madoff fraud which was reported to the SEC seven years ago by Harry Markopolos. Mr Madoff was too well politically connected to be seriously investigated by the SEC. Page Six of the New York Post told us that Harry Markopolos spoke at a church related function in the Hamptons on Long Island where he said we were facing a far worse disaster than the Madoff scandal in 600 trillion dollars in derivatives many of which were fraudulent.

As I have explained before, banks cannot buy or sell worthless securities. To evade the law, they sold Credit Default Swaps (CDS) with bonds created from worthless mortgages. A Credit Default Swap is a hybrid between insurance and a derivative. Derivatives are bets on the future value of either a commodity like oil or of a bond. A CDS is like insurance in that it requires payments in order to maintain coverage. Previously, I have asked why the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives why they did not cancel all CDS sales and allow the existing contracts to expire. That was before we made payments totaling 180 billion dollars in Bailouts to AIG for CDS.

Question Two is addressed to all members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives: why have you not asked Harry Markopolos to testify about the possible loss of 600 trillion dollars to American investors, savers, taxpayers and pension funds?

I have a new blog. My latest lead story is: Barry Chamish Says Israel Killed JFK Jr. Later tonight I will post my new lead story for Friday's edition: FED Gave Citibank 230 Billion Dollars

Friday, September 11, 2009


On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending. Video

Vanity Fair had an article called Billions over Baghdad which described how eight of twelve billion dollars shipped from the New York Federal Reserve Currency Warehouse in New Jersey went missing. The Congress never investigated. The media never followed up. I wonder why? Link

On 9-11-2001 a plane was headed directly towards Rumsfeld's office when it took a 270 degree turn and went in to a power dive. The official story is that the airliner went through a sixteen foot hole in the side of the building. No photos of the plane's engines were made available to us. Link

Hani Hanjour was the alleged pilot of Flight 77. He could not have flown a Boeing 757 anywhere and hit anything. Link

Yet we do have the testimony of Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret and on 9-11 the Acting Assistant Secretary of the DOD that, a bomb went off 3 1/2 minutes before the plane was alleged to have hit the Building. Other witnesses to the bomb were Lt Col. Karen Kwiatowski and April Gallop a third generation soldier. Another witness was Per Stig Møller, who after 9-11 was elected to the Danish parliament. Link That bomb killed the military auditors who were trying to trace that missing 2.3 trillion dollars. Since 9-11 another 1.5 trillion dollars went missing.

Nano-thermite has been found in the dust at the World Trade Center. This material is unavailable to the general public. It is made only in top secret US and Israeli labs. It can be sprayed onto a surface and will cut through steel girders in seconds. It is called nano because of it is measured in billionths of a meter. None has ever been sold to anyone in a cave in Afghanistan.

How did those jets get to their targets past our air defenses? When a golf pro died of a heart attack at the controls of his private jet, an interceptor jet was dispatched in minutes. Follow the NORAD stand down here. Link

The Israeli instant messaging service Odigo warned Hebrew speaking Israelis to leave the World Trade Center Towers two hours before they were struck by planes. Link

Elias Davidsson agrees with me. They have these people called ticket agents at airports who will get fired if they let people on the plane without tickets. After you get past the first set of ticket agents, you get to the area where they check your boarding passes. What are the odds that you could get on board a plane without a ticket, get by the security cameras without them recording you on video and get by those people checking for boarding passes without a boarding pass or a ticket? What are the odds that you could do that 19 times in one day if you were foreign born? Link

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that the five Israelis arrested on 9-11 while filming the WTC who had positioned their camera prior to the bombing later proved to be Mossad agents?

Richard Gage is an architect and has explained how the collapse of World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7 had to be by controlled demolition.

These sites have collapse videos showing obvious controlled demolitions to an open minded observer. Video

More videos of WTC 7 collapsing are here. Video

Here is additional footage of the collapse of WTC 7 and of the North Tower. Video

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that the BBC got their signals crossed from the people who demolished WTC 7 and reported it before it happened?

The controlled media reported explosions at the World Trade Center as it happened but no mention since 9-11 in the controlled media. Video

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that the FBI in 1993 allowed the original bombing of the World Trade Center to happen and in fact paid an agent provacateur from Egyptian Intelligence to make the bomb and recruit the terrorists? Link

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that one Israeli firm was responsible for the security at all of the airports where the planes were hijacked on 9-11? Link

Did anyone in the corporate media ever tell you that insider trading that profited from advanced knowledge of 9-11 was traced to the CIA and to Israel?

Here are the specific transcripts of the radio transmissions that proved the fires were not sufficient to collapse the WTC. Link

This web page has a link the complete transcripts of the radio traffic which proves that the fires inside the World Trade Center were not sufficient to bring down the buildings according to the firemen. Link

This has the testimony of first responders who heard bombs and explosions inside the WTC. Link

Willie Rodriguez and many others heard and saw bombs explode inside the WTC Towers before the planes struck. Debunkers called them liars and worse. You might not have heard this on ABCNBCCBSMSNBCFOX but William Rodriguez Vindicated by Newly Released 9/11 Commission Notes was published here. Link

The debunkers ignored the testimony of these engineers who saw and heard explosions in the Towers before the planes struck. Their union recorded their testimony here. Link

This web page has 250 Smoking Guns that contradict the government's lies about 9-11.

This article has over 200 unanswered questions about 9-11 from Mike Rivero.

Be of good cheer. Nobody will believe the government lies about 9-11 after the dollar crashes. That will be our Day of Liberation. We can take this country back. We can rebuild America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let Me Explain Why Obama Does Not Care About Either Health Care or The Anti-War Movement

Please look at this video:

I posted this video originally over the weekend. I want you to understand that someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder might campaign for public office. And you might vote for Obama if you agreed with him that health care reform and ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were good ideas. You might also have wanted your President to do something to stop the transfer of all wealth to Wall Street through unconscionable and never ending Bail Outs.

But he is only concerned about the unquestioning adulation of the crowds and the money from wealthy criminals on Wall Street who financed his unending road trips. Obama campaigns all over the world and the United States. Yet his poll numbers keep going down. I believe because he never bothered to hold hearings and write his own health care proposal as Hillary did in 1993. That shows how little he cares about us.

Obama did not even bother to read the bill he tries to sell to the voters. They know he is lying when he says that Medicare will only be cut thirty billion dollars a year. Not all opposition at Town Halls comes from the right. Most elderly oppose cuts to their existing coverage. Others object to the President's apparent ready acceptance of the 23.7 trillion dollar cost of the Bail Out knowing that there will be nothing left for health care, Food Stamps, education, Social Security and anything else besides interest on our burgeoning debt and payments for our rapidly growing wars.

Government will have zero dollars left over for health care. The Congress really needs to fix the system including Wall Street and the Federal Reserve before they do anything else. That is the underlying reason for all the anger at the Town Halls.

That is why Stephen Lendman, a New Deal Democrat who favors single payer and is very much an anti-war voter, said of Obama, "He's worse than Bush." For an old line New Deal Democrat that is the worst insult you can make. But it is true.

Obama has no concern for either us or for the issues his voters wanted him to solve. He is insane. All his road trips were about him getting ovations from the crowds. He is not an adult. He is a damaged child playing President but with access to nuclear weapons and presiding over powder kegs in Gaza, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan. (In case you missed it Obama has escalated the conflict in Pakistan by sending in armed Blackwater mercenaries.)

The dollar is about to crash and his poll numbers will drop even further. He still has strong support amongst minorities and committed liberals who think the problems of the country were created by evil white Republicans. I recently talked to a couple of young black men from Chicago who told me, "He's not doing anything for us." More liberals and minorities will reach that same conclusion as the dollar dies and the crowds turn against him.

Barack Obama is just one more road block on our path to rebuild America.

Our real enemy is Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve and anyone, including Zionists, who would have us squander our life's blood on foreign wars. Obama is just a puppet.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We have lost more than 2,000,000 American manufacturing jobs in the past two years. Unlike the previous recessions, the majority of lay offs are permanent and not for just a few months as in the past. The definition of unemployment used up until 1994 is called U-6 and is currently 16.8% as compared to the 9.7% U-3 figure the media allows the government to report.

The CIA museum has a listening device that looks like a dragonfly but is actually a battery powered drone that eavesdrops on conversations and transmits them to a satellite above. That drone is an example of CIA museum piece technology dating back to 1978.

My question is this: Why have you not gone to the CIA and asked them for one of their more advanced secret batteries to make hybrid cars and alternative energy affordable and more practical? One act of courage just might in part save the world from a Depression many think will be worse than 1929-1939.

Please ask this question in public forums to any available politician or media personality.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

My New Blog

I have started a new blog. It is entitled: Almost 117 Days

I will be chronicling both the destruction of the dollar over the remaining 117 days of 2009 and more hopefully the People Power revolution

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I will be posting news items and comments in Monday thru Thursday editions before 5 pm California time. I will have a separate weekend edition which will be updated until Sunday.

You can click on my profile and see my other blogs or send me an email.
Rebuilding America and The World

The Way In Is The Way Out

America is entering a Depression worse than 1929-1939. We were brought here as a result of a long term credit cycle during which we gave away our democracy and our power to a criminal enterprise known as Wall Street. The simplest way out of this debacle is to reverse the steps that brought us here.

When the Inspector General for the Toxic Asset Relief Program (TARP) told us that the total cost for the program would be 23.7 trillion dollars, there was no reaction in either the press or the Congress though a few upset citizens did show up at Town Halls.

What are we to do about Wall Street? They currently are allowed to steal up to four billion dollars a week from unaudited federal spending. On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense spending. link

On 9-11-2001 a plane was headed directly towards Rumsfeld's office at the Pentagon when it made a 270 degree power dive and directly hit the auditor's section on the opposite side of the building where it killed the men and women looking for the missing trillions.

Someone wanted those auditors dead because we have multiple witnesses to a bomb that was detonated in the auditor's section 3 ½ minutes prior to what was alleged to have been Flight 77 hitting the building. One of these witnesses was Robert Andrews, a former Green Beret, who was Acting Assistant Director of the DOD in charge of the 25,000 men and women in America's special operations. link

Since 9-11-2001 another trillion and a half dollars has been “lost” at the Pentagon. This missing money has never been the subject of either a senate or congressional inquiry. In fact a man responsible for helping to lose more than a trillion dollars in the Clinton administration as Comptroller of the DOD has been appointed to an even more powerful position at the Pentagon in the new administration. Not much hope of change there.

The media is bought and paid for as are the politicians. They both ask us to believe that since the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) found absolutely no traces of Arab DNA on Flight 77. Allah got 19 Muslims on board four planes past the ticket agents with neither tickets nor boarding passes. Allah erased the video from all of the airports showing His faithful adherents sneaking on board the planes. Then Allah guided the four panes past American radar and air defenses for more than an hour. Allah must have guided the planes to their targets having selected pilots who could not fly jumbo jets to prove His Supremacy. And then He resurrected the 19 men bodily in to the Heavens so there would be no trace of their DNA proving Islam to be a superior religion to Christianity.

(Just ask a skeptic how hard it would be to board an airplane going past the ticket counter and the boarding gate without either a ticket or a boarding pass. Those people will get fired for letting people board without tickets.)

We are also asked to believe that Osama was able to deliver one hundred boxes of unordered pizzas with bombs hidden inside past multiple levels of security to the auditors at the Pentagon from his cave in Afghanistan. Osama did this to cover up the obvious fact that he had crews of janitors posing as illegal aliens from Latin America whose job it was to steal billions dollars a week from federal offices while cleaning up at night. And Osama stole all those trillions of dollars to keep up his plush life style at his luxury cave in Afghanistan.

I was not willing to believe the obvious lies I was told as a child in school. And I am overjoyed that finally millions of my fellow Americans are beginning to awaken from the dreams Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Washington D.C. and Hollywood dreamed for them.

So what would I do to get us out of this mess? My solution is simple. Abolish pensions!!!

Make it illegal for any employer whether it be the government or a private business to promise to give you money at some future date when you retire. Make them set aside that money today for your retirement, heath and even vacation pay into a co-cooperatively owned trust. This would include Social Security and Disability.

The Social Security administration has 4.5 trillion dollars in trust funds. When they sell those bonds and pay the baby boomers pensions and health benefits, the Treasury will have to raise your income taxes to pay to redeem the 4.5 trillion dollars even though we already bought those bonds once with our payroll taxes! They expect us to pay for them again.

That is in addition to the 12 trillion dollars in debts they currently owe and the 20 trillion plus dollars they have promised you will gladly pay for the Bailouts from what is left of your wages after they have successfully cut your real after tax pay in half.

The Social Security administration has stolen and squandered 4.5 trillion dollars. No more.

To the money in the trusts from employer-employee contributions I would add a pro rated share of all the money recovered from RICO lawsuits against Wall Street, the House of Representatives, the Senate, several Presidential administrations and all corporations which were accessories to any of the criminal conspiracies that literally stole tens of trillions of dollars. I cannot say more about these lawsuits until six to nine months after the dollar crashes and it is easy to win them.

The Co-Operatives will have enough money to fund your retirement and your health care. They will also sell you your insurance and act as your bank. You will have complete self-determination. You will also get control of the Foundations and the giant media conglomerates after the RICO lawsuits are won. Your co-operative will also own shares in the brokerages, Investment banks and large international commercial banks.

In short you will have the power to say “No” to crazy power mad men in Washington and New York.

To get the economy moving again I would release all of the scientific information and discoveries the secret part of the government has made since acquiring the notes, labs and inventions of Nikola Tesla at his death in 1943. After WW II the Allies also acquired the German science projects which included a UFO. After a few years, Americans began to see UFOs that broke the sound barrier. In 1962 the United States developed a plane, the SR-71 Blackbird, that flew at three times the speed of sound.

More than ten years ago our secret government developed a 200 foot long Black Triangle aircraft that flew 40,000 mph. To fly at that speed in the atmosphere means that they have developed a new material for the plane's skin. The editor of Popular Mechanics told syndicated radio host Art Bell in the 1990s that he was going to publish an article on materials that take on new properties because they were made in the zero gravity of space. Glass made in zero gravity was as strong as steel. That article was never published but at least we can demonstrate how the Pentagon overcame atmospheric friction.

Black Triangles are also silent and can hover. This is beyond the abilities of Boeing. Jet liners have to maintain a speed of 167 mph to remain airborne. This would suggest to many of us that the Pentagon has developed in some measure an ability to harness anti-gravity. One observer years ago noted that the B-2 bomber had a thrust insufficient to lift the massive weight of the plane. He concluded that the Air Force has anti-gravity and is gradually incorporating it into its more advanced planes.

Anti-gravity could be used to spin a turbine by turning it on and then off. This would generate free electricity or at least double the amount of electricity produced if our current level of anti-gravity research can only negate half of gravity. we will need all that cheap electricity for electric cars and rail.

The CIA museum has a listening device that looks like a dragon fly but is actually a battery powered drone that listens to outdoor conversations, records them and transmits them to a satellite. That battery is thirty year-old CIA museum technology. If we released their current best battery, we could have electric cars and effective alternative energy especially if we combined the latter with anti-gravity.

The New Technology would launch a 21st century industrial boom.

To more immediately solve the problem of unemployment I would also require the use of E-verify which verifies the citizenship status of immigrants. I would require it for all government jobs including sub-contractors, for all federal and state benefits, for voting, for driver's licenses and for all business permits. The number of private sector jobs has declined since 1999. Yet the past three administrations seem to be oblivious to the severe harm they have done to working Americans by encouraging both legal and illegal immigration.

I would also seal the border with Mexico. Mexican drug gangs have 250,000 people working for them inside the United States. These people are systematically destroying our cities and using their drug profits to fund a war against the Mexican government. Sealing the border would also open 10,000,000 jobs for native born whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and others. It would also force wages higher so the working poor could make livable wages and even afford to buy homes. That would lower taxes for the rest of us.

Once we get control of the banking system we can make it illegal for any American bank to do business with banks overseas that launder either bribe money from politicians or money from illegal drugs and weapons sales. Currently the banks launder a trillion dollars in drugs, up to 400 billion dollars in illegal weapons and 500 billion dollars in bribes. All of this bribery and illegal “hot” money takes power away from us.

Lest you think I am being pollyannish, please suspend your judgment until you read my plans for the Federal Reserve and for international banking which includes the goal of abolishing poverty.

In 1913 President Wilson, the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives gave the license to print American money to a privately owned corporation the Federal Reserve. Up until now whenever the Treasury runs a deficit, they give the banks for example one hundred billion dollars in Treasury bonds and in exchange the banks give the Treasury bookkeeping entries in their accounts for 100 billion dollars. Please note the banks are not loaning us Mrs Smith's life savings. They are increasing the money supply by 100 billion dollars. They are counterfeiters. I explained this in depth here.

What happens over a very long period is that because the banks only create enough money to pay back the loan but not the interest that every year the bankers must loan out more money and put everyone deeper in debt. From 1970 to today we added 100,000,000 plus people through immigration but increased personal debts 2,000%. We also created a 12 trillion dollar fictional US debt. (Note: that reference above also explains why all government debts are fictions.)

If we audited federal spending we would save 200 billion dollars a year. If there were no federal debts because only the Treasury created money as the martyred Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy wanted, we would save more than 400 billion dollars a year on interest payments. If we increased the money supply of 10 trillion dollars at an annual rate of 4%, the ratio of money to goods and services would remain constant meaning we would have stable prices. This assumes that the economy grew at 4% for purposes of illustration.

If we add 400 billion dollars to the money supply, we can spend that money into circulation in lieu of taxes. That is why I would favor the repeal of the federal income tax. This would free up revenue for the states to balance their budgets. You might want to take note of the fact that I just showed you how we could free up a trillion dollars in revenue savings to help America recover from the quickly approaching Depression.

Things have only gotten worse since the federal government took over education. Oakland California spends $16,000 a year per child and the kids cannot read anywhere near grade level. Ben Chavis did wonders at a charter school without any suburban white students. In fact after five years he improved test scores so much that Chinese-Americans started sending their children to his school because it was academically superior to anything else they could find.

If you think that we need to pay taxes to support overseas wars and occupations, I would say that such thinking does not belong in the 21st century. If we are to survive as a planet, we must cease to support Israel's fantasy that they have a God given right to kill people, steal their land and to torture their descendants.

If you think we need to pay federal income taxes taxes to support insane politicians in California, New York and points in between, I would suggest you move to one of those states so you can personally pay a 20 or 25% income tax and cast envious eyes on people elsewhere who have either a small tax or none at all.

After we take over the Federal Reserve, I would work to issue non-interest bearing currencies in Third World countries. Presently, Africa gets enough foreign aid to pay the interest on their fictional foreign debts for ten of the 365 days in a year. The interest payments for the other 355 days have to be paid by some of the poorest people on earth.

What I would do is to issue regional currencies in Asia, Africa and Latin America to eventually make the people debt free. I would not be willing to accept millions of refugees. Please remember that adding 100 to 105 million people to our population was part of Wall Street's plan to cut our wages in half and to raise our rents and mortgage payments so all of our money would be transferred from us to them.

Finally, it has been suggested that we have a Tobin tax. I would only agree to such a tax until after the United States had repealed both the federal income tax and the Social Security tax and had regained control of our courts from all international bodies, such as, the World Trade Organization (WTO.)

The Tobin tax was named for the late economist James Tobin. It is a suggestion that we tax all international financial transactions at a rate of 0.1%. It would take in trillions of dollars. Such a windfall could never be given to the scum we have in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

I would use America's share to pay off Social Security and Medicare for the baby boomers and to rebuild America's infrastructure.

The first steps in taking back our power after overcoming our inertia is to get control of our pensions and to abolish the Federal Reserve.

It is comparatively simple to solve America's problems once you no longer listen to Wall Street, the Zionists, the corporate media and the Foundations.