Thursday, April 10, 2008

Barack Obama: Very, Very Smart or Very, Very Stupid?

The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.
--Clinton representative, Ann Lewis

George W. Bush is not widely regarded as an intelligent man, but he understands that Ann Lewis, the sister of Congressman Barney Frank, was serious when she said that the President of the United States is limited to supporting the decisions of the people of Israel. The Israeli nuclear whistle blower, Mordechai Vanunu, said that Israel killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy 90 days after refusing him permission to inspect their nuclear works at Dimona. JFK had mistakenly thought that as President of the United States it was his duty to stop nuclear proliferation in the Mideast. The Kennedy assassination and the Warren Commission's cover up completed the signal to the American people of the end of democracy in their Republic. Coming to grips with the current relationship between Israel and the quisling government of the United States is a sign of political smartness.

I do believe the evidence suggests that Obama understand that up until now Israel has told America what our military and foreign policy should be. He chose David Axelrod, who is Jewish, to be his campaign manager. Axelrod specializes in managing campaigns for black Democrats. Obama has aimed his campaign towards the liberal end of the Jewish electorate. He has taken positions on the Iraq war that are in alignment with the vast majority of American Jewish Democrats who did oppose our invasion of Iraq despite the orchestrated push for war both from Israel and from American Zionists. I believe he thinks that Jewish people have come to a watershed moment in their history where Jewish people will act democratically in their decision making and that their leaders are prepared to accept the opinions of the common Jewish man and woman. I would hope that he were right for the sake of the world as the alternative might be hell on earth otherwise known as World War III.

I can demonstrate that Barack Obama has walked a fine line in the United States Senate never challenging the authority of Israel over the American government. On the one hand he has opposed our entry into the Iraq war which is in agreement with the opinion of a majority of Jewish voters. 80% of all American Jews vote Democratic in any given election. On the other hand Obama has not directly challenged the ultimate authority of the Jewish elite's control of the American government. For example, Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank, said she once found a single block in San Diego with 10 defaulted and fraudulent HUD loans for buildings that never existed and never even had postal addresses. Susan Gaffney, Inspector General of HUD, testified before the Senate in 2000 saying her Department had to write off almost 78 billion dollars in bad HUD guaranteed loans for the previous two years. When the Senators asked her if she attempted to recover any of the 77.2 billion dollars, she said “No.” That “No” tells us who rules and who serves in America.

The elite which does include many men of Jewish descent has the right to steal billions of dollars from taxpayers every week. Taxpayers have the right to pay taxes and to die in wars designed to benefit the interests of Wall Street and of Israel. There are millions of Jewish taxpayers who have never received benefits from the proceeds of the loot their leaders steal each and every year. Barack Obama is gambling that Jewish people will accept his decision to engage Iran as an exit strategy out of Iraq even though the price will be a greatly expanded Muslim state in the Mideast which is vehemently opposed by Israel.

There is ample evidence in recent American history to the contrary view that the Jewish people of America have not been willing to demand their decision making to be made democratically. On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted in a press conference that neither he nor Dov Zakheim, the Comptroller of the DOD, could trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Defense Department spending. On 9-11-2001 Robert Andrews, the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations saw and heard a bomb go off 3 1/2 minutes before a plane alleged to be Flight 77 hit the building. Robert Andrews is a former Green Beret and knows a bomb when he sees it. The bomb killed the auditors who were trying to trace 2.3 trillion dollars of your tax money were from the previous administrations of Presidents Clinton and Bush the elder.

Please note that the budget year of Bush, the Lesser, did not begin until the first day of October 2001 so we are talking about a criminal conspiracy that encompasses both political parties and two administrations. That bomb at the Pentagon has never made it into the mainstream press which is controlled by Wall Street and the Zionists. No Democratic or Republican Senator has ever challenged the right of the elite to steal billions of your tax dollars every week nor their right to blow up buildings with Americans inside. One Congresswoman did demand proper auditing of federal government spending. But the Democratic and Republican parties successfully conspired to remove her from office. Cynthia McKinney learned who rules America.

The power of the elite to control the media was demonstrated on 9-11-2001 in New York. World Trade Center Tower 7 collapsed in 6.5 seconds even though it was never struck by a plane. If you look at the collapse videos at, you will see there never was a fire sufficient to make the building fall down. Inside WTC Tower 7 the Securities and Exchange Commission held information that could have brought civil and charges against several Wall Street firms that in an honest society could have cost the elite billions of dollars and even have resulted in jail time for billionaires.

When I meet people who support the official theory of 9-11 I ask them how 19 Arab hijackers got on 4 planes that day without buying any tickets, getting boarding passes and passing in front of surveillance cameras like the rest of us. I have never met anyone with a plausible explanation. Nor have I read of any mainstream newsman or woman asking that embarrassing question either of the Bush-Cheney administration or the bi-partisan 911 Commission. I cite this as evidence that the news media is an active co-conspirator to the sacking and looting of America. Life magazine published 3 pictures from the Zapruder film to convince the American people that President Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin. They took 3 photos in the order of 1-2-3 and published them as 3-2-1 so we know this criminal conspiracy involving the media, the government the Zionists and Wall Street has been successfully controlling America and the world at least for most of the 20th century and all of this one.

So the question can now be asked is Barack Obama very, very smart or very, very stupid? All Presidential candidates are aware that the elite has the right to terminate their life and their presidency so Senator Obama must know he is treading dangerous waters when he seeks peace in the Mideast and to include Iran in that process. Of course he has not challenged Israel's treatment of the Palestinians which he must do to really bring peace.

An Israeli living in New York is marketing “Who Killed Barack Obama” t-shirts. Of course this made news in Israel but not in America. The Senator must understand that he is risking his life when he takes a stand making a policy decision that would allow Iran and Iraq to evolve into nations with regional power aspirations in the Mideast not under the control of Israel.

It is time we revisited that statement by Ann Lewis that the role of the President is to support the decisions made by the people of Israel. Mr Obama is assuming Ann Lewis's statement can be rewritten to say “The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the Jewish people of America."

If you have read any of my previous essays, you already know that I believe we are headed to war this summer during the Beijing Olympics. Between now and August Israel will invade Lebanon. It is currently training for a wider war that could involve Syria. As I have said elsewhere, the real fun of World War III begins when Israel attacks Iran using American supplied nuclear bunker buster bombs. Iran has said they will respond by launching 11,000 missiles and artillery shells against Israel and the United States forces in the Mideast in the first 60 seconds. We have 17,500 sailors and marines in the Persian Gulf whose ships will be sunk by Iran's Russian made Yakhonts and Sunburn anti-ship missiles which have ranges of 180 and 120 miles respectively. They also have rocket artillery with ranges up to 150 kilometers. Iran also has 1,000 fast rubber boats and thousands of suicide volunteers to capture our surviving sailors and marines after their ships are sunk.

Iran also controls the militias in southern Iraq and much of the Iraqi police force and military. They would be in an excellent position to cut off supplies entering Iraq from Kuwait. Of course they would also cut off all oil flowing out of the Persian Gulf and military supplies flowing in. Oil could easily hit $300 to $400. Our friends in China and Japan, could pay cash for several years in advance with the more than 2 trillion surplus dollars they are currently unable to spend. On the other hand America's balance of trade deficit could balloon by several hundred billion dollars to more than a trillion dollars a year. The dollar would become worthless. Our pensions and our pay checks wouldn't be able yo buy anything. Unemployment could easily reach the Great Depression levels of 25%.

As I pointed out in previous essays, our Central Command has troops stationed in 27 nations of which 25 are Muslim. One rogue Muslim officer could order an artillery battery to fire on an American air base. In one minute no planes could either land or take off. Our planes would be grounded. Without air support all of our troops in those 25 Muslim nations could easily be captured or killed. Our military, our currency, our pensions and our economy could collapse overnight. America would be unable to fight any war other than nuclear. I also have said that the plan for World War III is designed to result in a nuclear genocide of Muslims to be committed by Americans as their country disintegrates.

The Bilderberg Society represents the elite that runs America and Europe. They are divided into two factions. One is Zionist and wants America to kill the Muslims so their oil can be taken over by Israel and the Bilderbergers whose members own oil companies. There is another faction that also wants to eliminate American sovereignty but wants it to end without a war in the Mideast. These people can be called the soft power advocates. Joseph Nye who advocates soft power control over the lower classes here and everyone in the Third World is one of the original Neo-Liberals and supports Barack Obama for President. Professor Nye is a member of both the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Society.

Make no mistake. Barack Obama wants to end American sovereignty and to fold our country into a North American Union (NAU) with Canada and Mexico. We already have had leaks on agreements that would allow Canadian troops onto American soil in case of civil unrest. If Canada is to be allowed to bring soldiers into America, then Mexican soldiers will also be allowed to occupy American cities. Mr Obama supports Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. His wife Michelle is the President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. They are globalists who would side with the more liberal soft power Bilderberg faction which has no objection to their members stealing billions of dollars each week from unaudited federal government contracts. These same Neo-Liberals would oppose allowing Americans to even discuss auditing federal spending on the TV networks their members and criminal co-conspirators own. Their employees like Obama, Hillary and John McCain to date have not objected when the elite decided to set off bombs at the WTC and the Pentagon to deceive Americans into invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.

I feel obligated to discuss John McCain's position. He supports the right wing faction of the Bilderberg Society. He has the support of the Rothschilds who helped promote his recent fundraiser in London. I believe his backers have decided to exterminate the Muslims because they would resist the forces of the New World Order which has said they will take the away the sovereignty of all nations. Muslims are not like Americans who do not seem to have seriously objected to the NAU and the end of even the pretense of democracy in the Western Hemisphere.

Barack Obama is obviously an intelligent man. But to date only those who unquestionably support all the decisions made by the people of Israel are called “smart” by the mainstream press which is owned by Wall Street and the Zionists. He thinks that he can bring peace to the world without doing any of the following:

He has not challenged the right of Israel and their co-conspirators in the United States to steal billions of dollars from the federal government every week so his plan for economic recovery will not work.

He has not challenged the New World Order's plans to eliminate the sovereignty of the American republic.

He has not mentioned abolishing the Federal Reserve bank as have Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. I pointed out in my essay the Fiction of Government Debt that our interest bearing currency currently costs us taxpayers 759 billion dollars a year to subsidize. No economic relief to the looming Depression and Economic collapse is possible without first abolishing the Federal Reserve bank.

Barack Obama has committed to more than doubling foreign aid but that pales in comparison by the amount of money the Bilderbergers and their friends extort from Third World nations through interest bearing currencies which we have forced upon them.

He has not demonstrated even one instance where the self-appointed Jewish leaders have accepted decisions made by the majority of Jewish people. I can point to many examples of outrageous decisions made against the interests of the Jewish people. My favorite example was the loan of the monetary equivalent of 50,000,000 ounces of gold by a Rothschild owned bank in 1935 to Herr Hitler so he could kill people. I have never met a Jewish person who thought this was a good idea but most have told me rather pointedly that this information cannot be told to the goyim. I beleive that they fear that the genral public will refuse to follow them if they learn just how insane their self-appointed Jewish leaders really are.

I do not believe Barack Obama's plans will work. The Muslim world will not meekly accept the end of sovereignty required by the NWO. There are hundreds of millions of people who can no longer afford food due to spiraling inflation and over population. He has not challenged the divine right of bankers to control the peoples of America, Europe, Japan and the Third World and to steal their pensions and pay checks. His challenge to the authority of the people of Israel to make decisions for the United States is likely to meet the same result as John Fitzgerald Kennedy's attempt to stop nuclear proliferation in the Mideast.

I do believe that we are headed to war this summer and therefore to martial law. No need to fear the cancellation of the elections this November as democracy in America has been a farce for more than a century. But martial law will frame the election in terms that the Bilderbergers and the Zionists would prefer. After all the Rothschilds have decided that John McCain is their man for a reason. That reason must include the continued exploitation of us taxpayers and the launching of World War III. Martial law and war will give the Bilderbergers the authority they need to control the voters even if there is a Depression and an Inflation that reduces the working class to extreme poverty. Obama's candidacy and potential presidency will become an irrelevancy as the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations have decided to end American sovereignty by merging the U.S. With Canada and Mexico by 2010. If he is elected I would not expect him to live that long. Any news media that is willing to lie about 19 Arabs hijacking 4 planes can cover up Obama's assassination as they did Kennedy's.

I conclude that Barack Obama is intelligent but not smart and that what he wants to do cannot be accomplished. But he is the only game in town that has been allowed on TV so he will win a lot of support.